Foreign Entanglements (From “Stalin Giggled”: a novel)

You see, I wrote a novel of our times — and leading towards the future … and slowly, surely, my predictions are coming true. Here’s just two chapters of the big book …

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Foreign Entanglements

As the United States refused to look for oil on its own 3,000,000 square miles, and another 10,000,000 in protected off shore areas, the nation became ever more dependent on foreign oil supplies. Mostly from tin horn dictatorships that sat atop vast pools of oil just like we did. They reaped the benefits of Obama’s energy policies. That there was no mandate anywhere in the Constitution for the president to decide what were the sources of energy that Americans used didn’t stop the do-gooders from doing good. Or so they thought. What they managed to do, and perhaps with some intent on the part of the more radical environmentalists, was to hobble America into even more involvement with the world. For you could not have both more foreign oil and less involvement with the countries that produced the oil. Being tin horn dictatorships they had to come to America anyway, primarily Houston, to get the expertise to get the oil into a usable form. So the American oil industry, the only private oil industry in the world, developed the technologies used around the world by state owned oil companies that were forbidden in America. Then they were accused of being big, greedy oil companies that controlled the fate of Americans. So the calls for ever more regulation, and even outright nationalization, of the oil industry at home became shriller and shriller. The oil industry, being rational, simply started to move out of the country. They were simply trying to earn a dollar, and so to work with a dictatorship was not really bad to them. There was nothing morally wrong with what they were doing. Besides, the United States government essentially propped up those governments and allowed the trade to go on. Even encouraged it to some degree. Quietly though, for Obama was not going to come out and say he was supporting big oil in their quest to bring the black goo to the American public.

Obama and Hilary Clinton and many in the foreign policy discussion simply said that due to sovereign rights these dictatorships had the right to exist. In fact, we aided and abetted them with food, energy, technology, money, loans, and every other emolument and benefit we could give them, all to keep the oil flowing. The dictators were happy with this relationship. They also continued happily oppressing their people. To let some steam out of their hellholes they allowed huge masses of people to leave for Europe and the United States. It served them well that the do-gooders, especially in America, worked hard to make sure that all these new immigrants were welcomed. That’s one reason that America was growing in population while the rest of the developed world had started its slow decline in population. Europe was never as welcoming as America to new immigrants, so even those who went there conspired to get to America. They saw Europe as a stepping stone, not their final destination, in their flight from absurdity.

Those who were mangling the situation at home were oblivious to what they had wrought. Their solution to the problem they themselves had caused was to simply have more of the same misguided attempts at beating the laws of nature. They were also intent on limiting the application of human brain power because they could only see the past and had no clue of the future. The future had to be controlled, not explored. So oil companies were hobbled, harassed and harangued at home. The entire global warming situation played into the hands of the anti-oil crowd. For they blamed the oil companies on the problem that could still not be proven. But ‘damn the evidence, we had a theory,’ was apparently the motto of the anti-growth, anti-oil crowd which populated the chattering classes and the politicos, elected or not. Thus laws were passed with the supposed intent on solving global warming but which only served to further hobble the American economy, and thus the world’s. For this group also had a subgroup that was adamantly opposed to the idea that the American economy was the engine for the world. They wanted to destroy that if it indeed existed. They were far more sure that the theory of global warming was real than the reality that the American economy was the leader in the world.

It wasn’t all lockstep, for there were many people who were against this slow increase in government power. Mostly they were known as libertarians. But these people were isolated in the political structure, and spread out physically across the country. On the local scenes where they operated they were considered paranoid and worse. “Oh, don’t worry,” they were told, “this is for the good of the country. The government is not going to abuse any power. This is America, after all.” When they answered that it wasn’t the government per se they were worried about, but the people who now had these new powers, they were considered attack dogs of the right, and they were summarily dismissed as quacks and crazy people.

Still, the anti-oil and anti-energy people could not quite go as far as they want. That the government was producing cars at GM and Chrysler meant that there was some need to protect the oil companies from the onslaught. It was one thing to hobble the companies, quite another to kill them. For the cars that the government was selling were still gas consumers. And if there was no gas there would be no cars, and that meant that the two car companies would be closed and all those jobs lost. This should have showed everyone that when the government does everything it has to work at cross purposes to itself. This is because in a huge economy there are contradictions that come about because of the reality of what people want. And people were contradictory. They wanted less oil but they wanted oil drinking cars. That was not an easily resolvable problem. But when private companies do it, they they either sink or swim on their own merits. When government did it, the contradictions are supported and enhanced, enlarged and metamorphosed into endless opposition within itself.

They Really Like Us!

Chris was sitting in the common room one evening when he heard what seemed to be a rather racist anti-immigrant screed erupting from a German man. “Those Turks are ruining our country,” he said. He seemed to be oblivious that the German government had invited those people to the fatherland after it had caused the slaughter of their best and brightest. But that was history long ago. Now, apparently, it was time for those people to go home, or at least that seemed to the thrust of the man’s argument. Chris could not allow this to go on so he walked into the kitchen and said “Immigration is only a problem because of failed states around the world. If we work at correcting the failed states the people there will stay home. People currently emigrate to survive. With all the world peaceable and with a model of liberty, people would emigrate for joy.”

“Those people are stealing our jobs,” said the man.

Other people hanging around also had a rather dim view of immigration. All the Europeans were surely against it, unless it was either their own immigration to America, or Mexicans pouring into the United States. Then it was good. That even most of the Americans there that night were against it, too, showed Chris that this was another area of public policy that had simply become unhinged from rational thought. ‘How do these people come up with this crap?,’ he thought.

“These people do not want to join our societies,” said one French lady, “they should go back to where they came from.” That the French prided themselves on equality and fraternity was surely at odds with the sentiments of this woman. Chris told her so, and she was not happy.

Undaunted, Chris continued, “What do we call the people who emigrate? What do we call the people who remain? Of whom a certain percentage can’t get away. Immigrants in Europe can’t become part of the mainstream in your respective countries because the culture of your countries refuses to admit outsiders. You are an American, Canadian or Australian by dint of personal determination. You are French, German, Argentinean etc., by birth. Hence, the continuing ethnic heritage devotion in the United States, Canada and Australia — I’m Italian or I’m Greek or I’m Nigerian, a person might say. In these three countries and to a lesser extant England, you can be accepted as a hyphenated person, but in the rest of the world you either are or you are not. You can’t be hyphenated in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. Hyphenation is not allowed culturally and often legally, hence the constant rebellions based on religions, cultures, ethnicity; and the whole issue of volatile minorities.”

“That’s because they don’t want to join our culture.”

“Your culture is impossible to join,” Chris said.

“These people are violent criminals, they are the ones causing all the crime. They bring their hatreds from their old countries into ours. They are a disaster,” said the German man.

“That’s ridiculous,” said Chris. “How come when they move to America there is no problem? For instance, the Jewish diamond dealer in New York City taking a cab driven by a Palestinian Arab, conversing in imperfect English, at peace, thanking their lucky stars that they are American is quite common. It is their political leaders at home, not the people themselves, that are the problem. And that’s your problem in Europe. These immigrants are not considered European even after decades in Germany or France. That Turkey is in Europe also seems to elude you. So the problem is not with the immigrants, it is with your governments and yourselves. In your countries it is not normal or accepted for you to accept foreigners. For they are indeed that: foreign immigrants. You want to keep your pure racial and ethnic strongholds, and damn the immigrant. You people are nuts.”

They were not mollified, but nor could they continue the conversation for now they were all off to a bar so that they could interact with their youthful counterparts in Baton Rouge, all of whom were the scions of immigrants that had joined America. This was beyond these people’s powers of observation, for they were blinded by the hate of ethnicity. Chris knew that this argument was a lost cause, so he let them go in peace, but added sarcastically “Watch out for all those immigrants out there in the streets of America.”

Typically, they were humorless and probably resolved to leave the hostel in the morning, with which Chris had no problem, for he did not want people like that around him. “So much for European tolerance,” he said to them as they finished their tasks and readied themselves to party. They left silently.

Taking out the garbage

Taking out the garbage

There was another fight at the house tonight. Nothing much different than many other nights. It was tiring. It was ridiculous, these little fights over nothing much at all. They were pointless, and words, but not things, were tossed and thrown, hurled and spit out in torrents of anger and misunderstanding coupled with a near complete lack of empathy or sympathy among the fighters. This Tim knew. The fights seemed to be nothing more than the consequence of several people who were forced to live together due to an accident of the cosmos – they were all of the same blood. Yet, they were all so different, intractable even, like the religious fighting over Jerusalem. But there was nothing much to be done about this, at least not on this night, which was so similar to so many other nights that had met their maker after the sun and moon cooperated in pummeling the daylights out of the hours between their risings and settings. Oh, those two globes were in control of events far more than any human could possibly be, and they didn’t care whether humans came or went, either. Though humans certainly cared whether the sun and moon came and went, for our existence depended on them, and they did not even know we existed.

Tim put out the garbage that night, as he had on many other nights. This was nothing new. There was a sameness about it that was both comforting and bothersome. After all, stability had its virtues, while adventure had its merits. They were competing forces in the world. The sun was stability, the moon was adventure. The sun was the same everyday, mostly. The moon was different every night, its cycle a bit less predictable than its brighter and warmed buddy on the other side of the globe. He took a long meandering trip at a slow pace out to the curb. Orwell came with him for his late night stroll. Tim looked up into the clear, black sky where not enough stars to guide an ancient mariner twinkled. But he stared up at them anyway, marveling at the sight, wondering what lay around the suns out there. He was living in an era when we knew stars were suns and they had planets. He lit the joint he had pulled out of his pocket and inhaled that magical first puff. The stars could be more intense now, and his imagining could go further, into the details of life on those planets, such as he could conjure. Pot did serve to broaden his mind. Often, on those distant planets, there was no fighting, no yelling, no harmful words strewn around the dining room like the detritus of a college cafeteria food fight.

Orwell nosed around the garden’s edge, which was clearly lit by the rather intense street light at the end of the property, on the corner, in the trees, but bright enough, still, to cast its pale. Nearly 60 feet away and it hurled its light, the color of ash, down on Tim, illuminating the garden. Tim could sometimes imagine that it was a pale sun for a different world, where the sun didn’t set, but went around the horizon at a slightly cockeyed angle. Where 50 degree nights and 75 degree days continued forever, and every afternoon the forever puffy clouds gave the slightest drizzle for an hour or two, to appease the plants before the sun’s warmth came back to please the people. Orwell barked at something he thought should be barked at. Tim was pushed away from his contemplation; perhaps the dog was reminding him that there was more to do in this world.

Tim went back to the side door for the second can and brought it out to the curb, placing it carefully on the brick square his father had laid out years before. Everyone else put their cans on their manicured lawns, leaving an ever moving little circle of brown grass, like modern crop circles. The brick made life easy. You could even shovel the snow off in the winter. He was tired of shoveling snow, however, and thought of other worlds, and places on this one, where there was no snow.

Spring was here, clearly, and it was a great one so far. He re-lit the joint and started to look at the trees and shrubs and flowers in the garden, under the ashen glow. He was somewhat impressed, this he could admit. His father had lived in Japan with the army back in the 1950s. Over there, in his youth, he had developed a keen appreciation for Japanese landscape techniques. So he did his best to reconstruct this ideal right smack dab in the middle of Atlantic seaboard suburbia. The whole yard was a forest of carefully placed trees and shrubs, long and thin leafed next to short and fat leafed, short shrubs under tall trees, dark green leaves contrasting with light green leaves. Red flowers played next to yellow, next to orange, next to white, played a game of tag across the little hills and tiny valleys that broke the flat lawn. Which was so different than the flat lawn that seemed to never end, not in any direction. A flatness leaping from property to property, impeded only here and there, barely, briefly, by a fence or driveway. The flat green sheet crossed the streets like a forest fire jumps a firebreak. It was, Tim decided, very monotonous, and, he concluded, what his father had done was not so bad after all. It was good to be a bit different among the sameness, he reasoned.

Tim’s walk to the brick square was a meandering path of brick through the forest of vegetation, through weeping trees and upright trees, through plump bushes and sprightly flowers. The yard of house next door, and all the yards down the block, and up the next street, and down the other side, too, were more like the Nebraska prairie, with barely a tree to break up the monotony. It was easy to imagine being in a far away place there, too. Tim’s mind wandered, and the lust for something different than what he seemed to have always known flowed through his existence. The first car of the night passed and it broke Tim’s concentration. The radio was pumping out some forgettable song of the 1950s. That driver is living in the past, Tim thought. How boring, he realized. What a waste, he concluded.

In a minute Tim was back in his contemplative mode. The quite was nice. The soft breeze soothing his unruffled nerves. The electric transformer at the corner continued its Buddhist like UMMMM, The stars, the garden, even the ummm, reminded Tim of far away places. He went and got the third can; it was amazing how much garbage a family of five could generate. He plopped the can onto its brick landing pad and made sure all the lids were tight. That was a bit tough to do, but had to be done. He would have no time in the morning to clean up anything that some stray cat or dog ripped out, leaving a mess all over the place. Between the amount of garbage stuffing the cans and the bent rims of the metal can itself there were two opposing forces that seemed to say “You will not close me tight.” The garbage, if it could, might be thinking “I want to see the stars, I want to feel the breeze, I want to breathe the fresh air.” The cans, bent from the furies of the garbage men, hellbent on getting the job done faster than they did the day before, so they could no doubt go home early, seemed to not want the garbage within them. They seemed to want to expel the foul smells and oozing glutinous fluids from their inner sanctums, and who could blame them? He struggled a bit, but won the battle, which was one of the few battles he ever did win. The lids securely in place, Tim called to Orwell, “Let’s go in,” and Orwell dutifully came bounding along. Tim stepped quietly through the darkened house, Orwell found his spot and laid down. Tim was quickly upstairs up to his bedroom, and faster into the bed, and went to sleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow.

In the morning he imagined his dreams were sweet, but he didn’t remember them, so he didn’t know. He finished the last of his preparations, such as they were. He put the last of his clothes in his luggage, which was just a small bag, as if he was going to the gym, or on a weekend trip. Then he came downstairs. “All right, folks, time to go,” he said. His parents looked up at him and sighed. “Breakfast …” his mother started.

“We’ve got no time,” he said. He smiled at her, she wondered why. Their boy was leaving, and they didn’t quite know why, no. Though they supposed him old enough to go. The drive to the airport was pretty quiet, but his mom got all teary eyed at the gate to the plane. What the tears were for he could not tell. Perhaps it was her being sorry for being so ornery all those years. Perhaps it was merely that she did not want him to go, and few mothers ever really wanted their children to leave. Especially to a place so far away, where he knew no one, and would be in danger, though of what kind it could not be foreseen with clarity. There were only vague visions of the usual dangers of a stranger in a faraway place. He smiled at her, she wondered why. Why was he so damn happy, she thought. He was leaving her, shouldn’t he even be just a little upset? But is a young bird upset when it makes that first leap into the void and feels the air beneath its wings and soars off as best it can to some other tree in the forest? Probably not.

The call was made, “Flight 93 to Seattle is now boarding,” and Tim stepped up to the attendant with a big smile, and she smiled back at him and said “Have a pleasant flight.” He stepped through the door to the gangway, as if leaping into a looking glass. Who knew what was down this rabbit hole? There was no way to tell. Who could tell, also, what was at the bottom of a garbage can? Why did dogs bark at unseen and unheard things? Why did people fill this planet and seemingly no others, at least not that we knew of, yet. It was all a mystery, and there were so many more awaiting him.

In a few moments, walking at the same pace as everyone else, he stepped through the side of the big aluminum tube. Of a sudden he was on the plane for a trip far away, buckling himself in, looking out the window at the other planes going who knew where? At a steady place, in the allotted time, the seats filled up, and the only thing that he could discern about them was they were going to Seattle too. Who knew why? Who cared? He did not. People fumbled with their things, some more ably than others. He heard the door shut, and the pilot said something about flight time and the weather at their destination. The attendants prepared for takeoff by giving their interminable speech about the safety features of the plane, which always proved pointless once the plane started a fatal descent towards the earth. The plane jerked, then moved more smoothly. Then it swung to the right, then to the left, then it crept along slowly, inexorably, with nothing to stop it but a crazy man or mechanical failure. On the ground was the best place to have either one of those. It swung once last time, paused, and then the engines revved up and the plane lurched forward and sped up and hurtled down the runway until air and speed met their cooperation point and tens of thousands of pounds of solid mass improbably lifted off the ground and floated on the invisible nothing. Things got smaller quickly as they rose into the tame blue blankness, a blue that can never be reached, just as one can’t touch the clouds which poured past the rising tube of people. There was nothing wild about this yonder.

The drone of the machine he was riding in continued, and it lulled him into a stupor, though that bubbled with excitement of some sort, inexplicably, for exciting stupors seemed to be a contradiction. Later, but on schedule, with no mishaps, the plane landed, and he got off with everyone else, walking at their pace. He did not want to lead, nor to follow, but only to walk among, as if he belonged, even though he did not. He went about his business, which he wasn’t sure what it was, other than to not have to take the garbage cans to the square of brick his father had put down so many years ago, and to find a hotel. He had not made a reservation anywhere, which puzzled his mother, he recalled.

“How can you go out there without knowing where you’ll sleep?” she had asked. He wasn’t sure if she was really worried, of if she just thought he was crazy, or both. She didn’t say.

“Oh, I don’t know, I can’t worry about it, it’ll work out, there will be hotels, mom.” He was exasperated at her worrying, he was calm in his desire to avoid worries.

But that was last week, this was this week, and it was different, which was good. He felt alright in the next few days. Things worked out as he hadn’t planned them, which was the thrill, especially since they had worked out just fine, as he sort of figured they would. He had even let people who knew him, like his parents, not to expect to hear anything more for awhile. Later that week, on a clear night, with a few stars poking through the dome of man made lights which hovered over the city to inspire his thoughts, to clear his mind, he took a small bag of garbage out of the can in his kitchen and went outside, into the ashen lights of city streets. He put it in the can that rested on a square of bricks that someone else had lain down years ago to make life easier and avoid the ever moving brown circles in the grass which lay flat across the yards in every direction. He heard a dog bark. He thought of home. Orwell probably barked at something he thought should be barked at, just like this dog here was doing, which was probably “What happened to Tim?”


From my short story collection …The Garden of the Quick …

garden of the quick IV

The government has a race problem, not people

Supposedly there’s this grave problem of racism in America. It shall now be discussed by coffee servers at Starbucks … Frankly, I don’t see it. What I see are the president, the attorney general, some of the richest and most popular entertainers, sports stars, musicians, actors, comedians and the like are of African heritage – all beloved by vast hordes of white folks. As I walk around I see people of all races mixing together. I play the piano in a hospital lobby – I see people of all sorts comporting themselves with friendliness and decency. I detect no tension. This is in Phoenix. I lived in Louisiana – all I saw were people of all races – almost ½ and ½ black and white – doing business, having fun, talking – leading lives. Not in decades have I seen much of anything improper between people of different races.

Sure, there’s been some evil people who have done bad things – they are so few they surprise us. They make the news. They’re endlessly discussed. But meanwhile, back in the store, on the job, in the streets, there’s rather peaceful interaction.

But then too there’s cops shooting people. So perhaps when we discuss race we should look at what the government is doing. The government is the racist entity in our midst. They’re the ones outlawing what people do and then sending in the cops. They’re the ones shooting people. And engendering a police state. The government is the one who is trying to pit one group of citizens against the other.

It’s astonishing that people like Al Shapton – a rich man – in the public eye … is somehow the victim of this horrible racism which he sees everywhere. Meanwhile, Oprah’s audiences are filled with white people lauding her every word.

The social security system takes money from black men … who for various reasons die young … perhaps because of the government laws against what they wish to do … and black men shooting black men over it all … and then their contribution to the system disappears into the system … instead of being given to the man’s heirs.

Surely the “War on Poverty” is a failure – for if the people are still poor after 50 years and trillions in assistance of all kinds … surely the system isn’t working Perhaps something else should be tried instead of continuing with all the programs that exist. No, to even suggest to change the system is racist itself, supposedly, as if only blacks are on welfare. The poor aren’t a race problem – they’re a heterosexual problem. Something is wrong with the way heterosexuals run their lives – their lifestyle. Hell yes there’s a direct relationship between the vaunted and dangerous “homosexual lifestyle” and the social welfare system. Gay folks aren’t using it … we have jobs – or at most are on social security which we paid into for decades. Yet to hear many African American preachers – we’re the danger to society. There’s not churches in Harlem, as there are, with “stone homosexuals to death” on the their marquees for nothing.

If the entire justice system is stacked against black people surely the president and his attorney general should have tackled the problem, yes? Instead they preach the “War on Drugs” go full speed ahead. Supposedly more than half the black men in the country have been in jail – well, the government should stop going after them. Instead its picked up steam. Al Sharpton recommends riots, and the government sends in the police squads. What did they think would happen? It’s powerful black men screwing the not powerful black men.

Then there’s just utter stupidity like Ben Carson who opines that all the black men coming out of prison are gay … right? No wonder those poor guys can’t get anywhere.

Then too the Democratic party for 100 years did what they could to keep blacks poor, at the back of the bus, separate but equal – the whole panoply of abuse against black people was led by the president’s own political party. Supposedly having seen the light, they then went full blast into social welfare programs – which even Democrat Daniel Patrick Moynihan in the 1960s as soon as they started showed was wrecking black communities and families. Instead of trying anything else, they made it bigger – more people on “welfare.”

Meanwhile, with endless regulations for businesses it’s almost impossible to start one up – so a black business owning middle class supposedly can’t get started. Well, cut the regulations. If you want to let people have a living wage, cut the taxes which are taken to be handed back. You take 1/3 of a person’s pay so you can give them food stamps … just let them keep their own money.

But to blame any of this on the average white person is absurd. Indeed – there are white folks in just as dire straights as black folks – also at the behest of government. The bigger the government gets, the poorer the people do. That’s been true forever – supposedly in the American experiment this won’t happen. Hogwash – it’s happening as we speak. Now comes the EPA to perhaps outlaw barbecues and grilling – that should enable to get the people together – perhaps over a piece of lettuce.

You have poorly performing schools – run by government. Perhaps the government should get out of the school business. They’ve shown themselves to be utter failures – they admit it. No, they’re going to get a hold of the community colleges too … a place where people of all races in our astonishingly diverse society already do things together – and then the kids will be made to talk about “race” instead of the threat of government.

Amazingly – the “N-word” – so horrendous, supposedly, that we’re not even allowed to write it or say it in discussion, is shouted by the very people who proclaim the word bad. Rarely a day goes by when I don’t hear the word said … in rap lyrics, in conversation – it’s amazing. But I don’t seem to hear it from white people, that’s for sure.

On top of that there are those who wish to self-segregate … proud people … with every right to be left alone. So – they don’t want to talk to whites. Well, it’s not our fault then. God bless ‘em – it’s their lives.

But no … the government and now Starbucks want everyone to have a conversation about race – and not about the size of government. Of course – shift the focus to a non-problem – to leave the politicians to their devices.

Beats me what to do about any of this – but talking to a soda jerk just doesn’t seem to be part of the solution.

47,000 coffee drinker vs. 42 gay men

Ben Carson announced that gay men “choose” to be gay … then qualified it by pointing out that there’s no conclusive evidence. Well, I dare say there isn’t. Let us look then, what people have studied of an innocuous popular beverage verses the “greatest threat to religious liberty” as Ted Cruz as uttered.

“The researchers made this discovery by comparing the genes and caffeine consumption habits of more than 47,000 Americans of European descent. The search was important because caffeine “is the most widely consumed psychoactive substance in the world, … ”

And holy shit – they studied 42 gay men — the most dangerous people on earth — to come to the most absurd conclusion ever in “science” – we’re raped in prison! … Go study 47,000 gay men – let me know what you find …

” It has been reported that a study of 47,000 Americans over 17 years found that those with a certain gene consumed more caffeine than those without it.”

Oh, I’m sorry – just don’t tell me there’s been a shred of study for a gay gene – it’s idiotic … one guy studied all of 42 guys, some Kramer fellow … now come, let us study 47,000 of us – since we’re such a peril to everything as sundry politicians opined …As the archbishop of the armed forces said “It’s largely unexplained” – I dare say “yes.”

It’s not like this study is a secret … .while studies of gay men are nonexistent. Plenty of theories, no studies.

“A team of investigators from the National Cancer Institute, Harvard School of Public Health, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill examined genetic variation across the entire genome of more than 47,000 individuals from the U.S., as described in the open-access journal PLoS Genetics.

Come now – it was widely reported – millions spent on studying a gene for coffee — and not a dime to figure out just the most dangerous people known to mankind …

Dozens of articles on 47,000 men studied for coffee – and then there’s Simon LeVay who looked at only the physical structure of less than 100 brains of dead men, 42 whom might have been gay … he wasn’t sure!  Then there’s the Kramer fellow – you know, I can’t even be bothered to look up his book … it’s easily found I’m sure … where he looked at 42 gay men. And there’s an ongoing twin study that looks at everything but the genes of the gay brother … while trying to figure out why two “100% alike” guys have different hair patterns, finger prints and penis size/shapes … because of some “environmental factors” of vague provenance …

Oh, sure, there have been one study each of 40 to 90 gay men to see if we had equal finger lengths, distinct hair swirl patterns … penis size … facial recognition … but it’s one study of each sorts – and no more. There was one study of some 40 gay men in the early 80s on our testosterone levels (which stopped the ridiculous torture of shooting us up with the stuff for the bizarre idea it would “cure” us.)

But 47,000 studied for a coffee gene. I dare say, folks don’t have their priorities straight.

I would suggest the nation study 47,000 gay men and tell us what you come up with before you spout off about why you think you know why the exact same percentage of men all over the world in every society known to man.

57 million abortions: gay marriage is the problem?

It is mind numbing to hear a neurosurgeon without a clue that gay men have been saying it’s not a choice for some 60 years now – and essentially, blatantly, calling us liars … while he and his kind murder 1,500,000 babies a year because heterosexuals can’t control their sexual urges. This nitwit thinks gay men are an enormous problem .. we’re mentioned repeated in a measly 150 page book so we must be of some importance … and he and his kind are mass murderers. He’s a joke. Along comes another alleged doctor of some kind with addled ideas that gay men should be ostracized from society because he and his kind are divorcing, committing adultery, beating wives and abandoning children … and if only gay men are pilloried and scorned all will be well. The enormity of the stupidity is breathtaking. The audacity of arrogance astonishing. The idea that trashing 10,000,000 people is going to help the other 310,000,000 Americans is farcical.

And yet everyone pro and anti gay just blithely discusses what peril to the slaughter and slugging we might do. Millions of women are on welfare – the fathers no where to be found – and gay folks filing a joint tax return is of grave national importance – possibly requiring a Constitutional Amendment!

Millions of children are supposedly starving in America … and politician’s solution is to talk about gay marriage. The idea we have anything to do with this is simply beyond me. Still, let us not forget “abortion and homosexuality” were linked like Siamese Twins for decades. Legal murder was better than sissy smooching. We were the problem. And apparently we still are … while no one has a clue what to do with us except to issue another press release about what a horror to the nation we are..

The nation is adrift, broke, and decaying … and people engage in endless discussion about why there’s a few million gay men and what the nation is to do about it. You’re kidding, yes? Apparently not … not a heterosexual doesn’t have an opinion on the matter.

We have a lawless government passing secret rules and regulations … but gay people must be figured out while we’re at it. As if we have a damn thing to do with anything.

We have people outright calling for killing 10,000,000 people – or just incarcerating us … for the good of the nation – and instead of the discussion being about how demonic and idiotic the suggestions are … the topic is their free speech rights to yell “god hates fags” … without a thought given to the target of this rapaciousness … no we are to shush as listen to “Strongly Held Religious Beliefs.”

Bakers, photographers and florists will serve abortionists, divorced, adulterous wife beaters – but they draw the line at rational peaceful gay couples – we’re the terror to their beliefs! … You’re kidding, right? Apparently not – these poor people must be protected from ever having to serve us. We’re discussing how to label gay folks clearly enough so we might not be served … we just shy of a Scarlet H upon our breast .. perhaps with a leper’s bell to clang so that our presence is duly noted and we can be excluded … while the rest of your run down to the killing mills to get rid of your unwanted children. Oh, I’m sorry – but heterosexuals are demented … the lot of you.

You talk about sex incessantly – and are obsessed with ours for sure … and we’re the crazy ones? Really? I don’t think you even listen to how absurd you all sound. Why, every heterosexual has to have an opinion on what some gay person near them means or does to them. Sure, sure, some of you are quiet friendly – but you still have to tell me “Well, it’s OK with me if you’re gay, you know, if you choose that lifestyle” .. I look at this as “Who the hell cares if you’re OK with my existence.”

And what is this vaunted “homosexual lifestyle” everyone is so concerned about? Eh, we got jobs and do the laundry … while over in the heterosexual lifestyle there’s abortion, wife beating, rape, violence, shootings, bar brawls, riots, robberies and murder … and we’re the problem! … You people are out of your minds.

Trashing gay folks won’t work

There seems to be among many politicians and religious figures the idea that trashing gay folks – especially gay men – is good for the country. It’s rather silly … I mean – for decades now heterosexuals have tried to get rid of us. And we keep convincing more and more that well, we’re just swell folks. Now come yet again, however, Ben Carson saying utterly ludicrous things about us … like gayness is a choice after prison rape – and so therefore all gay men choose to be gay. From a mere politician I could well imagine that sort of stupidity. But Carson is a neurosurgeon – surely a man who must have read just one of the voluminous articles and papers written in the past 30 or 40 years presenting all manner of evidence that gayness is some odd quirk of nature. What’s more amazing – the man is calling me and all gay men are liars. We say we didn’t choose and we just figure it out and never go to jail at all … and he’s spouting off that it’s because we’re raped in prison. The man couldn’t even elucidate for us all if the man raping the other man is gay too. He’s probably not even thought the matter out.

Then now comes Rand Paul with some gobbledygook about how gay folks offend him. He’s essentially declaring us a threat to society. We cause offense – we should hide – American taxpayers not worthy of a decent word or a smile … no, we are to be ostracized and scorned and denied services and jobs … for this sadistic god idea. Eh, so your god didn’t create gay folks – ours did.

There was a baseball player who opined that he disagrees with gay existence. There’s slews of the people coming to taunt and harass and harangue their fellow citizens for existence alone. Their complaint is who we smooch – they talk of us as children to be shown a better way. It’s all about what they want to do with us … and what we want it irrelevant. There’s politicians in the state houses calling for laws to supposedly allow discrimination of us … and they’re so vague that it doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t require anyone to be nasty to us … hell, these laws don’t even mention us … it’s in the press releases calling for the laws that proclaim our existence offends them and endangers the public.

And what evidence of this danger? None – absolutely none. It’s all in their own minds. “But what if everyone was gay” is still uttered – well, what if everyone was an idiot? What would we do?

More to the point – what do these politicians plan on doing? Surely they have a plan to end the problem, right? I’m mean, that’s what these people claim they are – problem solvers. What is their solution to their gay problem? We’re not going anywhere nor changing. I suppose they’ll just have to get more specific. Maybe pass more laws against our smooching … Rick Santorum wants that … so has Justice Scalia said our smooching should be outlawed … to what purpose? Just to trash us … as if this will solve any problems. The Texas Republicans have a provision calling for us to cure ourselves and we just laugh and say “are you out of your minds?” We have surely stated rather clearly that switching to heterosexuality is not in the cards.

Indeed, many of the states in the marriage game have opined officially that recognizing gay couples imperils heterosexuals. We are that powerful that no heterosexual does a thing without first thinking “What is the gay couple doing?” … it’s astonishing to think such a small group of people could cause this much ruckus … but really – what do these people plan on doing about us? It’s not like we’re listening to their press releases. Eh, we issue our own. And more importantly talk to yet more friends, relatives, coworkers, neighbors – in our dastardly “homosexual agenda” for heterosexuals to get over their gay problem. We’re winning the discussion … and perhaps if Carson and Paul actually went and talked to some gay folks they might realize what fools they are.

Well, I can’t worry too much about them … I’m not worried about a knock on the door from the Department of Homosexuals or something … I just get more appalled at the brainlessness of them. Sad.

The Presidential Hopeless Hopefuls

When I survey the current crop of presidential contenders, I’m rather dismayed. Disgusted, even, with some of them. Let’s take a romp through this parade of poor choices. There’s less Democrats than Republicans … Hilary, Elizabeth, Bernie and Joe … we’re supposed to be on a first name basis with these our self-appointed saviors. Hilary comes with so much baggage she’s a freight train … and the roar of corruption, Benghazi, missing millions, lying, pandering and the rest of her sordid existence is nothing compared to “But she’s Hilary!” … so, she’s the supposed front runner and all must take her on. Should be rather easy. I just don’t think she’s going to be the nominee.

Joe Biden thinks he’s presidential material … he’s not. The fire he has burning in the prairie of his dreams is rather wet and soggy. He’ll make the motions, stir some talk … to stay relevant. After all, retired vice-presidents don’t exactly go on to glory.

Ah, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders … it’ll be one of them. Both are running as sure as the snows of Boston are record breaking in our time of global warming when we were assured just 10 years ago by the renowned scientist Al Gore that snows would be a thing of the past this very year. Record breaking in the lands of Warren and Sanders – who are full of faith in exactly what Gore warned about a decade ago.

The endless graphics for these two on Facebook is amazing … all with generous platitudes about the evil Kochs, the Keystone pipeline and the inequality and poverty and riches of the rich and well, it’s Robespierre-ish at times. I see people say “off with their heads” often enough. Certainly it’s a new Stalin-Leninism … take the money from the rich and use it to prop up the government bureaucrats to dole out a little to the people here and there while all the different favored groups argue over who is to get which sized crumb. Or, Federal Grants and Aid as it’s known.

The idea that these two will change one iota of what ails the country is a puff of wind. They will keep every program and add to them. They will come up with new ones. They will seek glory in a legacy program to give more free stuff to the people … who are beset by evil rich corporations which sell them incredible amounts of goods at such cheap prices that the ownership of nearly every fancy commodity and gizmo approaches 80% and 90% of the populace. The poverty indeed. Supposedly no money for food anywhere, as the obese trod the land.

But, their solutions, these four, is just more of the same … one could write a book on it. It’s pure boiled socialist mush with one intent – to grow the government ever bigger to provide us with everything cradle to grave. Free health care, free phones, free lunches, free solar power, free college and soon to come free food for everyone. So we’re all equal as a few people in Washington decide it should be.

Then come the thundering Republicans …

There’s Jeb Bush … who is nearly indistinguishable from Warren or Sanders except by his name … and albatross of huge proportions. But he’s pretty much are for what they are for – but slower. About the only thing he says rational is that we’re not going to deport all the illegal aliens as a practical matter, and we’re not. Other than that … he doesn’t stand a chance except name recognition. If he’s the Republican nominee … kiss his presidency goodbye.

Huckabee, Santorum and Ben Carson seem to have one issue planks … gay marriage. Their ideas are nonexistent or so wrapped in vague glittering generalities .. “god, country, patriotism, values” … that it’s arrant mush. They don’t have a single idea on how to dismantle and disentangle the vast federal mess … except to stick it to gay American taxpayers as best they can .. which won’t be at all. It’s not a winning argument. It’s not the reason everyone is looking for a president in these times. No one in their right minds thinks that sissy smooching is a really important issue – and more so – don’t think it’s the cause of the problems. Oh, sure, trashing gay folks always garners a few votes … but if they have any chance of being the nominee what could they offer the nation in the general election? “Gay people must be stopped.” That’s it. Sad.

Donald Trump – hahahaha .. and such is that. Newt Gingrich might be toying with the idea … hahaha. And so much for that.

There’s Ted Cruz … who is a bit more serious – but is still on the trash the gay folks program … as if this will remotely solve any social problem. It’s ludicrous. And the nation is not going to go back to trashing gay folks. Now, Cruz might be the darling of the Tea Party … and he’s a powerful senator – and he’s from Texas, so that’s a big plus in the favorite son department – I mean – he’s assured those electoral votes and probably those states that surround him. But then, that’s the problem – he’s from Texas and the population centers of the West Coast and North East and Midwest might well look askance at such a man. But his gay obsession is not helpful among the 60% of Americans who are now for us … and the about 95% of the nation that doesn’t think a Constitutional Amendment on the subject is necessary.

There’s Rick Perry – now former governor … and stronger position than senator to jump to president. And he’s got some foreign policy and immigrant experience, what with Mexico right next door. But he’s got the strong in Texas weak in the West, Center, East … and he’s fighting for the same people and money as Cruz is … so they come in as half as strong as each could alone – so that should cut their ability to get the nomination.

And Bobby Jindal … wrapped in God! … for the theocracy he thinks he will install and instill. Every time he opens his mouth he says something more fantastical about how God! will come and save the nation – if only he is president. Meanwhile, Jindal hasn’t been able to solve a thing in Louisiana … the place is still a mess … but he’ll stop the gay men too! … Lest we get in the way of the poverty, corruption, byzantine taxes, social services mess and the budget deficit looming.

Sarah Palin is a darling just because she’s she and well … I don’t think she stands a chance … and I don’t think she wants it … I think she’s just using it to keep her in the public eye … for her ideas, such as they are, and her books and speaking fees …

And there’s Scott Walker … who seems to be a quiet man who seems competent and isn’t going nuts saying godawful stuff. The problem with him is that he’s the governor of Wisconsin – which isn’t exactly a powerhouse in the nation or electoral votes … though most of the Midwest might well go for him. Strangely – he’s the strongest possibility because all the others are so weak … not because he is so wonderful. So – oddly, I think that it’ll be Walker after the others self-destruct.

Romney is already out … I don’t see anyone but Bush, Perry and Cruz still standing even before the first caucus in Iowa for lack of funding and enthusiasm. Oh, they’re all busy exploring and thinking and testing the waters … but they’d have to be pretty darn delusional if they think they stand a chance.

Finally there’s my guy – the Libertarian … now he might change something. It’ll probably be Gary Johnson again … And it’s time the vast majority fed up with the two party system to consider him … at least give the Republicans and Democrats a run for their money.

A Star Trek future

Some idle thoughts I had on the much larger picture than what some man said or lied about. I wrote a few years ago … but it still works without any changes … and it will because I’m almost out of anything else to say on the morass of our times.


If you watch the TV how Star Trek you will see that there is total information available, and yet total privacy and respect. That is the goal many Americans, and like minded people around the world, are striving for. It is the ultimate, if unstated goal. It is hard, actually, to be serious while claiming that the fantasy world of a TV sci-fi show is your goal, and yet Star Trek is the best example of a world vision where peace and harmony and prosperity exist.

The problems of the world seem intractable, but in fact, a fixed time can be applied to efforts to lift every country out of poverty. People in rich countries who are worried what will happen when all the world is rich are really just calling for the continuing poverty of the rest of the world because they are blinded to the great propensity of humans to solve all problems. People and States who call for the glorification of specific leaders, states, languages, cultures, political parties or religions are in fact statists, no matter what their name for themselves is. They believe that the collective has a right above and beyond the individual and that individualism itself is detrimental to the survival of the glorified entity. Each country and region has separate problems and thus the practical steps at implementing changes will differ in each. However, development comes at the “cost” of the elimination of many features of the world’s cultures. In strict Muslim cultures there will always be a lack of jobs and wealth because many of the things which generate jobs and wealth are prohibited.

If everyone wears the same outfit there is no fashion or model industry. Less retail becomes less warehouses, less shipping, less packaging, less everything that people could be gainfully employed at. The diversity of fashion is one way that jobs and businesses are created and that individualism is expressed. Banking restricted mean less jobs. No night clubs or entertainment equals less jobs and less wealth.

When the people of a country are consigned to the Glory of the State, the leader or the God there are no productive activities, and thus poverty ensues. If fact, if all there is is religious study, the economy will stagnate, just like under communist regimes where political thought and study was part of the day, so instead of concentrating on making wealth, wealth was deemed evil and political theory was sacrosanct, so less money was made.

All the cultural highlights of Western Society is what makes the jobs that drive the luxury market which pulls along everything else. Steel manufacturing is necessary because there is demand for appliances and cars and buildings, all demanded by people making more money to buy nicer things. In America keeping up with the Jones’s creates the necessity for ever expanding commerce.

In the rest of the world keeping up with the Jones’s is impossible because the Jones’s have rigged the culture against those struggling to make more money.

The Internet is the direct product of the war machine which the peaceniks are using to argue against the war in Iraq. Oddly, this military tool is now a worldwide phenomenon which mitigates the very military is was set up by.

Eventually, though many decades away, the entire world will have satellite internet. The current organization of the websites, found through search engines, will get much more specific, as the technology for searching large databases grows.

The internet is nothing less than the cataloging of all known human knowledge. The project is so big that it will take millions of people. The vision that is being followed is Star Trek, where you will be able to get any information you want simply by asking.

Though it seems wondrous now, the internet is actually still in its primitive beginnings. The addition of information to the internet is growing exponentially. But it is limited to those countries which are either wired into it, or allow the free use of it. We are being deprived of vast amounts of information, products, goods, services and ideas by countries who prevent the free use of the internet.

Those people who say they don’t want to be on the internet are fooling themselves into thinking that in America today you can even avoid it. Any interaction with government and large corporations, and even many smaller companies now comprises some element of the internet, either directly or indirectly.

Republican’s only idea: trash gay taxpayers

At this point in time there seems to be absolutely no thought in the Republican party … it’s rather sad to watch it implode. Sometimes I wonder if they’re doing it on purpose to usher in a one party state. And what is this idea? Well – to call gay men a threat to society and civilization and demand we “cure” ourselves … or to put it politely – brainwashing. More crudely – they demand we fuck anyone’s daughter but their own. This isn’t about “gay marriage” – they’re opposed to it because they don’t want gay people … they don’t want gayness to exist – they’re confident they’re going to override human nature … and make us do their bidding.

Look at the Texas Republicans – putting “Reparative” therapy .. it’s not even a damn word – into their platform. Look at Sally Kern in Oklahoma … she’s pushing it to. Bobby Jindal, ditto. Mike Huckabee, ditto … how many more? Who can track them all down? Those who don’t actually say it rush off to speak to the Family Research Council – they haven’t found a gay man in a family yet, so blind are they … The American Family Association which calls for incarcerating us … as does Rick Santorum. This is a solution to their problem? To the nation’s problems? To hound, harangue and harass gay men? What fools are these!

And how are they selling this snake oil? Why, they’re first demanding like petulant children that gay men marry anyone’s daughter … no not marry – they don’t care if we marry a woman – they just want us to have sex with women! – We have adamantly said no for centuries – and then through trashing us they think we’re going to just up and go for it! .. It’s Medieval.

What is the Republican solution to adultery? Abortion? Shacking up? Divorce? Why, ban gay marriage – and get rid of gay people.

Look at Judge Roy Moore in Alabama – he’s sure we’re terrorists and he’s set to defy every judge above him … and keeps trashing us for not kowtowing like Medieval Jews and Heretics to be removed from society!

They’re delusional!

Anyway, I could rant for quite some time – but is it worth it? No, not really. Other than to simply point out that these fools are going to achieve anything but the demise of their party – over sissy smooching! … how utterly childish, insane, ridiculous.

Enjoy morons, but you don’t seem to understand that there’s 5,000,000 gay votes out there.

And so what if Republicans have won a lot of state houses? There too – the only solution they can come up for anything is to trash gay men. Sure – keep voting for Constitutional Amendments to get rid of us … hell, some of them are just short of calling for slaughter – and a few are downright sure that killing gay Americans will solve some problems of heterosexuals.

Meanwhile the idiots are passing “Religious Freedom” laws which in short order Muslims are going to be using to impose Sharia law. After all – neither gays nor Christians are specifically mentioned in these laws. No, they’re so vague even gay men might use them to deny service to legislators and clergy who want them. Do these people think we have no strongly held religious beliefs? Apparently! Apparently they think we are so weak willed that by upping the nastiness they will finally – after lo these many decades, to kowtow to their beliefs and join their religion.

Well, dear Republicans – you’re insane.  And sadistic.

“Don’t take it personally” I’m told

I find it amazing that in the confounded gay discussion there’s this drumbeat of “Don’t take it personally.” Apparently, the NO GAYS! Movement is arguing against “Homosexuality” not any particular gay person. In fact, in this discussion you won’t actually find any individuals mentioned … the discussion is an abstract. Like the Catholic Cardinal George of Chicago argues about this gay nephew in the same news conference: “my nephew is a fine man … homosexuals are intrinsically disordered, evil, anti-family.” Yes, none of it is “personal” – they don’t know we exist as people … they are fighting an abstract to protect heterosexuals.

Then if some gay person picks on the idiot saying this godawful crap we are terrible because we’re attacking a specific person who says something. No – we’re supposed to just quietly listen to our kind being trashed for “strongly held religious beliefs” which heterosexuals are allowed to hold – but god forbid a gay man utter a word in defense of ourselves or us … that would be attacking family, society, the good … we are bad … but not bad individuals just bad as a concept. And heterosexuals wrap there silly little minds around this arrant nonsense with utter ease. But who could they be trashing except individuals?

As President Obama said repeatedly “I know good homosexuals, but I’m against gay marriage. Hilary Clinton said it. Joe Biden said. Every last Democratic senator and congressman until just 2013 and 2014 were all for gay people but against ‘homosexual marriage’ and against homosexual couples. We’re fine as individuals – two of us together is the problem. It’s the same damn position the Catholic Church holds – gays as individuals who are lonely, disordered, insane, in need of correction and cure like we’re ill children … we’re fine! – but as couples or people with feelings and sexual urges – ooh, we’re terrible.

And this has been happening for decades throughout the entire discussion heterosexuals have been having over gay people in this nation. Oh, we’re to be loved! There’s compassion for our plight and our poor lifestyle choices – as the homosexual agenda, lobby, groups, as a conglomerate we’re terrible and and dangerous and it must be seen how being nice to “homosexuals” affects the heterosexuals … but we’re just fine as individuals … to be seen with pity and a dash of scorn lest we get to sure of ourselves.

Meanwhile, the Democrats were all for abortion for decades but solidly against gay sex even being legal. Who the hell is anyone kidding? In 1973 it became legal to kill babies … and this was so wonderful for women’s rights! … but gay smooching remained a felony until 2003 and no Democrat led the charge to rid the nation of these odious laws … they were all for them because their base was against legalizing it. Hell, to this day a substantial part of the Democratic party is solidly against gay folks – the African-Americans … who bleat incessantly that “it’s not like civil rights!” Of course it isn’t – it is completely different. African-Americans were handed billions on a silver platter including congressional and legislative districts drawn to make sure blacks got to vote for black on the color of their skin … but gays got not a dime.

Hell, our tax dollars are stolen to pay for the state lawyers against us! Why, no tax dollars to be used to “promote homosexuality” – and not only can’t you promote the damn thing – but it’s our money! … There is this bizarre idea among all heterosexuals that gay people don’t pay taxes at all! No, we are to be taxed to pay for the abortion mills and the divorce courts … and god forbid we get a word in edgewise as we’re being discussed as “what will homosexual marriage mean to heterosexuals.” What the hell could it mean? How sensitive and weak are the heterosexuals that a gay couple might destroy the murderous rages of heterosexuals? My my.

And onward in this arrogant crap about it’s “not personal.” Egad.

And then today, now, there’s still this huge percentage of the nation which wonders what homosexuals will do to the heterosexuals! It’s mind numbing how weak heterosexuals are.

Anyway, I had to write a book to delve into the thoughtlessness of the whole damn thing.

cover jpeg

But no heterosexual gets to just wipe away 40 years of my memory and crawl down in their hole of “we’re for gay people but against homosexuality” nonsense.  And you certainly don’t get to argue that the Democrats and liberals were all for gay people … what obnoxious thought that is!

It’s never been a Left – Right fight — it was always heterosexuals against the gays. 95% against 5% — for decades if not centuries.


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