Hunzik Vavruša

In my first week in Prague in 2006 — land of my forefathers — my 17 year old cousin — Hunzik — “Johnny” — family by some strange degree – he is after all a Vavruša by way of Klima by way of Javurek — was induced to accompany me on my first foray  “alone”   in Prague — for other cousins forbade me to go by myself — I am sure he was bribed with some cash money — and a threat or two — “he is our cousin from America!” — and his English was wondrous — and we found each other in Karlovo Naměsto – Charles’s Square – we just saw each other through a thick crowd — we just saw each other — our eyes made contact — — and we looked like family — and we just went towards each other — we knew each other instantly —
it was most amazing and wondrous – and this young kid thinking “oh my lordy I got to show some old bastard around Prague” — warmed to me – first I told him — “I will pay for everything – do not try to pay for a thing — ” and then I kidded him “I know someone gave you a few hundred krona (the currency of the land) — you reach for it — I will break your hand — you keep that for whatever – don’t tell a soul” – and he showed me around — oh he did
we stopped at a restaurant for lunch — I ordered him a beer — it’s legal for underage kids with an adult in charge to have a beer — oh was he happy — I was like his grandpa — and many places we went — someone would try to speak to me – my first week there — when it was a confused buzz — I said — “speak to the kid” — and in many ways — that’s what is like today in 2020 with Arturo in Mazatlan Mexico — “speak to the kid” —
but after the hours and hours together – the entire day — and into the night — Hunzik said “you know — for an American – you speak pretty good Czech — ” – and I said “for a Czech kid your English is fine” – and so we became good buddies — for what I am sure he thought some loathsome chore

Dear Tamara and Mike from wherever ….

One never knows what power and authorities one might call on in times of need — I’m a schnook — I admit it — a schlubb — a schlamazel even — a schmuck too! — what do I care? — who knows what Yiddish I might call on — I am from NYC after all. And I got the birth certificate, accent and attitude to prove it! Oh yes I do! I did NOT change Louisiana because I was a wallflower on tacky wallpaper …. nope.

I am not ‘involved’ directly with any power circles here in Mazatlan. But I am “el gringo favorito del Centro Historico” — not the most famous, not the most important – but the most favorite — I assure you.

I came to Mazatlan to do nothing — I did pretty good — still created hundreds of pieces of music — wrote a few books here — and became part of the community. I became the semi-official piano player at the Art Museum — if I had the energy — I would waltz in and they’d say “oh play for us!” —

I know literally 100 people of power of some kind — including several police and a Mexican Army Sergeant — all of whom look at me as “our beloved gringo” — I have never had to call on any of them for serious help. Who they know? I do NOT know – but I assure you – they will be on my side …. and they all know lots of people. People beyond my comprehension — but when they speak – they will tell people with more power than I — or of they themselves — they will call on their friends — oh yes — and say — “remove these people from Our Gringo’s Life”– and it will happen.

I won’t even have to open the door — nope.

And they will be gone. I don’t care how — the particulars are of no interest to me. And when it is over — they all come — are you OK? — and I got some considerable proof of my contentions

3 goddamn days — and my new neighbors who I have never seen before — and they are complaining to the Belmar I am loud! Are they fucking insane? — Drinking parties? — I spend 1/2 my day in bed sleeping — I use earphones so no one hears my music — I speak to virtually no one. Even Arturo spends most of his time here in the kitchen or outside cackling with his friends on faboo — playing games, videos – he’s happy — and the slightest sound I make to get up – he is at the ready to help!

And these morons are going to think they are going to waltz into my life and disrupt it? They are fucking out of their minds!

I’m too loud? They ain’t ready for the noise I love of my street I live high above — wait till tonight — when about 10 starts the noise — goes on to 1 or 2 AM! – I LOVE IT – the SOUNDS of LIFE — as mine is truncated – and I’m too loud! —

Wait to the hear the music blasting from the Museo, Machado, Puerto Viejo – 10 PM! it starts — goes to 1 or 2 in the AM — later even!

Who the fuck are these morons? — I will find out — oh – I will need a day to calm down

I have never even had more than 4 people in my house at once! — I refuse to serve the young liquor —

Wallace is 32 — he can have his two beers – while we guffaw about times past — like a son and dad

And two fucking morons from wherever are going to complain? Really? After 3 days? the ABSURDITY is beyond comprehension — they will think they will dictate how I shall live — egad — miserable — miserable —
This year’s whackos have shown up — right next door — fucking stunning! been here 3 days — and they complained about some wild party last night — 3 guys in pleasant conversation and laughter between 9 PM and 10:30 PM — was too much for their gentle souls – I was just informed of this by Arturo — who was told about this at the front desk — oh – this is absurd! this is going to require an intervention — after I calm at this absurd intrusion into a calm and quiet life — the chutzpah and arrogance of this is stunning —

My dear Sir — Mr Kessinger

Jay Kessinger — my good sir – -with all the decency I can manage -at your perfidy – we agree on most everything — but I am getting fucking tired of your condemnation of gay men – your fucking preachers of every Christian denomination of our “faith” are raping boys – your churches are paying out billions of dollars against rape charges -and you defile gay men? – -are you insane? — are you this fucking blind – what does it take? – -but I am getting tired of your anti-gay men shit –very tired – your Christian preachers of all stripe RAPE boys – -and you have the balls to blame us few? you are insane – I suggest — strongly you get a grip – -EVER show a picture of a Catholic prelate in dress in bitching about gay men I shall have a hissy fit – I assure you — you are not fucking ready for me – I have done more good in my life than any damn man in a dress as you extol – it is becoming tiresome — I suggest sir — I suggest strongly you learn something — rather than trash me and my fellows — I suggest you read this book – -and STOP blaming gay men – -which you fucking heteros create — we are you sons — brothers — nephews — and you moan – that after you create us – we are the problem – are you that fucking insane? Every fucking theory you have for OUR EXISTENCE – is YOUR fault – and you blame us – -are you that mad – insane — delusional? _ _EVERY Theory have is “hetreroos make gay men” – then THEN _ _YOU blame us! are you nuts – for your “god” – let me tell you sir — I have more talents and did more than you in your miserable life — other than to condemn me for “your god” – you make – and condemn us — fucking amazing —

you have an unhealthy obsession with gay men — it’s amazing —

— you keep it up — I will come at you like you can’t believe — like the Proverbial Plague — shall come upon you — starting with my blog — you about to be a star of the shoe

🙂 don’t fuck with me…/dp/B00ENWA3PI/ref=sr_1_1…

Dear Pastor Kevin Wallace > Molon Labe



I saw this meme on Facebook — so – I responded as such — it’s exactly what I copied from Facebook — not a single edit 🙂 enjoy — Molon Labe — pastor

Jim Hlavac I had absolutely no idea that gay men were not allowed to use or see or reference rainbows — this is stunning news to me! — Is this a law? is there some Bible verse you might refer me to that says “But gay men shall not be allowed to use the rainbow!” — ? You all got to be kidding — use it as you wish – but don’t tell us we can’t use it – -that idea is simply absurd! you jest? yes? egad

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Jim Hlavac
Jim Hlavac Or — Yeah – the God of Gay Guys gave it to us a sign of Mercy from our tormentors — and He gave it to gay men as a promise that somewhere over the rainbow — Peace shall be for us too 🙂

and we are NOT Proud we’re gay — we’re Proud we survived the onslaught 🙂 cheers —

Somewhere Over the Rainbow – The Wizard of Oz (1/8) Movie CLIP (1939) HD
Somewhere Over the Rainbow – The Wizard of Oz (1/8) Movie…
Somewhere Over the Rainbow – The Wizard of Oz (1/8) Movie CLIP (1939) HD

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Jim Hlavac
Jim Hlavac Jay Kessinger sir — in utter comedy — the FBI and various authorities have been looking for the Nefarious Dorothy who was organizing gay men across the country — since the 1950s into the 1980s — lordy knows how many millions were spent on this quest — hahaahahah — and I know you do not like wasteful government spending 🙂 think about it…/u-s-navy-hilarious…/
The U.S. Navy and Their Hilariously Inept Search for Dorothy and Her Friends
The U.S. Navy and Their Hilariously Inept Search for…
The U.S. Navy and Their Hilariously Inept Search for Dorothy and Her Friends

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Jim Hlavac
Jim Hlavac And I want to be clear that I mean this all in the best of comity and decency and just — well think about it — I and my fellows are American citizens — and have you ever considered the some $200 billion a year we pay to all taxing authorities? And AIDS? well — barely $20 billion — most of heteroos now – and so — we’re nice fellows we’ll pay for that — but what of the other $180 billion? Well, sir — we gay guys are so nice we provide all the funding for beaten wife shelters — rape centers — orphanages — adoptions — child rescue places — children’s shelters and foster care — and divorce courts — we pay for all of this — maybe even a preschool or two too! We — we gay men — $200 a billion a year in Taxes! — and only $20 billion for AIDS — (our special project where in which we were unwilling unwitting guinea pigs from which 90% of all modern immune therapies, transplants and so many other miraculous immune system discoveries come from — for which we get no thanks) —

And now –after all this — you shall tell us we can’t use a rainbow? You’re going to take it back? from whom? Your fellow citizens? Do we butter our toast too loudly? hmmm 🙂

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Jim Hlavac
Jim Hlavac My calculus of the $200 billion is quite complex and lengthy so I hesitate to share it here — but oh trust me – I can prove it — beyond a shadow of a doubt – in fact on a major economics blog “Cafe Hayek” – run by a well renowned economics professor — he just said “wow” — and that sir – is high compliment from Donald Boudreaux — oh yes — 🙂

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Jim Hlavac
Jim Hlavac What’s more amazing my good man — is that even though we are considered by many yet as “Mentally Ill” — we are not covered by the American With Disabilities Act — so – we can’t get any sort of public assistance -so — we must have jobs — and we all do — 🙂 I play piano! — but by being employed — we are not only not a drain on the Public Purse — we are net contributors to it — why — what fine citizens we are! — the very sort of citizen you like – and — well, we fix up old decrepit downtown neighborhoods — so you and your kids can stroll late at night — with an ice cream in your hand — and enjoy the festive rainbow flags a-flutter 🙂

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Jim Hlavac
Jim Hlavac Now Jay Kessinger –sir — I shall have to show you more! because well I can — and I enjoy doing so — I mean — I really don’t care you religious beliefs — I don’t — pray and worship as you wish — but we gay men? we have nothing to do this — anyway — this is Rampart Street in New Orleans 3 days after Hurricane Katrina just wrecked the place! — Howling winds! Tearing Rains! Floods! — Armageddonish even — and there — are Gay Rainbow Flags — because virtually every bar on Rampart is Gay! eek! – wondrous — anyway — I took this picture — along side Jaroslav Richter of the Czech National New Service — complex story why – but I am internationally known — and all the flimsy rainbow flags are there — and every church in the city destroyed — 🙂 think about that — carefully

Anyway – this picture I took — with the CDK — was sent around the world courtesy of the CDK to every gay newspaper on earth — and published — as a sign — that our Flag Was Still There —

You take it back — Molon Labe 🙂 cheers — be well – think hard — carefully
Image may contain: sky, tree, plant and outdoor

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Jim Hlavac
Jim Hlavac Amazing what I come up with, eh? But if you want to play a game – — I am ready – “take back the rainbow”– go use it — and we can too! 🙂 cheers —

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Jim Hlavac
Jim Hlavac I got more – oh trust me — and I mean this in the best way — I realy do — you all need to think — we are not messing with your lives! – -You messed with ours by 1) making us and then 2) trashing us — it’s stunning — but you don’t think about this — but — since you brought it up! I shall opine upon the matter of my existence — over which you have no right to say a damn word — 🙂 cheers —

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Jim Hlavac
Jim Hlavac in fact Jay Kessinger — near as I can figure – you are all for Liberty and Self-Supporting people — until you get to gay men — the very sort of people you wish to live in society — and then we are some monster out to destroy the world – beats me buster — why don’t you explain how exactly job holding self – supporting creative decent people fixing up old Victorian houses in blighted neighborhoods while taking care of their moms (we’re al momma’s boys I’ve heard by some theories) — and paying taxes — are a threat to society? This sir — I got to hear 🙂 cheers

this is what happens when I see posts like this —

NO GAY MAN ever stopped any heteroo from using the rainbow as they wish — but you’re going to stop us? You jest surely

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Jim Hlavac
Jim Hlavac 🙂 – don’t post crud like this — though — you can – and I shall wander in again — cheers – your favorite gay guy

Iran, Trump, Embassies and the dead guy

in 1000 years of diplomatic history all over the world, and the tradition and necessity! goes back to time immemorial, and then slowly spread as “hey, good idea, let’s agree”
— the embassies of foreign belligerents in your country are inviolate — this is International Law and Practice and Tradition! Throughout the Ages – this has been respected by everyone! — Except Iran — them “waaaah”
— The Embassy of another nation in your capital — is that nation’s national territory! — It’s not yours — you don’t get to attack it! That simple — the basic principal — The host country can declare all embassy personal “persona non grata” and expel ’em all – and they have to go — but –the embassy nation gets to send in a new crew to present its credentials — or the embassy country can voluntarily remove all personal as they wish — but that empty building is STILL the NATIONAL TERRITORY of the embassy nation– that’s it — that’s all you get — for 1000 years! yeesh — is this hard to grasp? All over the world – everywhere everyone all nations in good will …
And so far — with few other exceptions long ago
— Iran – has — attacked — our — national – territory — which — is — our embassies — that’s it! Nothing more — TWICE They attacked TWICE — and we go like whiny little girls on top of table when a mouse is in the corner? — you friggin’ jest —
That’s simply demented — they violated everything of 1000 years of human history — and Trump took care of that 🙂 good — fantastic – keep it up 🙂 cheers enjoy — 1000 years of history – which all respected everywhere – except Iran … think — carefully

I want an apology from GMHC today

Now people – you will apologize to me – you morons called police against me — you had me — your piano player – hailed out of my house — by police — are you always this arrogant and insane and rude? always? who the fuck do you think you are? That’s me — playing your piano which none of you could be bothered to listen to my wondrous music — such rude arrogant crap is astonishing — you couldn’t be bothered to hear me play my glorious music which I played for you – and instead — called police against me — like NAZIS — to have me hauled away — are you all always this fucking insane? From an organization I helped set up at the beginning? really? Oh, — say it ain’t so — I was bar buddies with Larry Kramer your founder – -and you had me hauled away by police! — are you that insane?

Fear not – I am 2800 miles away in Mazatlan Mexico — far from your evil crap —

now – I suggest strongly — I get — an email with the heading “we apologize” — so I might be bothered to read it —

Any bureaucratic bullshit will be dismissed — and on comes the next assault — you got no clue — I am not shy.

I have a public blog — this email will be posted there too — “the daily mush’ — now — apologize – now – or we might need lawyers — you have fucked with the wrong sissy — trust me — for I have used my blog for nigh on 10 years to extol the glory of gay guys — I tackled all of America — you are nothing. Trust me …

Now – -today — apologize — try — in your tiny bureaucratic hard hearts — to be decent — and send me an email with the subject heading “we apologize” — No other email of yours will be read by me — only the one that says “we apologize”-

Is this not clear to you? egad — miserable people — you are miserable …

cheers – your favorite hlavac

GMHC Lied about me — apologize

My dear people – you will issue me an apology — here’s me playing your piano — which none of you could be bothered to hear me play to applause — you are moronic — and I am not shy

now — I want to see an email to me – 2800 miles away so don’t worry – with a heading “we apologize” for hauling me off by police — you lied – what can I say

Now get to work – hurry – not too hard – apologize – be decent -and not miserable bureaucrats –

if you think I am done – you are insane

I am deeply enraged like you got no clue –

And I suggest -strongly — merely apologize – -that”s it

Then — I will go away – and never speak to you idiots again

But – if I do not get this apology – I will continue — again — from 2800 miles away – to hound you

I want – and demand — an email with the subject heading ‘we apologize” -that’s it – that simple

get to work and do it — -you lied about me — and sent police to me to take me away — you are deranged and I am pissed off

OK good — do it – hurry

this now will be posted to my blog – enjoy

Your favorite HlavacGMHC5

Walquidia – you lied — why?

It is always fun for me to see who lied about me and why.

Why did you lie about me? I want to know — and I want an apology . You — if not you — who? find out  — tell me — and I will rescind this post … but as near as I can figure – you lied — you called police against me. Why? Why would you do this? What insanity do you possess? But I assure you – you – and GMHC fucked with the wrong sissy — trust me.

Now — to be clear – I will hound you for the rest of your miserable days. I find you to be a miserable broad. I despise you, in fact. You are the sort of woman I sought to avoid all my life.

Now — someone – you — or others — the police told me “an email” I wrote — I only wrote to you — so – who else? What would possess you to call police against me to have me hauled off — are you deranged? I think so — but — you fucked with the wrong fellow. Trust me – and I am not done yet — you will apologize to me — or tell me — who? Who did this? This monstrosity? Who? Why? What could possess your idiocy?

Now — get to work – and find out.

I am though — I assure you – the last sissy to fuck with.

Cheers — you favorite Hlavac … 🙂 oosh

To Mr. Louie — GMHC NYC

My dear Mr. Louie — I want — and demand — a heartfelt apology — from GMHC and whichever of your minions trashed me — and had me hauled off by police – I will not relent — never.

sir – I am a public figure for 45 years – I am not shy — nor in anyway unaware — I am pissed as fucking hell — I have a blog and other public forums – I will come at you like “white on rice” as the Louisiana phrase has it –me and Louisiana — you got no clue. You, in fact — know nothing of me — and you don’t want to know — but instead insist on endless questions about negatives in my life — there are none — except — SS Agents — like yourselves — yes — SS — like Nazis! — to have me hauled off by police is NAZI like — it was amazing. Me, sitting calmly in my room at the YMCA on W 135th st. NYC– and then — police at my door to haul me off — whom did this absurdity? Whom?

You may google me till your eyes pop out — I don’t give a damn — you will find nothing but wondrous good. And your organization lied about me to the point of police at my door. Amazing.

now – someone in your organization — probably some nitwit named Walquidia Sierra — called police against me — and had me hauled off by police — and I am pissed off — you got no goddamn idea

Now – I suggest to you — as YOUR piano player — you go find out something about me — rather than imagining whatever shit you think — for I am one of the most wondrous men you ever met in your life.

You — sir — have a job — because of what I created — the GMHC — there back then in the beginning. I tell you again– I was bar buddies with Larry Kramer your founder. I was at the tables in the Ninth Circle when you were created — I did it — me. OK?

And you trashed me — someone — find out who. I am 2800 miles away in Mazatlan Mexico — where I am “el gringo especial del centro historico”– I am someone special here — I am in good hands — don’t you worry, nope.

I aim to keep this brief — but sir — I assure you — I am not done yet —

Now you have two choices — you — yes you — find out what this absurdity is about – and apologize to me with good heartfelt concern — or you will face my undying scorn publicly — oh you got no clue what I am about.

Someone lied about me in NYC — I suspect Walquidia — you may find out differently — and then I shall be decent as I am — and apologize to her –but — WHO! called cops against me? I want to know — and I demand an apology from them — Not some mealy mouthed nonsense from Lynette Ford — not some “oops” — but “I am very sorry Mr. Hlavac this occurred”

Now – you get to work —

I am not done yet — 🙂

OK? good

I am not shy — nope — you got no goddamn clue — perhaps go listen to the 17 string quartets I composed in NYC while you nitwits were “going forward with your case”

Am I clear? I am not a supplicant — I am Hlavac — a man beyond your imagination … google me – I don’t care– 🙂

OK? good — this email will be posted as an “open letter” to my blog — the Daily Mush
you all have fucked with the wrong fellow

I await – an apology — today — now — in a New York minute….

Cheers– your favorite Hlavac

Not a one of your minions will call me Jim as I prefer — and NONE can pronounce my hlast name — and dismiss my heritage as shit — amazingly so — but — but! — my preferred pronoun is “your royal heinie”– and you may kiss it —

I am the last fellow you wish to fuck with — I assure you .

Lynette Ford – you’re a liar

My dear Lynny — no one in your organization will call me Jim  as i request – but are so sure of my pronouns — none of which seem to be male – I can be as female as I wish – but a guy? a gay guy? — no — this is too much — for an organization I helped create — and so I don’t give a fuck Lynny — Jim is too much for you fucking broads – disgusting — but — I got a forum — where I can speak as I wish — sue me. Go ahead — let’s take this crap to a court! I would love a judge to hear this bullshit out of your mouths. I really  would. — Sue me — so we can talk — in peace — in front of a judge. 🙂 enjoy — I am not — done — yet!

You — or someone there — lied about me — and sent police to my house — to haul me away — who? if not you –  who?

And if you think I am a shy gay asshole – you are sadly mistaken — now — publicly — I ask – who? Who did this evil?

Since no one will tell me – I turn to the  public where I have ample 1st Amendment Right protected resources –who? ”

Tell me — cheers your favorite hlavac — and Hlearn how to pronounce my hlast name — thanks

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