The Presidential Hopeless Hopefuls

When I survey the current crop of presidential contenders, I’m rather dismayed. Disgusted, even, with some of them. Let’s take a romp through this parade of poor choices. There’s less Democrats than Republicans … Hilary, Elizabeth, Bernie and Joe … we’re supposed to be on a first name basis with these our self-appointed saviors. Hilary comes with so much baggage she’s a freight train … and the roar of corruption, Benghazi, missing millions, lying, pandering and the rest of her sordid existence is nothing compared to “But she’s Hilary!” … so, she’s the supposed front runner and all must take her on. Should be rather easy. I just don’t think she’s going to be the nominee.

Joe Biden thinks he’s presidential material … he’s not. The fire he has burning in the prairie of his dreams is rather wet and soggy. He’ll make the motions, stir some talk … to stay relevant. After all, retired vice-presidents don’t exactly go on to glory.

Ah, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders … it’ll be one of them. Both are running as sure as the snows of Boston are record breaking in our time of global warming when we were assured just 10 years ago by the renowned scientist Al Gore that snows would be a thing of the past this very year. Record breaking in the lands of Warren and Sanders – who are full of faith in exactly what Gore warned about a decade ago.

The endless graphics for these two on Facebook is amazing … all with generous platitudes about the evil Kochs, the Keystone pipeline and the inequality and poverty and riches of the rich and well, it’s Robespierre-ish at times. I see people say “off with their heads” often enough. Certainly it’s a new Stalin-Leninism … take the money from the rich and use it to prop up the government bureaucrats to dole out a little to the people here and there while all the different favored groups argue over who is to get which sized crumb. Or, Federal Grants and Aid as it’s known.

The idea that these two will change one iota of what ails the country is a puff of wind. They will keep every program and add to them. They will come up with new ones. They will seek glory in a legacy program to give more free stuff to the people … who are beset by evil rich corporations which sell them incredible amounts of goods at such cheap prices that the ownership of nearly every fancy commodity and gizmo approaches 80% and 90% of the populace. The poverty indeed. Supposedly no money for food anywhere, as the obese trod the land.

But, their solutions, these four, is just more of the same … one could write a book on it. It’s pure boiled socialist mush with one intent – to grow the government ever bigger to provide us with everything cradle to grave. Free health care, free phones, free lunches, free solar power, free college and soon to come free food for everyone. So we’re all equal as a few people in Washington decide it should be.

Then come the thundering Republicans …

There’s Jeb Bush … who is nearly indistinguishable from Warren or Sanders except by his name … and albatross of huge proportions. But he’s pretty much are for what they are for – but slower. About the only thing he says rational is that we’re not going to deport all the illegal aliens as a practical matter, and we’re not. Other than that … he doesn’t stand a chance except name recognition. If he’s the Republican nominee … kiss his presidency goodbye.

Huckabee, Santorum and Ben Carson seem to have one issue planks … gay marriage. Their ideas are nonexistent or so wrapped in vague glittering generalities .. “god, country, patriotism, values” … that it’s arrant mush. They don’t have a single idea on how to dismantle and disentangle the vast federal mess … except to stick it to gay American taxpayers as best they can .. which won’t be at all. It’s not a winning argument. It’s not the reason everyone is looking for a president in these times. No one in their right minds thinks that sissy smooching is a really important issue – and more so – don’t think it’s the cause of the problems. Oh, sure, trashing gay folks always garners a few votes … but if they have any chance of being the nominee what could they offer the nation in the general election? “Gay people must be stopped.” That’s it. Sad.

Donald Trump – hahahaha .. and such is that. Newt Gingrich might be toying with the idea … hahaha. And so much for that.

There’s Ted Cruz … who is a bit more serious – but is still on the trash the gay folks program … as if this will remotely solve any social problem. It’s ludicrous. And the nation is not going to go back to trashing gay folks. Now, Cruz might be the darling of the Tea Party … and he’s a powerful senator – and he’s from Texas, so that’s a big plus in the favorite son department – I mean – he’s assured those electoral votes and probably those states that surround him. But then, that’s the problem – he’s from Texas and the population centers of the West Coast and North East and Midwest might well look askance at such a man. But his gay obsession is not helpful among the 60% of Americans who are now for us … and the about 95% of the nation that doesn’t think a Constitutional Amendment on the subject is necessary.

There’s Rick Perry – now former governor … and stronger position than senator to jump to president. And he’s got some foreign policy and immigrant experience, what with Mexico right next door. But he’s got the strong in Texas weak in the West, Center, East … and he’s fighting for the same people and money as Cruz is … so they come in as half as strong as each could alone – so that should cut their ability to get the nomination.

And Bobby Jindal … wrapped in God! … for the theocracy he thinks he will install and instill. Every time he opens his mouth he says something more fantastical about how God! will come and save the nation – if only he is president. Meanwhile, Jindal hasn’t been able to solve a thing in Louisiana … the place is still a mess … but he’ll stop the gay men too! … Lest we get in the way of the poverty, corruption, byzantine taxes, social services mess and the budget deficit looming.

Sarah Palin is a darling just because she’s she and well … I don’t think she stands a chance … and I don’t think she wants it … I think she’s just using it to keep her in the public eye … for her ideas, such as they are, and her books and speaking fees …

And there’s Scott Walker … who seems to be a quiet man who seems competent and isn’t going nuts saying godawful stuff. The problem with him is that he’s the governor of Wisconsin – which isn’t exactly a powerhouse in the nation or electoral votes … though most of the Midwest might well go for him. Strangely – he’s the strongest possibility because all the others are so weak … not because he is so wonderful. So – oddly, I think that it’ll be Walker after the others self-destruct.

Romney is already out … I don’t see anyone but Bush, Perry and Cruz still standing even before the first caucus in Iowa for lack of funding and enthusiasm. Oh, they’re all busy exploring and thinking and testing the waters … but they’d have to be pretty darn delusional if they think they stand a chance.

Finally there’s my guy – the Libertarian … now he might change something. It’ll probably be Gary Johnson again … And it’s time the vast majority fed up with the two party system to consider him … at least give the Republicans and Democrats a run for their money.

A Star Trek future

Some idle thoughts I had on the much larger picture than what some man said or lied about. I wrote a few years ago … but it still works without any changes … and it will because I’m almost out of anything else to say on the morass of our times.


If you watch the TV how Star Trek you will see that there is total information available, and yet total privacy and respect. That is the goal many Americans, and like minded people around the world, are striving for. It is the ultimate, if unstated goal. It is hard, actually, to be serious while claiming that the fantasy world of a TV sci-fi show is your goal, and yet Star Trek is the best example of a world vision where peace and harmony and prosperity exist.

The problems of the world seem intractable, but in fact, a fixed time can be applied to efforts to lift every country out of poverty. People in rich countries who are worried what will happen when all the world is rich are really just calling for the continuing poverty of the rest of the world because they are blinded to the great propensity of humans to solve all problems. People and States who call for the glorification of specific leaders, states, languages, cultures, political parties or religions are in fact statists, no matter what their name for themselves is. They believe that the collective has a right above and beyond the individual and that individualism itself is detrimental to the survival of the glorified entity. Each country and region has separate problems and thus the practical steps at implementing changes will differ in each. However, development comes at the “cost” of the elimination of many features of the world’s cultures. In strict Muslim cultures there will always be a lack of jobs and wealth because many of the things which generate jobs and wealth are prohibited.

If everyone wears the same outfit there is no fashion or model industry. Less retail becomes less warehouses, less shipping, less packaging, less everything that people could be gainfully employed at. The diversity of fashion is one way that jobs and businesses are created and that individualism is expressed. Banking restricted mean less jobs. No night clubs or entertainment equals less jobs and less wealth.

When the people of a country are consigned to the Glory of the State, the leader or the God there are no productive activities, and thus poverty ensues. If fact, if all there is is religious study, the economy will stagnate, just like under communist regimes where political thought and study was part of the day, so instead of concentrating on making wealth, wealth was deemed evil and political theory was sacrosanct, so less money was made.

All the cultural highlights of Western Society is what makes the jobs that drive the luxury market which pulls along everything else. Steel manufacturing is necessary because there is demand for appliances and cars and buildings, all demanded by people making more money to buy nicer things. In America keeping up with the Jones’s creates the necessity for ever expanding commerce.

In the rest of the world keeping up with the Jones’s is impossible because the Jones’s have rigged the culture against those struggling to make more money.

The Internet is the direct product of the war machine which the peaceniks are using to argue against the war in Iraq. Oddly, this military tool is now a worldwide phenomenon which mitigates the very military is was set up by.

Eventually, though many decades away, the entire world will have satellite internet. The current organization of the websites, found through search engines, will get much more specific, as the technology for searching large databases grows.

The internet is nothing less than the cataloging of all known human knowledge. The project is so big that it will take millions of people. The vision that is being followed is Star Trek, where you will be able to get any information you want simply by asking.

Though it seems wondrous now, the internet is actually still in its primitive beginnings. The addition of information to the internet is growing exponentially. But it is limited to those countries which are either wired into it, or allow the free use of it. We are being deprived of vast amounts of information, products, goods, services and ideas by countries who prevent the free use of the internet.

Those people who say they don’t want to be on the internet are fooling themselves into thinking that in America today you can even avoid it. Any interaction with government and large corporations, and even many smaller companies now comprises some element of the internet, either directly or indirectly.

Republican’s only idea: trash gay taxpayers

At this point in time there seems to be absolutely no thought in the Republican party … it’s rather sad to watch it implode. Sometimes I wonder if they’re doing it on purpose to usher in a one party state. And what is this idea? Well – to call gay men a threat to society and civilization and demand we “cure” ourselves … or to put it politely – brainwashing. More crudely – they demand we fuck anyone’s daughter but their own. This isn’t about “gay marriage” – they’re opposed to it because they don’t want gay people … they don’t want gayness to exist – they’re confident they’re going to override human nature … and make us do their bidding.

Look at the Texas Republicans – putting “Reparative” therapy .. it’s not even a damn word – into their platform. Look at Sally Kern in Oklahoma … she’s pushing it to. Bobby Jindal, ditto. Mike Huckabee, ditto … how many more? Who can track them all down? Those who don’t actually say it rush off to speak to the Family Research Council – they haven’t found a gay man in a family yet, so blind are they … The American Family Association which calls for incarcerating us … as does Rick Santorum. This is a solution to their problem? To the nation’s problems? To hound, harangue and harass gay men? What fools are these!

And how are they selling this snake oil? Why, they’re first demanding like petulant children that gay men marry anyone’s daughter … no not marry – they don’t care if we marry a woman – they just want us to have sex with women! – We have adamantly said no for centuries – and then through trashing us they think we’re going to just up and go for it! .. It’s Medieval.

What is the Republican solution to adultery? Abortion? Shacking up? Divorce? Why, ban gay marriage – and get rid of gay people.

Look at Judge Roy Moore in Alabama – he’s sure we’re terrorists and he’s set to defy every judge above him … and keeps trashing us for not kowtowing like Medieval Jews and Heretics to be removed from society!

They’re delusional!

Anyway, I could rant for quite some time – but is it worth it? No, not really. Other than to simply point out that these fools are going to achieve anything but the demise of their party – over sissy smooching! … how utterly childish, insane, ridiculous.

Enjoy morons, but you don’t seem to understand that there’s 5,000,000 gay votes out there.

And so what if Republicans have won a lot of state houses? There too – the only solution they can come up for anything is to trash gay men. Sure – keep voting for Constitutional Amendments to get rid of us … hell, some of them are just short of calling for slaughter – and a few are downright sure that killing gay Americans will solve some problems of heterosexuals.

Meanwhile the idiots are passing “Religious Freedom” laws which in short order Muslims are going to be using to impose Sharia law. After all – neither gays nor Christians are specifically mentioned in these laws. No, they’re so vague even gay men might use them to deny service to legislators and clergy who want them. Do these people think we have no strongly held religious beliefs? Apparently! Apparently they think we are so weak willed that by upping the nastiness they will finally – after lo these many decades, to kowtow to their beliefs and join their religion.

Well, dear Republicans – you’re insane.  And sadistic.

“Don’t take it personally” I’m told

I find it amazing that in the confounded gay discussion there’s this drumbeat of “Don’t take it personally.” Apparently, the NO GAYS! Movement is arguing against “Homosexuality” not any particular gay person. In fact, in this discussion you won’t actually find any individuals mentioned … the discussion is an abstract. Like the Catholic Cardinal George of Chicago argues about this gay nephew in the same news conference: “my nephew is a fine man … homosexuals are intrinsically disordered, evil, anti-family.” Yes, none of it is “personal” – they don’t know we exist as people … they are fighting an abstract to protect heterosexuals.

Then if some gay person picks on the idiot saying this godawful crap we are terrible because we’re attacking a specific person who says something. No – we’re supposed to just quietly listen to our kind being trashed for “strongly held religious beliefs” which heterosexuals are allowed to hold – but god forbid a gay man utter a word in defense of ourselves or us … that would be attacking family, society, the good … we are bad … but not bad individuals just bad as a concept. And heterosexuals wrap there silly little minds around this arrant nonsense with utter ease. But who could they be trashing except individuals?

As President Obama said repeatedly “I know good homosexuals, but I’m against gay marriage. Hilary Clinton said it. Joe Biden said. Every last Democratic senator and congressman until just 2013 and 2014 were all for gay people but against ‘homosexual marriage’ and against homosexual couples. We’re fine as individuals – two of us together is the problem. It’s the same damn position the Catholic Church holds – gays as individuals who are lonely, disordered, insane, in need of correction and cure like we’re ill children … we’re fine! – but as couples or people with feelings and sexual urges – ooh, we’re terrible.

And this has been happening for decades throughout the entire discussion heterosexuals have been having over gay people in this nation. Oh, we’re to be loved! There’s compassion for our plight and our poor lifestyle choices – as the homosexual agenda, lobby, groups, as a conglomerate we’re terrible and and dangerous and it must be seen how being nice to “homosexuals” affects the heterosexuals … but we’re just fine as individuals … to be seen with pity and a dash of scorn lest we get to sure of ourselves.

Meanwhile, the Democrats were all for abortion for decades but solidly against gay sex even being legal. Who the hell is anyone kidding? In 1973 it became legal to kill babies … and this was so wonderful for women’s rights! … but gay smooching remained a felony until 2003 and no Democrat led the charge to rid the nation of these odious laws … they were all for them because their base was against legalizing it. Hell, to this day a substantial part of the Democratic party is solidly against gay folks – the African-Americans … who bleat incessantly that “it’s not like civil rights!” Of course it isn’t – it is completely different. African-Americans were handed billions on a silver platter including congressional and legislative districts drawn to make sure blacks got to vote for black on the color of their skin … but gays got not a dime.

Hell, our tax dollars are stolen to pay for the state lawyers against us! Why, no tax dollars to be used to “promote homosexuality” – and not only can’t you promote the damn thing – but it’s our money! … There is this bizarre idea among all heterosexuals that gay people don’t pay taxes at all! No, we are to be taxed to pay for the abortion mills and the divorce courts … and god forbid we get a word in edgewise as we’re being discussed as “what will homosexual marriage mean to heterosexuals.” What the hell could it mean? How sensitive and weak are the heterosexuals that a gay couple might destroy the murderous rages of heterosexuals? My my.

And onward in this arrogant crap about it’s “not personal.” Egad.

And then today, now, there’s still this huge percentage of the nation which wonders what homosexuals will do to the heterosexuals! It’s mind numbing how weak heterosexuals are.

Anyway, I had to write a book to delve into the thoughtlessness of the whole damn thing.

cover jpeg

But no heterosexual gets to just wipe away 40 years of my memory and crawl down in their hole of “we’re for gay people but against homosexuality” nonsense.  And you certainly don’t get to argue that the Democrats and liberals were all for gay people … what obnoxious thought that is!

It’s never been a Left – Right fight — it was always heterosexuals against the gays. 95% against 5% — for decades if not centuries.

The Superstitions of Americans

It is mind numbing to watch so many people so filled with superstitions in this nation. We are the richest, freest, most diverse nation on earth – and Americans run around like children bleating “woe, woe the sky is falling!” It is astonishing.

And what are these superstitions? Well, there’s lots – but a few of them are so egregious that it is hard to miss them. Global warming is one. That Spanish will replace English is another. That some country will take us over, like China or Mexico or some Arab force. That we should be like Europe is certainly on the list. And of course, that gay men are destroying the place.

I see countless examples of all of this. And I’m not so sure there is anything to say about any of it. I suppose the nation will continue to lurch around like a child’s play time. There seems to be no effort by any public figure to stop the nonsense. If anything, they are pouring gasoline on the fire in the hopes that their cadre of superstitious people elect them, so they too can join the gravy train of public service.

When I see people complain endlessly about the reality of government and then naively think that this next politician of theirs will make everything rosy with even more government this is a superstition that can’t be argued with. These people look to politicians as saviors. Instead of thinking that anyone else might have a solution to anything – they call for more politics. As if this has solved anything in the past few years.

The people with faith in global warming seem to have no recollection that a mere 3 decades ago everyone was bleating “ICE AGE ICE AGE” – and now they believe that humanity has reversed the ICE! And now we have to stop the heat. That climate changes in ways we can’t even grasp seems not to occur to any of these people. They are sure that with endless subsidies to alleged clean energy all will be right – despite the fact that these new forms will present their own problems. Someone must mine the metals, silica, ores, process them, lay the wires from wind farms … does anyone realize the amount of copper wire that must be buried or strung on unsightly towers from the windfarms to where people are? It seems not. Then those who cite Iceland … a place which sits with a mere 350,000 people on a geothermal vent … as if this small population in a special place can oh so simply be replicated. It’s delusion.

As for Spanish replacing English, the idea is absurd … Mexico itself is teaching all K-12 students to learn English – every immigrant is trying to learn this dastardly language of ours. There’s barely a street corner in a Mexican neighborhood in Phoenix without an English language school. But even when the official language of England was French, in the 1066 to 1250 time period, English swallowed French whole and spit out the parts.

The rest of the world is collapsing faster than we are … and no troops of even our allies can be moved without the US Air Force giving them the lift … and supposedly these 2nd world countries will seize America .. and more amazingly, apparently the belief is that Americans will simply sit still and let it happen without a peep. It’s bizarre to think so, but there we are.

That we should be more like Europe is strange because they have multiple languages, their phone systems from one country to the next are not compatible, the place has unemployment in the double digits, the Euro is faltering, nearing collapse. Why would anyone want to be like Europe when, for the most part, the grandparents of Americans with European heritage left there to NOT be like Europe. Now their grandchildren are all for return back to the past. What silliness.

And finally there’s still the bizarre idea that peaceful taxpayers who are gay are going to wreck the place. It’s perhaps the biggest superstition. The idea that recognizing in law what everyone agrees exists in reality will cause some grief is nothing but childish emotion. Let me tell you, gayness just ain’t that powerful.

Anyway, it’s just mind numbing, and it’s getting harder and harder to comment on anything without just throwing one’s hands up in the air. Which I will now do … and end this post.

The “We should be more like Europe” crud

Last night several friends on facebook once again had nutty graphics about how the USA should be more like Europe. So I went on a tear of abuse at the notion – barely touching on so much. Well, I was asked to compile them all in one place … so here you go – some two dozen or more facebook posts of mine on the absurd notion we should be more like Europe. All curse worse, grammar glitches and spelling errors in the original posts … I was in a rush.


You notice I’m on a theme this evening — because of some fucking moronic graphic about how we should be more like Europe with high speed trains — not to mention the frequent posting of more brain dead “but Europe has free health care” bullshit ..

Do people know a thing about Europe?

I don’t think so …


Do any of the assholes who keep telling … yes — it’s assholes already — how wonderful it is in Europe realize that your grandparents left to get the hell away from that? Not to recreate that shithole here?

Is there any thought that we’re the richest nation of earth because of our system? NO! apparently not — we’re to adopt every last damn law and program just like Europe has — efucking goddamn stupidity …


Say — let’s be more like Europe and have a religious head tax … that is, in Germany and the Scandinavian countries you pay a tax to the state church .. and in France and Spain and italy you pay a tax to the Catholics ..

Why, think of all the funding for churches we could all do here if we established some state religions and taxed people for the privilege!

Not that religion? hahaha – too bad, pay your tax ..

DO the idiots who want to be like Europe know about this?


So — everyone is supposed to go to college and become rich … and then you are declared an evil scoundrel for getting rich on the backs of others and must be pounded into a street cleaning job … got it …


Apparently few people have read in detail anything about when blood thirsty mobs are riled up to go slaughter the rich and steal their money … and to slaughter the political opposition …

Do you folks know what that does to a society?

And yet more and more I see people rising up like Robespierre complete with calls for the guillotine …

You are fucking idiots .


Did the president mention “LGBT” folks in his speech? whatever for? we had it well in hand without him … we did it all over the decades he did shit — he stood athwart us saying “no” … who the hell is he kidding? at least have the decency to say “I was a typical hetero and said no to gays, I apologize” — but I doubt he said that — instead he claimed credit for what he didn’t do …

I did that … me and mine … every fucking hetero fought us for decades — who the hell is anyone kidding?


Oh — did some Republicans not shout “glory hallelujah the genius has spoken” to the president?

since when is fawning kowtowing a political tradition?


Say, why not just enslave the rich … so every thing could be for free!

if they don’t go to work to earn the money to be taxed away — take the bastards out and shoot them!


Say — let’s be more like Europe and have a religious head tax … that is, in Germany and the Scandinavian countries you pay a tax to the state church .. and in France and Spain and italy you pay a tax to the Catholics ..

Why, think of all the funding for churches we could all do here if we established some state religions and taxed people for the privilege!

Not that religion? hahaha – too bad, pay your tax ..

DO the idiots who want to be like Europe know about this?


Yeah, let’s be more like Europe and have the Muslims set 200 cars on fire per city per night — just like in Dusseldorf and Marseilles .


I think we should be more like Europe and segregate the religions more .. I mean, let’s put the Anglicans in New England, the Greek Orthodox in Florida, the Lutherans in the northern tier and the Catholics in the Southwest … in between we’ll sprinkle Jewish, Muslim and Gypsy ghettos for a real European feel …


That’s what we need, gendarmes like in France, Holland, Germany, Spain, Italy, walking around with Uzis and submachine guns … patrolling the populace …


Now the question is, to be more like Europe’s 36 independent countries … should we set up kings in 1/2 the states, and parliaments in all, and prime ministers instead of governors .. no wait — they all have presidents and prime ministers … two top men are better than one!


I say we be more like Europe and change English verbs to conform to the continental system .. .we should say “I walk, you walketh, they walken, he, she and it walks, and we walkoverme …

And in this way our languages can be more like theirs! …


Egad — how terrible America is – I mean, wondrous Germany has had “free health care” since 1941! … I suppose all we’ll have to do is round up a few million Jews, Gypsies and Gays, political recalcitrants — steal their money — and give it to the rest of us … (well, them — I guess I’ll be rounded up too!)


Say — why aren’t we more like Europe — we should get rid of hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, scorpions and rattlers .. that’ll make us just like Europe …


I think we should be just like Europe — like Greece … so we can have our religious affiliation on our driver’s licenses …

Do you idiots who extoll Europe know about that little bit? Huh?

Egad ..


Ooh ooh – -let’s be just like Japan — and give up on sex and babies and the whole damn thing …

Let’s get a slowly declining population —

and an emperor too!


Ooh Ooh – I know — let’s be like Europe hand have Massachusetts bomb the hell out of Hartford Connecticut like the Serbs destroyed Sarajevo …

We’ll invited the Dutch in to supervise the slaughter of 6,000 or so Muslims out of Detroit …


I know — ooh ooh – let’s be like Europe and build a few thousand 300 to 1500 room palaces — and slather them in art and gold …

Why, it’ll be public works project — Just like Louis XIV said they were!


Oh my — the president has spoken – -and like children we hang on the emperor’s every word …


We should be more like China – -with a one party state and endless corruption where they just take out officials and shoot them in the sports stadiums for the glory of the people …


I can’t wait to be like Germany or England so we can all pay a monthly TV tax ..

Well, not me — I don’t watch the drivel ..


Ooh ooh – let’s be just like Europe and have American TV shows dubbed into the local language ..


I think America needs the 12% unemployment like France has — and the near 25% unemployment Spain has … this way we can be more like them!


Ooh ooh — I know – -let’s be just like Europe and get one currency! …

Oh wait a minute .. we had that first – -they copied us — never mind


Remember – corporate taxes are in the prices … raise the taxes — raise the prices — so you the consumer can pay them! … keep asking for higher taxes — it’s like asking for higher prices … clods


Do Americans realize that despite some 40 years working at “unification” for a “united states of Europe” … (they want to be like us!) …

there’s no way to make a simple phone call from France to Germany … they have different numbers of digits .. even calling from Prague to Dresden — 2 hours away — was an international toll call …

the vaunted “unity” of Europe is nonexistent …

and their phones suck ..


Well, if we’re going to be more like Europe … we had better all get to learning some other languages .. there’s 36 over there .. let’s divide up America to see who will speak which of those …


Hell — I think we should be more like Switzerland and allow secret bank accounts, and a gun in every man’s hand …

You want to be like Europe! Switzerland is the way to go …

and then we can have four national languages and get the hell out of the UN too .. Switzerland ain’t in that sclerotic hell-pit


Say – why aren’t we more like Norway! … with 4.5 million Norwegians, a King and a parliament filled with nine Socialist parties … and a friggin’ oil patch off shore drilling themselves $8 billion a year to pay for everything ..

Sure, we might have to get rid of 320,000,000 Americans — and drill for oil in the Atlantic — and hire a king —

But we’ll be just like Norway .. !

Fucking idiotic crap I see daily ..


I think the first thing we should do to make America like the rest of the world is separate out our nationalities and races — and give them their own land — you know — push all the Italians to Maine and the Germans to Pennsylvania or something — and keep going until the grand mishmash of diversity of this nation is just like the homogenous places in the rest of the world …

Then everyone can say how we’re just like Europe where the French live in France and the Greeks in Greece …


I know – -why don’t we make the USA just like every other goddamn royalist socialist hellhole in the world — so I can stop listening to assholes kvetch about how goddamn wonderful the rest of the world is and how horrible the USA is – — bet yet — if you don’t like it here — get the fuck out ..

….. >>

and finally:

You mean to tell me we don’t live in a one party state where everyone says “the president is fucking wonderful” every day?

I had no idea …

Everyone will have to wait for my next book for me to fill this out …

No motivation to blog post

You know — sometimes there’s just no motivation to write a blog post … I have nothing to say — or least not that I could be bothered to put into writing.

The usual flimflam continues … and what am I going to do about it? I mean, sure, I reach a small audience … but they’ll do fine without my opinions on any given subject.

I can’t trash the politicians enough … but I’m not going to hang on to their every word and dissect it and show you how once again they are being cads … I mean — you know that already, right?

And what am I to say on economics? My view is that the government should be hands off … and everyone else seems to think the government and especially the president should be creating jobs and deciding where factories go and how much people are to be paid … Call it was “ism” you wish — communism, socialism, fascism, corporatism — I don’t care the damn label — I want to know the practices .. and what we’re getting is a command economy by fewer and fewer people … and more and more and more is being outlawed or regulated into nonexistence

And well that’s it – I have nothignt to say at the moment — except good luck all — but this is not getting better …

C-Note: 8 Months in a NOLA Dive Bar

My new book, “C-Note: 8 months in a New Orleans dive bar” is now available at the Amazon Kindle store. Here is the text of the cover introduction:

New Orleans is a colorful city. This book is about an off-color skid row bar where I worked as a piano playing bartender for 8 months while I lived in a garret upstairs. It’s a day by day recounting of dealing with an endless parade of drunks, ex-cons, drug addicts, hookers and other unsavory characters … all while I played a gorgeous grand piano and serve the denizens copious booze. From January 2001, through Mardi Gras and on to the beginning of August I spent nearly every waking moment in the bar. I rarely was gone for more than a few hours. I had the opportunity to not just observe the denizens, but become their friends.

I came to know some 200 denizens and the owner and his girlfriend — all of whom were the epitome of alcoholic, violent, crazed, criminal lunatics of the sort that would make rational decent people cringe. I managed to eek out 8 months there. At first I thought it was a piano bar … I discovered quickly it was a bar with a piano. A bar that the cops passed by slowly every time, to see if the denizens were contained and out of harm’s way. The harm to themselves, and to any innocent passerby was extraordinary.

From nearly the first days there, as I found what the customers were like, I decided to write a book about it. I wrote it as it happened. It took place in 2001, but I’m finally publishing it now, 14 years later. I didn’t change a thing from what I wrote all those years ago. I’m not certain if any of the people in it are alive anymore … most of them most likely drank and drugged themselves to death.

The two most astonishing tips I got at the bar were a portrait painted by one of my fellow bartenders, herself a drunken, crack smoking denizen — and a 1973 Lincoln Continental. The bar, the car and the painting are the cover images — the white space is perhaps just emblematic of the emptiness in the lives of the denizens. The other exciting thing that happened is that I produced my first CD of my piano music and launched my piano playing career.

For those who wonder what takes place in a skid row bar among the seediest of citizens of any city, this is perhaps a ready explanation — they live and they are happy and they’re proud. They were especially proud to be drunks. It’s descriptive, but brings up the important issue of how does society deal with such people? New Orleans decided to just let the bar be. I’m now certain that society will never solve the problems of this sort of people, however much it wishes to.

There is the question of why I stayed so long — since I am not a heavy drinker, not a drug addict, and am in fact, a college educated rational man — and the only answer I can give is that piano … I played it for many hours … and was essentially paid to learn and practice it. And it was right for my life at that time.


here is the link:

You know, you wind up working in a crazy bar — things happen. — here’s some pictures too.

new cover

the cover of the book


be behind the bar


me smoking a cigar


Deanna Chivin, the lady who painted the portrait

c note

In a happy moment


Michel F. Melle — owenr and bon vivant


Me on my last day with the sign I put up announcing my departure


Me playing the piano


last day playing


in the middle of a piece


the 1973 Lincoln Continental I got as a tip


Me and the Lincoln at the bar


Travis amd me


Travis was a 22 year old drunk in waiting, I hope I saved him


Travis drunk at the bar


Travis and the Lincoln — which he washed and waxed as part of his chores to put the boy on a productive path.

All this an more happened at the C-Note Lounge – America’s finest skid row  bar

A Reformation like split, goading the other

I have a diverse group of facebook friends, which gives a rather amazing perspective on what is happening in the nation. Such discord and divide I don’t think I’ve ever seen in my life. Each side is calling for the elimination of the other. What these sides are is somewhat hard to say, though it of course aligns along the Republican-Democrat divide the nation has seen for decades. But now it’s more intense then it has ever been. I mean, I’m talking about people calling for the “elimination” – I see verbs like ‘exterminate’ ‘wipe out’ ‘kill’ … indeed – there are people calling for killing police. There are people calling for killing the Koch brothers. There are people calling for killing lefties and righties … the murderous rages are perhaps polemical at the moment … but in history this has almost always devolved to actual shooting and killing.

And to what can I liken this? For it’s rather new in our times. It’s been bubbling up since the second George Bush and ratcheted up during Barack Obama … this call for the elimination of the other side as if a one party state is the solution to whatever problems people see. I liken it to that period of history which started with the pope and anti-popes of the mid-1300s and culminated in the French Revolution, and writ big it’s called the Reformation. Nothing much was reform – but the slaughter was certainly large. Millions killed over policy differences.

While back then it took decades and centuries now we have sped up due to technology. Instantly we can tweet “death to them!” … and people are doing it. Amazing. Saddening. And so it’s being compressed into months and years. It can bode no good for our nation. Supposedly, in this great land of liberty and letting people be themselves – if you are for the other side you are evil and demonic and out to destroy everything – so you must be destroyed yourself.

There’s calls for throwing every other person in jail. Or outright shooting people. And for what? To argue over some bit of Federal spending, or who gets to make the rules for some program?

And both sides, Republican and Democrat, are more or less calling for a police state. Each is calling for more surveillance of what people are doing. For outlawing more acts and desires. Of arresting those who disagree with them. It’s mind numbing.

On thread after thread on facebook I see calls for the utter destruction of one’s political enemies. And while most people pull back from the rhetoric and perhaps seek some common ground, still others are adamant – “the other side must be destroyed” and “pound them into the ground” and “ground up into mince meat.” Well, this later perhaps too British, it’s still there … this removal of anyone they disagree with from threads, from society, from any reasonable consideration.

I see it on blogs. And it’s not just one or the other, it’s both sides, the partisans of both sides. So many seem so confused about what the point of the country is. It’s about Liberty for All … and that means people will actually do something, believe something, want something, different than you – and that’s no big deal. But no, if you’re for global warming the others are evil and out to destroy society, they must be squashed and hounded from public discourse. The science is settled, everyone who disagrees is evil. Then there’s those against global warming calling for the removal of anyone evil enough to be concerned at all about the environment. People are painting themselves into corners that are going to be hard to get out of.

The numbers of graphics with a pithy few words decrying the mere existence of anyone who disagrees with them is growing. Somehow these people who make these graphics are sure that not only can the solution to complex problems be solved in pithy comments of a few words – but that anyone who doesn’t ‘agree’ to these aphorisms is somehow a malignant force that must be pounded into submission.

I’ve had to defriend people because they or their friendly commentators use words like “exterminate” … are they out of their minds? Have we not had enough killing over the centuries? Apparently not!

Each side proclaims itself innocent of any wrong doing of course. Yet there are clearly Christians Fundamentalists calling for the deaths of gay men … and Liberal Atheists calling for the killing of capitalists. There’s calls for destroying every vestige of the free market, and those calling for the destroying every vestige of any government oversight of anything. As I said, it’s rather mind numbing.

Of course, in a blog post it’s impossible to list and outline and limn all the various permutations of this ‘we against them’ mentality building on both sides against the other. But again, it bodes no ill. There are people arming themselves to the teeth, while others are calling for the government to come crashing down the doors.

And almost always the fervor of both sides approaches that which accompanied the religious fervor of the 300 year long religious war that rocked Europe during those times when there were different popes, and then different faiths and religious practices until finally it met up in the blood bath of the French Revolution. There’s people putting up graphics with pictures of guillotines, for heaven’s sakes.

Well, it’s a mess. And it’s not good. And I wish people would calm down. For we live in the greatest times for mankind ever. Never before have more people been more free to pursue their dreams and aspirations, and have the wealth and health to do it. And instead of people tending to their own affairs, it’s almost willful neglect of what they want while they channel their energy into the destruction of the other side – whatever they perceive it to be.

How many will be killed before sense returns is hard to see … but all I see is endless more travail for no reason but faith – a faith in government to run everything. So long as your side is in control. After all, Republicans are calling for the government to test everyone on “welfare” for drugs, while the Democrats are busy calling everything under the sun “welfare.”

Well, that’s about all I can say about this now. To conclude the year on such a down note is rather disheartening. But really folks, calm yourselves down. The nation is big enough for many ideas. The idea that there is one and only one best way to do things is Medieval – and led to frightening slaughter. And I really don’t want to experience anything like it. Do what you want, leave others alone to do what they wish. Perhaps if you get just half of what you want that will make you happy – and let the other half get what they want, and that will make them happy … and we can all get back to enjoying the most astonishing society mankind ever created — of wealth and health and peace.

Happy New Year ….

Beats me anymore, the world’s insane

America has become a nation of children. The entire political “debate” is like a schoolyard tussle. “Nyah nyah did too” “did not” … and that’s just discussing what’s going on. The solutions proposed by people of all persuasions are even more bizarre. At least when it comes to Democrats and Republicans. Both parties and their fewer and fewer adherents whine bitterly about everything. “They won’t let us say Merry Christmas anymore!” – Who? Who is preventing anyone from saying this? And why? Why do people have a problem with such a simple utterance? People talk about killing and exterminating who they don’t agree with – for some pure society of everyone thinking alike … which is the exact opposite of what the national ideal is about. There’s so many examples it’s hard to keep track.

Exterminate the Koch brothers and some other group of rich, some say, while their rich actors and entertainers are just fine. So it’s not all rich people that are “evil” – just some. Everyone seems to have their favorite and unfavorite rich people – and death to the other sides.

“Kill the cops” others are saying – as if this will stop police violence against the public – which surely is increasing. There’s far too many instances of cops busting into houses, shooting people, beating people. It’s almost like open season on citizens – to enforce the law! So many people want to enforce more and more laws we’re becoming a police state. Instead of people trying to stop this – they call for more death. So some guy just blows the heads off of two cops … and himself. For what? What does this do? Beats me. Then everyone goes on the blame game – who did it? The guy who did it? He’s almost forgotten … and people not near the scene are blamed.

Then there’s kill this or that business. We have to kill Walmart because they don’t conform to the desires of people who don’t own it or run it. Unions want to kill this or that business … by demanding like petulant children that they get to seize the wealth of it all. Because in their anti-greed campaign they preach greed. Meanwhile, not once in decades has any union just gone out and purchased the voting stock of a public company and made it into the workers paradise they wish.

Look at the Occupy movement – wishing to exterminate the capitalist – but using the cell phone and computers to rally their troops to endlessly demonstrate and riot when they get a chance. Which brings us back to the cops arming themselves like an army … why do the cops need this military gear? Beats me. Apparently they’re expecting some destruction of society … which the two political parties are trying for. No? Sure they are. Both parties call each ‘a grave threat to the nation.’ What threat are they? Beats me. Apparently if the other party has one elected official that means they are destroying society – and what both parties are calling for is a one party state – with their party as the winner of the game.

Look at the fundamentalist Christians – they’re so insane as to defy description. Some Colorado GOP legislator Klingenschmitt is out for blood. Kill the gays, rely on Jesus for health care, destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with him. Kill for Jesus. What a fine fellow …

Bryan Fischer, Tony Perkins, Matt Staver and others are all out for exterminating the gay men – so sure are they that taxpaying citizens who live quiet lives are destroying the place by existence alone. They are sure they are saving us from something they have conjured up. Fischer is sure that being nice to the “sick” guys is the ‘gravest threat to liberty the nation faces’ … it’s mind numbing. They are sure they have this right to just trash men – and if these men don’t trash themselves – they are all the more guilty. They make their living trashing people – and are irate those they trash refuse to join their own demise.

Then too, everyone keeps turning to a few people in Washington for some solution to their problem. They don’t want a pipeline? Kill that business idea. They don’t want people smoking a joint – make it illegal. Indeed – so many people are calling for so much to be made illegal it’s a wonder there’d be anything legal left. How giving enormous power over every aspect of life to a few people we could never hope to influence – nor are they ever smart enough to fun everything – is simply beyond my reasoning ability. But apparently people look to politicians to run their lives. Can’t they run their own? And if they can – can’t they just let other people alone? No – let’s get Washington and the Government to pass a law outlawing and requiring and regulating so that nothing can be done without the permission of a few. 300,000,000 people all managed by a handful – not a good idea.

The left has this glorious plan, they think, annunciated by two professors long ago name Cloward and Piven – who set for a strategy to destroy America by overloading the system … why destroy their own country? They don’t like what other people do and they decided that they and their minions should run the place. No such strategy is going to work, but people are out to do it.

The right has a glorious plan … seems to revolve around making gay men smooch a gal – if only that happens, then there’d be no other problems. Indeed, in all the court cases over gay marriage – the right’s pleadings are pure control-freaky down to the point of whom will smooch whom and when. And if only the gays are stopped and changed and belittled – then the heterosexuals will behave in glory be. It’s bizarre to read the mush.

Then there’s the statistics that are bandied about – most of them tailor made to fit the purposes of those uttering them. So they declare that this and that percentage is homeless – and then somehow people come up with the bizarre idea of giving sleeping bags to the homeless so they can sleep more comfortably in the streets. There’s people who are arguing for the right to sleep in parks. Not a shred of rational thought goes into housing the people … no – they argue for more people to sleep in the streets like wild-men of old perhaps.

There’s the people who are supposedly on a war against Christmas – while there’s fundamentalists who want Christ out of Christmas because it’s a pagan holiday of thanking the heaven’s for the return of longer days. Well, ten-thousand year old superstitions still creep out of the fetid minds of many.

The conspiracy theories are so many one could write a 1,000 page book on them and still not cover them all. The Jewish bankers supposedly out to control the world! … without a shred of thought that for the first 1500 years of Christianity it was illegal for Christians to engage in banking – and since banking was still required – the powers that were at the time made the Jews do the “dirty work” then now they complain that Jews are in banking. Apparently for a Jewish guy to engage in banking is evil now – when several hundred years ago it was required.

The conspiracies about the death of any public figure are astounding. There’s no lone gunmen, no, it’s a huge conspiracy involving hundreds of people who are successful in covering it up – except for the exposers of the conspiracy – they know all about it! And if we don’t believe them we are part of the problem and perhaps need some correction.

Indeed, the numbers of people who know all about the conspiracies and pronounce them is astonishing … meanwhile, they loudly bray that the people involved are covering it up so successfully that no one knows about their skulduggery … and so the secrets are both kept and exposed at the same time.

There’s calls by each political party to haul to jail members of the other party – to make sure they suffer for policy decisions not liked by one or the other.

Did or didn’t North Korea hack into a movie production company to destroy it? And then everyone is worried about the sovereignty of the fake nation of crazed dictators and don’t give a thought to the 17 million or so people living there … they must suffer for the glory of sovereignty!

Oh, it’s too much – one could go on forever … everyone so damn sure of their take and the others are liars and insane and in need of prison or death or both.

And then everyone turns to the internet and twitter and social media galore to preach their disdain for those they dislike. Because they are so petulant and childlike in their demands that everyone be the same.

Indeed, we are at the point in this nation, and this world, that for Diversity we must all be the same – and for Individualism we should all think alike. Everyone is so damn busy trying to run someone else’s life that they fail to tend their own.

Well it’s a mess. And the way it’s going it’ll be another 2 presidential terms here before it all spins out of control.

And you know what’s amazing? It seems that there’s 3 groups now in America … two crazed fringes of less than 15% each of the population – and the vest 70% in the middle – like me – who are just flummoxed at the whole damn thing. And it’s almost impossible for the rational folks to reach any agreement on anything because the two fringes are the only ones proposing solutions … it’s mind-numbing. It’s like the rubber band in a small paper plane, being wound tighter and tigher – and soon it’s going to snap.

I just hope I’m not around to see it … and other than that – Cheers and Merry Christmas or Happy whatever the hell you celebrate … just try being nice to other people and mind your business and perhaps that’ll help somewhat.


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