The Endless Wars of Our Times

There’s been a War On Poverty now for nigh on 60 years – with poverty as prevalent as ever. There’s a war on poor people, as shown by the endless attacks on who might by what with food stamps. There’s a War on Drugs, and a war of drug users against the police. There’s a war on black men, if the endless shooting of blacks by cops is to be believed – but there’s a war by blacks against police, the establishment – as is amply shown in the riots of late.

There’s a war on Christians supposedly, stemming from ever questioning a thing they say, while they call for a war against gays including shooting us. Supposedly, gays are at war against humanity by merely existing.

There’s a war against science and there’s a war of climate change against reality.

There’s a war over free speech that leaves everyone breathless when speaking about how their rights to speak are being sundered

There’s a war against medical care – and a war against lack of medical care – as both sides argue over who is to get what services and who will pay for it. But they are at war with each other, they declare.

There’s a war against Muslims through Islamophobia as Muslims wage a low grade war of actually killing people here and abroad.

The Muslims and the Jews have been at war, of course, for some time.

There’s a war against corporate interests, what with Occupy movements, and protests at G-8 meetings – and the corporations are at war against the people as shown by the Koch brother, Walmart and the Citizens United case.

There’s a war for more contraception and a war against contraception.

The feminists have declared the patriarchy is at war against women, while the white patriarchy is at war against the feminists for daring to insist they are at war with women.

There’s the War against Obesity, and against cancer and heart disease – as these three killers are at war with humanity – while Big Pharma is allegedly at war against cures.

There’s so much war almost anyone is at war with someone over something.

How many more wars can I recount? The number seems endless. There’s the war against trees, and the tree huggers at war against the loggers.

There’s a war against education by not being for the latest reforms, regardless of what they are, and a war against children for not educating them – or educating them too much, lest they be better than the others.

There’s a war against the president and the president seems to be at war against the constitution … onward and upward come the wars of our times.

Everyone speaks in militaristic terms – we are at war with them, we shall win the battle, those people should die and get out of the way of progress or tradition or keeping things just as they are.

Never before have so many been so much at war with so many others.

It is astonishing the nation is even holding together.

And I didn’t even touch upon the wars of China, Asia, the Middle East, South America – there too – endless war – sometimes with real shooting.

my latest book: “A Heritage Journey”

I have just published my travelogue of 3 months in the Czech Republic …


This is the story of my 70 day adventure in the Czech Republic, with 20 days in Dresden, Germany in between. I went in the summer of 2006. Sure, I was a tourist, but I was more. I was visiting cousins that I had met before. I was a speaker at a history conference. I was on a mission to vastly improve my Czech speaking skills. I went to see the land of my heritage, the land from where my four grandparents came from. I wasn’t going to be in a tour group, seeing the sights from inside a bus, or following someone holding a banner. I was going to wander around by myself, and go meet people, and I met dozens. I went without much of a plan. I knew I would go to different cities, but I didn’t pay attention to any details about where I was going to stay or what I would do. In each new place I just winged it. I went, and then figured it out. All while speaking a passable Czech. I didn’t even have a guidebook. I knew the cities I wanted to go to. And from a lifetime in a recently arrived Czech family to America I had a fair idea of what there was to see. All my life I had seen photographs and paintings of these places. Now I was off to see them in person. I had wanted to go for decades, time and money conspired against me, now they came together.

My home base would be my cousin’s house in the Hlubocepy section of Prague. My watering hole would be the small neighborhood bar they operated in their basement. I would head out from there to different cities, then return for a bit, then go out again. My cousins don’t speak a word of English, so it was going to be interesting to be totally immersed in Czech. I would be meeting a few dozen family members on both my mother’s and father’s side of the family. In the middle of it all I would take two short trips to Dresden to see a friend I knew from New Orleans, and speak some English. Along the way I would finish my book on the Czechs and Slovaks of Louisiana. And all the while I would be visiting castles, palaces, churches, museums and historic sites. It was such an active trip I exhausted myself, and even had a significant medical problem. But well, I made it through, and now this is the story of the adventure of a lifetime.

Resign your office to run for president

There is no way for a person to be both a senator or governor and run for president. Somehow, either one of the jobs will suffer. And it’s hedging one’s bets, that is, if one doesn’t get nominated one still retains the office they hold. But how can the do the job of senator or governor if they are so very busy running for president? Time is limited even for the best and brightest of people. What do they do, put their currents job on autopilot? And in what other profession can one take known time off from one’s job to go look for another?

Ted Cruz just missed a vote for attorney general Loretta Lynch while he was hobnobbing with a gay couple in Manhattan while pushing for a Constitutional Amendment against gay folks … and spending more than ½ his time on the hustings … so who is representing the people of Texas at the moment? My my, he must be a busy fellow with three such big jobs going at the same moment. Or is the anti-gay thing merely a way to get votes in the primary and he’ll “evolve” once he gets nominated. He’ll have to anyway.

Obviously Cruz, Rubio, Jindal, Walker, all feel they are qualified to be president – but they can’t be putting all their energies into it. Cruz and Rubio have announced they’re running – surely they have also then just announced that they are going to work part time at their real jobs – serving the people of their states. And yet they’ll draw full pay.

And Governor O’Malley or something of Maryland, (so unknown, and I can’t be bothered to look him up,) is out and running now too – though “unofficially” he officially goes around looking for the highest office in the land. Perhaps no wonder President Obama can spend so much time golfing and on vacation, the job doesn’t seem all that important.

But at every level of government, when a politician seeks to jump from state representative to state senator, or to governor, or major to representative at either state or national level – they to a person keep their current jobs while all but abandoning them to slog the hustings. Who is doing the jobs we elected them to do if they’re gone all day seeking higher office.

I’m half of the mind of wishing no one in one office could even run for another office. There’s enough Americans to not have to see the same people all the time. The machinery of our government can’t be that complex to have them spend their entire lives in politics. Surely it should be a temporary thing, this involvement in politics.

But really, now, to say you’re both going to be the best elected official you can be – as they all promised when they ran – and then just drop what you’re doing and go spend all your time running for some other office is not fair to the public – who we deserve a full time representative.

“It’s Confusing” — my new book


The link …

The first four sections:

This is not a book of policy proscriptions. It is a compendium of ideas on 150 subjects – or all the different issues that we face in our times. It’s my iconoclastic way of looking at the issues of our day. It’s no idealogical in that it is neither conservative or liberal. It is, however, practical. And practical thought on the issues of our times seems wholly lacking. Instead it is bombast from either side about what the other side is supposedly doing, and doing wrong. And indeed, modern political discourse isn’t about solving anything, but instead about blaming some other people for what is going on. I hear often “We need to take the country back” … take it back from whom? The country belongs to all of us – not just to liberals or conservatives, one or the other. Neither one has the ideas or programs that need to be instituted to actually do anything to solve anything. But both sides have some piece of the puzzle. However, solving anything seems to be about the last thing on anyone’s mind. To the degree that solutions are offered by politicians of late, it’s always some new law, more government, more control over the many by fewer and fewer.

But I’m not sure most people understand the complexity of it all. There’s lots of dots. I’m not sure people connect them all, or even know they exist. And so in a series of short essays on many subjects I believe I go through all the different areas of policy and ideas that percolate among our political discourse. You won’t find me touting one political party or politician over the other, except perhaps Liberty and the libertarian movement, which despite being so well hidden, is actually the growing political force in the nation as the two party system atrophies. The numbers of people claiming to be “independents” is growing, the number who claim to be either Democrats or Republicans is falling. Almost everyone agrees that the system is rotten to the core. But instead of coming up with solutions, everyone currently seems to blame some group or person for the way things are, as if they are so powerful as to have affected it all.

The book isn’t just about domestic issues, or foreign policy, politics or economics, but instead touches briefly on all of them. It would take an encyclopedia to truly explore it all, and that’s not my purpose either. My purpose is merely to point to the myriad of issues facing Americans – and the world, and to show how perhaps there is a great shift in perception happening.

I suppose I could get clearer if I was to expand everything to the treatment it deserves. A book might be written on every one of these essays. But by that time everyone’s eyes would glaze over and they would cry “stop!” Instead I only hoped to put it all into bite-sized and manageable proportions so that at least you, the reader, has some idea of the enormity of the morass we are in.

The Future of Mankind

What is the future of mankind? 5000 Years of human recorded history has shown war, hate, death, mayhem and destruction led by a few who believed they had God (from the beginning of history to about 1600) or Science (from about 1600 to about 1980) or Thought (from 1980 to today) itself was on their side. All at the expense of the people they ruled. Some of those regimes still exist. It took some bloody revolutions over 100 years, starting with Cromwell in England, then the United States, and then France to start a slow but steady progress to freedom and prosperity for all. England and France faltered in their step from time to time. The United States has stayed on course towards greater freedom and prosperity for all mankind, achieving what no one ever thought possible. That steady progress is accelerating, and thought we falter, too.

It was WWII which pushed the rights of all men forward, at the insistence of the United States. It will probably take WWIII to truly bring peace on earth. Pushed along by the insistence of the United States that all men are born free. Intentionally or unintentionally, the recent Bush Administration was beginning to articulate and define a policy of active intervention in failed states with the express purpose of removing despots and liberating people; taking them into the modern and civil world.

We are in the midst of WWIII right now, the adversaries are two: Freedom vs. Statists. You either think that individuals should own, control and develop the means of their own survival or you think the state should own, control and develop the means of survival

And now finally we shall enter the Age of Reason. Oh, supposedly we did a while ago – but with all the problems the world has to say the world is reasonable seems a little farcical. No, we are in the age of Thought … which shall lead to Reason. Everyone seems to be thinking of some new way to do things. And realizing too that there is far too much unreasonable behavior by many still.

The idea that individuals are better equipped at handling their own survival than they are at surviving while the state doles it out to those it thinks are most deserving of survival is slowly percolating to the top. The main problem with the state is that it is always lead by individuals. Those individuals who believe in some sort of divine right, intrinsic right, to their leadership and their decision making prowess. They have glorified themselves to rule over people. Whether it was an ancient pharaoh or communist party president, or great leader, the same idea process must occur. Somehow this person, with the support of most of those around him, believes that he is entitled to rule because of some greater force of history, some higher power. Ah, sure, they’ll claim the Christian God, or Allah, or the Science of Socialism, or even just for the glory of recapturing the people’s historical land and place in the world. Some claim the right of divine rule in the name of the people. It’s all the same idea, no matter what the name is.

The problem is that there are more statists than there are voices of freedom right now. And the forces of freedom have to fight statists at home and abroad. The United States has few allies in this current Muslim war. Not even the most liberal of Europeans are wholly on our side; they remain wedded to their statist beliefs. It is only the American military stationed in Europe and Japan which kept these countries from going to war with each other as soon as they could. Over the past near 80 years we have worked to bring them peace and understanding. We have not been 100% successful, but it has been a remarkable transformation from continents at near constant war to continents that is for peace and prosperity. And now it’s time to deal with the Muslims and Africa.

It was the American taxpayer who was willing to pay the costs of this near occupation so that we can have peace. It is we who continue to pay the price. We have come to accept that it is better for us to pay for the military that changed Europe because we couldn’t let them have armies again or they’d go back to slaughtering each other. We turned Europe into a bunch of pacifists and spoiled brats. It took us 80 years, but we brought Russia, and Eastern Europe along with us. And we’re trying with so many other countries.

But there can be no doubt that the future of mankind is in fact worldwide peace and harmony and prosperity and freedom. It might take another 1000 years. But it will come about.

Oddly, the one best thing that is happening on the planet today, and everyday, is the future. Nothing beats it. The glories of the past are usually sung by romantics who ignore some rather brutish realities that we do know about. The old ways of historical New Orleans? Oh yeah, without air conditioning and penicillin, when the city came around in the morning to collect the dead. The same thing happened all over the world.

Complaints about the troubles with cars are ludicrous when you consider what was in the streets of just 150 years ago – an unmitigated slosh of mud and horse manure and the waste of humans, mixed with the excrement of dogs and pigs and goats and chickens. Oh, yeah, the grand old past.

But it is the future where we should look to our solutions to today’s problems. We will not find them in the past. We are everyday finding new ways to deal with the problems of today by looking to the future – what should we have? What should be the way we order our affairs? How can we make it better tomorrow? The only thing we can really learn from the past is what not to do.

The biggest problem with the future is, of course, that we can’t know what it will bring. And that right away brings consternation to people. “But we don’t know!” those who want to preserve the current and reactivate the past will cry. It’s true, too, and that’s what makes people who look to the future all the more suspect.

Virtually every single thing, idea or product, that looked to the future or proposed a remedy that would work in the future has been attacked by nearly everyone. The great future dreamers are always considered a little wacky. Because the only thing they can explain is how this or that from today or yesterday will be combined into something new in the future that will be better.

Since the vast majority of the people can’t see the vision, can’t bring together now unrelated things into one thing, they are against the future.

It’s Confusing

The world today is a confusing place. But no more or less confusing than it was to our ancestors in their time. For some forty years I have been observing politics from a number of angles. What currently exists is wholly unsatisfactory. When it comes to politics there is much disagreement on every single subject matter. What I have tried to do here is sort it out. There is no particular order in which to consider things because not only is everything related and based on the others, but from no matter which point you start you can reach all the other subjects. Start from where you are comfortable.

You should be aware that none of the ideas and opinions expressed here fit the usual mold. This is a whole new way of looking at things. Neither ideological, or polemical, or prescriptive, the ideas are merely practical explanations and solutions.

For the first time in human history the ideas of rights and individualism and entrepreneurial endeavor are transcendent over all other systems of societal organization. There is not a place in the world that the forces of freedom are not pushing ahead, and the forces of divine right are receding.

Not every region or every country is in the same stage of moving towards individualism. Not every region within a country is in the same stage. Indeed, often, the two opposing forces are fighting it out on a number of fronts.

The reality is that we are only at the beginning of what could be a hundred or more years of movement towards freedom. Those of us alive today will not see the dream enacted. The reality is also that those who have the most to lose in the quest for freedom, namely those who are in power holding the belief in divine right, are going to fight to the bitter end. Anyone who thinks there is going to be some sort of wholesale enlightenment is mistaken.

The forces of divine right have millennia of history, tradition and culture on their side. The forces of freedom have only a vague idea of the future. This is not because freedom is vague – but rather because what happens with freedom is unknowable. It is unknowable because no one can predict what the energies of a free people will produce. It is easy to see what history did. And it is easy to see, even quantify, what tradition and culture will bring to the future. After all, the future in this view is merely more of the same. And that’s easier to grasp than the unknown.

Star Trek Future

If you watch the TV how Star Trek you will see that there is total information available, and yet total privacy and respect. That is the goal many Americans, and like minded people around the world, are striving for. It is the ultimate, if unstated goal. It is hard, actually, to be serious while claiming that the fantasy world of a TV sci-fi show is your goal, and yet Star Trek is the best example of a world vision where peace and harmony and prosperity exist.

The problems of the world seem intractable, but in fact, a fixed time can be applied to efforts to lift every country out of poverty and war. People in rich countries who are worried what will happen when all the world is rich are really just calling for the continuing poverty of the rest of the world because they are blinded to the great propensity of humans to solve all problems. People and States who call for the glorification of specific leaders, states, languages, cultures, political parties or religions are in fact statists, no matter what their name for themselves is. They believe that the collective has a right above and beyond the individual and that individualism itself is detrimental to the survival of the glorified entity. Each country and region has separate problems and thus the practical steps at implementing changes will differ in each. However, development and reason comes at the “cost” of the elimination of many features of the world’s cultures. In strict Muslim cultures there will always be a lack of jobs and wealth because many of the things which generate jobs and wealth are prohibited. To bring prosperity there cultures will have to change.

If everyone wears the same outfit there is no fashion or model industry. Less retail becomes less warehouses, less shipping, less packaging, less everything that people could be gainfully employed at. The diversity of fashion is one way that jobs and businesses are created and that individualism is expressed. Banking restricted mean less jobs. No night clubs or entertainment equals less jobs and less wealth.

When the people of a country are consigned to the Glory of the State, the leader or the God there are no productive activities, and thus poverty ensues. If fact, if all there is is religious study, the economy will stagnate, just like under communist regimes where political thought and study was part of the day, so instead of concentrating on making wealth, wealth was deemed evil and political theory was sacrosanct, so less money was made.

All the cultural highlights of Western Society is what makes the jobs that drive the luxury market which pulls along everything else. Steel manufacturing is necessary because there is demand for appliances and cars and buildings, all demanded by people making more money to buy nicer things. In America keeping up with the Jones’s creates the necessity for ever expanding commerce.

In the rest of the world keeping up with the Jones’s is impossible because the Jones’s have rigged the culture against those struggling to make more money.

The Internet is the direct product of the war machine which the peaceniks are using to argue against the wars in the Middle East. Oddly, this military tool is now a worldwide phenomenon which mitigates the very military is was set up by.

Eventually, though many decades away, the entire world will have satellite Internet. The current organization of the websites, found through search engines, will get much more specific, as the technology for searching large databases grows.

The Internet is nothing less than the cataloging of all known human knowledge. The project is so big that it will take millions of people. The vision that is being followed is Star Trek, where you will be able to get any information you want simply by asking. Already, cellphones are voice activated.

Though it seems wondrous now, the Internet is actually still in its primitive beginnings. The addition of information to the Internet is growing exponentially. But it is limited to those countries which are either wired into it, or allow the free use of it. We are being deprived of vast amounts of information, products, goods, services and ideas by countries who prevent the free use of the Internet.

Those people who say they don’t want to be on the Internet are fooling themselves into thinking that in America today you can even avoid it. Any interaction with government and large corporations, and even many smaller companies now comprises some element of the Internet, either directly or indirectly.

and well, then there’s the rest of it.

Gays cannot be this important

The nation has decayed into Gay Derangement Syndrome. I’m sorry, but we cannot be this important. There are 132 cases before the Supreme Court … all matters affecting every American … except the gay cases. There’s more than 160 friends of the court briefs in the gay matter while only some 130 for the other 131 cases combined. That’s just insane. Our marriages having nothing to do with anyone but us. To argue otherwise means you think some person over there who you don’t know is pursuing happiness in a way you don’t like – so you will bug them incessantly. Meanwhile, in the farce over pizza everyone seems to be missing the fact that a man in California is seeking a ballot initiative to just shoot us. Where oh where is the firestorm of media attention over that?

And no one is thanking gay folks for not ever entering a pizza shop in Indiana – and still managing to raise $500,000 for them – by being a mere catalyst at a distance. No gay person tried to get pizza catered for a wedding. The pizza shop lost no business because gays stopped shopping at a place we never went to. The business has been there for years – and because it didn’t sell something to nonexistent customers it allegedly went out of business. For what earthly reason? Some lone women made a threat – arrest her, yes? Isn’t that what we do? But were there hordes of gay folks protesting at the establishment? No.

I’m guessing, but I don’t think there’s a gay couple, or even a gay person, within 30 miles or more of the pizza store. So, in the bizarre hypothetical of whether a gay couple would travel 30 or more miles to get pizza for a wedding reception – the business closed because some gay folks said they wouldn’t shop or eat at the store that wouldn’t serve us. The refusing to shop there met the conditions set forth by the pizza shop – they said, if in the unlikely event a gay couple made the preposterous decision to serve pizza at a wedding reception, and drive more than 30 miles to get it – they wouldn’t do it. And over this they closed shop immediately! – Surely this is nonsense.

So they raised a half million dollars instantly – well, say thank you to the hypothetical gay couple who wouldn’t buy pizza at the shop that wouldn’t serve it to us – in the unlikely event of someone traveling 30+ miles for wedding reception victuals.

It is amazing how Chick-Fila survived the onslaught of the hypothetical gay couples not buying fried chicken at a fast food joint for their wedding reception.

Meanwhile, wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume that every heterosexual – good Christians and small town folk – within 30 miles would flock to the beleaguered shop and buy pizza until the ovens were hotter than hell?

Meanwhile, legislatures across the land are passing dozens of new laws to protect the delicate Christians, they think, from the hordes of gays on a rampage of shopping. Well, sure, we should stay away from the clods – but how do we spot them? I mean – a guy just walks into a bakery that he knows is there. It probably never occurred to him to inquire as to whether buying a cake is permissible. Well, put up a sign on your store and your website – “No gays allowed” – How else could it be resolved? You have the right to yell “God HATES Fags” anywhere – an 8-1 Supreme Court decision – can’t get any clearer than that. But no – we need yet more laws – to codify the statement. Well, then put it in the law and be done with it.

The laws, however, are so vague that they don’t mention gay folks – the stated target of the laws, if the writers and proposers are to be believed – nor do they mention Christians.

They do, though, give crazed Muslims – of which there seem to be a few – a wondrous new law to protect anything they do – for their strongly held religious beliefs.

Half the purported candidates in the GOP think American job holding taxpaying citizens who happen to be gay are an existential threat to the body politic. Our existence alone is enough to raise high dudgeon. The “gravest moral peril” of our times, says, Rand Paul. Our existence alone – not what we actually do or don’t do – mere being – is a threat to society, they all proclaim. And this is rational. Supposedly.

They are outright calling for our ostracism and even banning from civil society. Hell, ½ of them insist we change and smooch more to their liking. And everyone goes la-di-da in wonderment at their strongly held beliefs. Yes, we well we have strongly held beliefs too, you know. Mainly that we’re just fine. And certainly we wonder how anyone can think us a threat to anyone. We’re not questing their rights – we’re questioning their decency, sanity and humanity.

Not a politician or bureaucrat or civil clerk in the land doesn’t have an opinion on us. And so they’re fighting it out. The nation is discussing us – and sometimes we get a word in edgewise.

Doesn’t seem to be much discussion of our actual lives. You know, our jobs, our legal relationship with the state, our homes, pets, family. Certainly there’s no discussion of the taxes we pay. Not a peep on that subject. Why, everyone is quite sure that tax dollars shouldn’t be paid to “promote homosexuality” – while it’s our tax money used to fight us in the courts.

Meanwhile – if we say we’ll boycott those who won’t serve us – we’re guilty for both shopping and not shopping at the same establishment. How dare we boycott a store! How dare we shop there! – and this point is nowhere to be found – this connecting the dots. You don’t want us shopping there because we’re terrible, and we’re terrible for saying none of us should shop there. Quite a trick you folks have pulled.

Supposedly we interfere with people’s religious liberty. And what is this liberty we speak of? Why, it’s their liberty to trash us – and seemingly our duty to listen to it without complaint. We are not to go where we are not wanted – but we can’t figure out where that is. We are to hide, for the benefit of others. Hell, some of them not only insist we’re miserable and depressed – but they insist we be so! … When we are not, they are enraged. We are attacking them for saying “We are good.” That is the liberty they seek – the liberty of us accepting what they say about how horrid we are.

Then to, some oh, 1,000,000 gay marriages or celebrations … and exactly one baker, one florist, one photographer, and now one pizza shop have just went belly up instantly. And the other 1,000,000 times nothing happened? Well, no one mentions those. Obviously, though, we’re pretty good at avoiding problems, yes? And were the gay couples who sued terrible, well, I suppose. But again – how do we spot those who will not serve us? And would you like to be turned away from a store because of who you are?

Which brings me to the hypocrisy of the heterosexual lifestyle – no Christians are remotely concerned with serving the divorced, single mothers, abandoning fathers, adulterers, wife beaters, those who have had abortion. No one seems to have strongly held beliefs about that at all. No one says their liberty is threatened by serving those people, for sure.

Ted Cruz is holding prayer meetings to rid us from the public sphere. He wants a constitutional amendment prohibiting the recognition of gay couples. Sure, he won’t get it, but he wants it. To have the government merely recognize the couple, and make the things of life easier – this is a threat to society. He’s sure we should be cured. So is Ben Carson sure we should be cured – we’re sick because we choose to be sick, he’s sure. Both are sure we’re a Marxist plot against America. Meanwhile, in Marxist countries, they’re sure gay folks are a Capitalist threat against Marxism. We threaten the Muslims in Arabia and the Buddhists in China. So some Senator Cotton of Arkansas opines that “well, at least we’re not throwing you from the rooftops, yuk yuk yuk” … egad.

Still, never before have so many said so much about so few. While a hypothetical one of us 30 miles away can close a pizza shop. I suppose that’s just how important and powerful we are.

How do gays spot those who despise us?

OK, so there’s a problem – some heterosexuals don’t want to serve gay folks. OK – so we’ll stay away from them. But how do we spot them? Heterosexuals all look alike … we can’t tell you apart. We can’t spot those who despise our existence from those who don’t care. I mean, odd as it seems, people just walk willynilly into a bakery or pizza shop and in good conscience go to buy something. But no – you don’t want to sell it to us. So why not put up a sign? Really. These people should put up signs that say “NO FAGS ALLOWED” – I don’t even want them to use the word “gay” – lest we offend them by even acceding to our existence. Let them put their light upon their basket – let their yes be yes, and their No, NO! … but please put up a sign.

I do know one thing though – we’re not going anywhere. 100 years of trying to get rid of is has met with 100% catastrophic failure. Surely they should give it up! No – for their “religious freedom” they shall continue with their obnoxious childish whining for us to change. Oh, I’m sorry, but gay folks have rights too. We should have to listen to this nonsense. I’m all for separating people who can’t get along. And the laws these people are seeking are nothing more than restraining orders against gay folks. We are to stay away from them. Well and good – but how do we spot you if you don’t put up a sign? Do it, for Christ’s sake – so we can stay away. Otherwise, dastardly as we are, we might just walk into a store on the public streets that sell cake. I mean, how are we to know?

Meanwhile, there are “christians” who call for the outright slaughter of gay men – there is no “tolerance” in that, I assure you. There is no “love your fellow man” or “treat others as you wish to be treated.” Stop it. Stop calling for our deaths and changing and we won’t buy cake from you. What the hell do we care if we have to go to another baker. But somehow we’ll have to go to each baker until we find one that will make a cake, yes? I mean, it’s a stab in the dark.

But where is the outrage from anyone when “christians” call for our deaths for their sadistic god? It seems nowhere. There’s a deafening silence. And it’s Democrat African-American preachers and Republican White preachers who do it – so it’s quite a bipartisan affair. This is not about left-right or anything – this is strictly heterosexual versus gays, that’s for sure.

Though let us be sure – none of these people against our existence are remotely concerned with gay tax money sullying the public coffers – if we are to be ostracized from society – why the hell should we pay taxes? For what? To pay for our own oppression? Gay folks are paying for the states to fight us – no one even points this out, save me, (perhaps another one or two.) There’s “no taxation without representation,” sure – but paying for the opposition to fight us? My, my, we are generous fellows.

And surely the “christians” are all for ostracizing us from society. Indeed – they seem enraged that anyone likes us at all. They are insistent that all heterosexuals despise gay men. They are utterly miffed that fewer and fewer think like them. They are so evil, so craven in their disregard and despising us that they are simply pissed that even our own families like us. No, they want every heterosexual in the land to ostracize gay folks back into the closet and the mental institutions! The audacity of it is astonishing, I can tell you. To demand, as many do … do you want a list? Easily provided! …. to demand that our own families despise us – after having created us. For these same people opposed to our existence are also quite sure it is something our fathers or mothers did or didn’t do – let us say they are not at all clear about this – and now, having made the mistake – the victims of our own parents bad parenting are to suffer for it forever. We are to be hounded forever for the mistakes of others – yes, audacious.

Anyway – come up with some practical solutions and not just whine like children: “Ew, there’s homosexuals!” – well, no kidding, here we are. Come up with something, anything, to separate us for the good of the nation! But it is unseemly to have endless debate every time we walk into a store. Or are we to just stop shopping to take no chances? Perhaps we should all commit suicide for the sadism?

The GOP, with these laws they want, have to be quite more specific. They don’t mention gay folks in their vague laws – vague enough to protect fundamentalist Muslims to push Sharia law right here in these United States. No, the purpose of these laws is for “christians” who have abjured “Love thy neighbor as thyself” for “hate the fags!” – Well, goddamn it, be specific. You all have the Constitutional Right to yell “God hates fags” – the goddamn it, do it!

Foreign Entanglements (From “Stalin Giggled”: a novel)

You see, I wrote a novel of our times — and leading towards the future … and slowly, surely, my predictions are coming true. Here’s just two chapters of the big book …

stalin giggle cover

The link to the novel on Amazon ..

Foreign Entanglements

As the United States refused to look for oil on its own 3,000,000 square miles, and another 10,000,000 in protected off shore areas, the nation became ever more dependent on foreign oil supplies. Mostly from tin horn dictatorships that sat atop vast pools of oil just like we did. They reaped the benefits of Obama’s energy policies. That there was no mandate anywhere in the Constitution for the president to decide what were the sources of energy that Americans used didn’t stop the do-gooders from doing good. Or so they thought. What they managed to do, and perhaps with some intent on the part of the more radical environmentalists, was to hobble America into even more involvement with the world. For you could not have both more foreign oil and less involvement with the countries that produced the oil. Being tin horn dictatorships they had to come to America anyway, primarily Houston, to get the expertise to get the oil into a usable form. So the American oil industry, the only private oil industry in the world, developed the technologies used around the world by state owned oil companies that were forbidden in America. Then they were accused of being big, greedy oil companies that controlled the fate of Americans. So the calls for ever more regulation, and even outright nationalization, of the oil industry at home became shriller and shriller. The oil industry, being rational, simply started to move out of the country. They were simply trying to earn a dollar, and so to work with a dictatorship was not really bad to them. There was nothing morally wrong with what they were doing. Besides, the United States government essentially propped up those governments and allowed the trade to go on. Even encouraged it to some degree. Quietly though, for Obama was not going to come out and say he was supporting big oil in their quest to bring the black goo to the American public.

Obama and Hilary Clinton and many in the foreign policy discussion simply said that due to sovereign rights these dictatorships had the right to exist. In fact, we aided and abetted them with food, energy, technology, money, loans, and every other emolument and benefit we could give them, all to keep the oil flowing. The dictators were happy with this relationship. They also continued happily oppressing their people. To let some steam out of their hellholes they allowed huge masses of people to leave for Europe and the United States. It served them well that the do-gooders, especially in America, worked hard to make sure that all these new immigrants were welcomed. That’s one reason that America was growing in population while the rest of the developed world had started its slow decline in population. Europe was never as welcoming as America to new immigrants, so even those who went there conspired to get to America. They saw Europe as a stepping stone, not their final destination, in their flight from absurdity.

Those who were mangling the situation at home were oblivious to what they had wrought. Their solution to the problem they themselves had caused was to simply have more of the same misguided attempts at beating the laws of nature. They were also intent on limiting the application of human brain power because they could only see the past and had no clue of the future. The future had to be controlled, not explored. So oil companies were hobbled, harassed and harangued at home. The entire global warming situation played into the hands of the anti-oil crowd. For they blamed the oil companies on the problem that could still not be proven. But ‘damn the evidence, we had a theory,’ was apparently the motto of the anti-growth, anti-oil crowd which populated the chattering classes and the politicos, elected or not. Thus laws were passed with the supposed intent on solving global warming but which only served to further hobble the American economy, and thus the world’s. For this group also had a subgroup that was adamantly opposed to the idea that the American economy was the engine for the world. They wanted to destroy that if it indeed existed. They were far more sure that the theory of global warming was real than the reality that the American economy was the leader in the world.

It wasn’t all lockstep, for there were many people who were against this slow increase in government power. Mostly they were known as libertarians. But these people were isolated in the political structure, and spread out physically across the country. On the local scenes where they operated they were considered paranoid and worse. “Oh, don’t worry,” they were told, “this is for the good of the country. The government is not going to abuse any power. This is America, after all.” When they answered that it wasn’t the government per se they were worried about, but the people who now had these new powers, they were considered attack dogs of the right, and they were summarily dismissed as quacks and crazy people.

Still, the anti-oil and anti-energy people could not quite go as far as they want. That the government was producing cars at GM and Chrysler meant that there was some need to protect the oil companies from the onslaught. It was one thing to hobble the companies, quite another to kill them. For the cars that the government was selling were still gas consumers. And if there was no gas there would be no cars, and that meant that the two car companies would be closed and all those jobs lost. This should have showed everyone that when the government does everything it has to work at cross purposes to itself. This is because in a huge economy there are contradictions that come about because of the reality of what people want. And people were contradictory. They wanted less oil but they wanted oil drinking cars. That was not an easily resolvable problem. But when private companies do it, they they either sink or swim on their own merits. When government did it, the contradictions are supported and enhanced, enlarged and metamorphosed into endless opposition within itself.

They Really Like Us!

Chris was sitting in the common room one evening when he heard what seemed to be a rather racist anti-immigrant screed erupting from a German man. “Those Turks are ruining our country,” he said. He seemed to be oblivious that the German government had invited those people to the fatherland after it had caused the slaughter of their best and brightest. But that was history long ago. Now, apparently, it was time for those people to go home, or at least that seemed to the thrust of the man’s argument. Chris could not allow this to go on so he walked into the kitchen and said “Immigration is only a problem because of failed states around the world. If we work at correcting the failed states the people there will stay home. People currently emigrate to survive. With all the world peaceable and with a model of liberty, people would emigrate for joy.”

“Those people are stealing our jobs,” said the man.

Other people hanging around also had a rather dim view of immigration. All the Europeans were surely against it, unless it was either their own immigration to America, or Mexicans pouring into the United States. Then it was good. That even most of the Americans there that night were against it, too, showed Chris that this was another area of public policy that had simply become unhinged from rational thought. ‘How do these people come up with this crap?,’ he thought.

“These people do not want to join our societies,” said one French lady, “they should go back to where they came from.” That the French prided themselves on equality and fraternity was surely at odds with the sentiments of this woman. Chris told her so, and she was not happy.

Undaunted, Chris continued, “What do we call the people who emigrate? What do we call the people who remain? Of whom a certain percentage can’t get away. Immigrants in Europe can’t become part of the mainstream in your respective countries because the culture of your countries refuses to admit outsiders. You are an American, Canadian or Australian by dint of personal determination. You are French, German, Argentinean etc., by birth. Hence, the continuing ethnic heritage devotion in the United States, Canada and Australia — I’m Italian or I’m Greek or I’m Nigerian, a person might say. In these three countries and to a lesser extant England, you can be accepted as a hyphenated person, but in the rest of the world you either are or you are not. You can’t be hyphenated in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. Hyphenation is not allowed culturally and often legally, hence the constant rebellions based on religions, cultures, ethnicity; and the whole issue of volatile minorities.”

“That’s because they don’t want to join our culture.”

“Your culture is impossible to join,” Chris said.

“These people are violent criminals, they are the ones causing all the crime. They bring their hatreds from their old countries into ours. They are a disaster,” said the German man.

“That’s ridiculous,” said Chris. “How come when they move to America there is no problem? For instance, the Jewish diamond dealer in New York City taking a cab driven by a Palestinian Arab, conversing in imperfect English, at peace, thanking their lucky stars that they are American is quite common. It is their political leaders at home, not the people themselves, that are the problem. And that’s your problem in Europe. These immigrants are not considered European even after decades in Germany or France. That Turkey is in Europe also seems to elude you. So the problem is not with the immigrants, it is with your governments and yourselves. In your countries it is not normal or accepted for you to accept foreigners. For they are indeed that: foreign immigrants. You want to keep your pure racial and ethnic strongholds, and damn the immigrant. You people are nuts.”

They were not mollified, but nor could they continue the conversation for now they were all off to a bar so that they could interact with their youthful counterparts in Baton Rouge, all of whom were the scions of immigrants that had joined America. This was beyond these people’s powers of observation, for they were blinded by the hate of ethnicity. Chris knew that this argument was a lost cause, so he let them go in peace, but added sarcastically “Watch out for all those immigrants out there in the streets of America.”

Typically, they were humorless and probably resolved to leave the hostel in the morning, with which Chris had no problem, for he did not want people like that around him. “So much for European tolerance,” he said to them as they finished their tasks and readied themselves to party. They left silently.

Taking out the garbage

Taking out the garbage

There was another fight at the house tonight. Nothing much different than many other nights. It was tiring. It was ridiculous, these little fights over nothing much at all. They were pointless, and words, but not things, were tossed and thrown, hurled and spit out in torrents of anger and misunderstanding coupled with a near complete lack of empathy or sympathy among the fighters. This Tim knew. The fights seemed to be nothing more than the consequence of several people who were forced to live together due to an accident of the cosmos – they were all of the same blood. Yet, they were all so different, intractable even, like the religious fighting over Jerusalem. But there was nothing much to be done about this, at least not on this night, which was so similar to so many other nights that had met their maker after the sun and moon cooperated in pummeling the daylights out of the hours between their risings and settings. Oh, those two globes were in control of events far more than any human could possibly be, and they didn’t care whether humans came or went, either. Though humans certainly cared whether the sun and moon came and went, for our existence depended on them, and they did not even know we existed.

Tim put out the garbage that night, as he had on many other nights. This was nothing new. There was a sameness about it that was both comforting and bothersome. After all, stability had its virtues, while adventure had its merits. They were competing forces in the world. The sun was stability, the moon was adventure. The sun was the same everyday, mostly. The moon was different every night, its cycle a bit less predictable than its brighter and warmed buddy on the other side of the globe. He took a long meandering trip at a slow pace out to the curb. Orwell came with him for his late night stroll. Tim looked up into the clear, black sky where not enough stars to guide an ancient mariner twinkled. But he stared up at them anyway, marveling at the sight, wondering what lay around the suns out there. He was living in an era when we knew stars were suns and they had planets. He lit the joint he had pulled out of his pocket and inhaled that magical first puff. The stars could be more intense now, and his imagining could go further, into the details of life on those planets, such as he could conjure. Pot did serve to broaden his mind. Often, on those distant planets, there was no fighting, no yelling, no harmful words strewn around the dining room like the detritus of a college cafeteria food fight.

Orwell nosed around the garden’s edge, which was clearly lit by the rather intense street light at the end of the property, on the corner, in the trees, but bright enough, still, to cast its pale. Nearly 60 feet away and it hurled its light, the color of ash, down on Tim, illuminating the garden. Tim could sometimes imagine that it was a pale sun for a different world, where the sun didn’t set, but went around the horizon at a slightly cockeyed angle. Where 50 degree nights and 75 degree days continued forever, and every afternoon the forever puffy clouds gave the slightest drizzle for an hour or two, to appease the plants before the sun’s warmth came back to please the people. Orwell barked at something he thought should be barked at. Tim was pushed away from his contemplation; perhaps the dog was reminding him that there was more to do in this world.

Tim went back to the side door for the second can and brought it out to the curb, placing it carefully on the brick square his father had laid out years before. Everyone else put their cans on their manicured lawns, leaving an ever moving little circle of brown grass, like modern crop circles. The brick made life easy. You could even shovel the snow off in the winter. He was tired of shoveling snow, however, and thought of other worlds, and places on this one, where there was no snow.

Spring was here, clearly, and it was a great one so far. He re-lit the joint and started to look at the trees and shrubs and flowers in the garden, under the ashen glow. He was somewhat impressed, this he could admit. His father had lived in Japan with the army back in the 1950s. Over there, in his youth, he had developed a keen appreciation for Japanese landscape techniques. So he did his best to reconstruct this ideal right smack dab in the middle of Atlantic seaboard suburbia. The whole yard was a forest of carefully placed trees and shrubs, long and thin leafed next to short and fat leafed, short shrubs under tall trees, dark green leaves contrasting with light green leaves. Red flowers played next to yellow, next to orange, next to white, played a game of tag across the little hills and tiny valleys that broke the flat lawn. Which was so different than the flat lawn that seemed to never end, not in any direction. A flatness leaping from property to property, impeded only here and there, barely, briefly, by a fence or driveway. The flat green sheet crossed the streets like a forest fire jumps a firebreak. It was, Tim decided, very monotonous, and, he concluded, what his father had done was not so bad after all. It was good to be a bit different among the sameness, he reasoned.

Tim’s walk to the brick square was a meandering path of brick through the forest of vegetation, through weeping trees and upright trees, through plump bushes and sprightly flowers. The yard of house next door, and all the yards down the block, and up the next street, and down the other side, too, were more like the Nebraska prairie, with barely a tree to break up the monotony. It was easy to imagine being in a far away place there, too. Tim’s mind wandered, and the lust for something different than what he seemed to have always known flowed through his existence. The first car of the night passed and it broke Tim’s concentration. The radio was pumping out some forgettable song of the 1950s. That driver is living in the past, Tim thought. How boring, he realized. What a waste, he concluded.

In a minute Tim was back in his contemplative mode. The quite was nice. The soft breeze soothing his unruffled nerves. The electric transformer at the corner continued its Buddhist like UMMMM, The stars, the garden, even the ummm, reminded Tim of far away places. He went and got the third can; it was amazing how much garbage a family of five could generate. He plopped the can onto its brick landing pad and made sure all the lids were tight. That was a bit tough to do, but had to be done. He would have no time in the morning to clean up anything that some stray cat or dog ripped out, leaving a mess all over the place. Between the amount of garbage stuffing the cans and the bent rims of the metal can itself there were two opposing forces that seemed to say “You will not close me tight.” The garbage, if it could, might be thinking “I want to see the stars, I want to feel the breeze, I want to breathe the fresh air.” The cans, bent from the furies of the garbage men, hellbent on getting the job done faster than they did the day before, so they could no doubt go home early, seemed to not want the garbage within them. They seemed to want to expel the foul smells and oozing glutinous fluids from their inner sanctums, and who could blame them? He struggled a bit, but won the battle, which was one of the few battles he ever did win. The lids securely in place, Tim called to Orwell, “Let’s go in,” and Orwell dutifully came bounding along. Tim stepped quietly through the darkened house, Orwell found his spot and laid down. Tim was quickly upstairs up to his bedroom, and faster into the bed, and went to sleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow.

In the morning he imagined his dreams were sweet, but he didn’t remember them, so he didn’t know. He finished the last of his preparations, such as they were. He put the last of his clothes in his luggage, which was just a small bag, as if he was going to the gym, or on a weekend trip. Then he came downstairs. “All right, folks, time to go,” he said. His parents looked up at him and sighed. “Breakfast …” his mother started.

“We’ve got no time,” he said. He smiled at her, she wondered why. Their boy was leaving, and they didn’t quite know why, no. Though they supposed him old enough to go. The drive to the airport was pretty quiet, but his mom got all teary eyed at the gate to the plane. What the tears were for he could not tell. Perhaps it was her being sorry for being so ornery all those years. Perhaps it was merely that she did not want him to go, and few mothers ever really wanted their children to leave. Especially to a place so far away, where he knew no one, and would be in danger, though of what kind it could not be foreseen with clarity. There were only vague visions of the usual dangers of a stranger in a faraway place. He smiled at her, she wondered why. Why was he so damn happy, she thought. He was leaving her, shouldn’t he even be just a little upset? But is a young bird upset when it makes that first leap into the void and feels the air beneath its wings and soars off as best it can to some other tree in the forest? Probably not.

The call was made, “Flight 93 to Seattle is now boarding,” and Tim stepped up to the attendant with a big smile, and she smiled back at him and said “Have a pleasant flight.” He stepped through the door to the gangway, as if leaping into a looking glass. Who knew what was down this rabbit hole? There was no way to tell. Who could tell, also, what was at the bottom of a garbage can? Why did dogs bark at unseen and unheard things? Why did people fill this planet and seemingly no others, at least not that we knew of, yet. It was all a mystery, and there were so many more awaiting him.

In a few moments, walking at the same pace as everyone else, he stepped through the side of the big aluminum tube. Of a sudden he was on the plane for a trip far away, buckling himself in, looking out the window at the other planes going who knew where? At a steady place, in the allotted time, the seats filled up, and the only thing that he could discern about them was they were going to Seattle too. Who knew why? Who cared? He did not. People fumbled with their things, some more ably than others. He heard the door shut, and the pilot said something about flight time and the weather at their destination. The attendants prepared for takeoff by giving their interminable speech about the safety features of the plane, which always proved pointless once the plane started a fatal descent towards the earth. The plane jerked, then moved more smoothly. Then it swung to the right, then to the left, then it crept along slowly, inexorably, with nothing to stop it but a crazy man or mechanical failure. On the ground was the best place to have either one of those. It swung once last time, paused, and then the engines revved up and the plane lurched forward and sped up and hurtled down the runway until air and speed met their cooperation point and tens of thousands of pounds of solid mass improbably lifted off the ground and floated on the invisible nothing. Things got smaller quickly as they rose into the tame blue blankness, a blue that can never be reached, just as one can’t touch the clouds which poured past the rising tube of people. There was nothing wild about this yonder.

The drone of the machine he was riding in continued, and it lulled him into a stupor, though that bubbled with excitement of some sort, inexplicably, for exciting stupors seemed to be a contradiction. Later, but on schedule, with no mishaps, the plane landed, and he got off with everyone else, walking at their pace. He did not want to lead, nor to follow, but only to walk among, as if he belonged, even though he did not. He went about his business, which he wasn’t sure what it was, other than to not have to take the garbage cans to the square of brick his father had put down so many years ago, and to find a hotel. He had not made a reservation anywhere, which puzzled his mother, he recalled.

“How can you go out there without knowing where you’ll sleep?” she had asked. He wasn’t sure if she was really worried, of if she just thought he was crazy, or both. She didn’t say.

“Oh, I don’t know, I can’t worry about it, it’ll work out, there will be hotels, mom.” He was exasperated at her worrying, he was calm in his desire to avoid worries.

But that was last week, this was this week, and it was different, which was good. He felt alright in the next few days. Things worked out as he hadn’t planned them, which was the thrill, especially since they had worked out just fine, as he sort of figured they would. He had even let people who knew him, like his parents, not to expect to hear anything more for awhile. Later that week, on a clear night, with a few stars poking through the dome of man made lights which hovered over the city to inspire his thoughts, to clear his mind, he took a small bag of garbage out of the can in his kitchen and went outside, into the ashen lights of city streets. He put it in the can that rested on a square of bricks that someone else had lain down years ago to make life easier and avoid the ever moving brown circles in the grass which lay flat across the yards in every direction. He heard a dog bark. He thought of home. Orwell probably barked at something he thought should be barked at, just like this dog here was doing, which was probably “What happened to Tim?”


From my short story collection …The Garden of the Quick …

garden of the quick IV

The government has a race problem, not people

Supposedly there’s this grave problem of racism in America. It shall now be discussed by coffee servers at Starbucks … Frankly, I don’t see it. What I see are the president, the attorney general, some of the richest and most popular entertainers, sports stars, musicians, actors, comedians and the like are of African heritage – all beloved by vast hordes of white folks. As I walk around I see people of all races mixing together. I play the piano in a hospital lobby – I see people of all sorts comporting themselves with friendliness and decency. I detect no tension. This is in Phoenix. I lived in Louisiana – all I saw were people of all races – almost ½ and ½ black and white – doing business, having fun, talking – leading lives. Not in decades have I seen much of anything improper between people of different races.

Sure, there’s been some evil people who have done bad things – they are so few they surprise us. They make the news. They’re endlessly discussed. But meanwhile, back in the store, on the job, in the streets, there’s rather peaceful interaction.

But then too there’s cops shooting people. So perhaps when we discuss race we should look at what the government is doing. The government is the racist entity in our midst. They’re the ones outlawing what people do and then sending in the cops. They’re the ones shooting people. And engendering a police state. The government is the one who is trying to pit one group of citizens against the other.

It’s astonishing that people like Al Shapton – a rich man – in the public eye … is somehow the victim of this horrible racism which he sees everywhere. Meanwhile, Oprah’s audiences are filled with white people lauding her every word.

The social security system takes money from black men … who for various reasons die young … perhaps because of the government laws against what they wish to do … and black men shooting black men over it all … and then their contribution to the system disappears into the system … instead of being given to the man’s heirs.

Surely the “War on Poverty” is a failure – for if the people are still poor after 50 years and trillions in assistance of all kinds … surely the system isn’t working Perhaps something else should be tried instead of continuing with all the programs that exist. No, to even suggest to change the system is racist itself, supposedly, as if only blacks are on welfare. The poor aren’t a race problem – they’re a heterosexual problem. Something is wrong with the way heterosexuals run their lives – their lifestyle. Hell yes there’s a direct relationship between the vaunted and dangerous “homosexual lifestyle” and the social welfare system. Gay folks aren’t using it … we have jobs – or at most are on social security which we paid into for decades. Yet to hear many African American preachers – we’re the danger to society. There’s not churches in Harlem, as there are, with “stone homosexuals to death” on the their marquees for nothing.

If the entire justice system is stacked against black people surely the president and his attorney general should have tackled the problem, yes? Instead they preach the “War on Drugs” go full speed ahead. Supposedly more than half the black men in the country have been in jail – well, the government should stop going after them. Instead its picked up steam. Al Sharpton recommends riots, and the government sends in the police squads. What did they think would happen? It’s powerful black men screwing the not powerful black men.

Then there’s just utter stupidity like Ben Carson who opines that all the black men coming out of prison are gay … right? No wonder those poor guys can’t get anywhere.

Then too the Democratic party for 100 years did what they could to keep blacks poor, at the back of the bus, separate but equal – the whole panoply of abuse against black people was led by the president’s own political party. Supposedly having seen the light, they then went full blast into social welfare programs – which even Democrat Daniel Patrick Moynihan in the 1960s as soon as they started showed was wrecking black communities and families. Instead of trying anything else, they made it bigger – more people on “welfare.”

Meanwhile, with endless regulations for businesses it’s almost impossible to start one up – so a black business owning middle class supposedly can’t get started. Well, cut the regulations. If you want to let people have a living wage, cut the taxes which are taken to be handed back. You take 1/3 of a person’s pay so you can give them food stamps … just let them keep their own money.

But to blame any of this on the average white person is absurd. Indeed – there are white folks in just as dire straights as black folks – also at the behest of government. The bigger the government gets, the poorer the people do. That’s been true forever – supposedly in the American experiment this won’t happen. Hogwash – it’s happening as we speak. Now comes the EPA to perhaps outlaw barbecues and grilling – that should enable to get the people together – perhaps over a piece of lettuce.

You have poorly performing schools – run by government. Perhaps the government should get out of the school business. They’ve shown themselves to be utter failures – they admit it. No, they’re going to get a hold of the community colleges too … a place where people of all races in our astonishingly diverse society already do things together – and then the kids will be made to talk about “race” instead of the threat of government.

Amazingly – the “N-word” – so horrendous, supposedly, that we’re not even allowed to write it or say it in discussion, is shouted by the very people who proclaim the word bad. Rarely a day goes by when I don’t hear the word said … in rap lyrics, in conversation – it’s amazing. But I don’t seem to hear it from white people, that’s for sure.

On top of that there are those who wish to self-segregate … proud people … with every right to be left alone. So – they don’t want to talk to whites. Well, it’s not our fault then. God bless ’em – it’s their lives.

But no … the government and now Starbucks want everyone to have a conversation about race – and not about the size of government. Of course – shift the focus to a non-problem – to leave the politicians to their devices.

Beats me what to do about any of this – but talking to a soda jerk just doesn’t seem to be part of the solution.

47,000 coffee drinker vs. 42 gay men

Ben Carson announced that gay men “choose” to be gay … then qualified it by pointing out that there’s no conclusive evidence. Well, I dare say there isn’t. Let us look then, what people have studied of an innocuous popular beverage verses the “greatest threat to religious liberty” as Ted Cruz as uttered.

“The researchers made this discovery by comparing the genes and caffeine consumption habits of more than 47,000 Americans of European descent. The search was important because caffeine “is the most widely consumed psychoactive substance in the world, … ”

And holy shit – they studied 42 gay men — the most dangerous people on earth — to come to the most absurd conclusion ever in “science” – we’re raped in prison! … Go study 47,000 gay men – let me know what you find …

” It has been reported that a study of 47,000 Americans over 17 years found that those with a certain gene consumed more caffeine than those without it.”

Oh, I’m sorry – just don’t tell me there’s been a shred of study for a gay gene – it’s idiotic … one guy studied all of 42 guys, some Kramer fellow … now come, let us study 47,000 of us – since we’re such a peril to everything as sundry politicians opined …As the archbishop of the armed forces said “It’s largely unexplained” – I dare say “yes.”

It’s not like this study is a secret … .while studies of gay men are nonexistent. Plenty of theories, no studies.

“A team of investigators from the National Cancer Institute, Harvard School of Public Health, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill examined genetic variation across the entire genome of more than 47,000 individuals from the U.S., as described in the open-access journal PLoS Genetics.

Come now – it was widely reported – millions spent on studying a gene for coffee — and not a dime to figure out just the most dangerous people known to mankind …

Dozens of articles on 47,000 men studied for coffee – and then there’s Simon LeVay who looked at only the physical structure of less than 100 brains of dead men, 42 whom might have been gay … he wasn’t sure!  Then there’s the Kramer fellow – you know, I can’t even be bothered to look up his book … it’s easily found I’m sure … where he looked at 42 gay men. And there’s an ongoing twin study that looks at everything but the genes of the gay brother … while trying to figure out why two “100% alike” guys have different hair patterns, finger prints and penis size/shapes … because of some “environmental factors” of vague provenance …

Oh, sure, there have been one study each of 40 to 90 gay men to see if we had equal finger lengths, distinct hair swirl patterns … penis size … facial recognition … but it’s one study of each sorts – and no more. There was one study of some 40 gay men in the early 80s on our testosterone levels (which stopped the ridiculous torture of shooting us up with the stuff for the bizarre idea it would “cure” us.)

But 47,000 studied for a coffee gene. I dare say, folks don’t have their priorities straight.

I would suggest the nation study 47,000 gay men and tell us what you come up with before you spout off about why you think you know why the exact same percentage of men all over the world in every society known to man.


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