Just a guy, like you

OK, I’m just a guy. But one who thinks a lot about our world. Someone who follows a lot of commentary. I have a lot of time to look at lots of websites with political commentary. Yeah, with a whole bunch of other subjects thrown in too. But this blog is about our country today, not my personal fun and games. I have a site for that. You can link to it. But there’s not a one among We the People — and that’s you, whether you like it or not — who does not realize that there is something out of whack in our country. There are those who think that the problems aren’t that bad yet, and there are those who think the sky is falling down. But the numbers of people who think everything is hunky dory are few — I bet you don’t know any. Where on the scale of how bad things are you think America is can only be based on the information you have. There’s an odd conundrum to this: If you think everything is hunky dory why would you think that there is such pressing need for so much political action? Why would so many commentators say that there are problems in our country? And yet, you don’t see these problems around you. Obviously there are people all over who are saying that there are endless, even insurmountable problems. If you think there are none — then who are these people bleating the opposite? But if you believe our commentators that there is a problem then, as a citizen, it is your duty to learn about what that problem is. If you listen to the TV news you are getting headlines. There is little information on which to base a decision, but plenty of emotion, fluff, commercials and pretty people all saying “how glad to see you” to their colleagues who always stand front and center, blocking the view of what they are talking about, “as you can see behind me…” No, I can’t. Get out of the way. Aren’t you smart enough to look at a burning building and determine what is happening in front of you? Do you really need a perky person to tell you “the building behind me is on fire”? No, you do not. Well, the TV news is the same thing — it is one big pretty person blocking the view of what is really going on. They are saying “As you can see behind me there is a political process going on and decisions being made with data we don’t know about but we’ll have details right after a brief weather recap and a commercial break.” And that’s no way to understand what is going on today. Nor is watching a political reporter talk right through and over the answers by people who may have studied the issue a bit more than the reporter. So why it is good to find other, deeper sources? With real numbers. With logic. With all the things that make for intelligent decision making — you know, the ones you make daily in your life — why would you rely on the TV news? Maybe you are too busy. Which is the primary reason that too much politics is no good. The decisions for your life are being handed over to a bunch of people you don’t know. Those people deal with information you don’t have and they aren’t telling, and they often don’t know themselves. Prime example is Our current Congress pasing laws they have not read. Not little laws. But 2000 page laws filled with decisions about the very lives of Us. These guys work for us, and they are making decisions based on no information and this is rational? This is good? Can you really believe that? Would you tolerate this in any other area of your life? No. I doubt it. But we are slowly going down the road where vast amounts of our lives are being decided by people with absolutely no information — as they themselves admit. I’m not making it up. They admit it, and I believe them — they have no earthly clue as to what they are doing. So why are we letting them do it? We like to divide ourselves into Democrats and Republicans, into Liberals and Conservatives, and now we have this Independents of no party and they are moderate. Supposedly. But the words don’t really mean much. If Arlen Specter can change from a R to a D in a blink of an eye — what’s the difference. He’s not the only one. If there is a difference — why? What is it? Can you even tell anymore? Only if you engage in the idea that Harry wants to get rid of Jane politically. Crush ‘em. Destroy them. And for what? Does the policy change? Not really. Does the agency go away or is there a new one? Well, there’s always a new one, and the old one never goes away. So now we have two. One for Harry and one for Jane. And they go out among us and tell us how good it is that they are taking twice the taxes to have two great agencies that will give us back our money to help us. That’s what it has become. That’s what this blog is about. I’ve been saying for years that I’m a libertarian. But that word, like Democrat and Republican, is almost meaningless in America today. So let’s just say I’m a practical liberty lover. Yes, stop at the traffic lights, but don’t have a cop there pointing a gun making sure I do it. Oh, yeah, that’s right — we all do that already. But a law requiring me to buy something, even health insurance, under penalty of prison? No, not a good idea. A law requiring me to pay for some corporations folly of an idea as they go bankrupt? No, not a good idea. So there is a practical part of society — traffic lights — and there is a liberty part — don’t force me to buy something or support someone. That’s what this blog is about. Don’t tell me you are taking $20 from my pocket in taxes so you can give me back $20 in economic stimulus funds, or cash for clunkers — it’s already my money, you cannot help me by taking it and giving it back. It is illogical, and thus about power and the diminishing of Liberty. And I’m just one more person who, in the immortal words of our founds, said “Don’t tread on me.” And where are you in this? Do you want to be tread on by people who pass laws they never read that gives them the power to take our $20 bills and hand them back to us and benevolent munificence? Is this your ideal America? Say it ain’t so.

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