We people Vs I people

We vs. I

There is a fundamental difference between two global forces. One is We people. The other is I people. No matter what words you use to describe them it is what they want that is important.

We people want everyone in society to think alike so we “can solve those problems” And We people see a lot of problems.
I people on the other hand, think that each individual can make their own decisions about solving any problems they encounter.
We people always want to tax, regulate, make laws and rules, force people to do things “for their own good.”
I people want anyone to do what they want, so long as they do it voluntarily and they don’t hurt anyone.
We people see government as the grantor of solutions, peace, stability, prosperity, as if there is a pot of those things somewhere out of which they can pull solutions.
I people think that the more people involved in solving tiny problems the less big problems there will be.
We people don’t care if you disagree with them — they insist you do it there way.
I people don’t care if you disagree with them and say “good luck with your endeavor.”
We people like authority.
I people do not like authority.
We people drag everyone down with them.
I people fail alone.
We people always wind up picking favorites based on family and friendship, regardless of if they’re the best people.
I people always wind up picking favorites based on the best option with the information at hand.
We people see people who disagree with them as against the people.
I people see people who disagree with them as simply other people with other ideas and don’t care if they do it.
We people believe in conformity at all costs.
I people don’t care if you want to stay out of the process.
We people see all relationships as power plays over authority and resources.
I people see all relationships as either beneficial or not beneficial.
We people want anger, politics, stress, crises and problems, so they can ride to the rescue.
I people want peace, freedom, smooth sailing and no crises or problems so they can enjoy the best life possible.
We people do not like if I people go off on their own.
I people don’t care if We people go off and do what they want to do together.
We people consider some relationships suspect and subject to control.
I people consider all relationships as either you want to continue or you don’t, it’s up to you.
We people want to tax everyone and everything so that they can distribute the money in a manner they believe is fair.
I people want everyone to keep their own money.
We people want to control prices and supply.
I people don’t care what prices are and make decisions accordingly, affecting supply through demand.
We people want a small group to make decisions for all.
I people want everyone to make decisions for themselves.
We people have no problem with coersion and the power of the state.
I people are adverse to coersin and are leary of the power of the state.
We people lead to corruption and litigation.
I people lead to personal responsibility and contract.
One could go on and on.
But the reality is that We people are usually called Socialists, Communists, Fascist, Royalists, Theologians, Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives .. all of these of these adhere to We-ism.
And that’s that if we are all together on some project it will just be better, even if we have to call in the police to make sure you join the program.
I people are called liberty minded. There’s not even really a word. Libertarian perhaps. Or Randian.
That We people need so many more names to describe their version of We-ness shows that they are desperate to be the leaders of the We process.
That I people don’t really have a name is proof that I folks just don’t even worry about other people and what they are doing, they merely say — go for it.
And so everyone must come down on one side or the other. Are you a We person or are you an I person? It’s really that simple.
Every deceision you make is based on your We-ism or your I-ness.
Both cooperate — but We people cooperate in secret by the few for the many. And I people cooperate person to person according to how they see fit.
So where are you? Which do you prefer?

1 Comment

  1. Lazlo Toth

    Apparently You People see the world in some very simple dichotomies, and Me People are decreasingly impressed. Fair enough, I only found you while looking for information on how to pronounce “Hl” in Czech. And you don’t even enlighten us on that point.

    I’d say you’re at Stage One Libertarianism, the egocentric phase. There’s no shame in it, and you will grow out of it someday — people usually know they’re ready when words like “sheeple” start to filter out of their vocabulary. I recommend lots and lots of David Brin, and maybe some good old-fashioned liberal-collectivist-mystical twaddle like the Tao Te Ching would also do you some good. (Though Chuang Tzu is better.)

    And skip the Rand. She soothes the ego of the young individualist, but she’s rubbish. Believe me, I might sound like a complete asshole… and I am, but I’ve trod every path you have.

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