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This page, about me, was first put here in 2009 — and now, on October 4th, 2014 I shall finally update it — and I will leave the old parts in — and add the new — and note which is which — so that I might not be accused of scrubbing the record –but it does need change, so, here — with the old ‘redacted’ parts in [] strike-throughs and the new parts in italics and the rest in regular print exactly as I put it there lo those years ago:


My qualifications to write this blog? I think therefore I blog. I’m American, I have an opinion, I have a blog. I’m fed up with the way things are going, ergo I blog. But I also have a weird set of credentials.

Oh, yeah, on the one hand I was a mildly successful entrepreneur, who actually created jobs. I was in the advertising and promotions business for, I can say, my entire life. I’ve owned businesses and hired people, and fired a few too.

I delivered the Penny Saver as a young teen. I was a Boy Scout candy sales wizard, in the hundreds of boxes. I created and sold my own t-shirts. I helped my father in his printing business.

I worked for a real live official minority owned business enterprise from nearly the day it opened in the printing industry in New York City. I am still buddies with the many people who have been with the same company for more than 3 decades — in a way, I have an office in Midtown Manhattan, not far from the Empire State Building.

While I was at the MBE on 19th Street at 5th Ave, I was also getting my BA in politics and business, with lots of weird courses in logic, semantics and the mathematics of politics at New York University, among the usual pablum.

Total intellectual in a liberal university while slogging copies in a printing shop with Hispanics and Blacks from the hood sure gives a comparison as to wants and desires, effectiveness and popularity, knowledge and attitudes from one to the other.

I also was the head of my apartment building tenants’ association which won five years of rent abatement from a crooked landlord for me and 14 other tenants. My downtrodden street cred is pretty good.

I also did a few years printing on the 78th through 105 floors of the World Trade Center, where years later I lost my brother in law. That too gives a different perspective. I can debunk a 9/11 denier from a mile away.

During summers of college I worked for City Council members and tenants groups in Manhattan. That’s the belly of the beast.

After I took a vacation to Lake Charles LA, I became active in advertising and promotion in Louisiana from 1985 until — well more or less today, but officially really until the year 2000. Now I just do little stuff.  I was a member of the Crawfish and Alligator Farmers Associations, and the Governor’s Conference on Tourism. Though born in Brooklyn NYC I have been through 60 of the 64 parishes of Louisiana, meeting with hundreds of people as I sold my services. And I know a bunch of mucky mucks; even spent a day with the Speaker of the LA House, which was eyeopening. I’ve been published in the state and have had articles written about me. Not famous, not powerful, just in the muck of the system here. And I published a book on the Czechs and Slovaks of Louisiana — an esoteric subject that is near and dear to my heart, it being my ethnic heritage: http://www.amazon.com/Hidden-Impact-Czechs-Slovaks-Louisiana/dp/0595403727/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1412483133&sr=8-1&keywords=james+hlavac

My family is from the Czech Republic. None of this Obamian mixture stuff for me – -Kutna Hora, Tabor, Prague, Frydek-Mistek and Vlkos U Kyjov for centuries.  Still have relatives there in a few I can speak to in Czech and who I knew all my life. That gives an inside view of Socialism during the Soviet Sausage era a bit different than most Americans.

Started playing the piano professionally in 2001, I have 5 CDs out and have played from Dresden Germany to Phoenix Arizona to New Orleans Louisiana to Mazatlan Mexico, amongst many other places. In each I lived for months with a steady gig. And there is something about living in Mazatlan and speaking Spanish that gives a perspective on our dear friends south of the border. I wrote a book about my time in Mexico, too: http://www.amazon.com/Our-Gringo-Mazatlan-Reality-Fantasy-ebook/dp/B00KALK1OE/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1412483133&sr=8-2&keywords=james+hlavac

[I wrote two books: A Hidden Impact, the Czechs and Slovaks of Louisiana from the 1720s to Today


Houses are Free, Achieving the American Dream, which I wrote with my father. http://www.amazon.com/Houses-Are-Free-Achieving-American/dp/1440125147/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1412483258&sr=8-1&keywords=karl+hlavac

[In fact, I’ve done so much it was just easier to put it all up at www.creativeintellectual.com this site is no longer available, it was costing me $120 a year and I was making no money from it, so, poof, gone.

Now I just float through life, imbibing what information I can and spitting out the sarcastic commentary because it is just comical what is happening. A tragi-comedy, but absolutely hysterical waves of utter mush that we have to surf through. And since I had my own radio show called Havoc with Hlavac for a year on AM radio in South Florida, I guess I’m qualified for that too.

[Now? out to the garden, and cook dinner for the 87 year old friend I am taking care of without a federal program or even one page of rules written. My biggest worry is whether tar and feathering is environmentally unfriendly with the tar and cruelty to animals for the feathers.

I also wrote a book called “The Pink Sheep of the Ninth Circle: Homosexuality, Homosexuals, Sissies, Queers, Faggots and Gay Men” about the most confounded subject known to mankind — which boils down the age old question of “what do we do with the homosexuals” — why anyone feels we need to do anything with us I have yet to grasp. The endless mush which is called “thought” on the matter is astonishing — so I wrote a book on the heterosexual mindset about it all … http://www.amazon.com/Pink-Sheep-Ninth-Circle-Homosexuality-ebook/dp/B00ENWA3PI/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1412483496&sr=8-2&keywords=jim+hlavac

And I also wrote a big novel called “Stalin Giggled: a novel of political apocalypse as America moves forward” http://www.amazon.com/Stalin-Giggled-political-apocalypse-America-ebook/dp/B00LP1SVHW/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1412483496&sr=8-3&keywords=jim+hlavac

Because what I’m observing is the ceaseless growth of the state and more calls for law and order that will push us into a dictatorship.

And while the blog is no longer “daily” it is still about the mush of our times … 


  1. The Manager of Jim Hlavic

    Are you serious? Stalin never giggled.

  2. I like your blog on runts. What is the science behind it? Are mavericks a special type of runt? Or are mavericks runts?

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