teach the children well, during the shutdown

My dear parents of kids stuck at home- -how do you keep up education? — For now is time to teach your kids what you wish them to learn– and now what education bureaucrats wish to teach — which more the pablum of conformity than actual knowledge … — And if the actual school stuff is too absurd to operate – there are 1000s of websites that would serve well as textbooks and study guides — why, even a few hours strolling through 100 subjects on wikipedia — would be an excellent educational tutorial — 🙂 be well my dear people
  • remember – Abe Lincoln never really went to school at all – but read every book he could find … 🙂


  • Adaptive Math | AdaptedMind
  • here’s a National Geographic sites for ‘geography for kids’- probably better than any textbook in any school today


  • World geography for kids | National Geographic Kids
  • here’s another site — I can’t vouch for it that much – but – it’s there – there are literally 100s of such websites — ‘this or that’ for kids – that would serve fairly well – -for the thing we call ‘school’ –


  • History for Kids - Fun Facts and Social Studies
  • here’s science for kids — again – probably far better than anything a current school would offer in class —


  • Science For Kids - Fun Facts To Learn
  • it really doesn’t make a difference if you follow a ‘lesson plan’ — for the kids are sponges – shove anything and more into their minds – so ready to learn – and indeed– ‘education’ as practiced today in public schools is mush — far better to show your kids the reality that there is so much to learn- no school could help to teach it — in fact, public schools today are more about not teaching information- but propaganda for conformity — teach the children well ….




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