Hunzik Vavruša

In my first week in Prague in 2006 — land of my forefathers — my 17 year old cousin — Hunzik — “Johnny” — family by some strange degree – he is after all a Vavruša by way of Klima by way of Javurek — was induced to accompany me on my first foray  “alone”   in Prague — for other cousins forbade me to go by myself — I am sure he was bribed with some cash money — and a threat or two — “he is our cousin from America!” — and his English was wondrous — and we found each other in Karlovo Naměsto – Charles’s Square – we just saw each other through a thick crowd — we just saw each other — our eyes made contact — — and we looked like family — and we just went towards each other — we knew each other instantly —
it was most amazing and wondrous – and this young kid thinking “oh my lordy I got to show some old bastard around Prague” — warmed to me – first I told him — “I will pay for everything – do not try to pay for a thing — ” and then I kidded him “I know someone gave you a few hundred krona (the currency of the land) — you reach for it — I will break your hand — you keep that for whatever – don’t tell a soul” – and he showed me around — oh he did
we stopped at a restaurant for lunch — I ordered him a beer — it’s legal for underage kids with an adult in charge to have a beer — oh was he happy — I was like his grandpa — and many places we went — someone would try to speak to me – my first week there — when it was a confused buzz — I said — “speak to the kid” — and in many ways — that’s what is like today in 2020 with Arturo in Mazatlan Mexico — “speak to the kid” —
but after the hours and hours together – the entire day — and into the night — Hunzik said “you know — for an American – you speak pretty good Czech — ” – and I said “for a Czech kid your English is fine” – and so we became good buddies — for what I am sure he thought some loathsome chore

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