Trump, and the virus response …

I read this on a facebook post – I have no idea who this lady is – I’m sure a fine thinker — perhaps an ‘influencer’ – a sort of person who rather scares me at times. Anyway – -she wrote some weird unthinking confused drivel – and on that thread I responded thus … first her comments – then mine …

Dawn Teo
March 31 at 11:14 PM

Listen, people. You all need to understand that Trump is not as stupid as he seems, and he’s also not smart enough to cause all of this chaos on purpose. He is probably around average intelligence, but he is clinically mentally ill.

Thousands of psychologists and therapists have diagnosed him with narcissistic personality disorder.

He is absolutely delusional, and I do not mean that figuratively or metaphorically. I mean that he literally does not have a grasp on reality. The people around him are trying to manage him, and he is unmanageable.

It was one thing to manage Reagan when he was just nodding off in meetings and at events and forgetting some things. This is an entirely different situation. Donald Trump is delusional about what is happening in this country. His fragile psyche literally cannot handle it, and his sociopathic nature allows him to brush it off and move on.

The good people around him are just hoping they can keep things from getting worse, and the bad people around him are doing things like gutting EPA regulations, taking Native American reservations (yes!! this happened this week!!), profiteering off of the pandemic, etc, etc.

Every state is on its own. In red states, every local government is on its own.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


1Jim Hlavac

Jim Hlavac
Jim Hlavac California has 38 million people and like the 5th or 6th largest economy on earth – Italy which is 20 million more people has a way smaller economy — and they do it on their own – -for every other country is busy with their own related issues — and since it really is a local issue in handling the actual infected people — it’s only a ‘national’ issue in the form of research to find a cure and vaccine – and seems to be 1000s of people and entities racing to get it done – meanwhile- 1000s of local firms, groups, people — whomever – have gone and done what they know about local issues – old Ms Smith down the block — without waiting for a directive from DC —

meanwhile the conditions in the various hot spots CA, WA, NYC, NOLA – are all different – everything, including ethnic groups and languages and translators available — and they each have the means to be run as their own country — Europe ‘which we should be more like’ I’m told — doesn’t have one guy at the top — making every decision – but Spain, England and Italy and so forth do — so — the PM of England is a rough equivalent to HRH Andrew Cuomo … 🙂

I am sure the brilliant Gavin Newsom — governor of CA – would be Ms. Teo’s pick for a president — perhaps this is a great test of the fellow – -figure out if he can run 40,000,000 — before we give him 320 million — one must observe their ways, yes? 🙂

terrible – just terrible – a state left on its own, the not so bad off , filled with geniuses, state — and the local lugs on the football team — and the governor — and so many others who knows – all got together, did their part – and where was Trump to direct this amazingly complex puzzle in such short order? — busy aswering whacko questions from reporters and congresscritters –

Ms. Teo is a bit confused about reality – as she looks to an All Powerful Leader — she would have loved Louis XIV I’m sure…/new-england-patriots…
Patriots helped deliver 1.2 million protective masks to Massachusetts
Patriots helped deliver 1.2 million protective masks to Massachusetts
Patriots helped deliver 1.2 million protective masks to Massachusetts

I am reminded here of the famous dictum of Democrat wonderkind against Reagan — Tip O’Neal — of Mass.! — “all politics is local”– 🙂

note to Ms. Teo — this was the point of our country – -and we seem to have gotten it right — for we sure are rich and powerful – if not charmingly perfect as you wish – with a Dear Leader to assuage your worries nothing is getting done …

“Every state is on its own. In red states, every local government is on its own. ”

she seems unaware of the Posse Comitatus acts — ‘every county on its own’- it’s why sheriffs have plenty o’power –

well that drivel set me off this AM 🙂 oosh — thanks – gave me a good cardio-vascular workout …. in our sedentary times …


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