Jewish Family Services of Phoenix AZ are Nazis — yep

the fact that Jewish Family Services of Phoenix AZ refuses to give me their reports about some fictitious ‘me’ — for they have deemed me ‘severely mentally ill’ – -and insist on only talking to my ‘legal guardian’ – which I do not have or need — is rather amazing to me —

but on January 6th 2017 — the first time I ever encountered this agency I was told I had to meet — ‘why?’ — ‘well, you have to for health care’ — so I complied — and there — a woman looked me straight in the eye and said ‘you are so severely mentally ill you would not understand what we are going to do for you — when we get you the right agency for people like you .. we’re going to help you.” and she said this in a sickening cadence and tone that is fine with 6 year olds – but rather stunning to a 58 year old fellow .. I assure you …

and at that point I walked out — muttering under my breath — ‘these people are insane — what are they talking about?’

and then they deemed me ‘uncooperative’ for not complying with them — they — who I had no reason to ever meet — for any reason — and then – they — the Jewish Family Services of Phoenix – came at me like Nazis — at my very door of my home — they pounded — demanding I go with them — they were — frankly — evil and disgusting

and that’s why I live in Mazatlan — to preserve my Life and Liberty — you’re welcome thanks

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