Liberty v Politics

Liberty is what individuals want … politics is what the government and special interests want. It is very hard to have Liberty for all – when the justice is meted out by the politicians and special interests. The politicians are easy to spot – they are the elected and appointed officials. They are no more capable of running someone else’s life, like yours, as I or you are of running theirs … to give them any sort of control over we individuals is always fraught with danger … and politicians have since time immemorial tried to take advantage of it to seize more wealth and power for themselves … it’s their personality type.

“Special interests” are harder to define … but it could be said to be any group which has a self proclaimed spokesperson. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackon and the NAACP is one of them … “women” who have some woman say “Women believe …” — that’s a special interest. For how could they know what all blacks or all women believe, or value, want, enjoy, dislike? They are self-appointed because no one declared them leaders – there was no committee of betters which chose a leader. No, these people surface and say something like “I speak for all blacks,” or “women have to …” and proclaim the thing that every single last woman in the nation must do or not be a real woman or something.

Blacks that have some man come forth and say “the black people want …” – that man there, he’s a special interest … and who is to argue against him? Why, other special interests, of course. The actual people? Well, there’s no way to take a poll of them, no elections are held, no potential list of problems or resolutions are given to all to choose this one or two people an no other.

An LGBTITSQAGNC (amazing how that’s still growing, eh?) person who says “Lgbti… blahblah want …” – that’s a special interest … they no more speak for all such people than I do. Or than I can – for I can’t. I have no idea what some of these people want. Why, I never thought a thing about it.

And a company which says “the economy needs us to be bailed out, subsidized, get special tax breaks (etc)” (pick a program) is also a special interest … operating strictly for themselves and no others. Indeed, at cross purposes to themselves. For if every company got a subsidized from whence the money? If every company got a special tax break, would there be any taxes whatsoever?

And people who pretend to be the leaders of these special interests … are really politicians who elected themselves, rather than politicians who pretend to go through the electoral process.

It behooves people to go for Liberty at all times … and look carefully at every matter to find whom is the special interest which seeks to profit from what they truly can’t know about .. which is what individuals want.

And individuals want an astounding variety of things and outcomes. And I’m not opposed to really any of them (except for outright theft I suppose.) If you’re for cleaning up the environment – good for you! Figure out a way … exhort your fellow citizens. But don’t go to the government and demand they force people to act as you wish them to. You wouldn’t like being bossed around – would you? Why do you think someone else is going to enjoy it?

If you’re for more trees – plant them.

If you’re for more arts … hand out the paints.

If you’re for … well, whatever it is you’re for – go for it .. that is liberty. There should be no prohibitions on anything you do. But there must be if the mindset is that some third party called “government” gets to decide between two “competing” forces. They aren’t competing at all. They aren’t really against each other. They are merely doing different things. Everyone can’t do everything. People have different interests. Why, it’s the vaunted diversity. Which to liberals of many sorts seems to mean that everyone must think, act and do the same. While among the conservatives they are all for individualism so long as you conform to some preconceived definition of the common man. Theocrats are no less conformist than Socialists after all.

And what has happened in this country, instead of Liberty – is Theocrats and Socialists arguing for control … over the other. These two groups are almost certainly fringes. That is – the political class, the special interests, are a tiny bunch … and supported by no more than 15% of the people on either side. Surely the core Democratic and Republican beliefs are now held by a tiny minority.

And what of the other 70%? Well, we’ve been told there’s only two choices in our two party system. And what a choice we have! Between twiddle and twaddle .. and why? Why is there no other options? Because the politicians and special interests have declared it so.

A for instance is the environmentalists … either you are for what they are for – or you are against the environment apparently. Any evidence to the contrary is dismissed as somehow false.

Indeed, it seems politicians and special interests are almost driven to lie now, to make a point … to prove their theory by some hypothetical. And the hypothetical situations are said to be possible, and therefor an object lesson. Are they real? No – but eh, if you bring that up you are against something or other. You’ll be told soon enough, I’m sure.

We’ll, this is a blog post not a book – but there’s something dreadfully wrong in such a complex nation when there’s only two options provided … both by admitted and proven liars and control freaks more into lining their own pockets … than they are in solving anything so that there is Liberty.

And well, I could go on … and I will – in a book coming early next year.

The Unholy Arrogance of Tony Perkins (FRC)

I read this most astonishing article today about Tony Perkins of the ill-named “family research council” – a group which hasn’t found a gay man in a family since 1983 — egad — what a blind idiot — And who the hell is this arrogant prick to declare himself my savior? Who the hell is he to tell me he’s out to save me by hounding me? Who the hell is this politician to bleat this unholy nonsense? Aw, that’s his Strongly Held Religious Belief! Yes, well, I have one too …

Here’s the article’s full text:

>>Tony Perkins, president of the Christian conservative Family Research Council (FRC), insists his anti-gay activism is motivated by love for the gay community, going so far as to compare it to saving people trapped in a burning building.

In an interview with Faith & Liberty posted this week, Perkins warned that gay rights threaten the American economy.

“This is a threat to religious liberty,” Perkins told host Dave Garrison. “And if we lose the vibrant freedom of religion that this nation was built upon, fundamental to our success as a people, we will see a rapid downward spiral of our nation, including our economy.”

When Garrison asked Perkins how he answers people who say he “hates gays,” Perkins equated his opposition to gay rights to awakening people trapped in a burning house.

“You go beating on the windows of the bedroom and you awaken them, now you’ve disturbed their sleep. You’ve wakened them up. You’ve disturbed them. You’ve made them uncomfortable because you’ve awakened them in the middle of the night and you’ve told them their house is on fire. Do you hate them because you’re doing that? I would say that you’re actually expressing love, profound love, by awakening them to something that is very destructive and liable to take their lives,” Perkins answered.

And the link where I read this rude crude drivel –

Let me explain this to this Perkins fellow — Sir – -come near me and I’ll beat you senseless — how dare you interfere in my life — how dare you call for my own government, and my society and my own family and friends to join you in your sick and demented “crusade” – -you need to go choke on a chicken bone – .. aw — you don’t like it? hahahah — I’m trying to wake you up and save you from the burning building you’re in – -your mind is diseased — you are so out of bounds with this utter crap it’s to marvel at … no human must listen to this — you are evil you sick bastard – -you are obsessed with my smooching in an unhealthy way …

You have lied about us .. here – your crap …
chart B

I am 56 years old – nearly all my friends are my age or older — and yet you publish this drivel? and I’m now to kowtow to your demands? Are you out of your mind?

Here, I’m going to go play some piano — it calms me down after hearing once again of your unholy inhuman attack upon your fellow citizens -

You you perking idiot — dare to declare me a threat to the economy? are you just diseased like in a bacterium in your brain? are you really this evil? This obnoxious …

Sir — don’t come near me – -you won’t make it … for you have uttered fighting words — words I might use to rile myself up in self-defense against your perversion of trying to change me to fuck your daughter — YOURS! — you creep — not someone else’s daughter … you disgust me … too goddman bad you don’t like it — you whiny piece of crap …

Egad — enough already sir — enough – -you are a child – grow up.

Will Fundamentalists extend the hand of peace to gays?

And now we come upon Christmas – a time of joy and mirth and merriment – and surely peace on earth and good tidings to all men … except? Well, apparently, gay men still have to listen to this endless nonsense about us. I’m sure all during Christmastide we shall hear from assorted “christians” about how gay men in particular are ‘stealing’ ‘wrecking’ and ‘destroying’ Christmas and God and Society and hating everything and against everything – and frankly – it’s obnoxious. I’m sort of out of adjectives to describe these people’s “strongly held beliefs.” Every gay man has them too – at exactly opposite to the NO GAYS! Forces that blindly insist we are going to change. Such is not the case, we have made it clear. We have asked them to change, to be decent – many have still refused.

Instead, like an old King we got rid of – they demand we change and bow down to their demands to marry anyone’s daughters but their own. Nothing so bespeaks their lack of their own convictions that they will not bring their daughters among us and peddle them to us so we might peruse the matter – and explain once again what the reality is. We are irrevocably gay and God said it was good. Maybe not their God – well, oh well, too bad. Quit the bitching at least. It is immature and unseemly. There is no decency nor fact, logic or reason in any of this.

The idea floated by some arrogant writer named John Hawkins of which I’ve been dealing with late is par for the course – “but there’s some who want to change so we can badger you all” and there’s no such thing. There are NO gay men going for changing treatments. The only ones in these lonely reheterosexualization centers are teens and those 20-somethings trying to stick it out at home – and as soon as they are subject to the torture – yes, torture, brainwashing, browbeating and other rude and disgusting acts of berating and destroying a man’s psyche – they escape and say they’re irrevocably gay. Now stop this nonsense. We have all told you to go shove it on this matter – and here you come again – whining and issuing another press release to your followers. Meanwhile – not any of these groups has seen fit to dare to try to come to a gay bar and push their crap. They’d be chased out as the charlatans they are.

And let us, in 2015, end this political discussion over whether there’s gay couples – and the fact that we lead lives in a complex society – with taxes, and home ownership, and in sickness and in health sundry matters of couples dealing with the behemoth we call government. Why anyone wants to make it more difficult for us to effect the things of life boggles my mind. What kind of citizens wishes a harder time and being and life to his fellows? What sort of numskull idea is it that someone you don’t even know filing a joint tax return affects you? Where did you get this bizarre idea? You are like bunny rabbits, afraid of nothing. And people like Tony Perkins and Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council and Bobby Brown and Maggie Gallagher of the ill named “national organization ‘for’ marriage” … they aren’t for marriage, they are wholly against it … and the rest of the NO GAYS! Idiots – Scott Lively, Matt Barber, Peter LaBarbera – Linda Harvey – scads of these people – it’s not “hate” – it’s Delusion – writ large. They are like unto children bleating … ‘we are lost, we are lost’ – all because gay men refuse adamantly to trash ourselves as these creepy people demand we do.

Now, surely, it is time to stop harassing people because you don’t like who they smooch. And it’s time for people to stop worrying if you’re going to turn gay – the idea is preposterous. You’re born gay or your not – if you are – you deal with the screaming heteros around you … mostly through attempting first to try it the hetero way – and that doesn’t work – then by lying to keep the peace – so screaming heteros won’t scream about how their world is falling apart because some other person doesn’t meet their demands on how to live life. I’m not talking about choosing to be gay – I’m talking about dealing with the reality – of crazed heteros who belch their vile lies – and that’s what they are. To keep saying that gay men are against family is a vile lie – there’s no evidence, no reality – it’s not real – it’s a delusion fabricated by ever shrilled fearmongers for a dime. These people earn a living off of us and they don’t even thank us for their jobs.

Meanwhile, gay men are a test – a real test – of a simple proposition … born in a manger in Bethlehem: Treat others as you wish to be treated. And the NO GAYS! Movement – an ever dwindling, ever more shrill, ever more lunatic few, has failed miserably in the simple thing. There is not a shred of decency in any of these people – so numerous yet that it takes a score card to keep track of them.

Tradition. HA! Some traditions need changing. We don’t throw Christians to the lions anymore, do we? That was a tradition for a while. So was killing Jews and stealing their property and so was burning heretics at the stake. We got rid of those traditional things. Try getting rid of your NO GAYS! Nonsense and start a new tradition – of decency and care..

And have a Merry Christmas. — this is the author playing the piano for Christmas – -Don’t anyone dare tell me I’m against it or what it stands for — those are fighting words … cheers JIm


Illogic of the “rehetero-ized” gay man theory

So, a group puts up a billboard … that makes no sense …

Ah, they rely on twin research – which says: twins are 100% alike – EXCEPT for their hair, their fingerprints and their penis sizes … and other than three of the primary markers for a man’s existence – twins are “exactly alike” — and so because, well, a fourth marker is different too — the theory is that the gayness comes after the birth – somehow.

Now we move on to the “parents made the one son gay theory” by somehow treating one twin so very very differently that he winds up gay … and the other one does not … what do the parents do? Why doesn’t this happen to all twins? What could have happened? And what about the non-twins – but one of a set of brothers … how could the parents do something so different for one and not the others? Why does this happen at the exact same rate and prevalence no matter where in humanity one chooses to look? In every racial and ethnic grouping one could devise .. there they are … here we are – the exact same percentage by this random “the parents did something” theory. Amazing. And this seems not to enter the minds of the people who put up the billboard.

And if both twins are gay? Well that’s not studied! And if both are straight – not part of the theory …

And on the basis of this mush, this forlorn group with no customers got donors to buy a billboard that says “no one is born gay” because the 409 sets of twins — that’s it — studied shows that while so many things are different in twins, they are still 100% alike, but different like Schrodinger cats ..

And still no gay men who seek out these services — but teens dragged in kicking and screaming by parents … for torture, before the kid escapes eventually and 100% of all “ex-gay” … and that’s the laughable part …the kids aren’t born gay – but they become “ex-gay” instead of obviously “reheterosexualized” – And few if anyone sees the utter absurdity of it all.

Ah, here’s a man I mentioned before, John Hawkins – let’s look at his nonsensical mush on “ex-gay therapy”: (

3) Conversion therapy is a good thing if people want it: Let me say it as clearly as I can: No gay American should be pressured, harassed or involuntarily forced to go to therapy to try to treat their gayness. That sounds more like brainwashing than therapy and it’s not something that should be going on in this country.

So – “no gay American should be pressured …” and what the hell is this than? This incessant demands for us to change? The bringing it up incessantly as some helpful Hannah nonsense … it is brainwashing therapy – the therapists themselves have said that’s exactly what it is … that they must expunge the gay thoughts out of the brain – they must be washed away … and Mr. Hawkins here is part of the billboard … this idea that someone can change through incessant exhortation to seek out the therapy – so long as their not “pressured” of course – by billboards screaming from the freeways.

On the other hand, if someone who’s gay WANTS to be treated, why should he be stopped from seeing a therapist? Granted, it would probably be futile for someone who has been attracted to the same sex since birth to try to change his orientation via counseling, but as we’ve already noted, not everyone is in that boat.

And there’s the funny – part – these people are not coming forth. There are exactly ZERO numbers of gay men seeking change. The therapy is being offered to people who don’t want it. It would be futile he says, to offer it those born gay! And what do ALL gay men say? We’re born gay! And who is he talking about here? Bisexuals? Sure he is … look!:

There are plenty of “gay” Americans who also feel some attraction to the opposite sex. What’s wrong with letting them get therapy if they want it and think it will make them happier? As a psychology major, I can tell you that I’ve read numerous old psychology books that matter-of-factly mention therapists successfully treating homosexual patients who then went on to date, marry, and have children. Does that mean it worked for every patient? Of course, not. No treatment works for everyone. But, would it work for some people who want treatment? Apparently, it does.

It’s Bisexuals for heaven’s sakes .. not “gay men” – gay men are born gay and simply will not seek out the services .. what Mr. Hawkins is saying is that the B can expunge the “Gay half” presumably from their beings and find a wife and get kids … and then he’s right back to “homosexuals” but it’s clear that “Bisexuals” aren’t “homosexuals” if the words mean anything – he’s ½ hetero/ ½ homo yes? Egad … do these people think of what they’re saying? He accedes to bisexuals, but also acceded to “no gay man who is born gay …” – but it’s right back to the hopeful Hannah agai.

So, why should this even be a political issue? Because it makes some gay people who don’t believe they can change or don’t want to change uncomfortable? Because it might mean they have to tell some hopeful relative that, no, that therapy isn’t for them? That’s certainly not a conversation anyone would want to have, but it’s morally wrong to deny therapy to people who might benefit from it because it makes other people uncomfortable.

What arrogance these people have – you demand we change – tell us we should try – we tell you forget it – you keep insisting and then it’s not a conversation we want to have? Well no kidding – you want to have it Mr. Hawkins – and I’d tell you to shut up from the get go – we’ve all said it – you accede to the idea that there’s men born gay – then you go off on Bisexuals – all of whom are really gay and play a game to pretend to be straight for a while – and slowly drift gay … because you haven’t even begun to know enough gay men to see what is happening – you are stuck theorizing.

Well, it’s absurd … stop offering a service no one wants … or should I say – that no one who this is directed at wants .. Now, why don’t you find some “Go-gay therapy” and figure out how to be gay! Eh?

Christians Beset: follow the Gay example!

Lots of people are all concerned there’s a war on Christmas, and saying Merry Christmas. That we need to put the Christ back in Christmas (despite the fact that Xmas has long historical provenance which you can go look up, like back to the very earliest years of the church when few could read and the letter X was the Greek letter for Khristos .. or xpictoc or something … or KH or X and well, there you go … it’s history for 2000 years … so taking the X out of Xmas is taking the um, Christ out of the thing. X is your mark for a reason … there’s lots of other letters and symbols … but you were swearing to Xristos … :) …)

Anyway – so there’s clearly a bunch of clods out and about who would put the kabosh on the festivities … lest it offend or something, or isn’t politically correct by someone’s measure or some other harebrained bonkers scheme to do away with a festive tradition … traditions which all societies need, but have diferently … but also that all societies change from time to time, like in oh, generation to generation – and so that while some traditions last longer, others come and go and last a while or not.

The people putting the kabosh on Christmas are merely adamant that people change … that to be as you are is somehow being the malefactor. And I can’t help, then, be astonished by a major parallel here – to Gay Guys! … yep. But so far having a discordant resolution. Let me explain how.

There was a group or two of people beset upon by many to change … let’s say, Atheists and Muslims and sundry malcontents against Christians … and Christians against gay guys and Jews. And the gay guys and Jews pretty much said to the Christians: “You are out of your minds,” and continued on as we were – and said, “Hey look, you keep your stuff … we’ll keep ours.” And it’s not perfect – but it is working out.

And that’s exactly what the Christians ought to say to the school districts which now of a sudden wish to end Christmas plays, pageants and parades, to towns and homeowner associations that wish to ban or restrict the display of merry lights and fantastical figures – what, are only Pixar, Disney and Marvel allowed to get all cartoon-y? Egads folks – put up your displays and let them come rip ‘em down. Think of it like a raid on a gay bar. The cops came down, shut the place down for the night or two, arrested a few people who were bailed out by friends and lawyers waiting, and then poof – the bar was off and running. So, if the raid comes and they rip your stuff down – go right back out there and put it up! Where’s ya’ Chutzpah? … you haven’t see the Jews not try to put the synagogue and menorah and meduzza back up, have you? Gays guys didn’t stop reopening and regathering and going to reason with the clods, that’s for sure, too.

And yet, sadly, it seems the Christians whine and then don’t do anything. Well, if the school doesn’t allow .. what do you mean “They!” won’t allow! …Who the hell are they? You pay for them there schools. Sure, don’t deny a Jewish Chunakah event – but you don’t have to force it in there if there isn’t a Jew within 20 miles … and don’t try to stop the Muslim whathaveyou – or the Kwanzaa … surely there’s either enough days, nights and weekends for everyone to present their traditions? And yes, frankly, if the gay group and students want to put on a Christmas Fantasy, why not? You don’t have to go to it, you know? Everyone is somehow paying taxes to support the schools. Sure, perhaps a fee might be charged to cover the extra electric at the school … all productions cost money.

But to listen to the Christians, they are powerless to do a thing. So fearful are they of losing something which is really not in danger of disappearing. I see Christmas lights everywhere, and signs of “Merry Christmas” are going up. Say it. And if some cop says you can’t – say it again! Get arrested for the cause! … that’s what Blacks, and Jews and Gays did. And it got us somewhere … well, you Christians you, you’ve got your work cut out for you. I’m on your side. Most people are. And so you’ve got to speak up, do a dash of civil disobedience … not just take the stuff to court … hell, you couldn’t stop sissy smooching even with a Supreme Court 6-3 decision … Bowers V. Hardwick .. didn’t stop us Gay Guys! Liberty … important – but you have to argue for it – and do it. Eventually the cops get tired and go away. Eventually it’s just impossible to control … like immigration too. Sure, the naysaying continues … but who cares? Liberty is messy.

Of course, it would be far better for everyone to mind their business about how people live and stop trying to get the government to ban or support whatever anyone does, (or call for genocide as one preacher breathed just the other day in my home Metro Area) … but no, so many groups want to be the ones to control everything. Except the Gays and the Jews … we two don’t give a damn what you say or do, have at it – but be nice to us while doing it. Perhaps that’s an attitude Christians need to consider. Instead of the unseemly whining while lashing out at how everyone isn’t just like them.

Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

What can one say anymore?

The state of the nation is bizarre. No longer a federated republic — it’s becoming dictatorial from Washington and nothing else … the states are being made into administrative districts and are willingly going to the slaughter in order to get “federal tax dollars” which are really the money the feds took out of the state in the first place – but now give back loaded with more strings than an old afghan unraveling after years of hard use.

I’m not sure blog posts can do much anymore to “pinpoint” the problem — it’s so much more systemic than anything else. And soon we shall have a king-like president making rules and laws by pronouncement and the rubber stamp congress more into its perks the president allows will remain quiet as they’re exempt from it all.

I’ve said for decades it was the Demopublican party — everyone laughed at me. There’s still some small differences, sure, but that’s just the “big tent” made bigger. My beautiful picture

As early as 1982 I said the two parties were converging into a Menshevik-Bolshevik sameness and everyone laughed … and what do we have now? Utter flimflam as far as the eye can see. Forget science – we have a political program to enact that has nothing to do with reality — but with dreams of power.

The new Republican majority isn’t actually going to change anything — they will seek to repeal no laws … they won’t even try. Instead they’re hoping to sue the president! Egad … while they decry “judicial activism” they don’t like — say, oh, on allowing the state to recognize marriages between people they don’t like … they are looking for Judicial Activism to overthrow as unconstitutional all the acts duly passed by a compliant legislature at the behest of the president.

And instead of arguing against more police, more laws, more power in the hands of one or two people (or a few federal flunkies) they merely wish to grab hold of the reins of power so they can rule as they wish – sort of like the Yorks arguing against the Lancasters … and hopefully — the “tudor” Libertarians will come to the fore and win some seats.

Indeed, the worry among both parties that Libertarians will win is seen in the increasing public denunciations of Libertarian ideas … because the general drift among the populace is surely away from the sclerotic two party system … and if we have 3 parties for a while – good — perhaps some Do-Nothing would be good for awhile — just to let the dust settle and perhaps people can  make a decision based on what exists rather than on what might change last week.

Well — as the post is headlined: “What can one say anymore?” – and I’m not sure much in a blog post — and so in 2015 I hope to have my book on this entirety done … it’s mostly written — it’ll take a bit to gussy up … other than that — Enjoy whatever holidays you like or don’t and just be aware that having all the power in the hands of the president is exactly opposite to the point of this nation.

My 4 Collections of Short Stories (on Kindle)

My 4 Collections of Short Stories (on Kindle)

So far this month I’ve published four collections of short stories … they are now all available on Amazon/Kindle – there’s one more to go … here’s the covers and the links … go ahead, make me happy – buy my books :)

garden of the quick IV

2 from a guys perspective

2 my reason for visiting

2 the big city

Screw Amnesty — Manifest Destiny!

There is much teeth gnashing over the President’s nonsense about Amnesty — and of course the 10s of thousands of kids that recently came – and the general theory is that these countries to the south of us are so benighted that their people must leave and there’s no going back. Good enough … here’s a comment I’ve been leaving on Facebook:

Screw “amnesty” — I’m for Manifest Destiny! — let’s take over everything from El Paso to the Panama Canal and get rid of these crap government that’s millions are escaping –
the immigrants want to be Americans? Not a problem! — we’ll bring America to you –
should have been done a century ago …
Time for severe regime change –
And oh how easy it will be to guard the new border at the Canal!

And I mean really now – if these countries and their governments are so terrible — and they are — because of king, socialism and catholicism — then it’s time to renew calls for Manifest Destiny and take over the lot of them — wholesale regime change — up to and including arresting and imprisoning their entire political class — Mexicans are enraged at their government — there have been repeated calls there to bring a US style Bill of Rights to the place – fully 20% of the population has left — so let’s just go there and take the rest.

Where is the bold thinking? No — we have handing wringing and Woe is We! — eh, screw that –

Time to renew calls for taking over everything from the Panama Canal north to the Rio Grande — hell, if Canada bitches — seize that too … this is ridiculous — they all want to be like America? But here? Are we to empty these places out and then what? One big national park?

Groups like La Raza are all about how terrible things are there, apparently – for they’re all for making their people American s– and no, I don’t want to hear how we’re all Americans from Baffin Island to Tierra Del Fuego – what utter nonsense.

You know — sometimes you just have to go for the radical idea … seize the bull by the horns – -they’ll understand that down there with their toreadors and bull-fights ..

So, let’s take it all over and be done with it — then we can whip a little America on them and solve this problem once and for call. Sovereignty Schmovereignty — their own people are abandoning the place by the millions — if this keeps up there will be nothing but a few donkeys left down there…

Yes, Manifest Destiny! Not quite 54.40 or fight – -but Panama Canal is right!

And calls for this should give everyone something to think about … instead of this pussyfooting over “amnesty” for a few who are already here — bring ‘em all in — by taking them over.

Charles Manson, Ferguson and Gay Marriage

CHarles Mason is getting married – the heterosexuals of Ferguson are set to burn down the town – and gay marriages are going up in the flames of unicorn farts — astonishing .. having no time to pen another post I’ll just post a comment I left at today:

And yet, every single state that has used the tax dollars of gay folks to fight us in court over marriage, and every NO GAYS! group has used the same logic, and nearly every Republican and 1/2 the Democrats in any office, have said repeatedly that the reason to continue the ban on the recognition of the marriages of gay couples is to make sure good people like Charles Manson can get married … and that by banning the recognition of reality — aka, gay couples that exist — heterosexuals like those that riot in the streets of Ferguson the baby mommas will be encouraged to choose one of their baby daddies to marry and support them.

Meanwhile, in Michigan this very week – the marriages of the gay couples so far went up in smoke like a liquor store in Ferguson … by a Bill of Attainder (blatantly unconstitutional) procedure where an executive decision simply poofed away by magic wand the marriages that existed — that is, a law against a small group of named individuals that said law does not affect everyone else which levies a judicial penalty and simply disappears legal reality without any due process — is perfectly legitimate. And that’s the Republican governor!

State after state, politician after politician, group after group, church after church, have filed hundreds of briefs in courts all with the exact same logic — that if we ban the state recognition of what you know exists: gay couples — then there shall be no worries in the land over heteros rioting, being unwed mothers, aborting children, abandoning fathers, and fathers who beat their wives into battered women’s shelters — all will be magically cured by unicorn farts if only the states can continue to steal gay folks taxes and trash us at the same time as a threat to ordered society.

You think you live in an asylum? hahaha — sorry, but you’re clueless (no fault of your own, it’s par for the heterosexual course.)

Meanwhile, as recently as 2009, 2010, 2011 — and up to just last year — gay bar after gay bar is still raided by the cops — the taxpayers, peaceably assembled to plan our course for the redress of grievances broken up … in 2009 in Ft. Worth Texas some 3 dozen cops and Texas ABC agents came into the Rainbow Lounge and beat the living crap out of sissies daring to gather together – and sent 9 of them to the hospital and one still in rehab — over which there wasn’t a peep by anyone — and did the gay folks riot? No we did not.

Indeed, the longest continuing ever growing now worldwide series of political protests, aka, Gay Pride Marches, is ignored by everyone in media left and right – or are obsessed with clowns and cheerleaders (aka, drag queens and speedo boys) to the exclusion of the 10s of millions or others involved – and they never turn violent unless the police attack …

Oh, I could go on and on …

Asylum? That’s like a kindergarten compared to the arrant nonsense of the attitudes and assaults against gay folks.

So, you heteros get to continue on in the morass of your lives with Charles Manson’s nuptials and the riots of Ferguson –

But rest assures, among certain Republican factions there’s a ready solution — a constitutional amendment to forever ban the recognition of reality — while demanding we marry anyone’s daughter but your own …

Asylum? – oh, I could go on … it’s astonishing. You all enjoy.

John Hawkins’ mirthful gays “CHOOSE” fallacy

You know, you find an article that makes you tear your hair out and then it makes you laugh. Giggle at least. The discovery of “bisexuals” by John Hawkins in this article:

is one such moment. I’ve been analyzing his fine words because he is apparently some major thinker on the subject. He seems quite sure of himself so he’s obviously pondered the issue. He’s pondered himself straight into a major confusion over gay men and “bisexuals.” And it’s just so funny to see his perplexity so clearly – and yet he remains so clueless of it. Astonishing. Let’s go make merry with Mr. Hawkins, ’tis the season. The Supreme Court is set to hear our cases. His words in italics, mine in regular. And I’ve split up his paragraphs to make it easier.

2) Some people do choose to be gay: Most Americans tend to believe that people who are gay either choose it OR are born that way.

First a declarative statement – any evidence presented? No. Then he segues to an idea so demonstrably untrue I can’t believe anyone who has pondered what “most Americans tend to believe” about gay men and the rest of the “LGBT(ITSQAGNC ever-growing community” is so convoluted that to divide it into an “OR” statement is absurd. Sir, have you ever read the comments on a dinky sized Facebook thread about why people are “gay”? Hell, all the people on the ever-growing list are said to be gay – but then there’s just the “homosexual man” gay – or the Lesbian “gay” or the “Transgendered” gay (and they are not!) … and so how does Mr. Hawkins use the word? We don’t know. Gay men? Who knows.

Meanwhile – just 20, 30, 40 years ago – it was true that all Americans believed gayness was both a sickness AND a choice at the same time. A sickness from childhood – and a choice in adult hood – At The Same Time … and that percentage has been changing for decades. But 20 and more years ago “born this way” was only uttered by gays – and not one single heterosexual.

However, “most” nothing … on one dinky thread, maybe 20, 30 comments, that I have had, I have seen the following:
Weak, strong, dominate, cloying mother

Weak, absent, abusive father

Hormones: testosterone alone, too much or too little / estrogen, too much, too little / both, too much too little or vice versa. Progesterone … and just plain old “hormones, I don’t know.”
Environment – the word alone – who knows what pieces, parts and parcels – the whole thing.

The youngest boy, but the oldest girl theory.

The molested boy – molested by any old man – molested by the evil gay man … recruited – (how many times a boy must be molested is never said) (the accusation of molesting boys is hurled frequently.)

Pure evil sin choice destructive of all that is holy and good
Sick, demented, deranged, perverse – we are gay because we are these things. How are we sick? We are gay! Why are we gay? We are sick! And around the merry go round we go.
Well, that’s the short list – of all of these come bubbling to the surface with just 10 or 20 heterosexuals – or “most Americans” – almost no one mentions the obscure “germ theory” – but the reality is that every single last academic paper which purports to examine why there are gay men references every single theory on the list – and all are true … they are said to be “just part of the puzzle.”

I have ample evidence: the comments to my article at American Thinker:

If one wants to get a snapshot of what “most Americans tend to believe” there’s a darn good place to start – the comments. I dare say, Mr. Hawkins, simple it is not – about which more anon. Meanwhile, the scientific literature ranges the gamut and all reference the other – it’s “largely unexplained” as the archbishop of the armed forces said. Even NARTH’s “Preventing Homosexuality” lists a good dozen reasons a boy is gay – without even venturing to any others on the ever-growing list in this “community” … of which Mr. Hawkins is suitably vague as to whom exactly he is talking about.

Ah, now we find out! – Mr. Hawkins has discovered the Bisexual. Oh my. What a conundrum. There’s us gay guys – the G .. in LGBT … see – that’s why there’s two letters – one for those of us – the Originals, the bugaboo, the problem – the one who gets all the “radical militant” condemnation … who are “born that way” (can’t we be born “this” way? Sounds nicer, thanks) – anyway – we’re “gay” …

And here’s the Bisexuals:

However, the evidence suggests that there tends to more of a range of sexual behavior for people who are gay. Some people are clearly “born” gay and have always been attracted to the same sex just like most heterosexuals are only interested in contact with the opposite sex. However, there are also people who are more sexually ambiguous and some of them CHOOSE to be gay. If you want to see an actual example of that, here’s an excerpt of an interview I did with lesbian talk show host, Tammy Bruce.
OK then – first – “CHOOSE” – my my, calm down sir. They only “choose” in the sense that, as Gay Men say: “All bisexuals are really gay, and they’ll become gay over time.” That is – it’s a one way street. It is very true, for many factors, mostly to do with the societal approval of heterosexuality and the pressures to be straight, some gay men do start out with girls. And then, as they age, they go full time gay. Do they “choose”? Yes, they chose to try to be straight – but they were really gay from the get go. If they remain “bisexual” then I suppose they could be said to “choose” to be sometimes straight and sometimes gay. They’re “choosing” to be straight just as much as they “choose” to be gay.

Or is Mr. Hawkins saying the default position is heterosexuality and thus the man strays? Of course that’s what he’s thinking, even if he doesn’t say it. It’s obvious – because the entire “choice” or “CHOOSE” argument is based on the presumption that all men are born straight – and somehow the gay man “chooses” to be gay – by simply, irrevocably, rather vocally, overriding the natural, inborn, evolutionary default position of reproductive heterosexuality. (we got powerful minds, to override that, yes?) Indeed, the entirety of all research into gayness is “what went wrong with heterosexuality in the individual homosexual.” It has never been “what went right for the species with homosexuality.”

Now, it just so happens, that I have been compared to Tammy Bruce several times. So, if Hawkins could have a conversation with her, he could with me – I’d be glad to have fun with him. Here is just one email from a major Tea Party blogger to me about her and I:

>>>From: On Mon, 9/6/10, bigfurhat [emails redacted] wrote:

Subject: Re: gay bob, the daily mush

To: “Jim Hlavac”

Date: Monday, September 6, 2010, 2:39 PM

I’ve had conversations with Tammy Bruce that sound EXACTLY like what you have written here. I wrestle with the Barney Frank gay meme, thinking that we are inviting gay bashing when we isolate gayness to be ridiculed in our agitprop.

I cringe sometimes at the thought of her reading the blog. Then she’ll go ahead and repost something we published that is on shaky intellectual ground. It’s confusing. [original emphasis] <<<

So, yes, “it’s confusing” to say the least. Hawkins, BigFurHat – every heterosexual and most of the gays too – are very confused. Mr. Hawkins discovers the very nature of bisexuals – they are gay men who come out slowly over time – and then says “some gays tend to CHOOSE” – without an inkling apparently that bisexuality is crock pot gay … in like in – a load of crock. Gay men will tell you that we’re pretty darn sure that all bisexuals will be gay eventually – or “they’re just hiding behind a beard” as we so inelegantly refer to the lady. Indeed, we have a whole lexicon on the matter – Mr. Hawkins might learn some of this if he talked to gay men in a gay bar, and not just opine upon the matter after comparing notes with other heterosexuals. Oh, he talked to a lesbian! So a straight guy discusses bisexuality with a lesbian – and concludes that some gay men “CHOOSE” to be gay. Meanwhile, 99.9% of all gay men say we’re born this way by God’s good grace. The snippet of conversation:

John Hawkins: Let me ask a related question to this because I thought this was kind of fascinating because it’s so different from what you often hear. In the book, you were talking about how you came to decide that you wanted to be a lesbian and you pretty much framed it in those terms. It was a choice. You were attracted to men and women and you chose to — you just liked women better — would you say that’s common or….

Tammy Bruce: Well, it’s difficult to say because it’s so politically incorrect to ask these questions. It’s one of the reasons why ‘ and I’ve made that discussion in the epilogue ‘ so that…parents (could allow) their children (to read) at their discretion.

…There is such a variety, at least within the community itself, …about why women identify as lesbians, but even what that means.

It is most certainly not difficult to ask these questions – we are asked them all the time. It is ample in the discussion – what is hard to get nowadays is gay men acceding to any portion of what heterosexuals say, and that bugs heterosexuals a great deal. And Ms. Bruce is a bisexual, apparently, who choose to exercise her gay half … and not her straight half. Lesbians are more fluid. Gay men are not. Still, the bisexual is here being discussed – the B in the “community” – but they’re not “gay” – yet are they ½ gay and ½ straight? 60-40? 54-46? 90-10? What is the percentage division? Or is this too fluid? And what does it have to do with the gay men? Lesbians aren’t gay men – we don’t even really hang out with each other.

There are a number of women who identify as lesbians, some of them, somewhat well-known, have regular liaisons with men. …There are some women in the community that you could get to know…who’ve experienced violence at the hands of men and have turned to women for that reason. There are other women who say that they’ve been gay since they’ve been born and that, of course, is also politically incorrect to question or to ask them how or why they know that.

All of this is discussed by the LGBTITSQAGNC community – the endless discussion over what all these things mean are amply apparent to anyone who spends a moment at a gay blog like Queerty and Joe My God and Towleroad and BoxTurtleBulletin… the issue is endlessly discussed by gay men – and you know why? Because gay men think bisexuals are really gay but pretend to be straight from time to time. All gay men are good at pretending – some of us are better, some go all the way to the icky parts – most of just say “Oh, I just don’t have a girl right now,” to cut down on the fuss and muss. The bisexuals say they are really attracted to both – but again, over time – it’s a one way street to gay – and no gay guys are going straight.

If that doesn’t convince you, then ask yourself why so many “gay” Americans end up with kids? In the US, around 37% of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual people have a child, about 60% of which are biological.

This is just arrant mush – I know this from personal experience with hundreds of gay men I’ve known – it would have been impossible to avoid it. I mean, in 40 years of talking to and being friends with gay men the numbers with kids is about 10% … as for the numbers of lesbians – I’m clueless – I don’t know any lesbians. Maybe they’re the 37% he alludes to.

Where could he get such a figure? There’s no count of gay men – or “LGB .. oh, I’m tired of typing it community” … there’s no census – estimates range everywhere – and the 12 – count them – 12 studies done … all admit to massive miscounts, undercounts, margins of errors, unknowns, could be’s and who knows? That to all of a sudden say with such surety that 37% of “gays” – and then he gives the long list of not-gays – have children who are biological is intellectually dishonest … talk about your politically correct refusal to discuss stuff. Go to a gay bar – ask a hundred guys if they had kids – and you simply will NOT find 37 who have had them … or had straight sex. I’d give you 10% at most. Why, it’s a surprise to us it’s so darn rare.

You know – maybe it’s the transgendered who ratchet up Hawkin’s suggested statistic … they’re not gay – they’re heterosexuals – as I discussed just a day or so ago – maybe they had all the kids. And certainly Lesbians always had more kids than gay men – by a factor of 10 to 1 minimally. For every 10 lesbians with kids, maybe 1 gay guy. We’re gay for heavens’ sake, from the get go.

Then, to conclude – Mr. Hawkins goes full Bisexual:

In other words, there are a lot of “gay” Americans having enough straight sex at some point in their lives to produce a kid. Again, it’s clear that there are also people who are “born that way,” but there are an awful lot of gay Americans who don’t fall into that category.

Yes sir, this is what the LG … blah blah community is all about – you have discovered the confusion of the thing, as BigFurHat did, as Tammy Bruce admits to – and so you conflate it all with “gay” when we “gay guys” keep trying to stay away from the rest in real life – and we’re the ones under discussion and being studied so diligently in offices and not out in the field where we might lie in wait. We’re the ones you think can change … because we choose – about which more tomorrow.

Your “gay,” sir – is “bisexual” – congratulations. Now, back to the gay marriage for gay guys who are roundly harassed from time to time for being “born this way.” Thanks.


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