Dear Gay People: Leave the Crazy Christians Alone

I ran across this article tonight –

Which raises the eternal question: “what do we do about the homosexuals” – of course, if sanity, reason, decency and the words of Jesus prevailed this problem wouldn’t exist – but these things don’t prevail – instead we still have rather cranky crazed Christians who are quite intent on shunning gay people like we are untouchable lepers … so be it.

My advice to gay folks is – “Leave them alone” –

The article doesn’t stem from a real case, of course – it stems from a bureaucrat who has made a pronouncement of his own opinion – and now everyone will be up in arms over this. For all I know he made the pronouncement precisely to create the ruckus – no one in this nation is beyond that bit of thespian nonsense. How convenient it would be for a friend of the besieged couple to suggest to their buddy down at the bureaucracy – heterosexual as they all are – to raise the ruckus. However, the issue is valid.

And just like everyone was up in arms over the ONE baker, the ONE florist and the ONE photographer who were supposedly forced to do business with gay people – which hasn’t been happening all over the place – but in three individual incidents. All of which could have been avoided if the gay folks involved had a shred of sense. However, just like heterosexuals – some gays are just silly – idiotic even. I don’t mind saying so – I know some.

From where else exactly we shall be chased away from I don’t know yet – but there is NOT this huge numbers of cases of this sort – three so far – and then now one idiot bureaucrat.

Yes, my fellow gay folks – some Christians just don’t like us. So what? It’s their right to be nasty obnoxious creeps – think of them as the queen in the bar you don’t wish to speak to.

However, as I keep pointing out – if you can’t find a gay or gay friendly baker, florist, reception hall, preacher, justice of the peace, photographer – you are NOT looking. How hard could it be to go the Gay Yellow Pages – to the Arizona Pride Guide which is a veritable telephone book of wedding services. There are gay people and gay friendly people in these industries – seek them out.

There is the National Gay And Lesbian Chamber of Commerce with 1.4 million members – me not one of them – surely there’s a gay wedding something or other among the bunch – these are our people – give us the business. Surely there’s people now advertising in gay publications: We do gay weddings!

Still, why you would wish to get services from someone who hates you, I don’t know – what good can come of it?

Why you would not wish to give business to our own people I don’t know – only good can come of it.

But one thing for sure – it is just pointless to bug these people – they are insane. Let me give a parallel – if two people were fighting on a sidewalk would you demand the right to stride through the fight, or would you just cross the street?

Yes, I know these people are rude, stupid, obnoxious, idiotic – etc etc – that’s not my complaint – nor am I defending them – I’m pointing out that it is NOT worth it to bug these people.

So, do me a favor – avoid them like the plague they are … and find some gay purveyor – I’m sure there’s one in your town or the next one over … it’s America – we’re every where.

A word to the people who don’t wish to do business with gay folks – remember that one day some gay people might refuse you service – and we shall have this right too. Personally, I would throw any clergy out of my place of business if they came – teach them what it’s like. But no – gay folks are so nice, we’ll serve anyone, even crabs …

But really – just fine a gay provider for what you need – please. Thanks. Jim.

In Relatio de Nada Mucho

So, Pope Francis and the sacred cardinals are working on reworking their attitude towards “homosexuals” … Basically – the age old question: “What do we do with the homosexuals.” What a nice Latin word, with a bunch of Greek adjoined – like gay lovers of old. Indeed – the entire document will be in either Latin, Italian or English, and perhaps all three … with this one Latin-Greco hybrid thrown in the mix. Instead of old English “gay” and old Italian “bardassi”.

First of all – this “relatio” – this “thinking” this “mulling over” – is a draft – a trial balloon as it were … it went up a little ways and was pulled down quickly – why, they never let it get up off the ground very much. I’ve already seen a dozen takes on it – parsing the words of parsers of words of parsons. I have no intention of going line by line through the thing as each new balloon is sent aloft … it’ll go through more revisions yet … after all, aren’t there nearly 200 cardinals to give their two cents yet? Sure there are.

I’ve already seen people go “ooh ooh they changed the word ‘fraternal space’ to ‘fellowship’ wondrous changes …” my my – what nits to pick. Indeed – the Holy Church was already telling “homosexuals” that we were “part of the human experience” and the “fellowship of man” and the “eternal goodness of God” – except – we weren’t! – We were the “intrinsically disordered” and “evil” ones out to destroy family, society and civilization itself part of humanity – for smooching! We’re evil because of love … and its physical expression. Cuddling alone is “evil” – you demented people. And we were, and are yet to be, to cease being gay immediately or else – Hell! – hell? Hell, we’re probably excommunicated for all I know – and I’m not even a Catholic! I wouldn’t belong to that church if you paid me.

Meanwhile, as the parsons parse the words, and every pundit opines about this “momentous change” in whatevers … the reality is – gayness is bad – it’s not “normal” for the exact same percentage of men to be gay from birth for all time in all human groups however so formed … we are simply not part of it – we few stand against it all, apparently. And this attitude will not change. We are to be pitied and told, once again, ad infinitum – “stop being gay and then it’s OK you can be gay!” – Yes, Homosexuals are fine – you love us – just so long as we’re not you know, homosexuals – and then you don’t love us! As Cardinal George of Chicago put it about his own gay nephew: “He’s a fine man” and then, seconds later “Homosexuals are intrinsically disordered and evil” – in the same damn news conference! Astonishing. The blatant contradiction so ignored by everyone I’m still flummoxed over it. A man is both fine and evil at the same time – Schrodinger would marvel – and understand.

Then there’s the Archbishop of the Armed Forces of the United States – I forgot his name, sorry, dude … not even sure if it’s the same guy anymore – but during the dust up over the “Lie for the truth” known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” – or “Please gay men, Bear False Witness, lest we heteros have a sissy attack!” … egads – his eminent-self said about “homosexuality” – “It’s largely unexplained” – well I dare say – ain’t that some understatement!

Why, I read somewhere that now, according to the new protocols that all of us are to follow or else Hell! – gay men can be friends – so long as it leads to heterosexual marriage! And what did the church say yesterday? We could be friends so long as we didn’t get too friendly. We are no longer, apparently, so far, “Relatio” is not finished yet … not going to be called “evil” any more. We still will be! – but we won’t be called that. So nice of them. They’ll find a nice new word to call us “evil.” … yah. Perhaps “demonic” will be a bit nicer.

We are perhaps no longer “intrinsically disordered” – now we’re perhaps “in discordance with normality” or something. It’s admitting we’re natural by declaring us not natural – it is illogical mush.

Well, let me tell you – it’s mush – all of it. It’s not a small step – it’s a stumble. It’s a bee in a barn and isn’t going to change one thing … for the Church is saying we are not natural – we are wrong – evil – sick – not welcome as gay men – as we are to stop being gay – immediately – and find a woman … now. Who are they kidding? (Seems everyone … sad.)

It’s word-mush – and yet, now, in Latin, Italian and English – and lord knows how many other languages … we shall hear a different variant of what Westboro Baptist Church distilled to three words … “God Hates Fags” – that fact that you write it “Dio odium homosexualium” or something is sort of irrelevant. Putting it as “God did not want homosexuals” – or “NO GAYS!” is sort of irrelevant. It’s all the same mush.

For the core of the matter is this – Regardless of any words any of these people might utter they are 100% wrong. And that’s it. That’s my strongly held religious God-given First-10th Amendment Constitutional Bible Thumping opinion and right and duty – based on a far more rational analysis than any of these people could imagine.

For the simple fact remains – that through history – at the same percentage – in all human groups – there are the same 6 gay guys out of every 106 boys born to every 100 girls – and if you are so blind as to not comprehend the extra six boys as we special few – you are blind. By every demographic trip, trick, trot or tort … there’s always just 6 extra boys in the mix – and we’re the gay ones … and God wanted it. He loves us – that’s why we survive the mush so well. We have more than a “contribution to offer” as they will reword it – we are the very offering itself:

We are a test of the greatest commandment: “Treat others as you wish to be treated”

– and you all have failed miserly until only the last few years …

Clipboard Man and the Ebola Farce

There is now splashed around the world a picture of a man in ordinary clothes following a crew of HazMat attired people escorting a HazMat clad Ebola infected patient. It’s easily found on the internet with the phrase “Ebola Clipboard Man” – amazing – utterly amazing.

Here’s one of the pictures – there seem to be dozens:


Oh sure, Ebola is a horrible thing – do not get me wrong on this. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy … but it’s also bizarre how this is being handled. First, it’s sadly obvious that our “authorities” are akin to Keystone cops already. Second, so many others are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Third, we seem to be woefully unprepared or thoughtful – and it’s like not a lesson was learned from any prior outbreak of it or any other disease that has come along. Why, it’s reminiscent of the way people handled the Black Plague in the Middle Ages … lock the city gates and pray and blame anything but the thing itself. And where does one even begin to make sense of it all?

And is the pilot and crew of the plane that the lady was taken away in in HazMat suits too?

But if the government is to be so insouciant about it – with a bureaucrat! – with a clipboard and naught more … I’m like – youze gots to be kiddin’ yes?

Meanwhile, here’s a chart of how many people have been afflicted with it …


and it’s not a lot in the great scheme of things … more people have died of nearly anything in a month than who has died in decades with this. Of course, it’s also very possible that the earlier outbreaks were far worse – we’ll never know … what records were kept in isolated portions of these huge expanses of Africa? The Congo has been a basket case as a nation for decades – how could we possibly know if random isolated villages didn’t all die? Even the people there but 20 or 30 miles away might not know. These places are impenetrable. They always have been for outsiders … in many ways the people living there have been living in this sort of isolation for millennia – this is not new.

On the other hand, if it was so infectious as claimed surely it would have blossomed before this. And it still hasn’t – there are many diseases which kill more people in Africa than Ebola has – all of them infectious … malaria, TB, garden variety lung infections, tsetse fly sickness, dysentery, yellow fever, jungle rot … who knows? These are place without long life spans – they are not even “third world” but “Fourth.”

Then there’s the bizarre idea of sending 3,000 or 4,000 US Military troops to handle the situation – what the hell is some kid from Des Moine who enlisted to see the world going to know about such a disease? Or the social milieu he’s put in. What could they possibly do? Maintain order among the afflicted? And if we’re going to send military – why isn’t an ship taken and parked offshore and the afflicted moved there? The metal of the ship is easier cleaned than any hospital on land. The quarantine factor is easier … this isn’t a time to worry about visitation of family, yes? Or are the many other people in these “hospitals” – if the word could even be used in the modern sense – just out of luck – you know – the guy in the next room over where your nurse just came from has Ebola and you’re in for a appendectomy … then what?

Liberia and other countries in Western Africa are failed states – they have no health care to speak of – we need to send health workers – people perhaps trained in health care – not military men.

Which leads me to why on earth was there not something already in place to step in. If the United Nations’ “World Health Organization” has any point it would have been to have a corp of trained infectious disease personal – from every country, sure – ready to go in anywhere in the world to handle and infections disease … after all, they can pop up anywhere – Brazil is ripe – so is Venezuela. Teeming slums with no running water – people eating lord knows what. The Amazon must have has many pathogens as the Jungles of Africa – yes? Different – but as many. There’s definitely monkeys and rodents and birds – which seem to be the three sources of new human diseases. And now, decades after the first outbreak we’re completely unaware of what could be done and we make it up on the fly? Egad.

Then there’s the political nonsense – we have to worry about “racism” and we don’t want to upset their economies and quarantine the place. Well, there’s certainly no point in letting just anyone fly in and out of the place, that’s for sure. I would think tourism to be off the table for a while. No time for bucket list treks, that’s for sure. Though I’m sure some will do it – for the Xcitement of it all – it’s all X nowadays, right?

The CDC claims not to have enough money – of course not – the lists of what they wasted it on is long now – also easily found by searching “CDC wasteful spending” – lord knows what could show up. Perhaps one or two things questionable – the rest completely bonkers. Research grants to find the average penis size of Hong Kong prostitute purchasers and the like – there’s 100s of these “Only $500,000!” studies … absurdities galore. The other day I found some “study” that purported to say than men with big feet don’t cheat on their wives as much … who would even think to look? That’s not scientific inquiry – that’s utter mush.

Meanwhile, apparently the CDC was given more money by the Republican House – and approved by the Democrat Senate, above and beyond what Obama wanted – and then he approved it too, one supposes, for “eh, why not, I’m going golfing.” But the problem isn’t the amount of money – it’s what’s spent on it.

Then there’s the “oops, we let people go home” monstrosity of it all – really folks? You had people who said, “Ooh ooh, I was in Liberia looking at Ebola victims and I have a fever” and you send them home with some aspirin? Do these Emergency Room staff not read the papers? Haven’t they received a text-message “hold the feverish from Africa!” in 132 characters or less?

Of course, the lack of geographic knowledge of Americans – and probably Europeans where they also now have “oops” cases of the thing … does not help the “quarantine Africa!” pleas. The continent is huge – about twice the size of North America – Cape Town South Africa is at least 4,000 miles away from Liberia – oh, my measurements aren’t exact – no need – the thing is – All of Africa is not afflicted – but only the Western Bulge and perhaps the Congo.

Then there’s the morons who wish to claim deforestation or “corporate greed for diamonds” – well, that’s not what happened in the 1970s – when Ebola was first discovered it wasn’t due to these two “factors” – aka farcical ideas … “illegal diamond mining” – aka, the governments there couldn’t figure out a way to stop people from working – to dig up stones they had never thought to look at before – and now they wish a new Toyata truck and perhaps to hire a doctor for their village – so, they find diamonds – and there needed – not just for jewelry but for so much more – and so the people seek to get rich and no longer live on $2 a day as so many decry – and yet – they’re not allowed to dig up the natural resources and sell them to people who want and/or need them … perhaps they should open a health food store … plenty of fresh produce all around, I’m sure.
Hell, it’s probable now that the Clipboard Man will fly all over the nation speaking to news shows and public appearances about how he was brave and stupid enough at the same time to not be in a HazMat suit – maybe he can explain why to a worried public – and if he’s infected – have plenty of opportunity to spread it around on commercial flights. Which is just bizarre too that the TSA can’t come up with a manifest of all the people who flew on the Flight 113 from Cleveland … I mean, every time I fly I have to give address and email and phone number … and there’s no record of this just a few days after the flight? Perhaps they’re deleted moments after touchdown.

Well, I just throw my hands up in disgust at this … incompetence, and perhaps, strongly perhaps, purposeful malfeasance …

Houston, we have a gay-church problem

As near as I can figure out the City of Houston recently passed a vague ordinance prohibiting “discrimination” against the “LGBT community.” This is for “equality” and “inclusion” or something. I have never like these laws, and I have long contended we are already covered by any laws that do exist – which I’m not thrilled with either. But these laws were passed long before anyone thought of a gay angle to anything – the laws prohibiting discrimination on marital status, religion, creed, national origin, race, language, and more – all predate the “gay rights movement.” Indeed, gayness was pretty much condemned and illegal during the heyday of passing these laws across the country.

However, it is true that gay folks are included in these statutes as written. Sure, not a public person I know of seems to agree with me – and certainly no gay group ever argued the case – but many of my friends start to think, ‘Hmm, Jim has a point.’ … when I point out:
Gay folks are covered by “marital status.” That is – everyone has a marital status – you are or are not … and the laws were passed to protect divorced and single woman, in reality … but if being single is a protected status based on “marital” parameters – then gay men, being prevented by state marriage laws from getting legally married then gay men are single by law – and thus our marital status is “prohibited” or “prevented” or “permanently single” – so, use the marital status …

Religion and Creed – pretty much the same thing – it’s to prevent discrimination against anyone for their beliefs in or not in “God” or any particular religion or even political beliefs. Gay folks are covered … we are said by some to be incapable of being part of the Christian community – so be it. Then our religious beliefs are “non-Christian” – which is covered by the law as much as being Jewish or Bahai or Hindu is … but I’m sure everyone would freak if gay folks used that reasoning. They do when I bring it up … why, I’ve been called “unhinged” when I do! Anyway, we have a ‘creed’ too – for we are said to choose – so, we choose an “alternative lifestyle” or a “nontraditional sexuality” – and if we choose this – then surely we are covered by “Creed” for it is our strongly held beliefs that we can be gay if we wish to be so.

Still, more, even if we’re deemed crazy – as many of these preachers aver I’m sure – then we are covered by the American With Disabilities Act, yes? And Section 504 of the Education Code, which says that you can’t discriminate against someone because of their “reproductive status” – gay folks have a such a status. And frankly, I don’t care if gayness is back on the “they’re crazy” medical lists – for then I shall argue we are covered by the ADA and Sec. 504. But since gayness is so very special I’m sure these same people who wish to declare us crazy will say we are not disabled – why, I’m almost certain advocates for the disabled physically or mentally would be up in arms if gay men particularly said we were disabled just like them, but in our own way – we’re special, of course.

Then a slew of preachers preached against the ordinance … which is entering into the political debate and urging votes and doing political lobbying and supposedly churches aren’t allowed to do this or their “Non-Profit” status is jeopardized – for if I understand it correctly, churches can’t urge votes one way or the other according to the IRS code. They are arguing for the right to discriminate against gay folks – there’s even a good chance that many of these preachers are part of the NO GAYS! Movement – or that group of Christians who argue that no gay anything should exist. The Republican Party of Texas doesn’t have a “cure the gays” plank for the hell of it.

That some of these preachers and churches might actually be Democrats in every way imaginable will be little noted by anyone. And the Republicans will almost certainly side with one group of Democrats against another. I really don’t have the time to look into each church’s and preacher’s views on what laws should be passed against gay men and their other political persuasions – but I’m sure the sentiment is there to one degree or another. After all, it is perfectly legal to yell “God hates fags” on the public streets – and many a Christian, Democrat and Republican both, have called for the government to remove gay men from society in one way or the other … let us not be shy about what some of them wish.

Then there’s some attorney – who apparently is not a city employee – who wishes to subpoena the sermons and other records in a lawsuit – and the matter of the lawsuit is murky – and more over the language and enforcement provisions than it is over any actual case of discrimination.

The mayor’s office said they didn’t hear about the subpoenas until they made the papers or perhaps a day or two earlier. The mayor is a lesbian, Anise Parker, which of course, throws a monkey wrench into the situation. And now everyone will try to find out what the mayor and city knew and when did they know it. Subpoenas will fly over their records and communications, too, now.

And the biggest contention of all is apparently over where transgendered people go pee pee – which is NOT a “gay guy” issue .. nor a “Lesbian” issue – nor even really a “bisexual” issue .. but strictly a transgendered issue … which becomes a “gay issue” because somehow these people are lumped as part of the “LGBTITSQA and now newly coming along GNC community” … who are all these people? I do not know, I just don’t. The “GNC” is ‘gender non conforming’ what ever the hell that means. Beats me – but these Letters in the Mishmash are not gay men nor are they gay anything. The only two gay anything in this long list of types of people are Lesbians and Gay Guys … the rest are something else entirely. However, of course, the “radical militant homosexuals” are up to something.

And so, obviously, there’s a lot of players in a complex game … none of which needed to happen if,

first, people should get over their “LGBTITSQAGNC” anxieties …

and two, this “community” should simply use the laws as exist instead of adding the new “sexual identity discrimination” category.

It’s like with “bulling” – because gay people were against “bullying” all of a sudden it’s a debate over whether it should be prohibited or not. Or if people should have the right to do so for their strongly held beliefs. Meanwhile, 48 states have specific laws against “hazing” – Texas included … and well, what is “bullying” except “hazing”? The same purpose and practice is there … to pulverize someone who wishes to join the group. However, I’m almost certain that if gay folks used the “hazing” statutes all of a sudden people would be up in arms that we dare sully the right to be free from being pulverized by our fellow citizens in schools. Again, we are special.

Now everyone will take sides and be “for” or “against” something or other – and due to our celebrity-giddy idiot-strident politics of today – everything will be couched in big broad painted areas of agreement or disagreement – and little if any thought given to some stranger parts of the puzzle.

Of course, there’s also government overreach – which is taking place at every level on every matter – and needs to stop. And then there’s the IRS code and it’s plethora of provisions which need drastic overhaul. The IRS has gone insane in harassing people – not just Tea Party groups – but gay groups – and indeed for decades the IRS was used to go after gay groups – with the blessings of the preachers and churches. There can be no doubt that these two were all for the IRS, the police, the FBI and any federal or state agency to be used against gay men – until as recently as a few years ago – 2003 perhaps. Though, on June 27th 2009 the Texas Alcohol Control Board and the Ft. Worth police saw fit to raid a gay bar in Ft. Worth and pulverize 9 of the 12 patrons so badly that they required hospitalization and one, last I heard, still in rehab … and the preachers nor churches uttered a peep. Well, they’re only being subpoenaed for speaking out on political matters – while gay men were viciously attacked by the state for Freely Assembling and their First Amendment Right to Free Speech and political meetings – oh, in a bar? You bet – every gay bar is a political center for gays – we discuss political issues … usually those aimed at us. What do you think we talk about over cocktails? Hell, the people dead set against us are sure we are lobbying and radicals and militants – surely we’re not discussing Heloises’s hints, but only our take over of the nation or something.

And so we have four or five groups each reaching for more power in a complex society – and instead of anyone acting rationally – everyone is rushing for the lawyers and the pulpit and the press conference and the bureaucrat rule books and the political offices and issuing statements. Because it involves both “the homosexual” and the “Christian” communities … it’s become a national issue … for we few are so contentious yet. And now, with the lawsuit, the entangled mess has now become more entangled. And so, let’s see exactly what is going on here with everyone – and why this is just so pointless … if only people would mind their own business, not worry if people don’t like them, nor get all antsy over people they don’t like – but also not have so much troubles dealing with people who don’t meet or conform to their expectations. This is America, after all, and we can’t all be alike – or it wouldn’t be America at all.

In fact, this conformity idea is the biggest problem. And “both sides” want conformity. As I joke with sadness: for Diversity Liberals want everyone to think alike, and for Individualism Conservatives want everyone to on the same page. Now the two sides are arguing over who shall get to decide the rules. Well, which ever side “wins” that “debate” – conquers in the slugfest is more like it – America will be the worse for it.

Here’s just one article I read about the matter –

It’s not any worse or better than any other article on the matter – and there will be hundreds, of that rest assured – though I will admit I won’t read much about it. I’m not going to form an opinion on this issue from the froth off this stirred pot – I’ve shaken out my standings on all this decades ago – and have remained consistent. Though, too, it’s now a national issue … as all “gay” things seem to become. As all things gay always were. I have a friend from Texas who wonders why the gay marriage issue is a federal issue … well it is because the federal government made gays a national issue as far back as the 1940s … with the draft boards, then the Red Scare … then Eisenhower’s move to ban gays from federal employment, with McCarthy’s there’s a gay commie under every bed, with everyone opining on what the homosexuals are doing to the county … there was even the very real believe that homosexuality was a Marxist plot – Dr. Ben Carson is still sure it is. Gayness has always been a national issue – and we didn’t make it so – the heterosexuals did. So, it’s national, so be it.

A big issue, I suppose, is the IRS code – for decades I have urged its repeal. And if it was gone there wouldn’t be a “Non-profit” issue to be dealt with. In fact, I don’t think churches should be exempt from any taxes levied. If they are part of society, and operate in their locality, and wish to join the political fray, and work with government to ensure that their opinions are represented in law then they should pay taxes. However, I am for such drastically reduced taxes that it wouldn’t be burdensome. But currently, if one wants to get real specific, gay men specifically are paying enough taxes to cover the costs of everyone involved.

That is, the city and the state are using tax dollars to do what they are doing. I don’t know, $1,000,000 – that’s a probable number when salaries and time and lost opportunities to do other things and the legal fees and even the copying costs are tallied up – that million is taxed out of the pockets of Gay Texans, and at least gay men in Houston – and there’s enough of us to pay several times more than $1,000,000 a year in taxes.

Which is why I’m also for gay men, in particular, not paying taxes … for the moment. I’ve always been a tax radical when it comes to gay men … we’re paying for the opposition after all. And the preachers, at least some of them – are for sure against gay existence, and being included in laws that exist, and are sure gay men are attacking society – well, so, why should we pay for this?

The churches, being tax free, of course, free up resources to pursue their lobbying and vote-getting and their copying costs and legal fees against gay men … all of it subsidized with gay men’s tax dollars. For every dime a church doesn’t pay yet gets back in city services – then gay men are subsidizing the churches. That’s just economics. Whomever doesn’t pay taxes, someone else must pay to cover their public costs – and everyone and every entity has a public cost. The fireman and the policeman still show up for the non-taxpayer, after all.

And now, 2,450 words into my parceling out of all this – do you see how complex and bizarre and counterintuitive it all is? Yes, this is what happens when Gays and Churches face each other.

Perhaps the churches and preachers would do well to follow Jesus and come among the sinners and sit with us and break bread – but never once in decades of being in gay bars – including in Houston where I lived briefly and did a lot of business between 1990 and 1995 … has a preacher ever come to a gay bar to exhort us to whatever he feels we should listen to. Not a politician came to convince us of the errors of our ways. No heterosexual ever came to offer his daughter so we might no longer be gay. No, it was condemnation from pulpit and podium – and nothing more.

Well … one could go on … the issue is so complex, I wrote a book about it – expanding on each of the issues I raise here … for it ain’t easy to figure it out. It took me 240 pages to try to sort it out – and a blog post is not sufficient space …

And finally – where do the transgendered go pee pee? I have no earthly clue – I’m complete flummoxed by it as any heterosexual is – but these few are not “gay” – nope – they are heterosexuals – for the vast majority of them are men who wish to be women so they can get a man. And that’s heterosexual – and I wish they would go figure out their problems with people of like kind – and leave us gay guys out of it.

Texas, ISIS, Ebola & the Sissy Smooching Crisis

There are many threats to America – Texas is at the nexus of a few – yet, out of all of these myriad of problems – sissy smooching seems to be the very least of them – if it’s a problem at all. I don’t think it is. So, it utterly astounded me that Texas Senator Ted Cruz is proposing an Amendment to the United States Constitution requiring the government to not recognize gay couples. It won’t ban gay couples – that’s impossible. It won’t stop anyone from saying there are gay couples or calling them that – pro or con. It won’t overturn any of the laws in states that include gay folks in marriage – not “gay marriage” – but merely including us in the use of a law. No, it will only enjoin the Federal Government from recognizing in a positive way what they know exists. And this is rational? Mr. Cruz argues to ignore the Federal Government in nearly all cases – now wants gay men to just kowtow in recognition of the Federal Government’s majesty in not recognizing us! Astounding, as I say.

And for what purpose? Well, apparently Senator Cruz thinks this will solve virtually all problems, he’s not the only one — a “family values summit” was held filled with this audacious nonsense. And what problems do we face? Well, Texas, in many ways is the very harbinger of the threats we face … and yet, sissy smooching seems not to be a problem – not even in Texas – where the state’s largest city is run quite competently by a Lesbian in a 23 year long relationship – married in one state and “poof” in Texas – the marriage simply doesn’t exist – and in fact, Ms. Parker, the mayor of Houston, might, if she were inclined to do so – marry a man right now in her home town – and she could NOT be charged with bigamy! For there’s no marriage by the state’s reckoning. Texas went so far as to say in court “gays can’t get divorced here, because there’s no marriage” – and surely the hubris of Texas doesn’t extend to telling people to go divorce in another state before they marry in Texas, yes? So, she could legally be married in California to a woman, and to a man in Texas. Well, I had been oft informed that marriage for gays will lead to polygamy – but this is sheer bigamy – only – it isn’t. She is and she is not married at the same time – the marriage would perplex Schrodinger and his cat.

Meanwhile, there are tens of thousands of illegals crossing the border from Mexico to Texas – and every single last one of them can get legally married in America. This Mr. Cruz no doubt thinks dandy, yes? Many are good Catholics like Mr. Cruz — many are as ‘contra el espousal gay” (Spanish, why not?) as he is. That illegal aliens can get married – and access immediately the full range of family benefits – yet native born American taxpayers cannot – is amazing. And we citizens are the threat and the illegals not! Is this just flimflam, or what?

Then there’s ISIS – with apparently branches right here in America – and for sure there’s plenty of American Muslims who are quite radical if their pronouncements are a clue … and they too all may get married. More immigrants – true radical immigrants – headchopping blowup buildings radical militants can get married – but peaceful, florist shop owning gay Americans cannot get married? Really? And this is remotely reasonable? Indeed, the ISIS position on gay marriage isn’t really that far from Cruz’s. Indeed. The ISIS position on “homosexuality” I would think almost identical to fundamentalist christians (I refuse to capitalize it when the two are together) – “death to gays” says Leviticus which the fundamentalists keep spouting. I’m told all the time “Well, fundamentalists aren’t chopping heads off” – well, no, no they’re not – they have no balls. They are wusses. But they talk about it. Westboro isn’t saying Death to Fags for the hell of it, are they? Is the vast horde of “NO GAYS! Movement people spouting Leviticus merely joshing when they say “Death to homosexuals”? Really? Then why say it? Why make such a joke? No, I think they are serious, but wusses. Pififul. But the reality is, raw reality, is that ISIS – the Muslim position on gays is identical to the fundamentalist christian view – however much practical realities intercede to prevent fundamentalist christians from carrying out their stated mission — to eradicate gay men from this earth in a 10s of millions of dead by genocide. That’s what “NO GAYS!” means – for we won’t go unless you kill us.

Then there’s Ebola – a major problem for sure – and Mr. Cruz, instead of commenting on this – or proposing a constitutional amendment against immigrants coming here – or for requiring their quarantining until proven disease free – or for rounding them up and sending back – instead of him being attuned to real problems – he’s going to get to work on a sissy smooching amendment that won’t do squat but prevent the filing of a joint tax return. Oh, so what already? And of the alleged 1,100, 1,200, or 1,300 or more “rights” that I hear (more like pleas to government for a crumb) denied to unmarried couples – gay men and women, crafty fellows that we are – get nearly all of them through commercial law – which the government completely recognizes. In fact, it is very possible for a gay couple to set up an LLC and then operate jointly – pay themselves nothing and have the sole proprietorship or partnership file tax returns on the behalf of both – and Mr. Cruz’s amendment won’t stop that. He’d have to get some law preventing gay folks from entering into contracts. Some Utah state politician proposed that very thing a few years back – even the Mormon Church wouldn’t go for that! There’s many ways that gay folks have gotten around “No gays in family law” nonsense – through commercial law. There are law firms specializing in this – one can find them in a moment in nearly every city and burg in the nation, certainly every state.

And with ISIS and Ebola – grave issues – the president is derelict – and clearly so. And instead of Mr. Cruz concentrating his no doubt limited time on these issues and what the president is doing – he’s going to work diligently to make sure that the state of Texas doesn’t recognize the marriage of the mayor of the largest city in his state – the fourth largest city in the nation. A freewheeling entrepreneurial city of Oil Field wealth and derring-do and no zoning code. I like mentioning that last bit – no zoning – how anti-government is that! And the mayor a lesbian did naught to bring in zoning – didn’t even try the near as I can tell. And so by banning the Federal Government from recognizing what Mr. Cruz surely is well aware exists – the Ms. And Ms. Parkers – this will do what? What will it effect? Affect? Accomplish? It’s a fundraising tool for the cad, and nothing less. And he thinks he’s going to run for president and win! Because he’ll be telling the nation which is 60 to 70% FOR gay folks’ happiness that gays are the danger facing the nation … this is a joke, yes? This is the Republican plan to save us from the liberals and Democrats? Surely you can’t be serious!

I took the liberty of gathering statistics on marriage, divorce, childhood poverty, single mothers, murder, rape, violent crimes and the like of the Heterosexual Lifestyle in Texas – all of which are in peril. Marriages down – divorces sort of down, (less marriages, less divorce, eh?) and poverty up, single mothers increasing, murder increasing, rape up, violent crimes abounding up and the like – and Mr. Cruz’s solution is to ban at the federal level – the recognition of sissy smooching? And people wonder why I think the country is collapsing? – for this is not rational thought from a politician.

I’m thinking of putting together a quick book on Kindle about this Crusade de Cruz – it’s so mindnumbingly stupid I can’t imagine it – but there he is – plain as day. And that’s not good. Frankly, I aim to help stop him. It is not good for the two party system – for the Republicans will continue to shrivel to nothing if they keep up this NO GAYS! Crusade – and that’s what it is – it’s a Crusade of Medieval proportions. Hell, there’s even “convert or suffer” in the program!

To imagine that supposed “capitalist” loving Texas Republicans are trying to hound customers (aka, gay men) by calling us every name in the Book and quite a few they just make up – into buying some crackpot service that no gay man ever sought – is astonishing. Perhaps they don’t understand “the customer is always right”? Perhaps they don’t comprehend that you can’t sell a product to people who don’t want it? There’s more people in love with ObamaCare than GayCure – that’s for sure. But this is what the State Party Platform requires – for gay men to just bend over and get fucked by these crazed Crusaders for Cruz – and that’s just bizarre.

And so, as we run up to any elections – I’m faced with crazed idiots on the left who require me to buy health care I don’t want or need – like birth control, contraception, abortion, mammograms — and a bunch of crazed idiots on the right who wish to require me to buy health care I don’t want or need — a “cure” for what ails THEM! – so I can join the crazed violent poverty stricken Heterosexual Lifestyle – and try to find a virgin — as if there’s any of those left!

Egad friggin’-gad – enjoy your Monday. I’m just going to take a nap and hide under the covers and hope it all goes away.

Keep the marriage – 100% tax rebate to gay folks.

Ah, nothing like a little radical militant homosexualizing — you know — keep the goddamn marriage – keep the nonsense — keep the silence — keep the “ooh, they have strongly held beliefs” — keep it all — and keep up the trashing of gay men — keep up the arrogant crap this is — and which NOT ONE HETERO WILL SAY! — it’s is astonishing to me all this mealy mouthed nonsense about how YOU Support “gay rights” – and yet won’t ever question or confront any asshole — no, you’ll “stand by your man” – me — as I bitch – but I don’t see any heteros raising a fuss — no, it’s roaring silence –

But one of the nice things about having a blog – and the amazing ability to write coherently in the midst of rage is this –

Other than that — pfft — I urged 40 years ago a Tax Revolt by gay men –ooh I was radical indeed — wussy queers chased me away from their “ooh, let’s me equal-sheeple” — fuck that – 100% taxes back –

I figure this country owes me about $350,000 — and that’s income taxes! Wait wait — sales, excise, blahblahblah — I’m willing to accede the damn tolls, maybe — don’t miff me! Or I’ll ask back for every toll tax I paid too. That’s another $350,000 easily — so – $700,000 I’m owed to be treated like crap by my own government. I want it back. Thieves.

Egads — people — listen to this shit from these people — fuck the damn dogs and cats — there’s American citizens at stake here! Yeesh.


45 years of arrant arrogant crap from heterosexuals!

You know, I don’t even know where to start this post – but Ted Cruz seems as good as any. This arrogant moronic piece of shit wants to push for a Constitutional Amendment against the Pursuit of Happiness of Gay Men. He’s not the only one. Virtually every single major Republican does. And they are not against anything but gay men. Me. Mine. Us. Not the goddamn vaunted ever growing “LGBTITSQAGNC etc etc add CH for Christian Heterosexuals for God’s sake Community!” The issue IS – and has always been – gay men. Who the hell is anyone kidding? The idea is preposterous that anyone gives a damn about Lesbians. Sorry ladies, charming as you are – you are beloved by heterosexuals. Between Ellen DeGeneris and Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt – and High Society Magazine which I used to color proof for in the mid-1980s for heaven’s sake – Lesbianism by the boat load. Not “bisexuals” who heteros and gay men think are gay. Not “transgendered transsexuals” – heterosexuals all – men who wish to be women to chase after men. They’ve seized control of the “LG … blah blah blah community” – astounding. Not the rest of it either – recent to the mergers and acquisitions that I barely know what the hell they are talking about. The issue is not these people – oh, maybe to them it is – but they’re deluded – for the issue is clearly expressed by the heterosexuals – and it’s “radical militant homosexual men” – who the hell is anyone kidding? I mean, really – stop it – you’re all adults – and instead we get this mumbo jumbo from both sides.

The Verbal Assault Against Gay Men Must Cease! For 45 years now I have been listening to people verbally assault me and mine – often to my face, surely in writing – and on sites galore – makes no difference where. And it’s not just “right wingers” – any heterosexual – their politics makes no goddamn difference. I know liberals against gay marriage and Christian Tea Partiers who have no problem with it. Last night once again I was called an abomination – by a fucking cunt who asked to be my friend for she thought I was so witty and brilliant on everything. But I never did mention the gay thing – why the hell would I? Hot men weren’t involved in the economic and political morass of our nation! But the minute the gay thing came up – when she supported Phil Robertson against gay men – well, fuck you cunt. Offended? Are you offended! Oh my – I’m disgusted and appalled.

This nation is obsessed with sissies. Millions of words on this ridiculous subject! Amazing. We say we’re rock solid and you heterosexuals – one and all – run around whining about how you’ll all become gay if a nice word is said about us.

You are at the point of recognizing gay couples by shoving your ass up your elbow and denying what is in front of you. And don’t tell me liberals were all for it forever – please – it insults my intelligence – this country’s heterosexuals were against us – and some on both sides of the aisle changed. And yet, those who did won’t chastise those didn’t. No, they have Rights! And gay men? Ah, not worth a bucket of warm spit.

And yet the worst among you demand we change to fuck your daughters – there is no polite way to put it. Anyone who says a gay man should consider “curing” ourselves is requesting us to fuck YOUR daughter. Not the man down the street’s daughter – Yours – You’re the one who should put up or shut up. There is no decency in offering some other man’s daughter to the reheterosexualized man you envision. It’s your daughter – a virgin she had better be! – your daughter.

Meanwhile – 100% of this obnoxious group styled “ex-gay” – all admit 100% failure.

And 100% of gay men refuse to entertain the idea.

And then yet what do you demand?

You demand we gays kowtow to your demands – and buy your services! We are “customers” who won’t buy and you are “sellers” who have a piece of shit product NO ONE buys! – and you claim to understand free markets, “capitalism” and are against “mind control” and “group thinking”? Are you out of your minds? There is no more any nice way to say this. There is no debate – it’s settled – you: 100% fail – us –100% refusal! – How much more goddamn clear can it be? Nooooo – you will insist yet in more arrogant obnoxious childlike behavior of a most despicable kind. Astounding.

Then there’s the political reality of a Constitutional Amendment – 19 states already have gay marriage solidly – up to 30 or 35 in one fell swoop just on Monday past. And some 60% or more of the nation not for this continued nonsense. And the Republican party wants to concentrate on Sissy Smooching? You’re kidding, yes?

And the Democrats will go along with it – sure – to keep everyone’s mind off of their own nonsense.

And that’s the most astonishing thing – the nation is going to hell in hand basket and the Republicans are obsessed with Sissy Smooching … amazing!

Well, frankly, keep your fucking marriage – trash us all you want, have fun, you heathen hordes – but give me back the tax dollars – you stole our money – keep the damn paper – give us the cash. I am so damn tired of paying money to fund the people against me. It is nonsensical.

The “What do we do with homosexuals?” SCOTUS ‘indecision’

The Supreme Court today announced that it would not hear a bunch of cases from 3 appeals courts on the “issue of national importance” as it is sometimes styled, aka: “gay marriage” and “gay rights” – but never couched in terms “Rights for gays” and the “religious rights of gay men” and “why does anyone worry about it?” – no, it’s a topic of endless discussion. As I joked on one thread tonight at some website I found through Facebook: “to paraphrase Winston Churchill: Never before have so many said so much about so few.” 100,000s, millions even, of words will be spewed forth on the matter. There’s not really “two sides” to this – there’s a 100 … albeit, two main sides.

In that corner is 95% of the population which frets incessantly over the age old question: “What do we do with the homosexuals?” Why anyone feels they must do anything about us is something I’ve never grasped. I don’t know any gay man who really can – we are out of the discussion, frankly. I don’t think a one of us truly understands the heterosexual concern to the point of obsession over us. And it is an obsession – millions of people will utter and write millions of words about the matter in the next few days. And virtually all of it from the heterosexual viewpoint of “what will gay marriage mean to us …” and what will it mean? None of you can say. Not a one. The only thing you can do – and many do – is conjure up astonishing tales of disaster, woe and destruction – because the two hairdressers you’ve known all your lives might have a piece of paper in their hands from the state which extracts taxes out of the couple saying “Piece of Cake” or the couple you don’t know files a joint tax return which is none of your goddamn business.

You know the couple exists – and at this point “gay marriage” is recognized by often refusing to recognize it. You see the couple, you even know the couple – and yet you refuse to acknowledge the reality of the couple in a positive way, but are way to willing to acknowledge the couple in a negative way. You acknowledge them by refusing to acknowledge them – and we’re crazy? You jest.

Then too there’s “But what about the children!?” Well, indeed, what about us? We are the damaged children as many a religio-psyshe-something declaims. After all, the vast majority of theories of why there are gay men are based on some trauma that happened during childhood. All of the theories except “choice” are predicated on some nefarious yet inexplicable theory about why the slight, hairless, fey, flimsy, not athletic, sissy boy is gay … what did his father do or not? What about his mother’s influences? Basically, what made the 6 extra boys gay? 106 boys born for every 100 gals – the six are the gay ones, yes? No. Next is – Ooh, “environment” – what pray tell is that? You won’t find an explanation beyond the word. Of course there’s hormones – which ones? No one knows – nor tests. Never have thousands of gay men been brought into clinics to see if we have these or those hormones in the proper heterosexual balance which might be determined by comparing us to thousands of heterosexuals. Nope. It’s a theory, from a desk, by a professor, often liberal in every regard but “what do we do with the homosexuals?” Then there’s the germ theory, which is so bizarre I can’t be bothered to go on about, go look it up. Anyway, these are the “internal” causes – something happened in our bodies … what? You don’t know – clueless yet sure. “Largely unexplained” as the Archbishop of the United States Armed Forces opined during DADT debates – but “intrinsically evil” the man in the dress says about drag queens.

Oh, then there’s the external cause: ooh – “Molestation” – yes, Evil Sick Mean Older Homosexuals “molest” innocent pure natural heterosexual boys into gayness. Yet, NOT one time have I ever seen a number of how many times the ESMOH (may as well abbreviate it, yes?) – the Anita Bryant Theory, it might be called … how many times does it take to molest the boy into gayness? And why do all the gay boys then heatedly deny the molestation and are never caught molesting anyone – and how does this square with the “Internal” factors? Well I suppose a weak father strong mother boy who was molested turns gay – because he has the “unnatural predisposition” as both NARTH (the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuals) and the Catholic Church aver exists within the boy – from the Devil apparently – we are the last to be held to the Medieval standards, for sure. Perhaps we are all suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

And on top of all this come “choice!” Which is why it’s a sin – and like alcoholism too, and sick, demented and so forth. Why would we choose? We’re sick! Why are we sick? We choose to be gay! You folks are on a rat-wheel, I tell you. But no – I’m the whiny, self-righteous, promoting, radical militant of course. Why, as I was told just this evening at POWIP – I’m “unhinged” because I brought up the vast plethora of facts on the issue in one feel swoop. Perhaps too many words at once for the poor fellow. Well, I wrote a book cataloging these things –

Anyway, so now the Supreme Court has simply refused to consider the matter at this moment – and the nation agog! What does this mean! Well, not much really. The slow inevitable progress towards full acceptance of the reality of gay men continues – and I want to be clear – this nonsense is NOT about the vaunted and ever growing “LGBTITSQAGNC etc etc community” – the “gnc” I discovered just the other day is “gender non-conforming” – well, beats me. I’m a man who knows men who all think and know we are men and do men things – with men. But, egads no – the “debate” is strictly about the male homosexual – and most often the very worst kind – the one who “plays the girl” – who the hell is anyone kidding? I mean, really, geez, get real.

So now for a week or so I shall have to wade through endless nonsense – on one Oklahoma site about the issue a man “Doc Scarmpa” or something opined that “now the police have a registry of all the homosexual child molesters” – well, I dare say, as I did to him – “Sir, you are on the line of Tort Actionable Slander and Libel and an obnoxious cad to boot. Say that to my face and I shall punch in the nose under the ‘fighting words’ doctrine amply established in law.” Stand my ground I shall. I mean, really – evidence? I thought we all chose to be gay? How could we be molesting the next generation to choose to be gay? It’s ludicrous – not to mention all the evidence of science of late – all of which the idiotic “neurosurgeon Ben Carson soon to be presidential candidate” opined was caused by Marxism come to destroy the nation just like a Canadian named Cleon Skousen opined in 1958. Well when a “neurosurgeon” hasn’t read a word of the neuro-science on gay men since the political heyday of McCarthyism I would say he’s idiotic. He’s not the only one – the list is long and inglorious.

Ah, enough of you folks – whacko. In this corner is the 5% or so of the nation’s men who are gay – irrevocably so – we are astoundingly stubborn on the issue, yes? All entreaties for us to change and marry your daughters are met with a collective “pfft, fageddaboutit” – and still many soldier on in the “ex-gays” bullshit – 95% of the leaders of this “reheterosexualization” cabal have admitted 100% failure – we’re not trying hard enough, we’re told. We laugh – idiots – we’re not even trying. I would guess 99.9% of gay men adamantly refuse to change – so there you go – you’re failures and we’re obstinate.

And we’re peaceful, productive, taxpaying, job holding, home-owning reasonable people who pull our own weight and don’t rely on – and couldn’t get – any government assistance to do much. Hell, even the gayborhoods don’t need urban renewal, they’re fine places. Go get an ice cream for heaven’s sake and talk to one of us. Say hello. But no – you opine in the papers, TV, radio and the internet incessantly like children whining for chocolate … “but you said …” yeah yeah – well, it’s comical in many ways – and sad. For like I said, I have never understood the heterosexual problem with us. You seem to be miffed you created us. And now you want us to join the violent, crazed, baby killing, child abandoning, absent father, welfare mothers of the heterosexual lifestyle – maybe we should beat our new wives like an NFL player down for the playoffs. Don’t you love the way I can turn this around? It’s easy – especially when one listens carefully to the endless prattle of you all. Not one of you – but a slew of you together. Get 10 heteros in a room and you will get 20 contradictory answers to a simple question: “Why do you feel you need to do anything with the homosexuals?”

Have a pleasant week reading all the crap. Yeesh, hopefully I can avoid the most of it.

The Flimflam of Our Times

So, the president hasn’t shown up for some 60% of the his daily intelligence briefings. What on earth does he think his job is? If there’s one job a president has it’s keeping track of the military and what’s it doing around the world, and where it might be needed. Surely having some idea of threats, real, imagined, perceived or actual that fill our world should be the man’s daily bread, yes? But, no – he had other things do to! – What pray tell?

Then, ISIS, IS, ISIL – why can’t we pick a name for these people? Supposedly there’s something else, too, called “Khorosan” – seems to not really be a group or entity, and perhaps a figment of the president’s imagination. Then there’s the various Al Qaeda’s floating about – but supposedly they’re all separate and different and have nothing to do with each other, while the folks we release on good behavior from Guantanamo are going right back to fight against us with who knows what – but it can’t be much. Meanwhile, the Europeans will sell anyone all the weapons they want while both decrying and demanding US action to quell the violent regimes. Well, that’s what I’m getting from the press reports. And we’re going to stomp them back into the hole they came out of! But how? By pinpricking bombing raids against what we think are worthwhile targets while ignoring the entirety of the matter, and making sure we don’t close any ports so the Europeans can ships arms to those we bomb on their behalf. We are doing this so we can preserve the fake construct of “iraq” and prevent the Kurds from having their own country even though the president is all for self-determination of peoples.

That we are reduced to preserving Lord Balfour’s lines in the sands of Arabia that served his purpose in 1917 seems to escape everyone – this is our “strategy” when we get around to stating what it might be – though, the president said quite clearly that he doesn’t have a strategy. And how could he when he seems to know nothing about the place? Then supposedly he armed ISIS previously be shipping the weapons through Libya which is decaying into constant warfare. So our government and our president have simply made such a mess out of the place that it’s impossible to tell who is on whose side and for what reasons – even ourselves. We give money to the Palestinians so they can buy rockets from the Russians to lob at Tel Aviv – astounding.

On Tuesday we want to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria, on Wednesday they are our pals in fighting ISIS. The rebels of various sorts in “syria” are fighting Assad, the “president-for-life” and against ISIS too! So we will help the rebels if they promise to not overthrow Assad while we take him back into our bosom because he’s the best guy around to suppress “his” people back into a “syria” which isn’t real either. Perhaps if the president went to a briefing or two more he would learn about the mess he’s creating, fomenting and hoping will go away at the same time he escalates it – and meanwhile there’s a deafening silence from the Democrat “No War” forces who are all for Democrat wars but against Republican ones even if they are in the same place. Not to mention the dereliction of duty by the Republicans in the House of Representatives in preventing the president from unconstitutionally going to war without their permission because they’re busy raising funds for a vote buying spree they hope will let them keep their seats and perhaps gain a few more. While the Democrats are against the rich they don’t like from donating to the political process while all for the rich they do like to donate millions so they might keep the Senate and perhaps regain the House so they can refuse to pass a budget, rein in spending, and pass new laws for new powers they exempt themselves from in thick laws they don’t read but are quite sure will right the problems of this nation.

Then in Russia itself the wannabe Tsar of all the Russias, one Vladimir Putin is cutting off his food imports from us to protest his invasion of Ukraine which itself is decaying into constant warfare. Meanwhile, Russia thinks it will boost trade with China, India and Africa and South America to somehow make up the short fall of what he’s not buying from us – though none of them export any food to speak of. We’ve levied sanctions on Russia and to what purpose? We don’t really buy anything from them, while we pretend to work with them to stop them from arming the Syrian government we are trying to both overthrow and maintain at the same time. And the intelligence briefings might have a word or two about that – but the president didn’t get them briefings because he was busy somehow somewhere.

And the mainstream press – so beloved by less than 20% of the people now – are complicit in not reporting, fake reporting, sensationalizing and otherwise making a mockery of “reporting” that no member of the public knows a blessed thing. Then along come the polling services to tell us what this or that percentage of the American public thinks about places they are as clueless about as the president is. And different polling organizations are all over the place is figuring out which percentage of Americans think we should stand by, for, against, with or some other place with Putin, Assad, whoever is running Iraq and of course against Iran except we need to help them against the ISIS lest the Kurds get too powerful and try to get out of Iran too!

Then there’s Ebola – some virus that in 30 years or more hasn’t even killed 20,000 people and the nation is freaking out. Though, our government sees no reason to monitor anyone coming in or out of the hotspot lest it seem racist or disapproving – or, in a conspiratorial fashion made to order for the Zero Population and cull the world’s population until it’s a few billion less to save the planet they are seemingly purposefully spreading and enhancing the disease in the hope it spreads to more places and kills more people. Not to be outdone there’s a christian preacher or two warbling that it will only kill the sinners, hookers and gays, so, who cares? Let it rip! That this nation didn’t lift nearly a finger for several years when upwards of 50,000 American citizens died back in the early 1980s and now they run around like sissies with their panties in a knot is humorous to watch.

Then too, the “right wing” is up in arms over Sharia law coming to America and right wing preachers are calling for Sharia law against gay men! And they are quite miffed that gay men won’t roll over and play dead to their incessant arrogant entreaties for us to do their bidding. They have rights! And gay men? Apparently not!

To add to the flimflam thousands of unattended children miraculously made their way across thousands of miles to alight in the United States and they’re only being stashed in states with Republican governors – who have no problem with any illegal immigrant getting married here – but are opposed to gay taxpaying American citizens getting married lest we wreck the place – and what with the divorce rate, abortions, abandoned children, violent lunatics and endless social problems of the heterosexual poor if only gay couples are not recognize all will be well – and this is considered rational! Then too, the liberals are for importing all the poor from down south because they have terrible governments, but won’t listen to a word about how to change those terrible governments which become wondrous the minute a right wing person brings up the hypocrisy. So, as I understand it, when illegal aliens abandon their nations it’s because those nations are terrible, and the USA is worse, but well, if we quell the racism it’ll be OK – and yet those nations are wonderful because their culture is not “united statesen” because they don’t wish to offend anyone by using the word “American” – which the illegals themselves cry out on their journeys – “I’m going to America!” … egad.

Then too state after state is going to courts to argue that trashing gay couples is the way to help and encourage heterosexuals – which is the most astonishing nonsense.

Then there’s the repeated shootings, beatings, rapes, killings, door-bustings and other illegal and immoral acts by the police in every state as both Liberals and Conservatives keep calling for more law and order! Amazing. The pro-liberty right wing wishes to arrest all the gays and cure or incarcerate us and make us marry anyone’s daughter but their own, while the pro-diversity left wing is against anyone who thinks outside the box they’ve constructed. Though, what do people think they will get if we keep calling for more law and order, and more enforcing the laws we have that no one even knows we have – hell, laws are being passed by the thousands of pages by a congress that admits it doesn’t even read the laws. On top of that, there are so many waivers for so many laws now by presidential diktat that’s royalism without the ermine.

You know – one could go on for days about this stuff. The flimflam uttered by people on every side of the political divide is mind numbing. The Right Wing is all agog and for judges overturning the duly elected acts of the legislature when they dislike the laws, and whole against activist judges when they overturn laws that the Right Wing likes. Ah, but the Left Wing is all for judicial action when they get a judge to rule that an entire school district is racist, or that some farmer is growing the wrong thing, or some rich person needs to be incarcerated – but all against judicial action when it goes against what they want, like endless meddling in people’s lives being declared unconstitutional.

And it’s virtually impossible to go to the internet without all this nonsense assaulting you – and then everyone is supposed to be wholly informed on every issue and have an opinion on everything. I’m supposedly supposed to have a well reasoned opinion on whether transgendered people use the right bathrooms because radical militant homosexuals are trying to get married.

Like I said, it’s flimflam – and while I try to stay away from it all – it’s impossible – and every day there’s so much one could comment on that I simply have a surfeit of choices of which flimflam I might opine upon this day. And I’ve sort of given up. And just in time for a new blog look – hmm, oh well … :)

Well, a new look, and why not?

Well, I finally did some changes on this blog — a completely new color scheme and theme — and got rid of some of the links and pages – though more changes to come with that. And well, it just had to be done. Since 2009 when I set it up I hadn’t done much except add posts … but the look stayed “louisiana” if I may – -with a fleur-de-lis and well, I don’t live in Louisiana anymore, I live in the Valley of the Sun, aka, Phoenix AZ — and that means that the crystal clear blue sky look might be more appropriate. There’s a few other changes to come — my profile, and a few of the other pages — but, well, that’ll wait until tomorrow or the next day — I’m in no rush.

Still, this blue background will be the look for awhile to come — get used to it.

My avatar, of me riding the donkey — will NOT change whatsoever.

Other than that, well, I’ll continue with my usual range of subjects – foreign policy, domestic affairs, the confounded subject (Aka “gay rights” or really — Rights for Gay Men [the LBTITSQAetctc community is sort of on their own, frankly, and god bless 'em!] and economics and things relating to my life — and well, let’s see if this all keeps going.

Now, if pictures are hard to load I might have a heart attack and quickly change, but I doubt it will — and so, thus, the “new and improved” The Daily Mush.

And that’s it for  Sunday night .. I’m a-ready for Monday Morning!

Perhaps I should upgrade my blog …

Oddly, since I first set up this blog I haven’t change much — I just keep adding posts. But I haven’t altered one word in the “About Jim Hlavac” page, though some information is definitely out of date — after all, I no longer take care of an elderly gentleman in Baton Rouge Louisiana – and haven’t in nearly 3 years. He’s alive – not well – 93, bedridden and well, professional care had to come in. And I moved on with my life.

I haven’t altered the theme – that is, the grayish background and fleur-de-lee – which I chose because I was in Louisiana — and now I’m in Phoenix Arizona.

I haven’t changed one word in the pages — and the one on Obama’s cabinet is surely out of date – but, well, I’ve had no inclination to do so. Though, I suppose it’s time.

Other pages I haven’t touched either — Nor have I added or subtracted any links — and perhaps I should.

Well I don’t know – I get set in a rut and I can’t get out of them — I’m not much for willynilly change — some people change constantly.

Just like I haven’t altered my avatar in years – I still clip clop along on the donkey I rode back into the internet on — after many years avoiding the thing.

And well, perhaps that might all change soon – I’m just not sure — perhaps this very weekend.

of course, I was “the daily mush” back in Louisiana – but I had the time – Now I’m sort of every few days when the mood strikes me.

I do try to alter the content of the posts — that is, not stick to one topic or area of discussion — so, I have posts about my paintings and family and life — and my books that I wrote — and I definitely delve into foreign affairs, a subject which most people are clueless about because they don’t know much about the world. And of course, there’s domestic politics I touch on .. but in no particular order, economics, corruption, cronyism and such. And of course, the gay thing – -a most absurd subject given what so many people still say — I don’t really like that discussion –but, it seems to fill the hustings. I still can’t quite figure out why, other than the age old question of Heterosexuals: “What do we do about the homosexuals” — why anyone feels a need to do anything about us or discuss us endlessly I have yet to fathom … still, as I say, it fills the hustings.

And of course, we’re entering election season, and there’s plenty of nonsense coming out of Washington and State-houses as well as sundry organizations … I try to contend with stuff like that.

Frankly, there’s too much going on in the nation and the world and up my street to comment on everything, though well I could. These posts of mine take but a few minutes to write  -10, 15, not much longer. A quick proof read, then a post. I write fast, and it comes out pretty much just as you read it, with virtually no editing prior to posting.

Anyway, a change of some sort is required, I just don’t know what — yet. But whatever comes, rest assured it will remain the same after that for quite some time.

I hope you all are having a pleasant time doing what you do — and I enjoy this blogging thing. I just don’t get paid for it, so I’m not driven to work on it everyday … and that’s the news for Sept 26th 2014.

cheers, Jim,


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