The USA Against the World’s Cretins

from a facebook thread — I just post the whole damn thing —

Jim Hlavac just guessing here, but 2 US carrier groups worth of air and sea power could destroy the entire Iranian navy and air force in about 24 hours 🙂 just guessing — might be 48 hours


  • Port of BANDAR IMAM KHOMEINI (IR BIK) details - Departures, Expected Arrivals and Port Calls | AIS Marine Traffic
    Port of BANDAR IMAM KHOMEINI (IR BIK) details – Departures,…

    Port of BANDAR IMAM KHOMEINI (IR BIK) details – Departures, Expected Arrivals and Port Calls | AIS Marine Traffic

  • Jim Hlavac a rain of about 100 cruise missiles across Iran would take out pretty much their entire command and control infrastructure – feel free to use 200! — I’m sure we got them — and then what?
    what would be left ?

    see – pinprick strikes will not work — but a Pattonesque “kill the other fellows” would be quite awesome 🙂 hate to do it — I really do — but well – if that’s what’s required? go for it

  • Jim Hlavac same with North Korea — 2 or 3 US carrier groups on either side of the peninsula and there might not be much left of NK’s vaunted “military might” with in a few early hours of the beginning — and what can be kept incoming would mop up the rest – if the will is there – what might hit them would boggle their minds before their brains were schmered on broken walls
  • Jim Hlavac what’s stunning is first people complain the US has so much firepower to top all the world’s military’s combined — and then fret we won’t be able to simply remove them from consideration — China’s navy? eek! — the US Coast Guard is probably bigger (albeit without a heavy cruiser or air craft carrier) but we got other assets!

    Every bomber from Barksdale in Louisiana — those places in Missouri, Ohio, the Dakotas — a fleet of 100s of bombers — that Doolittle would have slobbered at! — a rain of hell!

    Russia too! – they are pipsqueaks – that’s the complaint in the USA! — $700 billion on military — and the rest of the world like boy scouts against the Mafia

    I really hate to be brutal – but well – there we are – and there they are 🙂 oh well — enjoy

  • Jim Hlavac if push came to shove — a few US submarines lurking before Murmansk might reduce their port and military assets to rubble and melted steel before they woke up for breakfast — 🙂

    consult “Jane’s Fighting Ships” for more details — who knows — our Pentagon lies about about our capabilities I’m sure 🙂 oosh

  • Jim Hlavac Italy had an impressive navy in WWII! — oh, the fret of the Mediterrean — and we simply in one afternoon sunk the whole damn thing in Tarranto’s harbor – where it sits today – unless we had to clear a bit for us to use for our fleet in that lake —

  • United States Sixth Fleet - Wikipedia
    United States Sixth Fleet – Wikipedia

    United States Sixth Fleet – Wikipedia

  • Jim Hlavac I am no expert — feel free to correct or somehow contest and certainly add to my comments – -but to argue with the US military is fruitless — if we want in – we will get in- if we want to destroy – we will destroy — I’m not sure of all the particulars — but I sure know the world combined is no match against us —

    If there’s a will – that’s the only subjective thing in the way

  • Jim Hlavac in WWII we sank the entire French Fleet in Marsailles and other ports in the South of France — took the US and the UK about 24 hours – not a ship left floating – and so the Nazis never got to use it 🙂
  • Jim Hlavac “Can we fight a two front war?” so dearly questionable allegedly — egad — if we really wanted to — we could simultaneously take out Russia’s, China’s, Iran’s and North Korea’s combined navy and air forces within hours with a coordinated full scale no holes barred assault — and – then! – because all four depend on our food imports to eat — go “eh, folks, let’s discuss this!” —

    But! – again – we would need a will – and a directive

  • Jim Hlavac I think sometimes about what would happen if the USA released every cruise missile we had, while firing every gun from every ship we have incessantly for hour after hour, and then bombs bursting from air with lordy knows what, and bunker buster dropping deep inside the earth, and then bombs dropped from every plane we could push into the air — while raining machine gun fire at the fleeing hordes —

    And we’d never have to use a soldier on the ground near the destruction —

    if you think about it – it’s quite awesome what we might wreck upon the world’s militaries giving us grief 🙂 few think about this — we can send jets around the globe in 15 hours or so — and replenish bombs to drop the 2nd load while the 10th and 20th wave of bombers just keeps dropping stuff

    I don’t recommend it! – just like to point out the reality

    We have supply ships filled with missiles, weapons, bombs – they can sail in peace up to the firing platforms and replenish – and the onslaught would come for weeks — 🙂 amazing, yes? Enjoy

    Peace on earth and good will to all men — but — eh 🙂 hahaha


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