My Output since July 2012

What I, Jim Hlavac, actually did since July 2012 in Tucson & Phoenix:

  • Painted 200 paintings – including 40 complex mazes
  • Composed 2500+ pieces of classical music (mostly piano works, but 200 string quartets, too)
  • Posted 160 videos of my music to Youtube
  • Published 14 books to Amazon Kindle
  • Played piano at multiple places 2 to 4 days a week, including AZ Cancer Clinic in Tucson and St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix – where I became the official “Lobby Pianist” (they gave me a piano just 3 weeks ago)
  • Became Sunday services piano player at Huger Mercy Assisted Living
  • Posted 200 articles to my blog “The Daily Mush”
  • Translated some thirty 100 year old family letters from Czech to English
  • Wrote most of a book in Spanish on how to think about learning English
  • Outlined 4 operas, including libretto ideas, themes, and theatrical order of the scenes
  • Continued to do the yearly updates for the website of the Tunica Nation’s Pow Wow in Louisiana as I have for years
  • Held 2 public solo art exhibits, had pieces in four others, and donated a 4×4 foot complex ‘word painting’ of 5,000 years of LGBT history to the Phoenix Pride Center
  • Published several articles on several national websites about Gay Guys
  • Was defended nationally for being rational on gay men by a noted anti-gay pundit
  • Began work on a book – “Catalyst” – of my 25 glorious years in Louisiana (1985-2011)
  • Started a family history called “Growing up Czech”
  • Worked on some 20 other books that are in the works
  • Drew a 150 page line drawing picture book with commentary of places I’ve been
  • Reconnected long lost cousins in Australia, through my blog, with the family in America and the Czech Republic and Skyped weekly with them for 8 months
  • Read some 500 books on a wide range of subjects (all my life, 100+ books a year)
  • Left 1000s of comments across a wide range of websites and had 1000s of charming and erudite conversations on facebook
  • Drew some 3 dozen Christmas cards for family and friends as I’ve done for 40 years
  • Made friends with 2 dozen people of every sort (who all came to help when I broke my wrist)
  • Went to my niece’s wedding in Pennsylvania in June 2013 – became a Great-Uncle in December 2016
  • Between Tucson & Phoenix I was for 3 months in Scranton PA for a family visit – and sold 150 lots on Ebay – and played piano every week at the Century Women’s Club (3 gorgeous pianos)
  • And I’m planning a fantabulous 60th birthday since I survived 40 years of AIDS.

I really do not like being told I am delusional about my vast and constant creative intellectual output.


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