To my “doctor”

Defendants and Your Labels of Me:

allow me to forthrightly explain this morass –

The labels:

As of today – so far I have determined that I am declared across the records, a “cocaine, meth, and marijuana addict, who abuses alcohol, with mania, depression, manic-depression, bipolar, anxiety, panic, agoraphobia, and paranoia disorders – with mood instability, social isolation and no contact with family – with legal, weapons, debt and gambling issues, with decompensation, hallucinations, and who is moving to Philadelphia and Costa Rica and has delusions to become a Hollywood movie star — who is delusional about writing books, painting and playing the piano – while in survival and crisis mode – and was an abused child, with child neglect, and learning disabilities – and inbred.” And I’ve been declared “Severely Mentally Ill” and “Special Needs.” You have declared me “in crisis” and “at risk,” and “at risk for crisis” and even “suicidal.”

None of this is true, it is absurd – and dangerous to my life. Cops have been sent to my house twice already – you people are sending cops to my house to compel me to sign forms! And to haul me to a psyche ward. It is most monstrous. If you Ann Khalsa – are my doctor – you will seek to stop this nonsense – if you do not – you are not my doctor – but my enemy.

All these people and you too and more are explicitly, implicitly or complicit in creating this fantasy above – and all that presented in the succeeding blog posts – it is a monstrous fantasy – is where I laid out even more details – and I am not done yet. In fact – this blog is very important – every post I made since 2012 will be entered as evidence against you – the 14 books I published in AZ – the 2000+ pieces of music I wrote – the 200 paintings I did – the translations of Czech letters – and oh so much more – I am a polymath – I am extremely creative – and I did stuff for 50 years and kept on doing it in AZ – and you all labeled me a hopeless mental basket case as I led the life I always have – and you will be astonished to learn what I did, do and plan on doing.

There are so far 350+ pages of utter fantasy written about me by just 3 agencies – who knows what else has been written – I will find out I assure you. Literally 100s of false statements – it is astonishing. And infuriating.

Just 3 weeks ago I got a call from Mercy-Maricopa – and the man talked to me like I was a deranged idiot with a cocaine addiction. This is absurd. A few days later a woman came to my house to tell me I am “severely mentally ill” and “in need of services.” What the hell are you people talking about! She ignored the 60 paintings on my walls! The reality in her face was a delusion to this idiot broad. In my own house she ignored me and talked to me like I was insane – this is insolent lunacy.

This – will be solved – to my satisfaction – one way or the other – with comity and humility by you all– or a judge’s order – for this cannot remain in my records – it is ALL false! You all believe the shit you all wrote – and you are insane.

This all is lies, fraud, malpractice and worse – you all have created a horror story – and I am a fabulous fellow.

“James has no contact with his family”! – are you all out of your goddamn minds! – this is evil. In fact – on February 14th 2013 I reestablished contact with long lost cousins in Wagga Wagga Australia – and shared this news with family in America and the Czech Republic. I am – the lynch pin of a vast family from Wagga Wagga and across America to Skoronice and Vlkos Czech Republic – in two languages! This lie is simply demonic. But the rest of my family? Oh children – you are not ready for me and my family. I will haul you all to a 9/11 memorial to explain to you all how “James has no contact with his family” – what miserable crap.

I asked SAAF and MIHS – the only two agencies I went to – for 1) the AIDS drugs – it took 4 to 5 months to get them, with the help of people outside the system! You all don’t know your own confounded system! My t-cell count in November 2011 was 454 – and then it started falling because of the sheer incompetence of the system. They have not returned to this level yet.

Every other agency I was told I had to go see, so I went – I complied – I signed every fucking form you assholes presented. Why? To “assess” me you claim And what did you do? You LIED! You fabricated! You imagined! – you did bullshit. Lindsay Morgan of Jewish Family Services says I can appeal her decisions about me – so what did she write? She won’t tell me – “you are severely mentally ill and wouldn’t understand” she tells me to my face – this is a miserable excuse of a women – I despise her existence.

2) I asked for a dentist – well, at least that went well – except – that too took months of nonsense to get.

3) a gay male counselor to speak to about gay male issues – and that’s when the labeling spree started – on the very first days I settled in AZ (after 10 years of being here in the winters, which you don’t know about!) I was “assessed” by heterosexual morons – what were you assessing? You were going to tell me what I needed – so you created your fantasy – and you continue to do so – you are malicious and fraudulent – and I HAVE YET to speak to who I wish.

Zhanna Shpitalnik just dismissed my repeated requests as piffle – and pushed a drug me. In fact – all of you pushed a drug on me – Risperadone – first .5 mg, then 1, then 1.5, then 2 – and by 2 – I was “something is wrong” and you wanted to push the pill higher! – and no – this drug endangered my life – you all endangered my life. I do regret taking the pill – but – you all are “professionals” so I followed your advice – and the damn drug almost killed me! I DO NOT need a damn drug – I needed a gay male counselor to talk to about gay male issues. So what did she and I discuss? Politics and the elections! – and my issues? I can’t discuss them with a woman – I stated it repeatedly – and you all told me “no, talk to a woman” egad miserable. What are my issues? I survived 40 years of AIDS, and buried 100 friends, and listened to lifetime of heterosexuals assholes – and lived to tell about it – and you goddamn people ignore this and tell me I’m “inbred” and other miserable shit.

And on January 17th 2013 a man named Toate Ganago – a Nigerian Christian Immigrant at COPE – checked off the box that labeled me “SMI” “Severely mentally ill” – and every one of you morons since then believed this miscreant man – and dismissed me as crap and delusional! Are you fucking nuts! He is from one of the most anti-gay cultures and nations on earth – and you all believed him! You all believe a Nigerian “prince” with 20 million dollars he’d like to give you like in any email! – this is monstrous. That very morning I published to my blog a 4500 word article on Buckminister Fuller – it is very cogent – as all my writing is. I could not be sane in the AM and insane in the PM – that’s ludicrous. The day after I wrote yet another fabulous post.

On April 8th 2013 a woman – Kathleen Oldfather – at COPE had me sign some forms – one of them she slipped in supposedly states “James agrees he’s severely mentally ill” – that is absurd – it’s malicious fraud – for on April 7th, 8th and 10th – I was on the national stage about the Glory of Gay Guys – and North Korea! For 50 years I fought the designation of gay men as “mentally ill” – on those very days too. In 1978 I wrote President Jimmy Carter about gay men – the White House responded – I will prove it to you! It is bizarre to think that 50 years of statements one way – were tossed aside – in 20 minutes with a goddamn woman! – and the next day! I went back to what I had been saying for 50 years. This woman is a creep. I suggest you look at a website “American Thinker” for my article on gay men on April 10th 2013 and the public defense of me as rational by a noted anti-gay pundit!

In Tucson I wrote my third book – “The Pink Sheep of the Ninth Circle” – about the idiocy of heteroos about gay men. To imagine that as I wrote this book of the Glory of Gay Guys I would agree to be “severely mentally ill” is just farcical – and evil. You will all read this book – even if I have to have it read word by word as testimony in a court.

There is so much more – you all are not ready. I suggest someone start to listen to me. For the more I am ignored the more damages I will seek against you all – including your licenses to practice. I am fed up with you morons – you got a pissed off sissy on your hands. The more you remain obstinate against me I will the more rip you apart!

Agoraphobia? Social isolation? “James claims he can play the piano, but is delusional” – Really? I am the official piano player in the lobby of St. Joseph’s Hospital – and people claim in my records that I am delusional about playing the piano – you all are insane.

“Inbred”? Are you mad?

Anyway – -the morons below is just the start of who I am going after.

So the question for you is “Do you wish to cooperate with me or fight me?”

For we can do this nicely – or I will haul you all to a court – and win! You have nothing to stand on – but lies and fraud and malpractice and demonic evil. You all have nothing! And I have my life – and I can prove me – and you cannot prove your version of me. Google me goddamn it – learn who you are dealing with! You imagine me a deranged idiot – and I am a genius publicly! – egad – are you this obstinately obdurately obtusely obnoxious to not listen to me?

My suggestion is this: get all these people together – at St. Josephs – so first you all can listen to an hour of my glorious music I create – and then – in one of the many conference rooms there – listen to a day long presentation of my life and what I did in Arizona. When I am done you will all go “oh shit we fucked up” and then make it right – with some reasonable recompense and restitution for the evil you have done to me. And wipe the bullshit you wrote from the records – all of it – it will be gone – by cooperation or court order.

Let me tell you – we can meet on my terms – or we can meet in a court – but all will hear all about me one way or the other. Get yourselves lawyers – I don’t need one – I know me – and I am brilliant enough to rip you all apart. And I will do so. Again – I can be nice about this – or I will come at you all with a nastiness you can’t fathom. I will not tolerate this crap. I am losing my patience – for SIX MONTHS I have appealed to you raving lunatics: “Listen to me” I said – and you insist your shit is right and I am wrong! It’s disgusting already. Pfft.

And if you think this is a joke or bluff – you will all be very sorry. In this very building right now is a monumental 4 x 4 foot painting I did of 5,000 years of “LGBTQITSAPGNC+ consortium” “community” my tuckus – egad – and you say? “James is a poor historian” – you all are deranged.

I can go on for days about this – do you wish to meet me nicely for one day? OR be hauled and subpoenaed to a court for months! I will haul you out of your goddamn offices until you are sick of me – you all have fucked with the wrong fellow – and there is little left to do but curse at you miserable bastards.

Rozumiš – do you understand? Egad – hrozny – miserable.

The Morons! >>>

Eddy Broadway, CEO

Ron Valdez, Ombudsman

Mercy Maricopa Grievance Committee

Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care

4350 E. Cotton Center Blvd., Bldg. D

Phoenix, AZ 85040

Dorothy Williams

Relles Abeytia

Mary Kayu Tharalson;

Cory, Laura, et al.

Southwest Network

3640 West Osborn Rd., Suite 1

Phoenix, AZ 85019

Keith Thompson, et al

Phoenix Shanti Group

2345 W. Glendale Avenue Phoenix AZ 85021


Thomas Donovan, Chairman, et al

Toate Ganago, Joanna Reis, Kathleen Oldfather, Lisa Robinson, Jonathan Patton and others


82 S. Stone Avenue

Tucson, AZ 85701

Juliet Yardy, et al


375 South Euclid Avenue,

Tucson, Arizona 85719


Lindsay Morgan, et al.

Jewish Family Services

3001 N. 33rd Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85017

Recovery Empowerment Network

212 E. Osborn Rd., Suite 210

Phoenix, AZ 85012

Eric Moore

Judy Norton


2601 E. Roosevelt Street

Phoenix AZ 85008


UA-UMC, Petersen Clinic, et al

Robert Gadsden

Michael Castaneda

1501 Campbell Road

Petersen Clinic 6OPC

Tuscon Arizona, 85724


Justin M. Bayless, et al

3620 N. 3rd Street Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ 85012


Arizona Department of Health, et al

Ryan White, ADAP, HIV/AIDS Program,

150 N. 18th Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85007


Brian Arey

Judie Langston

Zhanna Shpitalnik

Gregg Scaggs

McDowell Clinic

1101 N. Central Avenue, Suite 204

Phoenix AZ 85004


Patrick Scullion, et al.


618 South Madison Drive

Tempe, AZ 85281





  1. Daniela

    Jim, many hugs and thoughts from the little Czech woman making sushi in New Orleans. Myslime na Tebe! Missed ya! Anything we can do to help? D.

    • I do not know how to reach you – find me — facebook – your number here – mine is 570-430-2881 —

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