The Malignant & their fantasy

Defendants and their Labels of me:

The labels:

As of today – so far I have determined that I am declared across the records, a “cocaine, meth, and marijuana addict, who abuses alcohol, with mania, depression, manic-depression, bipolar, anxiety, panic, agoraphobia, and paranoia disorders – with mood instability, social isolation and no contact with family – with legal, weapons, debt and gambling issues, with decompensation, hallucinations, and who is moving to Philadelphia and Costa Rica and has delusions to become a Hollywood movie star — who is delusional about writing books, painting and playing the piano – while in survival and crisis mode – and was an abused child, with child neglect, and learning disabilities – and inbred.” And I’ve been declared “Severely Mentally Ill” and “Special Needs.” They have declared me “in crisis” and “at risk,” and “at risk for crisis” and even “suicidal.” None of this is true, it is absurd – and dangerous to my life.

All these people and more are explicitly, implicitly or complicit in creating this fantasy above – and all that presented in the succeeding blog posts – it is a monstrous fantasy –

Eddy Broadway, CEO

Ron Valdez, Ombudsman

Mercy Maricopa Grievance Committee

Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care

4350 E. Cotton Center Blvd., Bldg. D

Phoenix, AZ 85040

Dorothy Williams

Relles Abeytia

Mary Kayu Tharalson;

Cory, Laura, et al.

Southwest Network

3640 West Osborn Rd., Suite 1

Phoenix, AZ 85019

Phoenix Shanti Group

2345 W. Glendale Avenue Phoenix AZ 85021


Thomas Donovan, Chairman, et al

Toate Ganago, Joanna Reis, Kathleen Oldfather, Lisa Robinson, Jonathan Patton and others


82 S. Stone Avenue

Tucson, AZ 85701

Juliet Yardy, et al


375 South Euclid Avenue,

Tucson, Arizona 85719


Lindsay Morgan, et al.

Jewish Family Services

3001 N. 33rd Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85017

Recovery Empowerment Network

212 E. Osborn Rd., Suite 210

Phoenix, AZ 85012

Eric Moore

Julie Norton


2601 E. Roosevelt Street

Phoenix AZ 85008


UA-UMC, Petersen Clinic, et al

Robert Gadsden

Michael Castaneda

1501 Campbell Road

Petersen Clinic 6OPC

Tuscon Arizona, 85724


Justin M. Bayless, et al

3620 N. 3rd Street Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ 85012


Arizona Department of Health, et al

Ryan White, ADAP, HIV/AIDS Program,

150 N. 18th Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85007


Brian Arey

Judie Langston

Zhanna Shpitalnik

Gregg Scaggs

McDowell Clinic

1101 N. Central Avenue, Suite 204

Phoenix AZ 85004


Patrick Scullion, et al.


618 South Madison Drive

Tempe, AZ 85281




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