Four Pictures & a Pfft

neil murphy

I hugged Neil for 20 minutes in the Ninth Circle in NYC when he was skeletal — and all marveled and we cried — because we all knew he was a Dead Man Walking — this is my issue – dealing with rational emotions about my dead friends – -and you miserable morons came up with “inbred” – you disgusting people, pfft.20130122_135631

This is a real workable maze – I did it for the Tucson Arts Brigade. It is a 24 x 36 inch watercolor with a black pen maze on top — this is what I did while you were claiming I said “I can’t concentrate, can’t function, can’t focus” and “has no connection to the community.” There are many more mazes I will be showing to you. Such a lack of concentration, function and focus, eh? Explain it well — go ahead.20140909_153402

“James has a poor grasp of history” it is written — well, here’s 5,000 years of LGBTetcetc history — and you can’t even yet imagine what is embedded into this monumental painting – perhaps one day someone will actually ask. You will be shocked. Perhaps one day it will even get hung in a public place as it was designed to be — instead of sitting in a closet in the hands of a fool. Took me about 3 weeks to paint it – I do things, I do not dawdle.My beautiful picture

You know folks – you know what the most “insane” thing I do is? I walk my cat. Schroder and I go for nightly strolls. He’s on a leash so he does not get into trouble. 20150422_161911

Oddly — amazingly — Schroder listens to me better and more carefully and clearly — than any of you miserable people have ever done. You folks are so filled with arrogance, hubris and mind numbing love of paperwork and forms as to deny the humanity of the man talking to you. You are the epitome of the “Authorities” in Franz Kafka’s “The Trial” which begins:

“Someone must have been spreading slander about Josef K., [Jim H.] for one morning he was arrested, though he had done nothing wrong.”

And so it is — you all slandered and traduced me – and then had me hauled to a psyche ward – and lord knows what nonsense you are planning next — while in a sense “arresting” me for having done nothing wrong but ask to speak to a gay male counselor of some kind –and you said? “Pfft, fuck off” Thanks! Egad. Miserable.

Continue on …. there’s so much more – go back to the beginning of 2012 in this blog — it’s all relevant – every last word will be brought up in a trial.



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