My Jimmy Carter & Dixie Lee Ray letters

In 1978 as a very precocious 20 year old I wrote to the President of the United States, Jimmy Carter – and I wrote to the Governor of Washington State, Dixie Lee Ray. I wrote to them on the issue of Gay Guys in America. And they responded. Here are the letters from them to me. Mr. Carter had his Assistant Midge Costanza answer me – Mrs Ray wrote me directly. I would think that I was one of very few 20 year old Gay Guys getting answers from such people at such a time on such a contentious issue. I have since discovered that my letters to them – which I did not keep a copy of — are actually in their archives in Atlanta and Olympia. They so graciously sent me PDF files of them – I have not figured out how to post them to this blog yet — but, well, go to the archives and ask for copies.

One interesting thing is that both made merry with my (h)last name – Ray writing “Havac” and Costanza writing “Heavac” — no matter – -it’s me — same address — I’m sure the State of Washington has that address in their files for my ID I had at that time. Hell, I still have it my own archives.

Of course – not once in the years since have I ever relented in saying “Gay Guys Are Good By God’s Good Grace” – NEVER! — I have said things to heterosexuals which would astound anyone. I am about to tell a slew of heterosexuals what they do not want to hear.

Anyway – here’s the two responses.



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