Pensive on Pence

So, Donald Trump has picked Mike Pence for Veep — frankly I think it a poor choice. Trump had the opportunity to find a woman, a black guy or a Latino — and there’s plenty of conservative ones … to really blow the lid off the establishment, and fend off the charges made by the left and Democrats.. Maybe that’s why he picked Pence — to quell the Republican establishment and the “never Trump” wing of the Republicans. Still, he has to win an election — not just make the party happy.

Of course, the media — beholden to Clinton as they seem to be — will bring up “the gay thing” — they will pepper him with questions on his views of us few men … his answers are bound to create controversy and outrage even. And the man  is not gay friendly in the least — he thinks we’re some dire threat to society somehow — he can’t explain it — it’s a vague feeling he has, I’m sure.

However, there are probably more children in troubled homes and child protective services, orphanages and foster care than there are gay folks — tend your kind, Mr. Pence  – and stop obsessing over us – -egad.

Well, so that’s the choice – -I think it no good. Enjoy the ride sir, though it will  be bumpy.


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