The myth of the homophobe as gay

They myth has been circulating now for 100 years — it really picked up steam 60 years ago – -and now is just part of the vernacular. It surfaced immediately after a clear and obvious example of a jihadi Muslim on the warpath. No, it couldn’t be the simple reason. It has to be the contorted complex reason that no one has ever explained adequately. Not in a hundred articles in the scientific literature is it really proven, so much as stated. Occam is rolling over in his grave.

People who study this aren’t really sure what a “homophobe” is – -the word is actually very new compared to the alleged studies done. What were all those 95% of the straight population called 50 years ago when still more studies purported to show that only secret gay men attack other gay men?

But the theory is clear — only secretly closeted self-loathing gay men attack, beat up, and kill gay men. Not a hetero would ever do such a thing! — Why they love us to smooches.

But look at the long list of what could be called homophobic people — preachers, pastors, imams, politicians, pundits. Surely this endless discussion over marriage and cake presented person after person who exhibited “homophobia” — there were a 100 briefs filled with the Supreme Court by organizations and individuals all expressing clearly some sort of homophobia. They weren’t gay friendly! …and we’re to believe by this study …

That all these people are really super secreted closeted gay men.

Kim Davis of Kentucky — vehemently opposed to happiness for gay folks — clear in a her Biblical denouncing of gayness — surely she’s really just a secret lesbian, yes? That’s the logic.

The various preachers extolling the slaughter and calling for more of it? That’s Homophobic writ big — ergo – but this study, by this logic – they are really secret self-loathing gay men. What else could they be? Only we hate us – yah, sure.

More bizarre to the theory is the corollary that no straight person would ever harm a gay man. Since only secret gay men do – heterosexuals are off the hook. Lifetime inculcation that gay men are abominations who are worthy of death mean nothing to them. It’s a big hahahaah — why, only secretly gay men are anti-gay.

Which leads to still another startling conclusion — since there’s far more “homophobes” and anti-gay people than there are open gay men — then there’s really far more secret gays than open gays. Well, golly be, all these people should come out and we’d make up 40% of the population at this point.

Though 50 years ago — when nearly everyone was homophobic — everyone was secretly gay. I guess it wore off, eh?

What are we to say about people around the world attacking, killing, stomping on gay men? Are they all secretly gay? Every single last one of them? That’s what the “study”  purports by logic if not by words. They can’t even follow their logic to the end of the trail. The police in Istanbul just attacked and beat a gay pride even, they did it in Belgrade last year. Are the cops and authorities all super secreted gay — that’s why they attack open gay folks? yeesh. — but that’s the logic if “homophobes are secretly gay.”

In every single attack on gay men in the past 60 years the secret self-loathing gay man has been blamed. Well, what are the men attacking lesbians? Secret self loathing lesbians?

More astonishing is that when a heterosexual shoots up a venue — no one says “Well, he’s really a secret self-loathing heterosexual out to kill open heterosexuals. The idea is preposterous.

But for gay folks  it must be true. That millions of gay men have come out the closet after years of some sort of secret, self-loathing, hiding, repression, what have you — and never shot or killed anyone seems not to mater. How is that all gay men come out in peace – but only secretly self-loathing gay men come out in violence — and only against open gay men.

No one ever laid the killing of straight people at the feet of the secret self-loathing gay man, that’s for sure.

And so just this once — deviating from the standard pattern of a crazed jihadi Muslim screaming for ISIS, Allah, and other Arabic/Muslim causes shooting up just anywhere — none of that matters — it’s really he’s just a secret self-loathing gay man. Well, isn’t that convenient —  a simple way to brush so much under the rug, eh?



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