Why Gary Johnson is best choice

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian party candidate, is the best choice for president because he might actually look at the morass and try to sort it out — rather than just leave it the way it is. He won’t add more to it, like Hilary and Donald want to do. He’ll start to eliminate some things. He’s a detail man, apparently, coming from running his own big business and being governor of New Mexico. Sure, it’s a small state, but mostly Hispanic Democrats — and he won twice by good margins.

He’s likely to cut a few pointless programs. Perhaps combine  a few others and lessen the numbers of bureaucrats required to run it. Perhaps he’ll cut some of the paperwork. He’s into downsizing the size of government — not the so called “essential services” – but the bloated fluff which permeates the system. Do we really need so many administrators in the Department of Education to monitor compliance with endless confounded rules that add not one thing to education? I can see Johnson sitting down with the organization chart and a red pencil to strike out the ones that might not be necessary.

He’ll work to end the pointless “War on Drugs”  — it wastes billions of dollars, erodes civil rights, incarcerates harmless people, and eschews billions in potential tax revenues.

He’ll work to simplify the tax code — perhaps even to a “fair tax” or “flat tax” — ideas broached by many. But at least certainly simplify the IRS code if nothing else. That thing is absurd. Hilary and Donald don’t say a word about it, Johnson does.

Surely he’ll work to end the subsidies to all sorts of companies that really don’t need a dime – let them earn it the good old fashioned entrepreneurial way, or fall by the wayside. Who knows what billions could be saved from ending countless subsidy programs? It’ll be difficult for sure – entrenched piggies are at the trough, they are not easily shooed away.

I’m not sure he knows what to do about foreign policy as anyone else does. He’d be for free trade with the peaceful countries, for sure. He’s not looking to start a trade war with anyone. Nor is he looking to start any hot war with anyone either. He’s not full of bombast about bombing our enemies — which we really can’t even identify. Surely in the Middle East, the most contentious war-ridden place on earth — we can’t tell who is our friend and who is our enemy. Perhaps Johnson will end some of the pointless war – like Afghanistan — we’re not going to fix it — we’re not going to make it a democracy. Give it up. Johnson is a realist on this — even if perhaps he’s not sure how to go about it. But I trust his judgement on figuring it out. Hilary and Donald seem to just want to become more embroiled in reshaping these Muslim countries that want to be left alone to their devices. Leave them be.
Perhaps there is some money to be saved at the Pentagon — perhaps we are spending too much  on new weapons and upgrading — how much more do we need? Who is going to invade us?

Johnson will I think work towards stopping the militarizing of the police. He’s for civil liberties, not the police state.

On the so called “social issues” — there’s really just two of them – abortion and homosexuality — forever linked somehow — and he’s sort of a hands off let people live as they wish.

Johnson isn’t going to be out wholesale bothering Mexicans or Muslim or Refugees or Immigrants … or will he be simply opening the gates to anyone. Hilary is really for open borders in a way that Johnson is not. There is an ‘open the border with Mexico’ movement among Libertarians, true. And Johnson has flirted with that. But who can say that the current system is working? We have this porous border. But with open borders comes reciprocity = Americans should be allowed to go live in Mexico, own land, businesses, even vote. Though the whole thing is so complex that even if Johnson seems for open borders it’s not going to happen anytime soon. it’s sort of sop to the strongly opinionated on it.

The international community is not panic-stricken of a Johnson presidency, mostly because they don’t know about him. But they sure seem to be worried about a Clinton or Trump presidency. Who knows what those two mavericks looking for stardom will do?

I can’t vouch for every position Johnson might hold. Truth be told, I haven’t even read much about them in detail. But I know he won’t act in a vacuum to just decree stuff, he’ll work with congress and the governors — he does not have the authoritarian streaks that are thick down the backs of Clinton and Trump.

And isn’t that the choice now? Either an authoritarian (albeit with different styles) or a guy for liberty. Two who would use government diktat to reshape America more to their liking – -and a guy who would get the government out of the way so Americans can shape America as they wish. Well, that’s why I’m for Johnson.






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