Clinton or Trump – sheesh

So two ever shifting, conniving blowhards with no real plans other than to focus on the real issues with soaring platitudes are running for president. That’s charming. It’s dangerous, actually. Neither one knows what to do about a single problem. At most they’ll create more problems. They’re not going to lower the national debt. They won’t curtail the deficits. They won’t go through the thousands of laws and rules and regulations that currently bedevil the land and rid us of them. But they shall propose bold new initiatives, to leave their mark.

They shall both seek to be meddling busybodies in people’s lives. They both have plenty of ideas about how every group of identify politics shall interact with each other. They shall set up hoops and barriers to make sure all the people cooperate as they wish. It’s rather kingly if you ask me.

On foreign policy they aren’t that much different. The bombing starts in 5 minutes. Bombing what where almost seems beside the point. No one is really attacking us — but we need a robust defense. Both seek to meddle in the age old ways of places faraway that we’re not going to change. We’re not going to make Iraq or Pakistan function any different than what they’ve been doing. The influence of America is far slighter than people imagine. Don’t let the bombs fool you — the minds won’t be changed.

Of course, there has to be endless discussion of their positions on “LGBT” people — why we need all this special consideration is besides me — but they’ve both flipped flopped all over it like your average hetero. They’re no different than most — they are gay perplexed.

I suppose there’s some differences — but are they worth noting? Hilary supposedly is “stronger on woman’s issues” because she is one – though what those issues are is quite nebulously described.

Supposed their immigration ideas differ — and that’s perhaps the biggest difference. And the nation is in an anti-immigrant flavor right now — as they go through about every 40 years — so this is a strong issue for Trump.

Meanwhile, between Bernie and the conservative fundamentalists — both parties are faced with sizable insurgencies that seek to disrupt the conventions and get a candidate more to their choosing, rather than was picked in the apparent charade of the primaries and caucuses have shown the system to be.

Well, it certainly is interesting times — but nothing much will change except to get worse by increments hopefully, and nothing too dramatic.

Or all the people not happy with Hilary or Donald can vote for Gary Johnson and get some rational governance.



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  1. I’d like to read your comments on Gary Johnson. I expect I will vote for him. I certainly won’t vote for any other Presidential candidate.

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