Perhaps a return to blogging

It’s been many months since I posted any comments here — I got sick and tired of the nonsense I saw every day. What was I going to say to influence anything anyhow? Probably nothing. And yet that doesn’t seem a really good reason to not post my thoughts on the conundrum of our times — which is the bizarre presidential race. I moved over to facebook for a while — what a zoo that is. I never saw such lack of logic, thought, real ideas, anything — there’s nothing but emotions — and strong ones at that. Then there’s this bizarre belief that only the government can solve problems. So strong is it that cities have actually outlawed individuals and small groups trying to feed the homeless – only government run programs are allowed to do that now.

I have a facebook friend who was a big Berniac — he’s sure Bernie is the savior of our times. And then in a mix of posts — on the one hand he decried police power, and government rules and the corruption and chicanery — and then he argued for more government — I kept telling him — what you complain about you want more of. He didn’t get it. He thought perhaps that this time, for the first time in 5,000 years the right people would be found to run this joy of altruism he thinks is out there somewhere. He was anti-religion and loved the pope. A gay man, he hated the Jews but loved the Arabs. Eh, he had to go.

Indeed, I went through so many facebook friends it was hard to keep track of them. There were the memers — apparently without an independent thought in their minds — and memes so convoluted, often misspelled and grammatically incorrect — so one night I cleaned out some 30 memers from my “friends” list.

And isn’t there a word way too misused on Facebook? — I wasn’t “Friends” with these people — and some of them struck me more as enemies than friends.

For a while I had a habit of accepting a “friends” request from anyone who asked — eh, why not? Find out what’s on people’s minds. Now I know — mostly crap. I got rid of dozens of them — what was the point of these aggravating people in my life?

Though some people were true friends — especially after the Orlando shootings. Many called me even after I told them I was having severe mental strain dealing with. While other people after Orlando showed such a sadistic glee it amazed me.

Anyway — I think I’ll return to blogging more regularly now — it’s a “safe place” as they’re known in modern terms — a place I can say what I want without anyone contesting me or arguing with me.



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