All Gay Guys have dads in Orlando

I talked to my father today — he and I see eye to eye on many subjects. I guess I’m still the apple at the base of the tree. We talked of many things in our hour long conversation on Father’s Day … and Orlando came up — for how could it not? And he blamed it fair and square on a crazed Muslim Jihadi. He didn’t try to jump through hoops about the man’s secret repressed homosexuality that caused him to lash out at open gay men – -because just this once the super secreted closeted self-loathing homo — was also a crazed jihadi Muslim — my dad and I agree on this simple point. It was just another off the shelf normal run of the mill everyday crazed Muslim Jihadi out to kill infidels. It was most decidedly NOT a secret self-loathing gay man. Not a gay man in history ever shot his family, church, club, bar, shopping mall – you cannot find a report ever that any gay man randomly killed people. Oh, we have passions, a few of us perhaps have killed a lover — eh, happens with heteros far more frequently.

And he shot 45 sons — and so 45 dads are greatly grieved … and still there are religious figures and politicians and public figures who fail to see this — this reality — gay men are someone’s sons. Every one of us. But this is never mentioned as they bewail “homosexuality” — they’re bewailing some concept they’ve conjured up in their minds — and ignore the reality of the men they castigate and loathe – we’re sons. All gay men have dads.

And I’m sure every gay man called his dad today and had their father-son talk. Well, some gay men perhaps couldn’t — not because of anything more than the father for some reason couldn’t handle the fact that they had a gay son. Oh, decades ago it was far more troublesome — but well, that’s all gotten better.

But me and my dad? We have a great relationship – not without its rocky points — though never once did I have to say to him “Dad, I’m gay” -and have this big discussion. Because you know why? He knew from the get go. He knew when I was 12 or 14 even — when I was 15 he said to me “I don’t even know what to tell you about the birds and bees” – I told him, “Don’t worry, I’ll figure it out.”

Throughout my life, when I introduced male friends to my father — he simply said, “Ah, so you’re my son’s friend, glad to meet you.” — and I never have introduced my father to a woman I knew — surely he knows — it’s  obvious – -it doesn’t need to be stated. That’s a great day to have – -I have a great dad.

Not all gay sons have such great dads. But when these politicians, religious figures, culture commentators, pontificators of all kinds – when they talk of gay men as some terror to society  — and “homosexuals” as they love to call us — they ignore with a passion the reality that all gay men are sons – -and any dad — randomly by nature for some reason not yet known – can have a gay son — or two. No one knows why — there’s 101 theories. And every dad with a gay son has to deal with that.

And at least 45 American Dads are having to deal with the fact of a dead gay son this week — and I doubt I’ll see many people point this out.


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