I am compelled about Orlando

It is amazing what has transpired since 45 gay men and a few valiant women were killed at a gay men’s dance hall — dozens more injured. Oh sure, the usual gun debate — that’s predictable. Of course the police reaction must be measured and determined to see if all was done right, or could be done better. ISIS seems to involved — where they were – until the meme surfaced that this wasn’t an Islamic attack on the US — no sirree bob – this was a self-loathing gay man acting out – problem solved. Why, I was even called “faggot” on a poetry page at Facebook, because well, you know – it was just faggots who died, so who cared?

That not once in 100 years was a gay bar ever shot up — eh, piffle – self-loathing gay men kill open gay men all the time — that’s what said – that’s what the “scientific” literature says — only self-loathing gay men attack other gay men.. It’s been a standard in psychiatric and psychological texts and journals for 60 years. There’s been recent “studies” that purport to show every last homophobe in the nation is really secretly gay.

When 32 gay men were burned to death in 1974 it was summarily announced by the police “eh, angry gay man” and not even an investigation was done – Upstairs Lounge fire — look it up … families didn’t even claim their “loved” ones – they didn’t give a shit what happened to the bodies of their gay sons — I suppose by the theory then all the families were secretly gay, yes?

Anyway — it’s been saddening amusing  to watch so many people squirm. I mean, honoring dead gay men is just not something that is done. Surely it can be brushed  aside and ignored …and thus the convenient self-loathing gay man was resurrected  — because just this once a Muslim screaming Jihad was faking it.


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  1. Well, Jim, good to see you back. Some of us care. Thanks for the reminder about 1974. I’m sure there are other examples. We will work to remember all and account each person as exactly that, a person, an equal, and worthy.

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