David & Jonathan — an opera in three acts

And here’s another opera I am contemplating — eh, why not, dream big. Worse comes to worse I have some music for something … but I got to try, that’s it.

David & Jonathan

an opera in three acts

for male and mixed choruses, two baritones, Goliath and Saul, two tenors, David and Jonathan and two sextets, one male, one female.

The story comes from the Bible, I Samuel

Act I

the Philistines chorus

Male chorus

We’ve come to win the war. We’re going to defeat Israel. We shall be victorious

We shall send out out strongest man, and that will win it all



I am the strongest man around. Send me someone to fight. I shall take them all on. I shall defeat them all. I will be victorious, and we shall prevail.

the Jewish chorus

mixed chorus

We call on our god, for we are at the door of doom. We must pray harder for deliverance from this threat. Who is this mighty man who they send against us? Who is this Goliath? And how can we win against him? We have no one.

the call for David …

dozens of voices, separately one after the other, finishing with Saul

Go get David, David will win the day. Go get David, David will win the battle

David Kills Goliath

Tenor, baritone – aria – the fight

Goliath: so you think you are a tough man? Look at you, a mere boy.

David: so you think you are a tough man? Look at you, overgrown.

Goliath: I do not want to kill you, go away. Shoo.

David: I do not want to kill you, surrender, and let my people go

Saul worries


What can this boy do? Why have I put my fate in his hands? Oh, why have I listened to people who had more emotional than brains?
Saul’s wives – a female sextet

Don’t worry Saul, it will be alright, the Lord has given his promise. He will send one of the sons of Jesse to defeat out enemies. We are in good hands. Come let, us go make love.

David triumphant


With my slingshot I have slain you, Goliath. Now you lie dead. I told you to surrender and live, but you ignored me. Now you reaped what you sowed.
Jewish Chorus


We have won! The battle is ours. We shall be left in peace. Hail David, David our king to be. The man who will lead us to great glory.

Act II

Saul and Jonathan

Saul: You will be king one day.

Jonathan: No father, David will be king, and I shall serve him.

Saul: you are my son, you will be king.

Jonathan: the Lord has spoken, David will be king, he is the anointed one.

Saul: Why do you vex me so?

Jonathan: honesty and facts are often painful

Saul, the trials of David

baritone and tenor, and chorus

Saul: David, go out and kill for me. Get me the foreskins of hundreds. Bring me the heads of mine enemies.

David: I will do as you say. I will serve you till the end of my days.

Chorus: what a titanic fight between the two strong men. Saul the king and David savior of the kingdom. Such is the jealousy of life. And Jonathan loves David, which angers Saul all the more.

Saul and Bathsheba

baritone and soprano

Saul: Bathsheba, come and marry David, make a man out of him.

Bathsheba: I will do as you say, but I know he doesn’t love me.

Saul: What is love when there are important matters?
Bathsheba: it is my curse to marry a man who will not have me

Saul: Your beauty will win him over

Bathsheba: He is Jonathan’s

Saul, Jonathan & David

trio … baritone, tenor, tenor

Saul: young men, this is what will be. Jonathan will be king and David will serve him

Jonathan: no father, David will be king, and I will be his servant.

David: I have no say in the matter, but will do as the Lord commands

Saul: the lord has not told me you shall be king

Jonathan: father, the lord spoke when David slew Goliath

David and Bathsheba

tenor and soprano

David: Dear wife, I’m sorry you had to marry me

Bathsheba: it is alright David, I have done my duty

David: Saul should not have commanded you

Bathsheba: he does what he thinks best

the banquet chorus

mixed chorus

Our king and sons and people are happy

we have been victorious

the king is worthy

his son does well for us

David will lead us into the future

Saul condemns David

baritone and tenor

Saul: David is trying to steal my kingdom. He must be killed. I will send some guards to carry out the sentence. He is stealing my legacy. He is corrupting my son. He is not doing what his king has commanded, but runs his own way. It is time for him to die.

Saul: David you are

Jonathan Warns David

tenor duo

Jonathan: you must go, David, my father is out to kill you

David: I am doing nothing but what the lord commands me

Jonathan: go out into the desert – I will follow after you. We shall know safety out there beyond the city walls. Go wait for me.

the guards sent to arrest David

male sextet

Where is David? Where is David? We have come to arrest him

David flees The Court


I am going to the desert, as Jonathan commands me. He loves me, and is saving me. He wishes me to be king, and knows what is best for Israel

David alone in the desert


I await my love, my Jonathan. Here alone, under the stars, I wonder of my fate, and what has befell me.

the young boy to the tent.


David, Jonathan is coming. Wait another day, he will be here. Here have some food you must maintain your strength

David & Jonathan together

tenor duo

Oh my love – we are together – we shall be here for each other – our lives are bound together – our love enduring – we shall do our duty but be lovers – oh how I want you so

Saul Dies


I have done my best. I lived as a good man. I have protected my kingdom. I leave it in good hands, but not the ones I wanted. My son doesn’t want my kingdom, what a fate to befall a king. His lover will be the new king and who knows what will come of that, but it’s what god intended.

Bathsheba’s lament


I am alone, a married widow. My husband doesn’t know me. I rarely see him, and then for a greeting and a kiss on the cheek. He spends his time with Jonathan and I am alone.

David anointed King

chorus with tenor

All hail the new king. He will guide us to peace and prosperity. All hail David, king of the Israelites. He who slew Goliath, who defeated our many enemies. All hail the king

Jonathan’s happiness


I am so happy that David is king. He will rule so much better than I could have done. I will be by his side, and tend his needs and be there for him. He is my savior, my king, my one true love.

The Israelites

mixed chorus

All the people hail king David, and Jonathan his soul mate. The people will go on to victory and peace and the joy of the land will overcome us


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