Ain’t no one complaining about gay men’s taxes ….

It is amazing to me that no one – absolutely no one – has complained about gay men’s tax money. We’re shit – our money is good. We are evil – our money is fine. We’re a threat to society – but we must pay taxes to be told we’re crap. It is sordid. It is despicable that these christians (I refuse to capitalize it!) are so against the Pursuit of Happiness for gay folks but so sure we should continue to pay taxes. It is amazing to me that gay men, all holding jobs, peaceful, responsible, with family, friends and coworkers and living in good homes in fine neighborhoods are declared a threat to the heterosexual free for all of divorce, adultery, wife beating and child protective service agencies. It is appalling this calumny upon gay men.

The same people who are so sure that our weak or absent fathers made us gay – will now trash us for being the victim of lousy heterosexual parenting. The straight people screwed up and created a gay son – and the son shall be trashed for the alleged failings of the heterosexuals!

And no one complains about our taxes sullying the public till. NO! – we shall pay to fund the abortion clinics with which we are so closely linked with “Abortion and Homosexuality” so firmly linked – because gay men won’t screw women to create the babies to abort.

For 60 years at least we gay men have turned the other cheek – we’re spinning like a ceiling fan already we turn so much – and we have been resolute. NO! – we will not change.

We have stated repeatedly we are born gay – and the screaming heterosexuals call us liars. No, they are sure something made us gay – and it is our fault.

They will hound us for their sadistic god – and their evil ways.

They will trash us for the good of the heterosexuals – so that by trashing gay men the heterosexuals will be encouraged to be better.

The evil Republicans are so sure that christians are threatened by gay existence that they become whiny ass idiots. They are so sure that they can draw cartoons of Muslims … but god forbid a gay couple be recognized as good. NO! – we are evil to them – we threaten the heterosexual lifestyle of violence and women beating. Astounding!

Not once in the past 60 years has any heterosexual complained that gay men work – but are sure we should be fired from whatever jobs we do hold. So we set up our own portion of the economy – and the christians are enraged we do well. They wish us to be miserable. The catholic church is sure that gay men should self-flagellate ourselves in constant penitence and beg forgiveness from the heterosexuals for having been born – no! – made gay! – we’re made by heterosexuals – and they now disdain us for not fucking their daughters!

It is mind numbing.


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