These are the good old days

Never before has a society been as rich and free as America today. Never before have so many come to complain about the bounty. The police state of the 1950s, when the police would attack blacks and gays is over. The poor have endless resources to live quite well. The sick are tended like never before, and diseases that were commonplace are now gone. And still everyone complains about the state of America today. What is the State of the Union? It seems to be fine, but slowly edging into a Hobbesian war of all against all as everyone seems to complain about what someone else is doing.

The forces of hate have the untrammeled right to hate. They have an 8-1 decision, in the Westboro case, for anyone to say anything about anything. People seem to be concerned that there’s some lack of free speech – and they speak often about how their cherished right to hate is being impinged somehow.

The government, meanwhile, passes 1000 page laws no one has read, and the legislation is secret – then they give us a 72 hour time frame in which to read these 1000 pages promulgated at the last moment. Who knows what is in these laws?

The people are free to do what they wish – now more than ever. Hell, even gay folks can get married if we wish … while just 20 years ago we were felons in ½ the states … for daring to smooch differently.

People say they’re all for diversity – but god forbid if you’re not diverse according to the rules set forth by busybodies.

We turn to Washington to solve every problem – none of which can be solved by a few people in a far off city. The solutions are in your town, up your street.

We have black separatists – they wish to be left alone to pursue an all black existence – like a state within a state, or a reservation, like for the Indians – or Native Americans (which all Americans are native to the place.)

We are told by the media that there is this rampant racism, and yet in the streets and stores all I see are people of many races all comporting themselves with decency and dignity towards the people that they meet.

There are crazy people like there have always been … and so what? Don’t they have the right to be crazy? Don’t they have the right to be left alone? No, apparently not. But it’s not just the liberals with this “politically correct” nonsense – it’s the conservatives too. They wish the government and religions to trash people who are not of their liking.

Supposedly this or that side will “take the country back” – oh, I’m sorry – but it’s their country too.

Over every little thing that people do – there lies someone in wait, to denounce those other Americans as being “unAmerican” – so what the people want a socialist republic? They shall suffer for it, but that is their right. To be blindingly stupid on economic matters. But it wouldn’t make much of a difference if the federal government wasn’t trying to control every aspect of life.

But then there’s the conspiratorialists who are quite sure the government is taking over everything – when they already have complete and utter control. There is fear of “martial law” when the martinents already rule the land.

The cities with the biggest problems are run by Democrats, often of African-heritage – and they then decry racism in their own cities – because people elsewhere aren’t doing their fair share to hand over their wealth.
We have politicians who speak in platitudes – and the people try their best to ignore them. No one likes the Demo-Publican party at this point. And so the people declare themselves “independent” in droves, while voting for the same cads.

What is the solution to any real problems? Another sensitivity training class – while the people are sensitive … and everyone is doing just fine.

Supposedly, the liberals are quite sure, every person of European heritage is a racist. But when blacks yell “nigger” in virtually every rap song this is not a problem. Meanwhile, the sports stars and entertainers earn millions and few seem to decry those rich blacks. Then there’s the trillion dollars we spent on the “war on poverty” and still we have poor people. Obviously whatever was tried is not working. And what is the solution? To some it’s just hand over more money … to others it’s cut them off from the tap and let them fend for themselves – and get the jobs that don’t exist because of the economic policies of the government which has been shutting down businesses for decades.

There’s the idea that if we collapse the current system then some nirvana will come about in its place.

There’s the idea by the conservatives that if we trash gay folks enough, all the heterosexuals will behave and get married and tend their children.

There’s this idea that we need the 10 Commandments posted at the courthouse door – but I don’t see any churches with them posted on their front lawns.

We get people arguing that everyone else should follow their dictates – for “liberty” we shall all follow one idea, apparently. For “individualism” we should all be on the same page, for “diversity” we shall all think alike.

We get people complaining about the mere existence of those other people over there, taxpayers who don’t do what some busybody wants.

And then everyone goes and votes for the scoundrel of their choice … who is always either one party or the other, both in craven disregard for the true wishes of the people – which is to be left alone.

We shall enslave the rich, it is thought, as if a man making a million a year is evil. And so then we shall take it all – and expect him to continue working. Why a person would work for someone else has yet to be explained. Anyone who is successful is suspect – despite the fact that everyone has more than what they need. After all, we supposedly have starving hungry obese people.

We should all be involved in every single political decision. Even not voting is now suspect as not doing your fair share. Thou shall have an opinion on every aspect of anyone else’s life – and if it does not conform to what you wish, those other people are terrible.

Still, the wealth and well being of the people has never been surpassed by any society on earth – and the politicians call for us to be like other countries, which send their immigrants to us.

65,000,000 immigrants to the land of racism and poverty – what the hell are they escaping if this hellhole is so much better than the others? We get people in this nation who threaten to move out at a moment’s notice if some politician they don’t like gets elected – when they do – they don’t leave anyway, so horrendous is the rest of the world.

We get the socialists arguing for an ever bigger government with no recognition that endlessly big government is the bane of the people. No, they think they will make it work here.

Then we get the theocrats arguing for some pollyanna land of servitude to this church or another, and the rest be heretics.

Well, it was a nice country for a decade or two. The 1990s through today have been the glory days of the Republic – and instead we’re trying to recreate what we all left – Europe. Hell, even the “people of color” (as if white folks are colorless) left their European inspired hellholes to come to this great land.

Well, I don’t know what to do about it other than avoid it. I’m tired of listening to how terrible the USA is. I’m tired of listening to people blame those other Americans for not living as they wish. Heaven forfend if people do their own thing – why, it might bring the end of civilization.

Eh, what a bunch of spoiled brats. A nation of spoiled brats, who don’t realize how good it is.


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