Liberty seems to be the “Right to Hate”

There seems vast hordes of Americans who hate other hordes within the nation. Nothing but hate everywhere. Hate for the rich and corporations – hate for the poor and destitute. Hate for Jews and Muslims. Hate the gay folks. Hate those who don’t think like you. Hate anyone successful. Hate those who tried but failed, by your measure. Hate spews from from the political and chattering classes. They hate those other Americans from whom they will “take the country back” as if those people, those hated people, have no right to the country.

Hate spews for from the pulpit. Such pile as to call for the slaughter and death they don’t like. Kill for Jesus the mantra of the day.

Hate for unborn babies, and hate for any kids that don’t conform to some preconceived notion of how they should live their lives.

Hate for immigrants while the immigrants seem to hate where they came to.

Hate for foreigners and those not like you.

For “religious liberty” hate those not of your religion. The Catholics still hate the Protestants, and the Protestants still hate the Catholics. Hundreds of years of slaughter were not enough, perhaps there should be more killing for the gory (sic) of your “god.”

Hate the opposing sport teams, and hate those who don’t play sports. The weak hate the strong and the strong hate the weak – for we shall all be alike or hate the other one. For liberty we shall all be the same and we shall all hate the same people.

Hate the bankers, and hate the companies which seem to provide us what we need. Calls for crushing them under taxation, so we can hate the government which will take them over.

The environmentalists hate anyone who will not save a snail, and the snail haters hate the environmentalists for giving a damn.

Hate the president, hate the contenders.

The feminists hate the men for being who they are. And the men seem to hate the feminists for supposedly emasculating them.

There is hate for the weather and the climate, and we have the gall and hubris to think we shall set it right and make it perfect.

The perfectionists hate every foible of mankind, while ignoring their own mistakes and possible wrongs and their less than prefect status.

We are to hate the too thin and the too fat as if there’s ever been some magical perfect human form.

Hate consumes the land. Everyday the news feed is filled with who hates who.

We are to hate those who relish history, and they in turn hate those who dare question the notion.

The hate billows up from the morass. We shall soon hate the Greeks, too, I suppose, for bringing about the economic travails to come. Though they too hate those who would point to the obvious problems of the Greeks. How dare anyone question it?

The Occupy forces spew hate towards an economic system that provided them well, and who wish to switch it for a system which not only can’t they define, but so long as it hates any who question it, it is good.

Hate is now good.

The politicians of one party hate those of the other party – and proclaim anyone not on their side to hate America – for daring to be American.

Hate pours out of the word “Liberty” in a way quite unimaginable.

The Liberty to hate! – The Muslim haters wish to incite the Muslims no end, and then hate when those goaded hate being treated that way.

The fundamentalist Christians, long of hating this world, are seemingly quite sure we should suspend an active life in this world, to pursue the hateful god which they proclaim hates everyone to hell for not being such perfect humans as they proclaim themselves to be.

Everyone who hates hates the others who will not hate as they do.

For “religious liberty” we shall enshrine hate into law. They might scream “our god hates ….” and fill in the blank – and that is not enough, they wish the hated to hate themselves too. Lest they be accused of hating mankind themselves and the nation.

And other nations hate ours and we hate theirs, lest any difference surface.

The races supposedly hate each other for being human. Symbols of hate are lauded as “Liberty” as the Right to hate.”

On and on comes the people declaiming how they hate this or that. They hate the foods, the drinks, the music of others. And those others, well, they hate anyone who even just wonders about their likes. And so the hate fest spins.

Hate so bad that I’m afraid it will lead to civil war – when everyone can hate everyone and we descend into a Hobbesian war of all against all.

And if one hates someone else, they claim the Liberty to Hate. The right to hate.

How sad. Frankly, I hate it.


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