The Endless Wars of Our Times

There’s been a War On Poverty now for nigh on 60 years – with poverty as prevalent as ever. There’s a war on poor people, as shown by the endless attacks on who might by what with food stamps. There’s a War on Drugs, and a war of drug users against the police. There’s a war on black men, if the endless shooting of blacks by cops is to be believed – but there’s a war by blacks against police, the establishment – as is amply shown in the riots of late.

There’s a war on Christians supposedly, stemming from ever questioning a thing they say, while they call for a war against gays including shooting us. Supposedly, gays are at war against humanity by merely existing.

There’s a war against science and there’s a war of climate change against reality.

There’s a war over free speech that leaves everyone breathless when speaking about how their rights to speak are being sundered

There’s a war against medical care – and a war against lack of medical care – as both sides argue over who is to get what services and who will pay for it. But they are at war with each other, they declare.

There’s a war against Muslims through Islamophobia as Muslims wage a low grade war of actually killing people here and abroad.

The Muslims and the Jews have been at war, of course, for some time.

There’s a war against corporate interests, what with Occupy movements, and protests at G-8 meetings – and the corporations are at war against the people as shown by the Koch brother, Walmart and the Citizens United case.

There’s a war for more contraception and a war against contraception.

The feminists have declared the patriarchy is at war against women, while the white patriarchy is at war against the feminists for daring to insist they are at war with women.

There’s the War against Obesity, and against cancer and heart disease – as these three killers are at war with humanity – while Big Pharma is allegedly at war against cures.

There’s so much war almost anyone is at war with someone over something.

How many more wars can I recount? The number seems endless. There’s the war against trees, and the tree huggers at war against the loggers.

There’s a war against education by not being for the latest reforms, regardless of what they are, and a war against children for not educating them – or educating them too much, lest they be better than the others.

There’s a war against the president and the president seems to be at war against the constitution … onward and upward come the wars of our times.

Everyone speaks in militaristic terms – we are at war with them, we shall win the battle, those people should die and get out of the way of progress or tradition or keeping things just as they are.

Never before have so many been so much at war with so many others.

It is astonishing the nation is even holding together.

And I didn’t even touch upon the wars of China, Asia, the Middle East, South America – there too – endless war – sometimes with real shooting.


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