Resign your office to run for president

There is no way for a person to be both a senator or governor and run for president. Somehow, either one of the jobs will suffer. And it’s hedging one’s bets, that is, if one doesn’t get nominated one still retains the office they hold. But how can the do the job of senator or governor if they are so very busy running for president? Time is limited even for the best and brightest of people. What do they do, put their currents job on autopilot? And in what other profession can one take known time off from one’s job to go look for another?

Ted Cruz just missed a vote for attorney general Loretta Lynch while he was hobnobbing with a gay couple in Manhattan while pushing for a Constitutional Amendment against gay folks … and spending more than ½ his time on the hustings … so who is representing the people of Texas at the moment? My my, he must be a busy fellow with three such big jobs going at the same moment. Or is the anti-gay thing merely a way to get votes in the primary and he’ll “evolve” once he gets nominated. He’ll have to anyway.

Obviously Cruz, Rubio, Jindal, Walker, all feel they are qualified to be president – but they can’t be putting all their energies into it. Cruz and Rubio have announced they’re running – surely they have also then just announced that they are going to work part time at their real jobs – serving the people of their states. And yet they’ll draw full pay.

And Governor O’Malley or something of Maryland, (so unknown, and I can’t be bothered to look him up,) is out and running now too – though “unofficially” he officially goes around looking for the highest office in the land. Perhaps no wonder President Obama can spend so much time golfing and on vacation, the job doesn’t seem all that important.

But at every level of government, when a politician seeks to jump from state representative to state senator, or to governor, or major to representative at either state or national level – they to a person keep their current jobs while all but abandoning them to slog the hustings. Who is doing the jobs we elected them to do if they’re gone all day seeking higher office.

I’m half of the mind of wishing no one in one office could even run for another office. There’s enough Americans to not have to see the same people all the time. The machinery of our government can’t be that complex to have them spend their entire lives in politics. Surely it should be a temporary thing, this involvement in politics.

But really, now, to say you’re both going to be the best elected official you can be – as they all promised when they ran – and then just drop what you’re doing and go spend all your time running for some other office is not fair to the public – who we deserve a full time representative.


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