Gays cannot be this important

The nation has decayed into Gay Derangement Syndrome. I’m sorry, but we cannot be this important. There are 132 cases before the Supreme Court … all matters affecting every American … except the gay cases. There’s more than 160 friends of the court briefs in the gay matter while only some 130 for the other 131 cases combined. That’s just insane. Our marriages having nothing to do with anyone but us. To argue otherwise means you think some person over there who you don’t know is pursuing happiness in a way you don’t like – so you will bug them incessantly. Meanwhile, in the farce over pizza everyone seems to be missing the fact that a man in California is seeking a ballot initiative to just shoot us. Where oh where is the firestorm of media attention over that?

And no one is thanking gay folks for not ever entering a pizza shop in Indiana – and still managing to raise $500,000 for them – by being a mere catalyst at a distance. No gay person tried to get pizza catered for a wedding. The pizza shop lost no business because gays stopped shopping at a place we never went to. The business has been there for years – and because it didn’t sell something to nonexistent customers it allegedly went out of business. For what earthly reason? Some lone women made a threat – arrest her, yes? Isn’t that what we do? But were there hordes of gay folks protesting at the establishment? No.

I’m guessing, but I don’t think there’s a gay couple, or even a gay person, within 30 miles or more of the pizza store. So, in the bizarre hypothetical of whether a gay couple would travel 30 or more miles to get pizza for a wedding reception – the business closed because some gay folks said they wouldn’t shop or eat at the store that wouldn’t serve us. The refusing to shop there met the conditions set forth by the pizza shop – they said, if in the unlikely event a gay couple made the preposterous decision to serve pizza at a wedding reception, and drive more than 30 miles to get it – they wouldn’t do it. And over this they closed shop immediately! – Surely this is nonsense.

So they raised a half million dollars instantly – well, say thank you to the hypothetical gay couple who wouldn’t buy pizza at the shop that wouldn’t serve it to us – in the unlikely event of someone traveling 30+ miles for wedding reception victuals.

It is amazing how Chick-Fila survived the onslaught of the hypothetical gay couples not buying fried chicken at a fast food joint for their wedding reception.

Meanwhile, wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume that every heterosexual – good Christians and small town folk – within 30 miles would flock to the beleaguered shop and buy pizza until the ovens were hotter than hell?

Meanwhile, legislatures across the land are passing dozens of new laws to protect the delicate Christians, they think, from the hordes of gays on a rampage of shopping. Well, sure, we should stay away from the clods – but how do we spot them? I mean – a guy just walks into a bakery that he knows is there. It probably never occurred to him to inquire as to whether buying a cake is permissible. Well, put up a sign on your store and your website – “No gays allowed” – How else could it be resolved? You have the right to yell “God HATES Fags” anywhere – an 8-1 Supreme Court decision – can’t get any clearer than that. But no – we need yet more laws – to codify the statement. Well, then put it in the law and be done with it.

The laws, however, are so vague that they don’t mention gay folks – the stated target of the laws, if the writers and proposers are to be believed – nor do they mention Christians.

They do, though, give crazed Muslims – of which there seem to be a few – a wondrous new law to protect anything they do – for their strongly held religious beliefs.

Half the purported candidates in the GOP think American job holding taxpaying citizens who happen to be gay are an existential threat to the body politic. Our existence alone is enough to raise high dudgeon. The “gravest moral peril” of our times, says, Rand Paul. Our existence alone – not what we actually do or don’t do – mere being – is a threat to society, they all proclaim. And this is rational. Supposedly.

They are outright calling for our ostracism and even banning from civil society. Hell, ½ of them insist we change and smooch more to their liking. And everyone goes la-di-da in wonderment at their strongly held beliefs. Yes, we well we have strongly held beliefs too, you know. Mainly that we’re just fine. And certainly we wonder how anyone can think us a threat to anyone. We’re not questing their rights – we’re questioning their decency, sanity and humanity.

Not a politician or bureaucrat or civil clerk in the land doesn’t have an opinion on us. And so they’re fighting it out. The nation is discussing us – and sometimes we get a word in edgewise.

Doesn’t seem to be much discussion of our actual lives. You know, our jobs, our legal relationship with the state, our homes, pets, family. Certainly there’s no discussion of the taxes we pay. Not a peep on that subject. Why, everyone is quite sure that tax dollars shouldn’t be paid to “promote homosexuality” – while it’s our tax money used to fight us in the courts.

Meanwhile – if we say we’ll boycott those who won’t serve us – we’re guilty for both shopping and not shopping at the same establishment. How dare we boycott a store! How dare we shop there! – and this point is nowhere to be found – this connecting the dots. You don’t want us shopping there because we’re terrible, and we’re terrible for saying none of us should shop there. Quite a trick you folks have pulled.

Supposedly we interfere with people’s religious liberty. And what is this liberty we speak of? Why, it’s their liberty to trash us – and seemingly our duty to listen to it without complaint. We are not to go where we are not wanted – but we can’t figure out where that is. We are to hide, for the benefit of others. Hell, some of them not only insist we’re miserable and depressed – but they insist we be so! … When we are not, they are enraged. We are attacking them for saying “We are good.” That is the liberty they seek – the liberty of us accepting what they say about how horrid we are.

Then to, some oh, 1,000,000 gay marriages or celebrations … and exactly one baker, one florist, one photographer, and now one pizza shop have just went belly up instantly. And the other 1,000,000 times nothing happened? Well, no one mentions those. Obviously, though, we’re pretty good at avoiding problems, yes? And were the gay couples who sued terrible, well, I suppose. But again – how do we spot those who will not serve us? And would you like to be turned away from a store because of who you are?

Which brings me to the hypocrisy of the heterosexual lifestyle – no Christians are remotely concerned with serving the divorced, single mothers, abandoning fathers, adulterers, wife beaters, those who have had abortion. No one seems to have strongly held beliefs about that at all. No one says their liberty is threatened by serving those people, for sure.

Ted Cruz is holding prayer meetings to rid us from the public sphere. He wants a constitutional amendment prohibiting the recognition of gay couples. Sure, he won’t get it, but he wants it. To have the government merely recognize the couple, and make the things of life easier – this is a threat to society. He’s sure we should be cured. So is Ben Carson sure we should be cured – we’re sick because we choose to be sick, he’s sure. Both are sure we’re a Marxist plot against America. Meanwhile, in Marxist countries, they’re sure gay folks are a Capitalist threat against Marxism. We threaten the Muslims in Arabia and the Buddhists in China. So some Senator Cotton of Arkansas opines that “well, at least we’re not throwing you from the rooftops, yuk yuk yuk” … egad.

Still, never before have so many said so much about so few. While a hypothetical one of us 30 miles away can close a pizza shop. I suppose that’s just how important and powerful we are.



  1. Hello Jim,

    Might I impose on you to comment on Ms. Dawn Stefanowicz’s comments?

    She conflates some things, but she makes some points about which I’d like more opinion.

    • Well, Lonnie, the Witherspoon Institute is a very antigay organization — they are on record seeking a cure for us — not having relationships — to them, our existence is horrendous – never mind if we celebrate it — they are also the group which funded a “study” by a Mark Regnerus — who submitted his paper for publication before his data was collected — and he concluded pre-data that gay folks make lousy parents because he later studied 15,000 heterosexual couples who had been married for years and had kids –and gay men aren’t heterosexual couples –so we make lousy parents — though, for “fairness” — he did study 2 — TWO! — gay couples with children – the publication which published his paper eventually said it was “bullshit” (their word) … several courts have said they would not allow this Witherspoon study to be used — for it is fraud.

      Meanwhile — well, yes, gay folks are trying to have everyone say a nice thing about us — and everyone still has the right to call for our deaths and cure and harass and harangue us right up to “God hates fags” and “Death to homos” — and it is well enshrined in our 1st Amendment jurisprudence — and people are saying just that — every week another one pops up – and Oh, my fucking god – we just want people to be nice — and to not actually exercise this free speech right to call us a terror to the world … for we aren’t … but — people have the right to sputter in rage against us — and we have the duty to say, yet again, peacefully: “You are out of your mind”

      And might I point out that gay people would have no children to adopt if the “one man-one woman” duo didn’t dispose of their own child — to argue that the gay parents are terrible for taking the kid in — while the kid’s real parents simply abandoned the kid are the mom and dad who should raise children takes a special kind of chutzpah …

      other than that – this woman is merely a cranky lady who is schmearing all gay folks with her heartrending story of a tough life – because every heterosexual child in a heterosexual family is simply living roses and peaches, like, say, oh, in Baltimore — where happy parents tend their children in hetero-bliss with nary a problem — while everyone forgets — or doesn’t even realize — that every gay person was raised by a heterosexual couple who clearly failed by making the unholy terror of a goddamn queer — ain’t that so? The heterosexual parents failed in making the gay men — and so it is the gay men’s fault we’re gay – as this idiot spouts …

      Other than that — it’s arrant mush preaching to the echo chamber — for Witherspoon wants gay folks to disappear …

      Hope that explains it 🙂

      CHeers, Jim

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