How do gays spot those who despise us?

OK, so there’s a problem – some heterosexuals don’t want to serve gay folks. OK – so we’ll stay away from them. But how do we spot them? Heterosexuals all look alike … we can’t tell you apart. We can’t spot those who despise our existence from those who don’t care. I mean, odd as it seems, people just walk willynilly into a bakery or pizza shop and in good conscience go to buy something. But no – you don’t want to sell it to us. So why not put up a sign? Really. These people should put up signs that say “NO FAGS ALLOWED” – I don’t even want them to use the word “gay” – lest we offend them by even acceding to our existence. Let them put their light upon their basket – let their yes be yes, and their No, NO! … but please put up a sign.

I do know one thing though – we’re not going anywhere. 100 years of trying to get rid of is has met with 100% catastrophic failure. Surely they should give it up! No – for their “religious freedom” they shall continue with their obnoxious childish whining for us to change. Oh, I’m sorry, but gay folks have rights too. We should have to listen to this nonsense. I’m all for separating people who can’t get along. And the laws these people are seeking are nothing more than restraining orders against gay folks. We are to stay away from them. Well and good – but how do we spot you if you don’t put up a sign? Do it, for Christ’s sake – so we can stay away. Otherwise, dastardly as we are, we might just walk into a store on the public streets that sell cake. I mean, how are we to know?

Meanwhile, there are “christians” who call for the outright slaughter of gay men – there is no “tolerance” in that, I assure you. There is no “love your fellow man” or “treat others as you wish to be treated.” Stop it. Stop calling for our deaths and changing and we won’t buy cake from you. What the hell do we care if we have to go to another baker. But somehow we’ll have to go to each baker until we find one that will make a cake, yes? I mean, it’s a stab in the dark.

But where is the outrage from anyone when “christians” call for our deaths for their sadistic god? It seems nowhere. There’s a deafening silence. And it’s Democrat African-American preachers and Republican White preachers who do it – so it’s quite a bipartisan affair. This is not about left-right or anything – this is strictly heterosexual versus gays, that’s for sure.

Though let us be sure – none of these people against our existence are remotely concerned with gay tax money sullying the public coffers – if we are to be ostracized from society – why the hell should we pay taxes? For what? To pay for our own oppression? Gay folks are paying for the states to fight us – no one even points this out, save me, (perhaps another one or two.) There’s “no taxation without representation,” sure – but paying for the opposition to fight us? My, my, we are generous fellows.

And surely the “christians” are all for ostracizing us from society. Indeed – they seem enraged that anyone likes us at all. They are insistent that all heterosexuals despise gay men. They are utterly miffed that fewer and fewer think like them. They are so evil, so craven in their disregard and despising us that they are simply pissed that even our own families like us. No, they want every heterosexual in the land to ostracize gay folks back into the closet and the mental institutions! The audacity of it is astonishing, I can tell you. To demand, as many do … do you want a list? Easily provided! …. to demand that our own families despise us – after having created us. For these same people opposed to our existence are also quite sure it is something our fathers or mothers did or didn’t do – let us say they are not at all clear about this – and now, having made the mistake – the victims of our own parents bad parenting are to suffer for it forever. We are to be hounded forever for the mistakes of others – yes, audacious.

Anyway – come up with some practical solutions and not just whine like children: “Ew, there’s homosexuals!” – well, no kidding, here we are. Come up with something, anything, to separate us for the good of the nation! But it is unseemly to have endless debate every time we walk into a store. Or are we to just stop shopping to take no chances? Perhaps we should all commit suicide for the sadism?

The GOP, with these laws they want, have to be quite more specific. They don’t mention gay folks in their vague laws – vague enough to protect fundamentalist Muslims to push Sharia law right here in these United States. No, the purpose of these laws is for “christians” who have abjured “Love thy neighbor as thyself” for “hate the fags!” – Well, goddamn it, be specific. You all have the Constitutional Right to yell “God hates fags” – the goddamn it, do it!


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