Foreign Entanglements (From “Stalin Giggled”: a novel)

You see, I wrote a novel of our times — and leading towards the future … and slowly, surely, my predictions are coming true. Here’s just two chapters of the big book …

stalin giggle cover

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Foreign Entanglements

As the United States refused to look for oil on its own 3,000,000 square miles, and another 10,000,000 in protected off shore areas, the nation became ever more dependent on foreign oil supplies. Mostly from tin horn dictatorships that sat atop vast pools of oil just like we did. They reaped the benefits of Obama’s energy policies. That there was no mandate anywhere in the Constitution for the president to decide what were the sources of energy that Americans used didn’t stop the do-gooders from doing good. Or so they thought. What they managed to do, and perhaps with some intent on the part of the more radical environmentalists, was to hobble America into even more involvement with the world. For you could not have both more foreign oil and less involvement with the countries that produced the oil. Being tin horn dictatorships they had to come to America anyway, primarily Houston, to get the expertise to get the oil into a usable form. So the American oil industry, the only private oil industry in the world, developed the technologies used around the world by state owned oil companies that were forbidden in America. Then they were accused of being big, greedy oil companies that controlled the fate of Americans. So the calls for ever more regulation, and even outright nationalization, of the oil industry at home became shriller and shriller. The oil industry, being rational, simply started to move out of the country. They were simply trying to earn a dollar, and so to work with a dictatorship was not really bad to them. There was nothing morally wrong with what they were doing. Besides, the United States government essentially propped up those governments and allowed the trade to go on. Even encouraged it to some degree. Quietly though, for Obama was not going to come out and say he was supporting big oil in their quest to bring the black goo to the American public.

Obama and Hilary Clinton and many in the foreign policy discussion simply said that due to sovereign rights these dictatorships had the right to exist. In fact, we aided and abetted them with food, energy, technology, money, loans, and every other emolument and benefit we could give them, all to keep the oil flowing. The dictators were happy with this relationship. They also continued happily oppressing their people. To let some steam out of their hellholes they allowed huge masses of people to leave for Europe and the United States. It served them well that the do-gooders, especially in America, worked hard to make sure that all these new immigrants were welcomed. That’s one reason that America was growing in population while the rest of the developed world had started its slow decline in population. Europe was never as welcoming as America to new immigrants, so even those who went there conspired to get to America. They saw Europe as a stepping stone, not their final destination, in their flight from absurdity.

Those who were mangling the situation at home were oblivious to what they had wrought. Their solution to the problem they themselves had caused was to simply have more of the same misguided attempts at beating the laws of nature. They were also intent on limiting the application of human brain power because they could only see the past and had no clue of the future. The future had to be controlled, not explored. So oil companies were hobbled, harassed and harangued at home. The entire global warming situation played into the hands of the anti-oil crowd. For they blamed the oil companies on the problem that could still not be proven. But ‘damn the evidence, we had a theory,’ was apparently the motto of the anti-growth, anti-oil crowd which populated the chattering classes and the politicos, elected or not. Thus laws were passed with the supposed intent on solving global warming but which only served to further hobble the American economy, and thus the world’s. For this group also had a subgroup that was adamantly opposed to the idea that the American economy was the engine for the world. They wanted to destroy that if it indeed existed. They were far more sure that the theory of global warming was real than the reality that the American economy was the leader in the world.

It wasn’t all lockstep, for there were many people who were against this slow increase in government power. Mostly they were known as libertarians. But these people were isolated in the political structure, and spread out physically across the country. On the local scenes where they operated they were considered paranoid and worse. “Oh, don’t worry,” they were told, “this is for the good of the country. The government is not going to abuse any power. This is America, after all.” When they answered that it wasn’t the government per se they were worried about, but the people who now had these new powers, they were considered attack dogs of the right, and they were summarily dismissed as quacks and crazy people.

Still, the anti-oil and anti-energy people could not quite go as far as they want. That the government was producing cars at GM and Chrysler meant that there was some need to protect the oil companies from the onslaught. It was one thing to hobble the companies, quite another to kill them. For the cars that the government was selling were still gas consumers. And if there was no gas there would be no cars, and that meant that the two car companies would be closed and all those jobs lost. This should have showed everyone that when the government does everything it has to work at cross purposes to itself. This is because in a huge economy there are contradictions that come about because of the reality of what people want. And people were contradictory. They wanted less oil but they wanted oil drinking cars. That was not an easily resolvable problem. But when private companies do it, they they either sink or swim on their own merits. When government did it, the contradictions are supported and enhanced, enlarged and metamorphosed into endless opposition within itself.

They Really Like Us!

Chris was sitting in the common room one evening when he heard what seemed to be a rather racist anti-immigrant screed erupting from a German man. “Those Turks are ruining our country,” he said. He seemed to be oblivious that the German government had invited those people to the fatherland after it had caused the slaughter of their best and brightest. But that was history long ago. Now, apparently, it was time for those people to go home, or at least that seemed to the thrust of the man’s argument. Chris could not allow this to go on so he walked into the kitchen and said “Immigration is only a problem because of failed states around the world. If we work at correcting the failed states the people there will stay home. People currently emigrate to survive. With all the world peaceable and with a model of liberty, people would emigrate for joy.”

“Those people are stealing our jobs,” said the man.

Other people hanging around also had a rather dim view of immigration. All the Europeans were surely against it, unless it was either their own immigration to America, or Mexicans pouring into the United States. Then it was good. That even most of the Americans there that night were against it, too, showed Chris that this was another area of public policy that had simply become unhinged from rational thought. ‘How do these people come up with this crap?,’ he thought.

“These people do not want to join our societies,” said one French lady, “they should go back to where they came from.” That the French prided themselves on equality and fraternity was surely at odds with the sentiments of this woman. Chris told her so, and she was not happy.

Undaunted, Chris continued, “What do we call the people who emigrate? What do we call the people who remain? Of whom a certain percentage can’t get away. Immigrants in Europe can’t become part of the mainstream in your respective countries because the culture of your countries refuses to admit outsiders. You are an American, Canadian or Australian by dint of personal determination. You are French, German, Argentinean etc., by birth. Hence, the continuing ethnic heritage devotion in the United States, Canada and Australia — I’m Italian or I’m Greek or I’m Nigerian, a person might say. In these three countries and to a lesser extant England, you can be accepted as a hyphenated person, but in the rest of the world you either are or you are not. You can’t be hyphenated in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. Hyphenation is not allowed culturally and often legally, hence the constant rebellions based on religions, cultures, ethnicity; and the whole issue of volatile minorities.”

“That’s because they don’t want to join our culture.”

“Your culture is impossible to join,” Chris said.

“These people are violent criminals, they are the ones causing all the crime. They bring their hatreds from their old countries into ours. They are a disaster,” said the German man.

“That’s ridiculous,” said Chris. “How come when they move to America there is no problem? For instance, the Jewish diamond dealer in New York City taking a cab driven by a Palestinian Arab, conversing in imperfect English, at peace, thanking their lucky stars that they are American is quite common. It is their political leaders at home, not the people themselves, that are the problem. And that’s your problem in Europe. These immigrants are not considered European even after decades in Germany or France. That Turkey is in Europe also seems to elude you. So the problem is not with the immigrants, it is with your governments and yourselves. In your countries it is not normal or accepted for you to accept foreigners. For they are indeed that: foreign immigrants. You want to keep your pure racial and ethnic strongholds, and damn the immigrant. You people are nuts.”

They were not mollified, but nor could they continue the conversation for now they were all off to a bar so that they could interact with their youthful counterparts in Baton Rouge, all of whom were the scions of immigrants that had joined America. This was beyond these people’s powers of observation, for they were blinded by the hate of ethnicity. Chris knew that this argument was a lost cause, so he let them go in peace, but added sarcastically “Watch out for all those immigrants out there in the streets of America.”

Typically, they were humorless and probably resolved to leave the hostel in the morning, with which Chris had no problem, for he did not want people like that around him. “So much for European tolerance,” he said to them as they finished their tasks and readied themselves to party. They left silently.


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