The government has a race problem, not people

Supposedly there’s this grave problem of racism in America. It shall now be discussed by coffee servers at Starbucks … Frankly, I don’t see it. What I see are the president, the attorney general, some of the richest and most popular entertainers, sports stars, musicians, actors, comedians and the like are of African heritage – all beloved by vast hordes of white folks. As I walk around I see people of all races mixing together. I play the piano in a hospital lobby – I see people of all sorts comporting themselves with friendliness and decency. I detect no tension. This is in Phoenix. I lived in Louisiana – all I saw were people of all races – almost ½ and ½ black and white – doing business, having fun, talking – leading lives. Not in decades have I seen much of anything improper between people of different races.

Sure, there’s been some evil people who have done bad things – they are so few they surprise us. They make the news. They’re endlessly discussed. But meanwhile, back in the store, on the job, in the streets, there’s rather peaceful interaction.

But then too there’s cops shooting people. So perhaps when we discuss race we should look at what the government is doing. The government is the racist entity in our midst. They’re the ones outlawing what people do and then sending in the cops. They’re the ones shooting people. And engendering a police state. The government is the one who is trying to pit one group of citizens against the other.

It’s astonishing that people like Al Shapton – a rich man – in the public eye … is somehow the victim of this horrible racism which he sees everywhere. Meanwhile, Oprah’s audiences are filled with white people lauding her every word.

The social security system takes money from black men … who for various reasons die young … perhaps because of the government laws against what they wish to do … and black men shooting black men over it all … and then their contribution to the system disappears into the system … instead of being given to the man’s heirs.

Surely the “War on Poverty” is a failure – for if the people are still poor after 50 years and trillions in assistance of all kinds … surely the system isn’t working Perhaps something else should be tried instead of continuing with all the programs that exist. No, to even suggest to change the system is racist itself, supposedly, as if only blacks are on welfare. The poor aren’t a race problem – they’re a heterosexual problem. Something is wrong with the way heterosexuals run their lives – their lifestyle. Hell yes there’s a direct relationship between the vaunted and dangerous “homosexual lifestyle” and the social welfare system. Gay folks aren’t using it … we have jobs – or at most are on social security which we paid into for decades. Yet to hear many African American preachers – we’re the danger to society. There’s not churches in Harlem, as there are, with “stone homosexuals to death” on the their marquees for nothing.

If the entire justice system is stacked against black people surely the president and his attorney general should have tackled the problem, yes? Instead they preach the “War on Drugs” go full speed ahead. Supposedly more than half the black men in the country have been in jail – well, the government should stop going after them. Instead its picked up steam. Al Sharpton recommends riots, and the government sends in the police squads. What did they think would happen? It’s powerful black men screwing the not powerful black men.

Then there’s just utter stupidity like Ben Carson who opines that all the black men coming out of prison are gay … right? No wonder those poor guys can’t get anywhere.

Then too the Democratic party for 100 years did what they could to keep blacks poor, at the back of the bus, separate but equal – the whole panoply of abuse against black people was led by the president’s own political party. Supposedly having seen the light, they then went full blast into social welfare programs – which even Democrat Daniel Patrick Moynihan in the 1960s as soon as they started showed was wrecking black communities and families. Instead of trying anything else, they made it bigger – more people on “welfare.”

Meanwhile, with endless regulations for businesses it’s almost impossible to start one up – so a black business owning middle class supposedly can’t get started. Well, cut the regulations. If you want to let people have a living wage, cut the taxes which are taken to be handed back. You take 1/3 of a person’s pay so you can give them food stamps … just let them keep their own money.

But to blame any of this on the average white person is absurd. Indeed – there are white folks in just as dire straights as black folks – also at the behest of government. The bigger the government gets, the poorer the people do. That’s been true forever – supposedly in the American experiment this won’t happen. Hogwash – it’s happening as we speak. Now comes the EPA to perhaps outlaw barbecues and grilling – that should enable to get the people together – perhaps over a piece of lettuce.

You have poorly performing schools – run by government. Perhaps the government should get out of the school business. They’ve shown themselves to be utter failures – they admit it. No, they’re going to get a hold of the community colleges too … a place where people of all races in our astonishingly diverse society already do things together – and then the kids will be made to talk about “race” instead of the threat of government.

Amazingly – the “N-word” – so horrendous, supposedly, that we’re not even allowed to write it or say it in discussion, is shouted by the very people who proclaim the word bad. Rarely a day goes by when I don’t hear the word said … in rap lyrics, in conversation – it’s amazing. But I don’t seem to hear it from white people, that’s for sure.

On top of that there are those who wish to self-segregate … proud people … with every right to be left alone. So – they don’t want to talk to whites. Well, it’s not our fault then. God bless ’em – it’s their lives.

But no … the government and now Starbucks want everyone to have a conversation about race – and not about the size of government. Of course – shift the focus to a non-problem – to leave the politicians to their devices.

Beats me what to do about any of this – but talking to a soda jerk just doesn’t seem to be part of the solution.


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