47,000 coffee drinker vs. 42 gay men

Ben Carson announced that gay men “choose” to be gay … then qualified it by pointing out that there’s no conclusive evidence. Well, I dare say there isn’t. Let us look then, what people have studied of an innocuous popular beverage verses the “greatest threat to religious liberty” as Ted Cruz as uttered.

“The researchers made this discovery by comparing the genes and caffeine consumption habits of more than 47,000 Americans of European descent. The search was important because caffeine “is the most widely consumed psychoactive substance in the world, … ”

And holy shit – they studied 42 gay men — the most dangerous people on earth — to come to the most absurd conclusion ever in “science” – we’re raped in prison! … Go study 47,000 gay men – let me know what you find …


” It has been reported that a study of 47,000 Americans over 17 years found that those with a certain gene consumed more caffeine than those without it.”

Oh, I’m sorry – just don’t tell me there’s been a shred of study for a gay gene – it’s idiotic … one guy studied all of 42 guys, some Kramer fellow … now come, let us study 47,000 of us – since we’re such a peril to everything as sundry politicians opined …As the archbishop of the armed forces said “It’s largely unexplained” – I dare say “yes.”


It’s not like this study is a secret … .while studies of gay men are nonexistent. Plenty of theories, no studies.

“A team of investigators from the National Cancer Institute, Harvard School of Public Health, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill examined genetic variation across the entire genome of more than 47,000 individuals from the U.S., as described in the open-access journal PLoS Genetics.

Come now – it was widely reported – millions spent on studying a gene for coffee — and not a dime to figure out just the most dangerous people known to mankind …



Dozens of articles on 47,000 men studied for coffee – and then there’s Simon LeVay who looked at only the physical structure of less than 100 brains of dead men, 42 whom might have been gay … he wasn’t sure!  Then there’s the Kramer fellow – you know, I can’t even be bothered to look up his book … it’s easily found I’m sure … where he looked at 42 gay men. And there’s an ongoing twin study that looks at everything but the genes of the gay brother … while trying to figure out why two “100% alike” guys have different hair patterns, finger prints and penis size/shapes … because of some “environmental factors” of vague provenance …

Oh, sure, there have been one study each of 40 to 90 gay men to see if we had equal finger lengths, distinct hair swirl patterns … penis size … facial recognition … but it’s one study of each sorts – and no more. There was one study of some 40 gay men in the early 80s on our testosterone levels (which stopped the ridiculous torture of shooting us up with the stuff for the bizarre idea it would “cure” us.)

But 47,000 studied for a coffee gene. I dare say, folks don’t have their priorities straight.

I would suggest the nation study 47,000 gay men and tell us what you come up with before you spout off about why you think you know why the exact same percentage of men all over the world in every society known to man.


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