57 million abortions: gay marriage is the problem?

It is mind numbing to hear a neurosurgeon without a clue that gay men have been saying it’s not a choice for some 60 years now – and essentially, blatantly, calling us liars … while he and his kind murder 1,500,000 babies a year because heterosexuals can’t control their sexual urges. This nitwit thinks gay men are an enormous problem .. we’re mentioned repeated in a measly 150 page book so we must be of some importance … and he and his kind are mass murderers. He’s a joke. Along comes another alleged doctor of some kind with addled ideas that gay men should be ostracized from society because he and his kind are divorcing, committing adultery, beating wives and abandoning children … and if only gay men are pilloried and scorned all will be well. The enormity of the stupidity is breathtaking. The audacity of arrogance astonishing. The idea that trashing 10,000,000 people is going to help the other 310,000,000 Americans is farcical.

And yet everyone pro and anti gay just blithely discusses what peril to the slaughter and slugging we might do. Millions of women are on welfare – the fathers no where to be found – and gay folks filing a joint tax return is of grave national importance – possibly requiring a Constitutional Amendment!

Millions of children are supposedly starving in America … and politician’s solution is to talk about gay marriage. The idea we have anything to do with this is simply beyond me. Still, let us not forget “abortion and homosexuality” were linked like Siamese Twins for decades. Legal murder was better than sissy smooching. We were the problem. And apparently we still are … while no one has a clue what to do with us except to issue another press release about what a horror to the nation we are..

The nation is adrift, broke, and decaying … and people engage in endless discussion about why there’s a few million gay men and what the nation is to do about it. You’re kidding, yes? Apparently not … not a heterosexual doesn’t have an opinion on the matter.

We have a lawless government passing secret rules and regulations … but gay people must be figured out while we’re at it. As if we have a damn thing to do with anything.

We have people outright calling for killing 10,000,000 people – or just incarcerating us … for the good of the nation – and instead of the discussion being about how demonic and idiotic the suggestions are … the topic is their free speech rights to yell “god hates fags” … without a thought given to the target of this rapaciousness … no we are to shush as listen to “Strongly Held Religious Beliefs.”

Bakers, photographers and florists will serve abortionists, divorced, adulterous wife beaters – but they draw the line at rational peaceful gay couples – we’re the terror to their beliefs! … You’re kidding, right? Apparently not – these poor people must be protected from ever having to serve us. We’re discussing how to label gay folks clearly enough so we might not be served … we just shy of a Scarlet H upon our breast .. perhaps with a leper’s bell to clang so that our presence is duly noted and we can be excluded … while the rest of your run down to the killing mills to get rid of your unwanted children. Oh, I’m sorry – but heterosexuals are demented … the lot of you.

You talk about sex incessantly – and are obsessed with ours for sure … and we’re the crazy ones? Really? I don’t think you even listen to how absurd you all sound. Why, every heterosexual has to have an opinion on what some gay person near them means or does to them. Sure, sure, some of you are quiet friendly – but you still have to tell me “Well, it’s OK with me if you’re gay, you know, if you choose that lifestyle” .. I look at this as “Who the hell cares if you’re OK with my existence.”

And what is this vaunted “homosexual lifestyle” everyone is so concerned about? Eh, we got jobs and do the laundry … while over in the heterosexual lifestyle there’s abortion, wife beating, rape, violence, shootings, bar brawls, riots, robberies and murder … and we’re the problem! … You people are out of your minds.


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