Trashing gay folks won’t work

There seems to be among many politicians and religious figures the idea that trashing gay folks – especially gay men – is good for the country. It’s rather silly … I mean – for decades now heterosexuals have tried to get rid of us. And we keep convincing more and more that well, we’re just swell folks. Now come yet again, however, Ben Carson saying utterly ludicrous things about us … like gayness is a choice after prison rape – and so therefore all gay men choose to be gay. From a mere politician I could well imagine that sort of stupidity. But Carson is a neurosurgeon – surely a man who must have read just one of the voluminous articles and papers written in the past 30 or 40 years presenting all manner of evidence that gayness is some odd quirk of nature. What’s more amazing – the man is calling me and all gay men are liars. We say we didn’t choose and we just figure it out and never go to jail at all … and he’s spouting off that it’s because we’re raped in prison. The man couldn’t even elucidate for us all if the man raping the other man is gay too. He’s probably not even thought the matter out.

Then now comes Rand Paul with some gobbledygook about how gay folks offend him. He’s essentially declaring us a threat to society. We cause offense – we should hide – American taxpayers not worthy of a decent word or a smile … no, we are to be ostracized and scorned and denied services and jobs … for this sadistic god idea. Eh, so your god didn’t create gay folks – ours did.

There was a baseball player who opined that he disagrees with gay existence. There’s slews of the people coming to taunt and harass and harangue their fellow citizens for existence alone. Their complaint is who we smooch – they talk of us as children to be shown a better way. It’s all about what they want to do with us … and what we want it irrelevant. There’s politicians in the state houses calling for laws to supposedly allow discrimination of us … and they’re so vague that it doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t require anyone to be nasty to us … hell, these laws don’t even mention us … it’s in the press releases calling for the laws that proclaim our existence offends them and endangers the public.

And what evidence of this danger? None – absolutely none. It’s all in their own minds. “But what if everyone was gay” is still uttered – well, what if everyone was an idiot? What would we do?

More to the point – what do these politicians plan on doing? Surely they have a plan to end the problem, right? I’m mean, that’s what these people claim they are – problem solvers. What is their solution to their gay problem? We’re not going anywhere nor changing. I suppose they’ll just have to get more specific. Maybe pass more laws against our smooching … Rick Santorum wants that … so has Justice Scalia said our smooching should be outlawed … to what purpose? Just to trash us … as if this will solve any problems. The Texas Republicans have a provision calling for us to cure ourselves and we just laugh and say “are you out of your minds?” We have surely stated rather clearly that switching to heterosexuality is not in the cards.

Indeed, many of the states in the marriage game have opined officially that recognizing gay couples imperils heterosexuals. We are that powerful that no heterosexual does a thing without first thinking “What is the gay couple doing?” … it’s astonishing to think such a small group of people could cause this much ruckus … but really – what do these people plan on doing about us? It’s not like we’re listening to their press releases. Eh, we issue our own. And more importantly talk to yet more friends, relatives, coworkers, neighbors – in our dastardly “homosexual agenda” for heterosexuals to get over their gay problem. We’re winning the discussion … and perhaps if Carson and Paul actually went and talked to some gay folks they might realize what fools they are.

Well, I can’t worry too much about them … I’m not worried about a knock on the door from the Department of Homosexuals or something … I just get more appalled at the brainlessness of them. Sad.


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