The Presidential Hopeless Hopefuls

When I survey the current crop of presidential contenders, I’m rather dismayed. Disgusted, even, with some of them. Let’s take a romp through this parade of poor choices. There’s less Democrats than Republicans … Hilary, Elizabeth, Bernie and Joe … we’re supposed to be on a first name basis with these our self-appointed saviors. Hilary comes with so much baggage she’s a freight train … and the roar of corruption, Benghazi, missing millions, lying, pandering and the rest of her sordid existence is nothing compared to “But she’s Hilary!” … so, she’s the supposed front runner and all must take her on. Should be rather easy. I just don’t think she’s going to be the nominee.

Joe Biden thinks he’s presidential material … he’s not. The fire he has burning in the prairie of his dreams is rather wet and soggy. He’ll make the motions, stir some talk … to stay relevant. After all, retired vice-presidents don’t exactly go on to glory.

Ah, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders … it’ll be one of them. Both are running as sure as the snows of Boston are record breaking in our time of global warming when we were assured just 10 years ago by the renowned scientist Al Gore that snows would be a thing of the past this very year. Record breaking in the lands of Warren and Sanders – who are full of faith in exactly what Gore warned about a decade ago.

The endless graphics for these two on Facebook is amazing … all with generous platitudes about the evil Kochs, the Keystone pipeline and the inequality and poverty and riches of the rich and well, it’s Robespierre-ish at times. I see people say “off with their heads” often enough. Certainly it’s a new Stalin-Leninism … take the money from the rich and use it to prop up the government bureaucrats to dole out a little to the people here and there while all the different favored groups argue over who is to get which sized crumb. Or, Federal Grants and Aid as it’s known.

The idea that these two will change one iota of what ails the country is a puff of wind. They will keep every program and add to them. They will come up with new ones. They will seek glory in a legacy program to give more free stuff to the people … who are beset by evil rich corporations which sell them incredible amounts of goods at such cheap prices that the ownership of nearly every fancy commodity and gizmo approaches 80% and 90% of the populace. The poverty indeed. Supposedly no money for food anywhere, as the obese trod the land.

But, their solutions, these four, is just more of the same … one could write a book on it. It’s pure boiled socialist mush with one intent – to grow the government ever bigger to provide us with everything cradle to grave. Free health care, free phones, free lunches, free solar power, free college and soon to come free food for everyone. So we’re all equal as a few people in Washington decide it should be.

Then come the thundering Republicans …

There’s Jeb Bush … who is nearly indistinguishable from Warren or Sanders except by his name … and albatross of huge proportions. But he’s pretty much are for what they are for – but slower. About the only thing he says rational is that we’re not going to deport all the illegal aliens as a practical matter, and we’re not. Other than that … he doesn’t stand a chance except name recognition. If he’s the Republican nominee … kiss his presidency goodbye.

Huckabee, Santorum and Ben Carson seem to have one issue planks … gay marriage. Their ideas are nonexistent or so wrapped in vague glittering generalities .. “god, country, patriotism, values” … that it’s arrant mush. They don’t have a single idea on how to dismantle and disentangle the vast federal mess … except to stick it to gay American taxpayers as best they can .. which won’t be at all. It’s not a winning argument. It’s not the reason everyone is looking for a president in these times. No one in their right minds thinks that sissy smooching is a really important issue – and more so – don’t think it’s the cause of the problems. Oh, sure, trashing gay folks always garners a few votes … but if they have any chance of being the nominee what could they offer the nation in the general election? “Gay people must be stopped.” That’s it. Sad.

Donald Trump – hahahaha .. and such is that. Newt Gingrich might be toying with the idea … hahaha. And so much for that.

There’s Ted Cruz … who is a bit more serious – but is still on the trash the gay folks program … as if this will remotely solve any social problem. It’s ludicrous. And the nation is not going to go back to trashing gay folks. Now, Cruz might be the darling of the Tea Party … and he’s a powerful senator – and he’s from Texas, so that’s a big plus in the favorite son department – I mean – he’s assured those electoral votes and probably those states that surround him. But then, that’s the problem – he’s from Texas and the population centers of the West Coast and North East and Midwest might well look askance at such a man. But his gay obsession is not helpful among the 60% of Americans who are now for us … and the about 95% of the nation that doesn’t think a Constitutional Amendment on the subject is necessary.

There’s Rick Perry – now former governor … and stronger position than senator to jump to president. And he’s got some foreign policy and immigrant experience, what with Mexico right next door. But he’s got the strong in Texas weak in the West, Center, East … and he’s fighting for the same people and money as Cruz is … so they come in as half as strong as each could alone – so that should cut their ability to get the nomination.

And Bobby Jindal … wrapped in God! … for the theocracy he thinks he will install and instill. Every time he opens his mouth he says something more fantastical about how God! will come and save the nation – if only he is president. Meanwhile, Jindal hasn’t been able to solve a thing in Louisiana … the place is still a mess … but he’ll stop the gay men too! … Lest we get in the way of the poverty, corruption, byzantine taxes, social services mess and the budget deficit looming.

Sarah Palin is a darling just because she’s she and well … I don’t think she stands a chance … and I don’t think she wants it … I think she’s just using it to keep her in the public eye … for her ideas, such as they are, and her books and speaking fees …

And there’s Scott Walker … who seems to be a quiet man who seems competent and isn’t going nuts saying godawful stuff. The problem with him is that he’s the governor of Wisconsin – which isn’t exactly a powerhouse in the nation or electoral votes … though most of the Midwest might well go for him. Strangely – he’s the strongest possibility because all the others are so weak … not because he is so wonderful. So – oddly, I think that it’ll be Walker after the others self-destruct.

Romney is already out … I don’t see anyone but Bush, Perry and Cruz still standing even before the first caucus in Iowa for lack of funding and enthusiasm. Oh, they’re all busy exploring and thinking and testing the waters … but they’d have to be pretty darn delusional if they think they stand a chance.

Finally there’s my guy – the Libertarian … now he might change something. It’ll probably be Gary Johnson again … And it’s time the vast majority fed up with the two party system to consider him … at least give the Republicans and Democrats a run for their money.


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