Republican’s only idea: trash gay taxpayers

At this point in time there seems to be absolutely no thought in the Republican party … it’s rather sad to watch it implode. Sometimes I wonder if they’re doing it on purpose to usher in a one party state. And what is this idea? Well – to call gay men a threat to society and civilization and demand we “cure” ourselves … or to put it politely – brainwashing. More crudely – they demand we fuck anyone’s daughter but their own. This isn’t about “gay marriage” – they’re opposed to it because they don’t want gay people … they don’t want gayness to exist – they’re confident they’re going to override human nature … and make us do their bidding.

Look at the Texas Republicans – putting “Reparative” therapy .. it’s not even a damn word – into their platform. Look at Sally Kern in Oklahoma … she’s pushing it to. Bobby Jindal, ditto. Mike Huckabee, ditto … how many more? Who can track them all down? Those who don’t actually say it rush off to speak to the Family Research Council – they haven’t found a gay man in a family yet, so blind are they … The American Family Association which calls for incarcerating us … as does Rick Santorum. This is a solution to their problem? To the nation’s problems? To hound, harangue and harass gay men? What fools are these!

And how are they selling this snake oil? Why, they’re first demanding like petulant children that gay men marry anyone’s daughter … no not marry – they don’t care if we marry a woman – they just want us to have sex with women! – We have adamantly said no for centuries – and then through trashing us they think we’re going to just up and go for it! .. It’s Medieval.

What is the Republican solution to adultery? Abortion? Shacking up? Divorce? Why, ban gay marriage – and get rid of gay people.

Look at Judge Roy Moore in Alabama – he’s sure we’re terrorists and he’s set to defy every judge above him … and keeps trashing us for not kowtowing like Medieval Jews and Heretics to be removed from society!

They’re delusional!

Anyway, I could rant for quite some time – but is it worth it? No, not really. Other than to simply point out that these fools are going to achieve anything but the demise of their party – over sissy smooching! … how utterly childish, insane, ridiculous.

Enjoy morons, but you don’t seem to understand that there’s 5,000,000 gay votes out there.

And so what if Republicans have won a lot of state houses? There too – the only solution they can come up for anything is to trash gay men. Sure – keep voting for Constitutional Amendments to get rid of us … hell, some of them are just short of calling for slaughter – and a few are downright sure that killing gay Americans will solve some problems of heterosexuals.

Meanwhile the idiots are passing “Religious Freedom” laws which in short order Muslims are going to be using to impose Sharia law. After all – neither gays nor Christians are specifically mentioned in these laws. No, they’re so vague even gay men might use them to deny service to legislators and clergy who want them. Do these people think we have no strongly held religious beliefs? Apparently! Apparently they think we are so weak willed that by upping the nastiness they will finally – after lo these many decades, to kowtow to their beliefs and join their religion.

Well, dear Republicans – you’re insane.  And sadistic.


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