“Don’t take it personally” I’m told

I find it amazing that in the confounded gay discussion there’s this drumbeat of “Don’t take it personally.” Apparently, the NO GAYS! Movement is arguing against “Homosexuality” not any particular gay person. In fact, in this discussion you won’t actually find any individuals mentioned … the discussion is an abstract. Like the Catholic Cardinal George of Chicago argues about this gay nephew in the same news conference: “my nephew is a fine man … homosexuals are intrinsically disordered, evil, anti-family.” Yes, none of it is “personal” – they don’t know we exist as people … they are fighting an abstract to protect heterosexuals.

Then if some gay person picks on the idiot saying this godawful crap we are terrible because we’re attacking a specific person who says something. No – we’re supposed to just quietly listen to our kind being trashed for “strongly held religious beliefs” which heterosexuals are allowed to hold – but god forbid a gay man utter a word in defense of ourselves or us … that would be attacking family, society, the good … we are bad … but not bad individuals just bad as a concept. And heterosexuals wrap there silly little minds around this arrant nonsense with utter ease. But who could they be trashing except individuals?

As President Obama said repeatedly “I know good homosexuals, but I’m against gay marriage. Hilary Clinton said it. Joe Biden said. Every last Democratic senator and congressman until just 2013 and 2014 were all for gay people but against ‘homosexual marriage’ and against homosexual couples. We’re fine as individuals – two of us together is the problem. It’s the same damn position the Catholic Church holds – gays as individuals who are lonely, disordered, insane, in need of correction and cure like we’re ill children … we’re fine! – but as couples or people with feelings and sexual urges – ooh, we’re terrible.

And this has been happening for decades throughout the entire discussion heterosexuals have been having over gay people in this nation. Oh, we’re to be loved! There’s compassion for our plight and our poor lifestyle choices – as the homosexual agenda, lobby, groups, as a conglomerate we’re terrible and and dangerous and it must be seen how being nice to “homosexuals” affects the heterosexuals … but we’re just fine as individuals … to be seen with pity and a dash of scorn lest we get to sure of ourselves.

Meanwhile, the Democrats were all for abortion for decades but solidly against gay sex even being legal. Who the hell is anyone kidding? In 1973 it became legal to kill babies … and this was so wonderful for women’s rights! … but gay smooching remained a felony until 2003 and no Democrat led the charge to rid the nation of these odious laws … they were all for them because their base was against legalizing it. Hell, to this day a substantial part of the Democratic party is solidly against gay folks – the African-Americans … who bleat incessantly that “it’s not like civil rights!” Of course it isn’t – it is completely different. African-Americans were handed billions on a silver platter including congressional and legislative districts drawn to make sure blacks got to vote for black on the color of their skin … but gays got not a dime.

Hell, our tax dollars are stolen to pay for the state lawyers against us! Why, no tax dollars to be used to “promote homosexuality” – and not only can’t you promote the damn thing – but it’s our money! … There is this bizarre idea among all heterosexuals that gay people don’t pay taxes at all! No, we are to be taxed to pay for the abortion mills and the divorce courts … and god forbid we get a word in edgewise as we’re being discussed as “what will homosexual marriage mean to heterosexuals.” What the hell could it mean? How sensitive and weak are the heterosexuals that a gay couple might destroy the murderous rages of heterosexuals? My my.

And onward in this arrogant crap about it’s “not personal.” Egad.

And then today, now, there’s still this huge percentage of the nation which wonders what homosexuals will do to the heterosexuals! It’s mind numbing how weak heterosexuals are.

Anyway, I had to write a book to delve into the thoughtlessness of the whole damn thing. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ENWA3PI

cover jpeg

But no heterosexual gets to just wipe away 40 years of my memory and crawl down in their hole of “we’re for gay people but against homosexuality” nonsense.  And you certainly don’t get to argue that the Democrats and liberals were all for gay people … what obnoxious thought that is!

It’s never been a Left – Right fight — it was always heterosexuals against the gays. 95% against 5% — for decades if not centuries.


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