The Superstitions of Americans

It is mind numbing to watch so many people so filled with superstitions in this nation. We are the richest, freest, most diverse nation on earth – and Americans run around like children bleating “woe, woe the sky is falling!” It is astonishing.

And what are these superstitions? Well, there’s lots – but a few of them are so egregious that it is hard to miss them. Global warming is one. That Spanish will replace English is another. That some country will take us over, like China or Mexico or some Arab force. That we should be like Europe is certainly on the list. And of course, that gay men are destroying the place.

I see countless examples of all of this. And I’m not so sure there is anything to say about any of it. I suppose the nation will continue to lurch around like a child’s play time. There seems to be no effort by any public figure to stop the nonsense. If anything, they are pouring gasoline on the fire in the hopes that their cadre of superstitious people elect them, so they too can join the gravy train of public service.

When I see people complain endlessly about the reality of government and then naively think that this next politician of theirs will make everything rosy with even more government this is a superstition that can’t be argued with. These people look to politicians as saviors. Instead of thinking that anyone else might have a solution to anything – they call for more politics. As if this has solved anything in the past few years.

The people with faith in global warming seem to have no recollection that a mere 3 decades ago everyone was bleating “ICE AGE ICE AGE” – and now they believe that humanity has reversed the ICE! And now we have to stop the heat. That climate changes in ways we can’t even grasp seems not to occur to any of these people. They are sure that with endless subsidies to alleged clean energy all will be right – despite the fact that these new forms will present their own problems. Someone must mine the metals, silica, ores, process them, lay the wires from wind farms … does anyone realize the amount of copper wire that must be buried or strung on unsightly towers from the windfarms to where people are? It seems not. Then those who cite Iceland … a place which sits with a mere 350,000 people on a geothermal vent … as if this small population in a special place can oh so simply be replicated. It’s delusion.

As for Spanish replacing English, the idea is absurd … Mexico itself is teaching all K-12 students to learn English – every immigrant is trying to learn this dastardly language of ours. There’s barely a street corner in a Mexican neighborhood in Phoenix without an English language school. But even when the official language of England was French, in the 1066 to 1250 time period, English swallowed French whole and spit out the parts.

The rest of the world is collapsing faster than we are … and no troops of even our allies can be moved without the US Air Force giving them the lift … and supposedly these 2nd world countries will seize America .. and more amazingly, apparently the belief is that Americans will simply sit still and let it happen without a peep. It’s bizarre to think so, but there we are.

That we should be more like Europe is strange because they have multiple languages, their phone systems from one country to the next are not compatible, the place has unemployment in the double digits, the Euro is faltering, nearing collapse. Why would anyone want to be like Europe when, for the most part, the grandparents of Americans with European heritage left there to NOT be like Europe. Now their grandchildren are all for return back to the past. What silliness.

And finally there’s still the bizarre idea that peaceful taxpayers who are gay are going to wreck the place. It’s perhaps the biggest superstition. The idea that recognizing in law what everyone agrees exists in reality will cause some grief is nothing but childish emotion. Let me tell you, gayness just ain’t that powerful.

Anyway, it’s just mind numbing, and it’s getting harder and harder to comment on anything without just throwing one’s hands up in the air. Which I will now do … and end this post.


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