No motivation to blog post

You know — sometimes there’s just no motivation to write a blog post … I have nothing to say — or least not that I could be bothered to put into writing.

The usual flimflam continues … and what am I going to do about it? I mean, sure, I reach a small audience … but they’ll do fine without my opinions on any given subject.

I can’t trash the politicians enough … but I’m not going to hang on to their every word and dissect it and show you how once again they are being cads … I mean — you know that already, right?

And what am I to say on economics? My view is that the government should be hands off … and everyone else seems to think the government and especially the president should be creating jobs and deciding where factories go and how much people are to be paid … Call it was “ism” you wish — communism, socialism, fascism, corporatism — I don’t care the damn label — I want to know the practices .. and what we’re getting is a command economy by fewer and fewer people … and more and more and more is being outlawed or regulated into nonexistence

And well that’s it – I have nothignt to say at the moment — except good luck all — but this is not getting better …


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