Beats me anymore, the world’s insane

America has become a nation of children. The entire political “debate” is like a schoolyard tussle. “Nyah nyah did too” “did not” … and that’s just discussing what’s going on. The solutions proposed by people of all persuasions are even more bizarre. At least when it comes to Democrats and Republicans. Both parties and their fewer and fewer adherents whine bitterly about everything. “They won’t let us say Merry Christmas anymore!” – Who? Who is preventing anyone from saying this? And why? Why do people have a problem with such a simple utterance? People talk about killing and exterminating who they don’t agree with – for some pure society of everyone thinking alike … which is the exact opposite of what the national ideal is about. There’s so many examples it’s hard to keep track.

Exterminate the Koch brothers and some other group of rich, some say, while their rich actors and entertainers are just fine. So it’s not all rich people that are “evil” – just some. Everyone seems to have their favorite and unfavorite rich people – and death to the other sides.

“Kill the cops” others are saying – as if this will stop police violence against the public – which surely is increasing. There’s far too many instances of cops busting into houses, shooting people, beating people. It’s almost like open season on citizens – to enforce the law! So many people want to enforce more and more laws we’re becoming a police state. Instead of people trying to stop this – they call for more death. So some guy just blows the heads off of two cops … and himself. For what? What does this do? Beats me. Then everyone goes on the blame game – who did it? The guy who did it? He’s almost forgotten … and people not near the scene are blamed.

Then there’s kill this or that business. We have to kill Walmart because they don’t conform to the desires of people who don’t own it or run it. Unions want to kill this or that business … by demanding like petulant children that they get to seize the wealth of it all. Because in their anti-greed campaign they preach greed. Meanwhile, not once in decades has any union just gone out and purchased the voting stock of a public company and made it into the workers paradise they wish.

Look at the Occupy movement – wishing to exterminate the capitalist – but using the cell phone and computers to rally their troops to endlessly demonstrate and riot when they get a chance. Which brings us back to the cops arming themselves like an army … why do the cops need this military gear? Beats me. Apparently they’re expecting some destruction of society … which the two political parties are trying for. No? Sure they are. Both parties call each ‘a grave threat to the nation.’ What threat are they? Beats me. Apparently if the other party has one elected official that means they are destroying society – and what both parties are calling for is a one party state – with their party as the winner of the game.

Look at the fundamentalist Christians – they’re so insane as to defy description. Some Colorado GOP legislator Klingenschmitt is out for blood. Kill the gays, rely on Jesus for health care, destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with him. Kill for Jesus. What a fine fellow …

Bryan Fischer, Tony Perkins, Matt Staver and others are all out for exterminating the gay men – so sure are they that taxpaying citizens who live quiet lives are destroying the place by existence alone. They are sure they are saving us from something they have conjured up. Fischer is sure that being nice to the “sick” guys is the ‘gravest threat to liberty the nation faces’ … it’s mind numbing. They are sure they have this right to just trash men – and if these men don’t trash themselves – they are all the more guilty. They make their living trashing people – and are irate those they trash refuse to join their own demise.

Then too, everyone keeps turning to a few people in Washington for some solution to their problem. They don’t want a pipeline? Kill that business idea. They don’t want people smoking a joint – make it illegal. Indeed – so many people are calling for so much to be made illegal it’s a wonder there’d be anything legal left. How giving enormous power over every aspect of life to a few people we could never hope to influence – nor are they ever smart enough to fun everything – is simply beyond my reasoning ability. But apparently people look to politicians to run their lives. Can’t they run their own? And if they can – can’t they just let other people alone? No – let’s get Washington and the Government to pass a law outlawing and requiring and regulating so that nothing can be done without the permission of a few. 300,000,000 people all managed by a handful – not a good idea.

The left has this glorious plan, they think, annunciated by two professors long ago name Cloward and Piven – who set for a strategy to destroy America by overloading the system … why destroy their own country? They don’t like what other people do and they decided that they and their minions should run the place. No such strategy is going to work, but people are out to do it.

The right has a glorious plan … seems to revolve around making gay men smooch a gal – if only that happens, then there’d be no other problems. Indeed, in all the court cases over gay marriage – the right’s pleadings are pure control-freaky down to the point of whom will smooch whom and when. And if only the gays are stopped and changed and belittled – then the heterosexuals will behave in glory be. It’s bizarre to read the mush.

Then there’s the statistics that are bandied about – most of them tailor made to fit the purposes of those uttering them. So they declare that this and that percentage is homeless – and then somehow people come up with the bizarre idea of giving sleeping bags to the homeless so they can sleep more comfortably in the streets. There’s people who are arguing for the right to sleep in parks. Not a shred of rational thought goes into housing the people … no – they argue for more people to sleep in the streets like wild-men of old perhaps.

There’s the people who are supposedly on a war against Christmas – while there’s fundamentalists who want Christ out of Christmas because it’s a pagan holiday of thanking the heaven’s for the return of longer days. Well, ten-thousand year old superstitions still creep out of the fetid minds of many.

The conspiracy theories are so many one could write a 1,000 page book on them and still not cover them all. The Jewish bankers supposedly out to control the world! … without a shred of thought that for the first 1500 years of Christianity it was illegal for Christians to engage in banking – and since banking was still required – the powers that were at the time made the Jews do the “dirty work” then now they complain that Jews are in banking. Apparently for a Jewish guy to engage in banking is evil now – when several hundred years ago it was required.

The conspiracies about the death of any public figure are astounding. There’s no lone gunmen, no, it’s a huge conspiracy involving hundreds of people who are successful in covering it up – except for the exposers of the conspiracy – they know all about it! And if we don’t believe them we are part of the problem and perhaps need some correction.

Indeed, the numbers of people who know all about the conspiracies and pronounce them is astonishing … meanwhile, they loudly bray that the people involved are covering it up so successfully that no one knows about their skulduggery … and so the secrets are both kept and exposed at the same time.

There’s calls by each political party to haul to jail members of the other party – to make sure they suffer for policy decisions not liked by one or the other.

Did or didn’t North Korea hack into a movie production company to destroy it? And then everyone is worried about the sovereignty of the fake nation of crazed dictators and don’t give a thought to the 17 million or so people living there … they must suffer for the glory of sovereignty!

Oh, it’s too much – one could go on forever … everyone so damn sure of their take and the others are liars and insane and in need of prison or death or both.

And then everyone turns to the internet and twitter and social media galore to preach their disdain for those they dislike. Because they are so petulant and childlike in their demands that everyone be the same.

Indeed, we are at the point in this nation, and this world, that for Diversity we must all be the same – and for Individualism we should all think alike. Everyone is so damn busy trying to run someone else’s life that they fail to tend their own.

Well it’s a mess. And the way it’s going it’ll be another 2 presidential terms here before it all spins out of control.

And you know what’s amazing? It seems that there’s 3 groups now in America … two crazed fringes of less than 15% each of the population – and the vest 70% in the middle – like me – who are just flummoxed at the whole damn thing. And it’s almost impossible for the rational folks to reach any agreement on anything because the two fringes are the only ones proposing solutions … it’s mind-numbing. It’s like the rubber band in a small paper plane, being wound tighter and tigher – and soon it’s going to snap.

I just hope I’m not around to see it … and other than that – Cheers and Merry Christmas or Happy whatever the hell you celebrate … just try being nice to other people and mind your business and perhaps that’ll help somewhat.


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