The Unholy Arrogance of Tony Perkins (FRC)

I read this most astonishing article today about Tony Perkins of the ill-named “family research council” – a group which hasn’t found a gay man in a family since 1983 — egad — what a blind idiot — And who the hell is this arrogant prick to declare himself my savior? Who the hell is he to tell me he’s out to save me by hounding me? Who the hell is this politician to bleat this unholy nonsense? Aw, that’s his Strongly Held Religious Belief! Yes, well, I have one too …

Here’s the article’s full text:

>>Tony Perkins, president of the Christian conservative Family Research Council (FRC), insists his anti-gay activism is motivated by love for the gay community, going so far as to compare it to saving people trapped in a burning building.

In an interview with Faith & Liberty posted this week, Perkins warned that gay rights threaten the American economy.

“This is a threat to religious liberty,” Perkins told host Dave Garrison. “And if we lose the vibrant freedom of religion that this nation was built upon, fundamental to our success as a people, we will see a rapid downward spiral of our nation, including our economy.”

When Garrison asked Perkins how he answers people who say he “hates gays,” Perkins equated his opposition to gay rights to awakening people trapped in a burning house.

“You go beating on the windows of the bedroom and you awaken them, now you’ve disturbed their sleep. You’ve wakened them up. You’ve disturbed them. You’ve made them uncomfortable because you’ve awakened them in the middle of the night and you’ve told them their house is on fire. Do you hate them because you’re doing that? I would say that you’re actually expressing love, profound love, by awakening them to something that is very destructive and liable to take their lives,” Perkins answered.

And the link where I read this rude crude drivel —

Let me explain this to this Perkins fellow — Sir – -come near me and I’ll beat you senseless — how dare you interfere in my life — how dare you call for my own government, and my society and my own family and friends to join you in your sick and demented “crusade” – -you need to go choke on a chicken bone – .. aw — you don’t like it? hahahah — I’m trying to wake you up and save you from the burning building you’re in – -your mind is diseased — you are so out of bounds with this utter crap it’s to marvel at … no human must listen to this — you are evil you sick bastard – -you are obsessed with my smooching in an unhealthy way …

You have lied about us .. here – your crap …
chart B

I am 56 years old – nearly all my friends are my age or older — and yet you publish this drivel? and I’m now to kowtow to your demands? Are you out of your mind?

Here, I’m going to go play some piano — it calms me down after hearing once again of your unholy inhuman attack upon your fellow citizens –

You you perking idiot — dare to declare me a threat to the economy? are you just diseased like in a bacterium in your brain? are you really this evil? This obnoxious …

Sir — don’t come near me – -you won’t make it … for you have uttered fighting words — words I might use to rile myself up in self-defense against your perversion of trying to change me to fuck your daughter — YOURS! — you creep — not someone else’s daughter … you disgust me … too goddman bad you don’t like it — you whiny piece of crap …

Egad — enough already sir — enough – -you are a child – grow up.


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