Liberty v Politics

Liberty is what individuals want … politics is what the government and special interests want. It is very hard to have Liberty for all – when the justice is meted out by the politicians and special interests. The politicians are easy to spot – they are the elected and appointed officials. They are no more capable of running someone else’s life, like yours, as I or you are of running theirs … to give them any sort of control over we individuals is always fraught with danger … and politicians have since time immemorial tried to take advantage of it to seize more wealth and power for themselves … it’s their personality type.

“Special interests” are harder to define … but it could be said to be any group which has a self proclaimed spokesperson. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackon and the NAACP is one of them … “women” who have some woman say “Women believe …” — that’s a special interest. For how could they know what all blacks or all women believe, or value, want, enjoy, dislike? They are self-appointed because no one declared them leaders – there was no committee of betters which chose a leader. No, these people surface and say something like “I speak for all blacks,” or “women have to …” and proclaim the thing that every single last woman in the nation must do or not be a real woman or something.

Blacks that have some man come forth and say “the black people want …” – that man there, he’s a special interest … and who is to argue against him? Why, other special interests, of course. The actual people? Well, there’s no way to take a poll of them, no elections are held, no potential list of problems or resolutions are given to all to choose this one or two people an no other.

An LGBTITSQAGNC (amazing how that’s still growing, eh?) person who says “Lgbti… blahblah want …” – that’s a special interest … they no more speak for all such people than I do. Or than I can – for I can’t. I have no idea what some of these people want. Why, I never thought a thing about it.

And a company which says “the economy needs us to be bailed out, subsidized, get special tax breaks (etc)” (pick a program) is also a special interest … operating strictly for themselves and no others. Indeed, at cross purposes to themselves. For if every company got a subsidized from whence the money? If every company got a special tax break, would there be any taxes whatsoever?

And people who pretend to be the leaders of these special interests … are really politicians who elected themselves, rather than politicians who pretend to go through the electoral process.

It behooves people to go for Liberty at all times … and look carefully at every matter to find whom is the special interest which seeks to profit from what they truly can’t know about .. which is what individuals want.

And individuals want an astounding variety of things and outcomes. And I’m not opposed to really any of them (except for outright theft I suppose.) If you’re for cleaning up the environment – good for you! Figure out a way … exhort your fellow citizens. But don’t go to the government and demand they force people to act as you wish them to. You wouldn’t like being bossed around – would you? Why do you think someone else is going to enjoy it?

If you’re for more trees – plant them.

If you’re for more arts … hand out the paints.

If you’re for … well, whatever it is you’re for – go for it .. that is liberty. There should be no prohibitions on anything you do. But there must be if the mindset is that some third party called “government” gets to decide between two “competing” forces. They aren’t competing at all. They aren’t really against each other. They are merely doing different things. Everyone can’t do everything. People have different interests. Why, it’s the vaunted diversity. Which to liberals of many sorts seems to mean that everyone must think, act and do the same. While among the conservatives they are all for individualism so long as you conform to some preconceived definition of the common man. Theocrats are no less conformist than Socialists after all.

And what has happened in this country, instead of Liberty – is Theocrats and Socialists arguing for control … over the other. These two groups are almost certainly fringes. That is – the political class, the special interests, are a tiny bunch … and supported by no more than 15% of the people on either side. Surely the core Democratic and Republican beliefs are now held by a tiny minority.

And what of the other 70%? Well, we’ve been told there’s only two choices in our two party system. And what a choice we have! Between twiddle and twaddle .. and why? Why is there no other options? Because the politicians and special interests have declared it so.

A for instance is the environmentalists … either you are for what they are for – or you are against the environment apparently. Any evidence to the contrary is dismissed as somehow false.

Indeed, it seems politicians and special interests are almost driven to lie now, to make a point … to prove their theory by some hypothetical. And the hypothetical situations are said to be possible, and therefor an object lesson. Are they real? No – but eh, if you bring that up you are against something or other. You’ll be told soon enough, I’m sure.

We’ll, this is a blog post not a book – but there’s something dreadfully wrong in such a complex nation when there’s only two options provided … both by admitted and proven liars and control freaks more into lining their own pockets … than they are in solving anything so that there is Liberty.

And well, I could go on … and I will – in a book coming early next year.


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