Will Fundamentalists extend the hand of peace to gays?

And now we come upon Christmas – a time of joy and mirth and merriment – and surely peace on earth and good tidings to all men … except? Well, apparently, gay men still have to listen to this endless nonsense about us. I’m sure all during Christmastide we shall hear from assorted “christians” about how gay men in particular are ‘stealing’ ‘wrecking’ and ‘destroying’ Christmas and God and Society and hating everything and against everything – and frankly – it’s obnoxious. I’m sort of out of adjectives to describe these people’s “strongly held beliefs.” Every gay man has them too – at exactly opposite to the NO GAYS! Forces that blindly insist we are going to change. Such is not the case, we have made it clear. We have asked them to change, to be decent – many have still refused.

Instead, like an old King we got rid of – they demand we change and bow down to their demands to marry anyone’s daughters but their own. Nothing so bespeaks their lack of their own convictions that they will not bring their daughters among us and peddle them to us so we might peruse the matter – and explain once again what the reality is. We are irrevocably gay and God said it was good. Maybe not their God – well, oh well, too bad. Quit the bitching at least. It is immature and unseemly. There is no decency nor fact, logic or reason in any of this.

The idea floated by some arrogant writer named John Hawkins of which I’ve been dealing with late is par for the course – “but there’s some who want to change so we can badger you all” and there’s no such thing. There are NO gay men going for changing treatments. The only ones in these lonely reheterosexualization centers are teens and those 20-somethings trying to stick it out at home – and as soon as they are subject to the torture – yes, torture, brainwashing, browbeating and other rude and disgusting acts of berating and destroying a man’s psyche – they escape and say they’re irrevocably gay. Now stop this nonsense. We have all told you to go shove it on this matter – and here you come again – whining and issuing another press release to your followers. Meanwhile – not any of these groups has seen fit to dare to try to come to a gay bar and push their crap. They’d be chased out as the charlatans they are.

And let us, in 2015, end this political discussion over whether there’s gay couples – and the fact that we lead lives in a complex society – with taxes, and home ownership, and in sickness and in health sundry matters of couples dealing with the behemoth we call government. Why anyone wants to make it more difficult for us to effect the things of life boggles my mind. What kind of citizens wishes a harder time and being and life to his fellows? What sort of numskull idea is it that someone you don’t even know filing a joint tax return affects you? Where did you get this bizarre idea? You are like bunny rabbits, afraid of nothing. And people like Tony Perkins and Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council and Bobby Brown and Maggie Gallagher of the ill named “national organization ‘for’ marriage” … they aren’t for marriage, they are wholly against it … and the rest of the NO GAYS! Idiots – Scott Lively, Matt Barber, Peter LaBarbera – Linda Harvey – scads of these people – it’s not “hate” – it’s Delusion – writ large. They are like unto children bleating … ‘we are lost, we are lost’ – all because gay men refuse adamantly to trash ourselves as these creepy people demand we do.

Now, surely, it is time to stop harassing people because you don’t like who they smooch. And it’s time for people to stop worrying if you’re going to turn gay – the idea is preposterous. You’re born gay or your not – if you are – you deal with the screaming heteros around you … mostly through attempting first to try it the hetero way – and that doesn’t work – then by lying to keep the peace – so screaming heteros won’t scream about how their world is falling apart because some other person doesn’t meet their demands on how to live life. I’m not talking about choosing to be gay – I’m talking about dealing with the reality – of crazed heteros who belch their vile lies – and that’s what they are. To keep saying that gay men are against family is a vile lie – there’s no evidence, no reality – it’s not real – it’s a delusion fabricated by ever shrilled fearmongers for a dime. These people earn a living off of us and they don’t even thank us for their jobs.

Meanwhile, gay men are a test – a real test – of a simple proposition … born in a manger in Bethlehem: Treat others as you wish to be treated. And the NO GAYS! Movement – an ever dwindling, ever more shrill, ever more lunatic few, has failed miserably in the simple thing. There is not a shred of decency in any of these people – so numerous yet that it takes a score card to keep track of them.

Tradition. HA! Some traditions need changing. We don’t throw Christians to the lions anymore, do we? That was a tradition for a while. So was killing Jews and stealing their property and so was burning heretics at the stake. We got rid of those traditional things. Try getting rid of your NO GAYS! Nonsense and start a new tradition – of decency and care..

And have a Merry Christmas. — this is the author playing the piano for Christmas – -Don’t anyone dare tell me I’m against it or what it stands for — those are fighting words … cheers JIm



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