Illogic of the “rehetero-ized” gay man theory

So, a group puts up a billboard … that makes no sense …

Ah, they rely on twin research – which says: twins are 100% alike – EXCEPT for their hair, their fingerprints and their penis sizes … and other than three of the primary markers for a man’s existence – twins are “exactly alike” — and so because, well, a fourth marker is different too — the theory is that the gayness comes after the birth – somehow.

Now we move on to the “parents made the one son gay theory” by somehow treating one twin so very very differently that he winds up gay … and the other one does not … what do the parents do? Why doesn’t this happen to all twins? What could have happened? And what about the non-twins – but one of a set of brothers … how could the parents do something so different for one and not the others? Why does this happen at the exact same rate and prevalence no matter where in humanity one chooses to look? In every racial and ethnic grouping one could devise .. there they are … here we are – the exact same percentage by this random “the parents did something” theory. Amazing. And this seems not to enter the minds of the people who put up the billboard.

And if both twins are gay? Well that’s not studied! And if both are straight – not part of the theory …

And on the basis of this mush, this forlorn group with no customers got donors to buy a billboard that says “no one is born gay” because the 409 sets of twins — that’s it — studied shows that while so many things are different in twins, they are still 100% alike, but different like Schrodinger cats ..

And still no gay men who seek out these services — but teens dragged in kicking and screaming by parents … for torture, before the kid escapes eventually and 100% of all “ex-gay” … and that’s the laughable part …the kids aren’t born gay – but they become “ex-gay” instead of obviously “reheterosexualized” – And few if anyone sees the utter absurdity of it all.

Ah, here’s a man I mentioned before, John Hawkins – let’s look at his nonsensical mush on “ex-gay therapy”: (

3) Conversion therapy is a good thing if people want it: Let me say it as clearly as I can: No gay American should be pressured, harassed or involuntarily forced to go to therapy to try to treat their gayness. That sounds more like brainwashing than therapy and it’s not something that should be going on in this country.

So – “no gay American should be pressured …” and what the hell is this than? This incessant demands for us to change? The bringing it up incessantly as some helpful Hannah nonsense … it is brainwashing therapy – the therapists themselves have said that’s exactly what it is … that they must expunge the gay thoughts out of the brain – they must be washed away … and Mr. Hawkins here is part of the billboard … this idea that someone can change through incessant exhortation to seek out the therapy – so long as their not “pressured” of course – by billboards screaming from the freeways.

On the other hand, if someone who’s gay WANTS to be treated, why should he be stopped from seeing a therapist? Granted, it would probably be futile for someone who has been attracted to the same sex since birth to try to change his orientation via counseling, but as we’ve already noted, not everyone is in that boat.

And there’s the funny – part – these people are not coming forth. There are exactly ZERO numbers of gay men seeking change. The therapy is being offered to people who don’t want it. It would be futile he says, to offer it those born gay! And what do ALL gay men say? We’re born gay! And who is he talking about here? Bisexuals? Sure he is … look!:

There are plenty of “gay” Americans who also feel some attraction to the opposite sex. What’s wrong with letting them get therapy if they want it and think it will make them happier? As a psychology major, I can tell you that I’ve read numerous old psychology books that matter-of-factly mention therapists successfully treating homosexual patients who then went on to date, marry, and have children. Does that mean it worked for every patient? Of course, not. No treatment works for everyone. But, would it work for some people who want treatment? Apparently, it does.

It’s Bisexuals for heaven’s sakes .. not “gay men” – gay men are born gay and simply will not seek out the services .. what Mr. Hawkins is saying is that the B can expunge the “Gay half” presumably from their beings and find a wife and get kids … and then he’s right back to “homosexuals” but it’s clear that “Bisexuals” aren’t “homosexuals” if the words mean anything – he’s ½ hetero/ ½ homo yes? Egad … do these people think of what they’re saying? He accedes to bisexuals, but also acceded to “no gay man who is born gay …” – but it’s right back to the hopeful Hannah agai.

So, why should this even be a political issue? Because it makes some gay people who don’t believe they can change or don’t want to change uncomfortable? Because it might mean they have to tell some hopeful relative that, no, that therapy isn’t for them? That’s certainly not a conversation anyone would want to have, but it’s morally wrong to deny therapy to people who might benefit from it because it makes other people uncomfortable.

What arrogance these people have – you demand we change – tell us we should try – we tell you forget it – you keep insisting and then it’s not a conversation we want to have? Well no kidding – you want to have it Mr. Hawkins – and I’d tell you to shut up from the get go – we’ve all said it – you accede to the idea that there’s men born gay – then you go off on Bisexuals – all of whom are really gay and play a game to pretend to be straight for a while – and slowly drift gay … because you haven’t even begun to know enough gay men to see what is happening – you are stuck theorizing.

Well, it’s absurd … stop offering a service no one wants … or should I say – that no one who this is directed at wants .. Now, why don’t you find some “Go-gay therapy” and figure out how to be gay! Eh?


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