Christians Beset: follow the Gay example!

Lots of people are all concerned there’s a war on Christmas, and saying Merry Christmas. That we need to put the Christ back in Christmas (despite the fact that Xmas has long historical provenance which you can go look up, like back to the very earliest years of the church when few could read and the letter X was the Greek letter for Khristos .. or xpictoc or something … or KH or X and well, there you go … it’s history for 2000 years … so taking the X out of Xmas is taking the um, Christ out of the thing. X is your mark for a reason … there’s lots of other letters and symbols … but you were swearing to Xristos … 🙂 …)

Anyway – so there’s clearly a bunch of clods out and about who would put the kabosh on the festivities … lest it offend or something, or isn’t politically correct by someone’s measure or some other harebrained bonkers scheme to do away with a festive tradition … traditions which all societies need, but have diferently … but also that all societies change from time to time, like in oh, generation to generation – and so that while some traditions last longer, others come and go and last a while or not.

The people putting the kabosh on Christmas are merely adamant that people change … that to be as you are is somehow being the malefactor. And I can’t help, then, be astonished by a major parallel here – to Gay Guys! … yep. But so far having a discordant resolution. Let me explain how.

There was a group or two of people beset upon by many to change … let’s say, Atheists and Muslims and sundry malcontents against Christians … and Christians against gay guys and Jews. And the gay guys and Jews pretty much said to the Christians: “You are out of your minds,” and continued on as we were – and said, “Hey look, you keep your stuff … we’ll keep ours.” And it’s not perfect – but it is working out.

And that’s exactly what the Christians ought to say to the school districts which now of a sudden wish to end Christmas plays, pageants and parades, to towns and homeowner associations that wish to ban or restrict the display of merry lights and fantastical figures – what, are only Pixar, Disney and Marvel allowed to get all cartoon-y? Egads folks – put up your displays and let them come rip ’em down. Think of it like a raid on a gay bar. The cops came down, shut the place down for the night or two, arrested a few people who were bailed out by friends and lawyers waiting, and then poof – the bar was off and running. So, if the raid comes and they rip your stuff down – go right back out there and put it up! Where’s ya’ Chutzpah? … you haven’t see the Jews not try to put the synagogue and menorah and meduzza back up, have you? Gays guys didn’t stop reopening and regathering and going to reason with the clods, that’s for sure, too.

And yet, sadly, it seems the Christians whine and then don’t do anything. Well, if the school doesn’t allow .. what do you mean “They!” won’t allow! …Who the hell are they? You pay for them there schools. Sure, don’t deny a Jewish Chunakah event – but you don’t have to force it in there if there isn’t a Jew within 20 miles … and don’t try to stop the Muslim whathaveyou – or the Kwanzaa … surely there’s either enough days, nights and weekends for everyone to present their traditions? And yes, frankly, if the gay group and students want to put on a Christmas Fantasy, why not? You don’t have to go to it, you know? Everyone is somehow paying taxes to support the schools. Sure, perhaps a fee might be charged to cover the extra electric at the school … all productions cost money.

But to listen to the Christians, they are powerless to do a thing. So fearful are they of losing something which is really not in danger of disappearing. I see Christmas lights everywhere, and signs of “Merry Christmas” are going up. Say it. And if some cop says you can’t – say it again! Get arrested for the cause! … that’s what Blacks, and Jews and Gays did. And it got us somewhere … well, you Christians you, you’ve got your work cut out for you. I’m on your side. Most people are. And so you’ve got to speak up, do a dash of civil disobedience … not just take the stuff to court … hell, you couldn’t stop sissy smooching even with a Supreme Court 6-3 decision … Bowers V. Hardwick .. didn’t stop us Gay Guys! Liberty … important – but you have to argue for it – and do it. Eventually the cops get tired and go away. Eventually it’s just impossible to control … like immigration too. Sure, the naysaying continues … but who cares? Liberty is messy.

Of course, it would be far better for everyone to mind their business about how people live and stop trying to get the government to ban or support whatever anyone does, (or call for genocide as one preacher breathed just the other day in my home Metro Area) … but no, so many groups want to be the ones to control everything. Except the Gays and the Jews … we two don’t give a damn what you say or do, have at it – but be nice to us while doing it. Perhaps that’s an attitude Christians need to consider. Instead of the unseemly whining while lashing out at how everyone isn’t just like them.

Thanks, and Merry Christmas!


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