What can one say anymore?

The state of the nation is bizarre. No longer a federated republic — it’s becoming dictatorial from Washington and nothing else … the states are being made into administrative districts and are willingly going to the slaughter in order to get “federal tax dollars” which are really the money the feds took out of the state in the first place – but now give back loaded with more strings than an old afghan unraveling after years of hard use.

I’m not sure blog posts can do much anymore to “pinpoint” the problem — it’s so much more systemic than anything else. And soon we shall have a king-like president making rules and laws by pronouncement and the rubber stamp congress more into its perks the president allows will remain quiet as they’re exempt from it all.

I’ve said for decades it was the Demopublican party — everyone laughed at me. There’s still some small differences, sure, but that’s just the “big tent” made bigger. My beautiful picture

As early as 1982 I said the two parties were converging into a Menshevik-Bolshevik sameness and everyone laughed … and what do we have now? Utter flimflam as far as the eye can see. Forget science – we have a political program to enact that has nothing to do with reality — but with dreams of power.

The new Republican majority isn’t actually going to change anything — they will seek to repeal no laws … they won’t even try. Instead they’re hoping to sue the president! Egad … while they decry “judicial activism” they don’t like — say, oh, on allowing the state to recognize marriages between people they don’t like … they are looking for Judicial Activism to overthrow as unconstitutional all the acts duly passed by a compliant legislature at the behest of the president.

And instead of arguing against more police, more laws, more power in the hands of one or two people (or a few federal flunkies) they merely wish to grab hold of the reins of power so they can rule as they wish – sort of like the Yorks arguing against the Lancasters … and hopefully — the “tudor” Libertarians will come to the fore and win some seats.

Indeed, the worry among both parties that Libertarians will win is seen in the increasing public denunciations of Libertarian ideas … because the general drift among the populace is surely away from the sclerotic two party system … and if we have 3 parties for a while – good — perhaps some Do-Nothing would be good for awhile — just to let the dust settle and perhaps people can  make a decision based on what exists rather than on what might change last week.

Well — as the post is headlined: “What can one say anymore?” – and I’m not sure much in a blog post — and so in 2015 I hope to have my book on this entirety done … it’s mostly written — it’ll take a bit to gussy up … other than that — Enjoy whatever holidays you like or don’t and just be aware that having all the power in the hands of the president is exactly opposite to the point of this nation.


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