Screw Amnesty — Manifest Destiny!

There is much teeth gnashing over the President’s nonsense about Amnesty — and of course the 10s of thousands of kids that recently came – and the general theory is that these countries to the south of us are so benighted that their people must leave and there’s no going back. Good enough … here’s a comment I’ve been leaving on Facebook:

Screw “amnesty” — I’m for Manifest Destiny! — let’s take over everything from El Paso to the Panama Canal and get rid of these crap government that’s millions are escaping —
the immigrants want to be Americans? Not a problem! — we’ll bring America to you —
should have been done a century ago …
Time for severe regime change —
And oh how easy it will be to guard the new border at the Canal!

And I mean really now – if these countries and their governments are so terrible — and they are — because of king, socialism and catholicism — then it’s time to renew calls for Manifest Destiny and take over the lot of them — wholesale regime change — up to and including arresting and imprisoning their entire political class — Mexicans are enraged at their government — there have been repeated calls there to bring a US style Bill of Rights to the place – fully 20% of the population has left — so let’s just go there and take the rest.

Where is the bold thinking? No — we have handing wringing and Woe is We! — eh, screw that —

Time to renew calls for taking over everything from the Panama Canal north to the Rio Grande — hell, if Canada bitches — seize that too … this is ridiculous — they all want to be like America? But here? Are we to empty these places out and then what? One big national park?

Groups like La Raza are all about how terrible things are there, apparently – for they’re all for making their people American s– and no, I don’t want to hear how we’re all Americans from Baffin Island to Tierra Del Fuego – what utter nonsense.

You know — sometimes you just have to go for the radical idea … seize the bull by the horns – -they’ll understand that down there with their toreadors and bull-fights ..

So, let’s take it all over and be done with it — then we can whip a little America on them and solve this problem once and for call. Sovereignty Schmovereignty — their own people are abandoning the place by the millions — if this keeps up there will be nothing but a few donkeys left down there…

Yes, Manifest Destiny! Not quite 54.40 or fight – -but Panama Canal is right!

And calls for this should give everyone something to think about … instead of this pussyfooting over “amnesty” for a few who are already here — bring ’em all in — by taking them over.


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