Charles Manson, Ferguson and Gay Marriage

CHarles Mason is getting married – the heterosexuals of Ferguson are set to burn down the town – and gay marriages are going up in the flames of unicorn farts — astonishing .. having no time to pen another post I’ll just post a comment I left at today:

And yet, every single state that has used the tax dollars of gay folks to fight us in court over marriage, and every NO GAYS! group has used the same logic, and nearly every Republican and 1/2 the Democrats in any office, have said repeatedly that the reason to continue the ban on the recognition of the marriages of gay couples is to make sure good people like Charles Manson can get married … and that by banning the recognition of reality — aka, gay couples that exist — heterosexuals like those that riot in the streets of Ferguson the baby mommas will be encouraged to choose one of their baby daddies to marry and support them.

Meanwhile, in Michigan this very week – the marriages of the gay couples so far went up in smoke like a liquor store in Ferguson … by a Bill of Attainder (blatantly unconstitutional) procedure where an executive decision simply poofed away by magic wand the marriages that existed — that is, a law against a small group of named individuals that said law does not affect everyone else which levies a judicial penalty and simply disappears legal reality without any due process — is perfectly legitimate. And that’s the Republican governor!

State after state, politician after politician, group after group, church after church, have filed hundreds of briefs in courts all with the exact same logic — that if we ban the state recognition of what you know exists: gay couples — then there shall be no worries in the land over heteros rioting, being unwed mothers, aborting children, abandoning fathers, and fathers who beat their wives into battered women’s shelters — all will be magically cured by unicorn farts if only the states can continue to steal gay folks taxes and trash us at the same time as a threat to ordered society.

You think you live in an asylum? hahaha — sorry, but you’re clueless (no fault of your own, it’s par for the heterosexual course.)

Meanwhile, as recently as 2009, 2010, 2011 — and up to just last year — gay bar after gay bar is still raided by the cops — the taxpayers, peaceably assembled to plan our course for the redress of grievances broken up … in 2009 in Ft. Worth Texas some 3 dozen cops and Texas ABC agents came into the Rainbow Lounge and beat the living crap out of sissies daring to gather together – and sent 9 of them to the hospital and one still in rehab — over which there wasn’t a peep by anyone — and did the gay folks riot? No we did not.

Indeed, the longest continuing ever growing now worldwide series of political protests, aka, Gay Pride Marches, is ignored by everyone in media left and right – or are obsessed with clowns and cheerleaders (aka, drag queens and speedo boys) to the exclusion of the 10s of millions or others involved – and they never turn violent unless the police attack …

Oh, I could go on and on …

Asylum? That’s like a kindergarten compared to the arrant nonsense of the attitudes and assaults against gay folks.

So, you heteros get to continue on in the morass of your lives with Charles Manson’s nuptials and the riots of Ferguson —

But rest assures, among certain Republican factions there’s a ready solution — a constitutional amendment to forever ban the recognition of reality — while demanding we marry anyone’s daughter but your own …

Asylum? – oh, I could go on … it’s astonishing. You all enjoy.


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