John Hawkins’ Transgendered Logic Fallacy

The other day when I found this article

Already a few months old, it starts off with what supposedly can’t be discussed about gay issues — in a 2000 word article he discusses what can’t be discussed. Eh. Anyway, so I decided to render it some deconstruction because it makes so many glaring errors about “gay issues,” as Mr. Hawkins likes to call them, that one can’t help but notice them. He’s not the only one – I’m not chastising him so much as educating him – and everyone else. For logic has done flown away here. It took me 240 pages in a book to explain just gay men … which he claims he’s examining in his preamble, and then the first thing Mr. Hawkins does, he starts with transgendered people, and perhaps, too, various “identity disorders.” This would be the “T” in the very recently added “T” “community” in the “LGBT community” which amazingly enough is morphing into the “LGBTITSQAGNC” community. Yes, well, they can subdivide it all they wish – the fact is is that the TITSQAGNC portion is all the same thing. And frankly, while I’m as confused and perplexed about transgendered as Mr. Hawkins is … at least I can see it for what it is. And that is is that “T” is not “G” and have nothing to do with each other other than that some politically minded people decided to adhere the two together where they never were before and don’t belong. But gay men really don’t think of the issue – and refer it the heterosexuals where it belongs.

My problem here is two fold, actually – I’m unhappy with the “LBGTetcetc community …” and Mr. Hawkins … whether either can be educated enough is something to wonder about in our times of buzz phrases. In his five issues about “gay people” he conflates gay with transgendered right from step one. Nothing could be farther from each other. Let us compare the two by using Hawkin’s assumptions. His words italic, mine regular …

1) You can’t change your gender: beats me if you can or can’t … there seem to be hermaphrodites born – that’s the coming “I” “Intersex” in the ever growing constellation. But Hawkins seems unaware, perhaps, that as far back as the 1950s people were changing their gender surgically – and seemingly from the dawn of time, women especially, lived as men and did a damn good job. Billy Tipton is the man who turned out to be a women, after all. Queen Christiana of Sweden had to abdicate because she wished to live as a man. And Christine Jorgenson was a US soldier – a man – who surgically changed, and then legally changed – from man to woman –> and then got married to a man and lived happily after after right there in New Jersey. She made all the magazines of the day as a wondrous thing. There have been other transsexuals, transgendered men in our times – all of whom got a pretty darn good press … until they got mixed up with gay men. Now it’s a problem. Why is this changing gender all of a sudden a problem? Because gay men are the problem … but gay men are not confused about our gender. Not in the slightest. And none of us wish to be women. And that’s the thing .. what Mr. Hawkins is talking about is not a “gay” issue … but a “transgendered” issue – and if he wants to write about that – peachy with me – but don’t confuse ’em, that’s all I ask.

Have you ever heard of Body Integrity Identity Disorder? Long story short, there are people out there who believe they’re “supposed to” have less limbs. Maybe they want to get rid of an arm or a leg. The “problem” these people run into is that surgeons consider it unethical to remove a healthy, functioning body part and refuse to saw off their limbs. Instead, they just refer these people to a psychologist. That seems to make sense, doesn’t it?

No argument from me here … and I doubt you could find the gay man who disagrees with you, sir … we’re on the same side – what can’t we discuss, as you say in the first sentence of your article?

Yet, when we have people who want to mutilate themselves to “change their sex,” we don’t treat that as a mental disorder. Instead, we take it seriously. So seriously in fact, we have 9 year olds getting hormone treatments so they can pretend to be another gender.

Yes it is treated as a mental disorder – there is indeed “gender identity disorder” in the DSM … in fact – it was put there right after “homosexuality, male” was taken out. The “gay issue” has always been gay men – who do not wish any surgery whatsoever, we are men who live as men doing men things – with men … women aren’t involved, amazingly enough. However, once “homosexuality” was removed because no one could find a thing wrong with us, as we kept pointing out – other than that we were gay, so somehow, in some unknown, indeterminate way we gay men were ‘mentally sick’ but also rock solid in every single last identity schmenity doohickey anyone could pull out of the text and exam books. So – they took “homosexuality” out of them – and instantly inserted “gender identity disorder.” So they could lump “homosexuality” right back into the crazy manual. Only now – instead of suffering from “homosexuality” we were suffering from “gender identity disorder” – and what, for decades, since the beginning – the nature of the “homosexuality disorder”? – we supposedly wanted to be women … all of us – to be with each other – as women – so illogical is the idea that men who all wished to be men with men could be all said to really want to all be women – which would make all these men into Lesbians – about whom no one has really had a problem. So, now, instead of “homosexuality” crazy we were “gender disorder” crazy – charming.

Amazingly, straight psychologist and psychiatrists created the disorder – and now Mr. Hawkins recommends folks with it to be referred to them – which is where they are going – so they can get the surgery they wish. And few, very very few get. However – none of this – absolutely none of it is a “gay issue” from the gay male perspective. At best it’s a heterosexual issue because these men who wish to be women – want men, as they are now women. Man + Woman … clear? Not “gay” which is Man/Man … so simple, yes?

Transexuals and transgendered are saying they are straight people in the wrong body … and gay men are not this – and Mr Hawkins says it! And still calls it gay:

If a client went to a doctor and said he thought he was a cow, we wouldn’t send him to a surgeon to get horns and udders attached. Yet, you can no more change your sex than you can change into a cow. Even if you have a “sex change,” your sex hasn’t actually changed. A man who mutilates himself to look like a woman, still isn’t female. He can’t have a child. Very few men are going to knowingly date a man who’s surgically mutilated himself to look like a woman. This is a terrible, horrible thing we’re doing as a society to these mentally ill people. Instead of getting them the mental help they need, we’re catering to their pathology. It’s cruel, it’s wrong, and a more compassionate society wouldn’t wallow so deeply in political correctness that we’d allow people to do this to themselves.>>

let me bold and highlight it …

Very few men are going to knowingly date a man who’s surgically mutilated himself to look like a woman.

You betcha Mr. Hawkins – no my circus, not my monkeys – no matter how anyone tries to say this is gay – when a woman wants to date a man – that’s heterosexual …. God bless you … but leave me the hell out of it, thank you very much. And pretty much every gay man, when questioned closely, will tell you the same thing … however confused politically some of us are … nor however decent gay men are —  I can’t help it that no one thinks deep on the matter. It just so happens that gay folks don’t ‘mind anyone who’s crazy, different, individualistic .. we’re sort of “don’t tread on anyone, live and let live, be an army of one,” sort of people … however, like I said, Logic today has fallen by the wayside.


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